Garda Siochana – E-mail Complications – Death Threats – Former Barclays Banker – Edmund JM Dunne

I never received confirmation of my e-mail sent to Garda Siochana on October 25, 2020 :

Greetings Commissioner Harris, Deputy Commissioner John Twomey, and Chief Superintendent Denis Ferry, 

I am writing regarding safety concerns of my former principal, Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne.  I acted as Counterintelligence Officer to Edmund starting in the January of 2017.  I detected that Edmund was missing from the global stage due to my studies in global monetary transformation and I went on a quest to find him.  I located him extremely suicidal on his Facebook page due to being trapped in tortuous isolation and living conditions on the estate of aristocracy in New Ross, Ireland County of Wexford. 
After reaching out to several officials and governments worldwide, with no action to remedy, I flew to Europe in November of 2017 to assist Edmund myself who had mentally deteriorated to the capability of a nine-year-old child at that point due to being continuously ignored, fearing for his life, and being under duress. 
I have been an ongoing witness to his being a victim of neutralization by multiple agencies and I have been documenting his case for over three years now on social media and through over 600 international embassies.  My work is read by all the intelligence agencies of the world and is open to all; nations, agencies, and brotherhoods equally. 
Edmund reported to me that he had a death threat recently from a very high level US asset.  He was told to arm himself, but of course, civilians do not carry arms in Ireland. 
If needed, I can be reached for more information on his case which is very complex and spans several jurisdictions. 
I am including the articles and blogs that I have written for Edmund Dunne thus far and do not hesitate to contact me for any information that will assist in protecting him. 


Christine Michelle Chadwick”

Was it blocked by the fusion center? Was I hacked?

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AKilluminati @AnOnknOwledge Suspended on Twitter

Who is AK ?

AK is an activist that writes under the pen name, Aaron Kesel.

Aaron is an Activist, a writer, a blogger an investigative journalist.

He stands against the New World Order the criminally corrupt. He writes about politics, geopolitics, police brutality, greed and other issues affecting humanity.

He enjoys investigating conspiracy – dissecting the truth from the disinformation and spreading the truth by digging deeper then most in his research to find the facts behind the theory.

His role models are Murdered Journalist
Danny Casolaro, Michael Hastings, and Gary Webb.

Aaron aspires to be like these men and have a mindset of fearless journalism and public integrity.

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Aaron Reports on PROMIS

Octopus PROMIS: The Conspiracy Against INSLAW Software, And The Murders To Cover Up A Scandal Bigger Than Watergate

by Aaron Kesel

This series will explore the theft of a sophisticated computer software, assassinations, cover-ups involving the DOJ and CIA and compartmentalized commercialized treason against the American people by the hidden underbelly dark world of intelligence. A conglomerate cabal accountable to absolutely no one, known today as the Deep State.

PROMIS stands for Prosecutor’s Management Information System and was software first used by the U.S. Department of Justice, and later numerous intelligence agencies domestic and foreign. The software was stolen from Bill and Nancy Hamilton of INSLAW corporation, and then bugged by Earl Brian, and Rafi Eitan, whom was director of Israeli intelligence agency LAKEM.

PROMIS was then distributed to allies and enemies alike backdoored with Signal Intelligence (SIGNIT) surveillance technology accessible to U.S. and Israeli intelligence services remotely through encrypted telecommunication signals, according to sources.

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Aaron Investigates Claims of Wall Street Whistleblower, Laser Haas in Toys R Us Lawsuit Claims Bankruptcy Fraud


‘The dynamics and scheme seems the same, similar to how former KB Toys CEO Michael Glazer gave himself and Bain Capital a fat paycheck, before bankrupting KB Toys. In the Toys R Us saga the only thing different is the characters. Josh Bekenstein, co-chairman of Bain Cap, worked with Toys R Us CEO Dave Brandon to enrich themselves and other executives at Toys R Us at the expense of investors, suppliers and workers of the company, the suit alleges.

The suit states that in emails Brandon illegally devised a plot to pay a cash bonus of 75% of their base salary to himself and other top execs days before Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy. Brandon then directed Alvarez and Marshal, whose co-founder Brandon also had a relationship with, to prepare an analysis that would support the bonuses. This is similar to how in Laser’s own case Paul Traub, Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) was directed to commit fraud against Laser by Traub hiding the fact that he had a deep relationship with Barry Gold (the CEO that Traub appointed for eToys) including the two working at Mitt Romney’s Stage Stores together and Gold hiring Traub by his own signature. (Honestly, the only dynamic missing is [Paul Traub] Goldman Sachs suing Goldman Sachs (Michael Glazer), pretending to show accountability.)”

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I do not know the reason why AK was suspended on Twitter. I just know that we can add his name to the long list of activists and writers that are currently being censored by the big tech giants and social media “big brothers”. – Christine Michelle Chadwick on October12, 2020

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THE NETWORK OF GLOBAL CORPORATE CONTROL- A “super-entity” of 147 companies, or 0.3% of all Transnational Corporations, holds control over fully 40% of the economic value of TNCs.

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A Few Companies Have Power Over Most of the Real Economy

The idea that the few dominate the many will not come as news to those gathered either to occupy wall street or to occupy everywhere. But up until now it has been just an intuition that a few corporations control the world.

Not any more. A team of Swiss mathematicians just proved that out of over 43,000 transnational corporations (TNCs), relatively few control almost 80% of the global economy. Find out who has the power below.

Global Domination a Facebook Phenomenon, Not a Conspiracy

The team, led by S. Vitali of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, used a method of analysis often applied to connectivity in the internet. Called the “bow-tie model,” the method assigns companies onto the parts of a bow-tie.

Inter-connected companies sit on the knot of the bow tie shape. All of the companies in the knot have control relationships to other companies in the knot and are themselves controlled by other companies in the knot. Companies which control those in the knot, but are not themselves controlled in return, are visualized on one wing of the bow-tie. And companies controlled by those in the knot, but not themselves controlling, are on the other wing of the bowtie.

The fact that a small number of companies are highly connected in the knot does not prove unbalanced control; after all, it is normal in networking that everyone wants a connection to the powerful few, who connect out to those who can offer something in return. But by combining the bow-tie topology with a control ranking, the team came to an amazing conclusion.

Less than 1% of Companies in Control

The team found a core of 1318 companies (mostly financial services companies) with an average of 20 control links each amongst themselves. These 1318 companies represent only 0.7% of the TNCs but 18.7% of the revenue of all TNCs. When one adds in the 59.8% of the revenues from companies on the wing of the bow-tie controlled by those in the knot, these companies control almost 80% of the global economy.

A “super-entity” of 147 companies, or 0.3% of all TNCs, holds control over fully 40% of the economic value of TNCs. In the words of the authors:

4/10 of the control over the economic value of TNCs in the world is held, via a complicated web of ownership relations, by a group of 147 TNCs in the core, which has almost full control over itself.

The Danger: Conflict of Interest and Stability Risk, Not Conspiracy

This study is a sitting duck for those who want to twist the results to prove a huge conspiracy theory. But that would risk seeking the wrong solution, because this strong connectivity stems from a natural organization of entities in networks, not from conspiracy.

But as those who occupy everywhere loudly make known, when less than 1% are in control, the risk of instability is too high. “Too Big to Fail” arises when too few control too much.

As the world rises up against economic injustice, Truthout brings you the latest news and analysis, free of corporate influence. Help support this work with a tax-deductible donation today.

Additionally, there are conflicts of interest inherent in the strong interconnectivity found by this study. Although this core may not be conspiring, it would be naive to suggest that the end effect does not suffer from the same economic downsides that governments and financial regulators attempt when preventing monopolistic practices. Or that this level of inter-connected, concentrated control does not harm fair trade, the environment, and other causes essential to sustainability but secondary to free market capitalism.

Observers have derided the Occupiers for not having a plan for change. But effective change requires understanding the outset conditions. This study proves what we have all suspected, and offers some powerful tools to begin to address the risks of instability and lopsided power intrinsic in the current global economic system.

The authors suggest that new regulatory mechanisms will have to extend beyond national borders. They are almost certainly right.

The Top 50 Control Holders* 

  3. FMR CORP (US)
  4. AXA (FR)
  9. UBS AG (CH)
  17. NATIXIS (FR)
  29. TIAA (US)
  31. AVIVA PLC (GB)
  33. DODGE & COX (US)
  37. CNCE (FR)
  41. ING GROEP N.V. (NL)

*according to the scientific paper The network of global corporate control

World Bank a security risk to the world order? Article written by Lars Schall 2013

Karen Hudes

Former senior legal counsel at the World Bank turned whistleblower Karen Hudes talks about the corruption inside the World Bank and her personal saga to find out about it. She says a worldwide currency war is certain and NATO in jeopardy, if the wrongdoing isn’t finally addressed. 

By Lars Schall

Karen Hudes studied law at Yale Law School (J.D.) and economics at the University of Amsterdam (M.Phil). She worked as a corporate and securities lawyer at a major New York law firm and for several years at the Export Import Bank of the US, before she became a senior counsel in the legal department of the World Bank (1986 – 2007). Her personal web site can be found here:

Lars Schall: Dr. Hudes, let’s talk about the World Bank, which is often described as a “Bretton Woods organization,” since it was officially founded at the famous international conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944. However, the plan to establish this bank (and the International Monetary Fund) originated years before with the highly secretive „War and Peace Studies“ that were conducted by the Council on Foreign Relations and the US State Department, while the money for the study came from the Rockefeller Foundation. (1) Given this background of being part of the „Grand Area“ design and strategy for the post-war world order, isn’t the World Bank really a tool to exercise American hegemony?

Karen Hudes: I take issue with one part of that question – when you say, “American hegemony.” If you unbundle the political structure inside the United States, it’s not what you see is what you get.  It’s not that the American citizens are the ones that are running the country. There is a very wealthy group that is secretly, through domination of the press, trying to keep the citizens in the United States in the dark. And so when you say a tool of “American hegemony,” the answer is it is a tool of hegemony but I would take the “American” out of the equation. What you saw in the last presidential election was massive amounts of foreign money coming in, in an attempt to influence voters. (2) That’s the group that I’m talking about and I would be very happy, as a sidebar at some point, to discuss who that group is, where they are, and what they’re doing. Because I didn’t know about that group when I started on my saga, but I found out about them later on. Now I try to tell them that they have to start behaving themselves. They are not above the law; they think they are, but they are subject to the law.

L.S.: Okay, then let us go straight down to the nitty-gritty: Can you name the individuals and institutions of that group? 

K.H.: I’ll tell you what I can do; I can point you to a very good study that was done by three systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, ranked as the best university in continental Europe. What they did was examine the interlocking ownership of the world’s 43,000 transnational corporations using mathematical modeling tools. Are you familiar with that study?

L.S.: Yes, I am. I believe you are referring to a study which showed basically that a small group respectively “super-entity” of 147 financial institutions and multinational corporations is pretty much in control of the world economy. (3) 

K.H.: Yes, that’s right. So, it’s whoever is behind that group which is in control of 1 percent of the investments but that 1 percent through corporate interlocking directorships is now in control of 40 percent of the assets and 60 percent of the revenues of this set of 43,060 transnational companies. That’s who that group is. Now, do I know who the individuals behind that group are? They’re very good at secretly hiding, so I’m not going to hazard a guess. But once we get the legal machinery in place, we will find out in great detail who these individuals are, and they will be playing by the rules along with everybody else on this planet.  

L.S.: Before we come back to that issue: How do you evaluate the World Bank’s track record in general? 

K.H.: It’s a magnificent place that has been hijacked by that group, so you really can’t blame it for some of the terrible things that have happened.  But some of the most talented people in the world end up there.  In particular, the group of World Bank whistleblowers that I have been working with is a dream team. They are fabulous, and by working together we have succeeded in exposing what the „super-entity“ of financial institutions was trying to take away from the people around the world behind their backs.  I wouldn’t call it a “Coup d’État” because we have simply taken back what was rightfully ours. 

So, the World Bank is a mixture which includes that group of whistleblowers. Their lives have been really, really severely damaged by the power of that group that was trying to prevent them from doing their jobs. When the World Bank renovated its headquarters in 1997, an architect/construction engineer tried to prevent a 70% cost overrun caused by mismanagement. Can you imagine, an organization that’s teaching everybody how to run projects has a cost-overrun of $220 million dollars over the estimates?  Anyway, he warned that this project was going to have the overruns, and he was fired in gratitude. Where is this man now? He’s managing projects for China. Anyway, when we were mentioning him as a whistleblower, he said: “I don’t want this publicity; I’m not a whistleblower. I was simply doing my job as a professional project manager and architect.” But some people, their lives were just completely wrecked. 

So that’s what the World Bank is: you’ve got 5 percent who are fighting for justice, you’ve got human resources secretly managed by the „super-entity“ of financial institutions, and you’ve got everybody else in the middle taking cover where they can.  

L.S.: Why should anybody care about the World Bank and its actions? 

K.H.: It’s an institution at the very center of the world financial system owned by 188 countries.  This institution can prevent a currency war and can also serve as a bridge when there is consensus about how to amend the functioning of the world financial system. It takes 50 years for an international institution to function. There is a simple convention that the Board of the World Bank will only vote up or down what is proposed by the President of the World Bank. When the Board tried to end that convention in 2009, the following day I was locked out of the World Bank’s headquarters.  

In 1944 there were 44 countries at the Bretton Woods Conference; one of the Dutch delegates was a young lawyer named Aaron Broches, who later became the longest-serving general counsel of the World Bank. I wasn’t at the World Bank when Broches was general counsel, but I got to know him because I was interested in finding out about the history of the World Bank. Broches gave me the operation manual.  He was there when Robert McNamara came to the World Bank as the president in 1968. Broches told me that’s when the World Bank really started to deteriorate. McNamara made the place much more corrupt than it had been before that. The World Bank was established by treaty that was negotiated by the 44 countries which came to the Bretton Woods conference. By now, the Bretton Woods treaties have been signed on to by 144 additional countries. 

So, the reason people need to care about the World Bank is it is a fabulous tool. We couldn’t create it today; but we’ve inherited it, we’re standing on the shoulders of our predecessors, and it is the tool by which we are taking back the rule of law, and we’re proceeding actually further than it’s ever gone.  People complain about international law, they say it’s not enforceable, it’s just wishful thinking; no.  International law exists, and it goes from the very bottom of the system way up to the top. Because the groups that want to be free to dominate the place and not be subject to law, their game is over, finished. This is a sea-change.

L.S.: But isn’t the whole thing related to the financial crisis and the fact that those people who’ve committed crimes are not punished for their crimes – isn’t that an clear indication to the contrary? 

K.H.: Yes, but just wait until we finish doing what we need to do, because when I talk about taking back the World Bank for the rule of law, we’re talking about the beginning of a different approach. International law was developed by Hugo Grotius, a Dutch lawyer, famous for his escape in a trunk from the castle of Loevestein in 1621 where he was imprisoned by the Calvinists. Grotius believed in freedom of the seas and combined ethics, politics and law.  

He said: „It is fitting that those who have the leading place in an alliance should arrogate to themselves no privilege in relation to their own interests, but should make themselves conspicuous above the others through their careful management of the common interests.“(4) 

Now here’s where it becomes really interesting. Bond holders are entitled to accurate financial statements from the World Bank under securities laws in every single jurisdiction where the bonds are held. The World Bank has issued $135 billion in bonds denominated in the world’s currencies; anyone who holds a World Bank bond can hold the World Bank accountable. And this means that anyone inside that organization with financial information has got the right to make sure that is correctly represented in the World Bank’s financials.  If there’s an inaccuracy in the financial information, the correction must take place, and any person who reveals that inaccuracy must be protected and not retaliated against. This is now a requirement in the appropriations legislation for the US contribution to the World Bank capital increase. (5)  If you buy a World Bank bond (and I did so), you are empowered to fight for international law as an individual.

So, we now have a mechanism for requiring transparency.  Does every government want transparency?  Of course not, that’s why it has taken me fifteen years so far.  But that’s where we are now, with governments accountable to their people in a way that they weren’t before.

L.S.: You assume that a world-wide currency war is certain if the World Bank fails to adhere to the rule of law. How do you come to this conclusion? 

K.H.: It’s a very important question.  You can see definite signs of an impending currency war by the US government’s seven year delay in complying with Germany’s request to repatriate 300 tons of gold; the difficulty in obtaining gold for immediate delivery; Japan’s devaluation; and legislation in a dozen states to recognize gold and silver bullion as legal tender. I elaborated on this in a recent interview with gold and precious metals expert, Tekoa da Silva. (6) 

I have been warning for nearly ten years that US‘ failure to play by the rules at the World Bank would end in a currency war.   I come to this conclusion because one of the things the World Bank is, is it’s a knowledge bank.  You have very clever companies that have developed services that they would like to incorporate in World Bank projects. For example, I was working on a project in Ghana on a freedom of information law.  The Ghanaians hired the Sentia Group, headed by Jacek Kugler, former Chair of the Department of Politics and Policy at Claremont Graduate University. He was President of International Studies Association (2004-5) and of the Peace Science Society (1995-6). He was also editor of International Interactions.

The model developed by Jacek Kugler is 90 to 95% accurate. (7)  There are actually two models that I am relying upon.  The published version is: “The War Presidency: Options Taken and Lost.” (8)  This analysis holds that what the United States did in the Iraq war may have made some sense in the context of the regional problems, but it was absolutely suicide for the US to fly in the face of its major allies.   If the corruption in the United States continues to jeopardize the US‘ relationship with the NATO countries, (which we are now seeing in the refusal of the United States to comply with Germany’s request for repatriation of its gold), China would come way up very, very fast, but via a currency war that will force trade back to a barter system and disrupt the world economy on a scale that will make the great depression of the 1930’s and the recent world depression in 2008 pale by comparison.   

I found out in the Ghana project using the Sentia stakeholder analytic tool that the reason that the freedom of information law was not being passed was because the German government, which was financing the project , wanted a perfect freedom of information law.  It turned out that in Ghana the people who were opposed to the law had enough political power that they could prevent the law from being passed. Once the German government understood that there was no ownership in Ghana for a perfect law, the local version of the legislation passed.  

I was fired illegally as a legal officer of the World Bank trying to keep the World Bank on track in the securities markets.  I informed the US Congress that the World Bank was out of compliance on the capital markets, and was illegally fired in retaliation.  So I thought I would be reinstated immediately. I didn’t understand that the single biggest impediment was the fact that that group that I was talking about, the one that’s dominating the capital markets, is also dominating the media. I didn’t realize how concentrated the media was in the United States. 

In the last 20 years the number of owners of the media in the US has gone from 50 down to 5.  So I couldn’t get my story out. (9)  I can regale you about what happened with the National Press Club, which has been hoodwinking the American people by censoring important information.   When we are finished ending the cover-up of corruption, the media will have admitted that it was certainly newsworthy when the governors, attorneys general and chief justices of the 50 states were involved in resolving this illegality.  How can it be that the American people don’t know this now?  That is why I’m so grateful to you for bringing my story to your readers.  

L.S.: When did you come to the conclusion that a world-wide currency war is certain by using this game theory stakeholder analysis?

K.H.:  In 2004 I asked Jacek Kugler whether he would model rule of law at the World Bank. This is the second model, and is consistent with the published model, because the World Bank is a microcosm of the world economy. The input to the model requires an assessment of where the stakeholders are on rule of law at the World Bank, how powerful they are, and also how important rule of law is for them.  So for example, the president of a country may be powerful, but he’s got a lot on his plate, so that issue is not so important for him.  Kugler refers to that as „salience“.  The numbers as to how powerful the countries were is based on their shareholding in the World Bank; for instance the US has 16 percent.  But I had to estimate how important rule of law was to the World Bank’s member countries, where they stood on the issue, and so on.  However, where I guessed wrong was I didn’t understand the media.  I thought the media was part of a solution; I didn’t understand that it was very much part of the problem.  

In 2007 I warned the US Treasury Department that the model of rule of law at the World Bank was predicting that the US would lose the 66 year-old Gentlemen’s Agreement to appoint the president of the World Bank. (10)  That is what happened in 2010. (11)  The model started predicting that rule of law would prevail rather than a currency war as soon as the UK and European Parliaments published my testimony. (12)

L.S.:  But is the loss of the Gentlemen’s Agreement actually something bad?  I mean the US is just one country out of more than 188 in the World Bank?

K.H.:  Let’s look closer at Hugo Grotius‘ point: ‚If you’re at the top of the food chain in the world and you rule benevolently in everybody’s interest then this is a good thing.  But once you stop doing that, you stop acting as a trustee for the world and you start acting for the interest of a small group whose interests are different from the whole, then it’s a bad thing.  So, if the US had acted under the World Bank’s rules, and complied with the securities laws of the jurisdictions where World Bank’s bonds are held, the US could have kept its Gentlemen’s Agreement.  It’s only when the US acts illegally and against the interests of the whole of the group that the Gentlemen’s Agreement needs to end.  

L.S.: Okay, I still don’t get it, and so make it plain, please: a) why do you think a world-wide currency war is certain by using this game theory stakeholder analysis? And b) please explain why NATO is in jeopardy – and maybe more important, give our readers some reasons why it would be a bad thing if NATO would break-up? Is NATO still a defense alliance?

I also spoke to Secretary Chuck Hagel on August 6, 2008 when he represented Nebraska as a Senator in the U.S. Congress, and I told him that this stakeholder analysis was predicting that the Gentlemen’s Agreement would end if the U.S. did not stop its hegemony at the World Bank and that „playing cat and mouse with these serious governance issues at the World Bank is also a security risk to the world order.“  After Chuck Hagel became Secretary of Defense, I called up the Inspector General’s office in the Defense Department and said, „I happen to think that Secretary Hagel will be very interested to know about a problem that’s going to make him lose NATO.“  And the next weekend I got a request from LinkedIn to contact the Defense Department’s project manager for their version of the stakeholder analysis.  I am also in touch with NATO. 

NATO is in jeopardy because of tensions with Germany and Europe over the corruption emanating from the „super-entity“ that is trying to dominate the world economy.  The stakeholder analysis is predicting that this corruption can be overcome through coalitions that demand the rule of law. Informed citizens demanding an end to the corruption will turn things around.  I believe that the corruption in NATO, like the Bretton Woods institutions, can be overcome.  

As a lawyer, I believe that institutions can be retrofitted, improved, and salvaged and that when cover-ups of corruption end it is possible to close the loopholes that permitted the corruption to exist. When I say that NATO will break up, I am referring to NATO as a proxy for the transatlantic alliance.  Whether the accession of new countries to NATO has changed the character of NATO is a larger issue.  As the corruption coming from the „super entity“ of financial institutions we discussed earlier is tackled, many existing institutions will change.  Lawyers prefer incremental change, and working within an existing institutional framework.  The alternative is an approach like the French revolution.  Is that preferable? 

L.S.:  Was corruption part of the decision to get rid of Paul Wolfowitz and Robert Zoellick as heads of the World Bank?

K.H.:  Yes, of course.  The Board of Executive Directors asked Paul Wolfowitz to leave for promptly giving a 35% pay raise to his significant other who was working for the World Bank when Wolfowitz assumed the presidency.  That was just the tip of the iceberg; the corruption was systemic.(13)  

L.S.:  Well, related to Robert Zoellick I think this is not really clear to the public…

K.H.:  No, of course not, that’s because the „super-entity“ of financial institutions bought up the media.  It was because of Robert Zoellick’s corruption that the World Bank’s Committee on Governance refused a second term to Robert Zoellick, and Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader in the US Senate, told Zoellick that he was not going to be renominated for a second term as president of the World Bank by the United States.  After Mitt Romney appointed Zoellick to head national security transition planning during the US presidential campaign, I tried without success to inform voters about the corruption problems. (13)  CBS, which broadcast the presidential debates, knew about the corruption at the World Bank because they used my information to embarrass the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron during his interview on the David Letterman show on September 27, 2012.  After my testimony in UK Parliament about corruption at the World Bank, the UK’s Minister of Development, Andrew Mitchell, was raked over the coals in the „plebgate affair.“ (15)  But CBS refused to ask a question on international corruption during the presidential debate.  

L.S.: When did you personally became aware of improper practices at the World Bank?

K.H.:  I learned of the corruption at the World Bank gradually: think of old Polaroid pictures that develop slowly.  My understanding of the problem increased from working with other World Bank whistleblowers and seeing what happened after I disclosed corruption up the corporate ladder within the World Bank.   So, the first thing that clearly jolted me was in 1997 when the Board at the World Bank said under the Strategic Compact, ‚We’ll contribute to the World Bank budget, but we’re putting a condition that we want to see improved management‘.   I was the representative of the Staff Association on the Drysdale Committee which was looking at Human Resources Reform under the Strategic Compact.  At the end of the exercise I said, „You know, for reform in an organization, you need to have monitoring to see whether the reform has taken hold.“  When my recommendation wasn’t incorporated, I was perplexed, and wondered, „Why don’t people want to monitor reform of human resources?“

We called in Alberto Bazzan, a human resources manager from IBM.  After about a year, Alberto came to me — this was when Jim Wolfensohn was the President of the World Bank — and said „Karen, it’s not working, I don’t get to see Jim Wolfensohn very often but whenever I do, if I tell him somebody should be promoted, that person gets fired.  If I tell him that somebody should be fired, that person gets promoted.“  Alberto also said, „I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last,“ and sure enough; he got fired too.

L.S.: You also became aware of irregularities in connection with a bank in the Philippines. Please elaborate on this.

K.H.:  At the end of the East Asia financial crisis in 1999, the World Bank had a ’structural adjustment loan‘ in the Philippines.  In structural adjustment loans, the World Bank finances government reform policies rather than goods and services. In corrupt regimes these loans are controversial because the reforms are not owned by the country, and the proceeds do not end up in government treasuries. So, what happened in the privatization of Philippines National Bank (PNB) was the man who owned Philippine Airlines, which was in default to PNB, ended up buying the government shares in PNB.  The investment advisor said, ‚You know, depositors aren’t going to like that PNB is being managed by a borrower in default. This is a real problem‘.  

I went to the World Bank’s country director for the Philippines and told him what the investment advisors said; that the man who owned Philippine Airlines had broken the securities laws in the Philippines by failing to disclose his acquisition of more than 10% of PNB’s shares.  I told the World Bank’s Country Director in the Philippines to warn the government the World Bank could not disburse the rest of the structural adjustment loan.  I wrote the letter.  It said, ‚Dear Philippines Government, you’re not going to get the money, you’re not complying with the conditions‘.  I said, ‚could you please sign this letter and send it to the government‘.  Instead, I was reassigned. There was another condition in the loan requiring the Philippines‘ laws on banking supervision to be improved, and those laws were never passed after I was reassigned.   So I went to the legal department, and I said, ‚You can’t reassign lawyers who are doing their jobs.“   

I live on the same street as Larry Summers, and my kid was in the same elementary class as Larry Summers‘ kid.  When this nonsense with the human resources reform happened, I complained to Larry Summers at a PTA meeting.  I said, „The World Bank is not being managed right: when we try to correct the mismanagement, the wrong people get fired; what’s going on here?“  There was going to be a new general counsel, and a friend of mine told me that there wasa good candidate.  So, I told this to Larry Summers.  After this man came in as the World Bank’s General Counsel, I asked him, ‚Why are you reassigning me when I’m doing my job‘.  

So after I was reassigned in the Philippines, I told the Executive Director who represented the Dutch government on the Board what was going on, and the two of us had a meeting with Jim Wolfensohn. At the meeting we said, ‚This idiot who you hired as General Counsel is leading to corruption in the Philippines, you’ve got to do something about this‘. Jim Wolfensohn’s response was to put me on probation.  

I went to the decision meeting when it came time to disburse the Philippines loan and told the Vice President for the East Asia Region, „The conditions haven’t been met for disbursement.‘  And of course, that vice president knew that I was going to go back up to the Board, so he had to cancel the loan for $200 million.  There was a matching loan from Japan which was also cancelled. The depositors in the Philippines got nervous with a defaulted borrower in control of PNB, and there was a run on the bank.  The Philippines Deposit Insurance Corporation had to bail out PNB with a $500 million loan.  The President of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada, was ultimately impeached in 2001, and in 2007 an anti-corruption court in the Philippines convicted Estrada of plunder and confiscated cash and properties worth $29 million.     

When the World Bank’s Evaluation Department told the World Bank’s Board of Directors that the World Bank’s supervision performance on the structural adjustment loan for the Philippines‘ financial sector had been satisfactory, I said that the Evaluation Department was misinforming the Board.  The World Bank never ended its misinformation to the Board on the Philippines financial sector adjustment loan.  That was the kernel of the cover-up, which kept on mushrooming.  

L.S.: Why were you fired ultimately in 2007?

KH:  I was fired illegally in retaliation for informing the US Congress about the cover-up on the Philippines.  In 2006 I was a candidate for the World Bank’s General Counsel position.  During my interview, I told the Executive Search firm about the failed human resources reforms and the internal control lapses.  Executive Search firms for the general counsel position of companies with bonds on the securities markets have to correct internal control problems.  When there is an international organization whose Board consists of member countries, this problem becomes especially serious.  I informed the Treasury Department that the Sentia stakeholder analysis was predicting that the US was going to lose the Gentlemen’s Agreement.  When the Treasury Department did not respond, I informed Senators Biden, Clinton, Obama, and Lugar on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  

Senator Lugar backed me up with three letters to the World Bank before I was fired, and my Congressman wrote a fourth letter at Nancy Pelosi’s request after I was fired illegally in retaliation.  Senators Leahy and Bayh also joined Senator Lugar in demanding a Government Accountability Office investigation into corruption at the World Bank the year after I was fired.  When the World Bank stonewalled the GAO investigation, Congress put conditions on the US contribution to the World Bank’s capital increase requiring reform to end the effects of retaliation. (16) 

There are other World Bank whistleblowers reporting the same problems as I did.  They have stories that are equally outrageous.  You cannot run a bank as if it were your personal slush fund.  You have got to have accountability; you have got to have internal controls.  When I reported to Congress that the World Bank had deficient internal controls, I also pointed out that because of the special position of the World Bank in the world financial system, not only are you wasting tax payers‘ money, but you’re going to end up with a currency war. When the World Bank fired me and stonewalled the GAO investigation, the governance crisis at the World Bank assumed constitutional proportions.   

L.S.: In order to deal with your problems, you bought a certain kind of bond. Please tell us this story.

K.H.  The World Bank is an international organization and has immunity from lawsuits brought by its staffmembers.  But the World Bank has waived its immunities to bondholders.  In 2009 the Chairman of the World Bank’s Governance Committee, the Chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee, and the Chairman of the Board’s Ethics Committee, together with the Dean of the Board, reinstated me when I was trying to end the convention that the Board may only rubber stamp actions initiated by the World Bank’s President.  When I was locked out of the World Bank’s headquarters building, I bought a World Bank bond and sued in federal court.  

L.S.: And what has been the result?

K.H.:  The short answer is that the US is viewed as a scofflaw nation in violation of its treaty obligations and securities laws in all of the jurisdictions in which the World Bank’s bonds are traded, including state blue sky laws.  Last week an Ambassador of one of the World Bank’s members wrote, „I would also like to recognize the work you are doing in trying to bring the Bretton Woods institutions to bear on the need to meet the agreed international states in the course of their operations.“

The long answer is that the Judge in the District Court ignored the fact that I was a bond holder and dismissed my suit.  So I appealed and the stakes were increased a little bit.  The day after I blogged that the Board of the World Bank was taking over the litigation (17),  the Court of Appeals issued an unpublished decision that did not contain the reasoned opinion that was required under applicable precedent.  Then the clerk ignored my notice that the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and I were withdrawing the case after it was settled by the World Bank’s Development Committee. I reported the clerical error in the federal courts to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to the rest of the Judicial Conference, and again more recently to the Judge who heads the Judicial Conference Executive Committee.  I also reported to the National Governors Association, the National Association of Attorneys General, and the Conference of Chief Justices of the state Supreme Courts that the federal courts were ignoring 187 Ministers of Finance.  

On April 19, 2013 the Development Committee issued me a pass to attend the Spring meetings of the Bretton Woods institutions.  On April 20, 2013 the U.S. Secret Service barred me from attending the rest of the meetings.  On April 21, 2013, in a letter that was cleared by the World Bank’s shareholders, I informed Julia Pierson, Director of the Secret Service, that the Secret Service had acted illegally.  Later that day the Secret Service issued me an invalid barring notice, which had been signed by a World Bank official who exceeded his authority.   

L.S.: It’s almost unnecessary to ask you this, but anyway: Did you get any protection as a whistleblower? And what are your thoughts in general how whistleblowers are treated these days in the US? 

K.H.:  That’s a wonderful question.  I started out with a law firm to help me with my case.  At one point that firm gave me some documents which were very helpful, including a report from the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress to the effect that World Bank governance is very bad and its accounting is terrible. (19)  A couple of years ago, I went back to that firm to thank them for having given me that very important document. And the next thing I knew, that firm referred an assignment to me in the Philippines. Well, I have gotten some very powerful people in the Philippines rather angry. I thought it was kind of dangerous to go to the Philippines, so I said, „I’d be very happy to take that assignment, but I think I’m going to sub-contract the work in the Philippines.“  The work dried up when I wasn’t going to the Philippines anymore. 

I have filed many complaints with local, state and federal law enforcement officials about illegal acts and not a single complaint has been satisfactorily resolved. It is the job of each and every citizen in a democracy to inform themselves what is happening to their whistleblowers and to protect them. The accountability feedback loop has been largely impaired by the „super-entity“ of financial institutions which bought up the media in the U.S. 

L.S.: There was actually an investigation to address the corruption at the World Bank, which was headed by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul A. Volcker. What do you think about the results of this investigation?

K.H.:  After studying Development Economics at the University of Amsterdam, I have some excellent contacts.  In 2005 the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked for an investigation of the Audit Committee into my complaints about the lapses on the Philippines financial sector structural adjustment loan.(20)  The Chair of the Audit Committee at the time, Pierre Duquesne, asked instead for an investigation into the Institutional Integrity Department. The Volcker Panel has been thoroughly discredited.  (19)

L.S.: Have there been other responses, for example in the UK?

K.H.:  Yes. I met with the UK’s Serious Fraud Office on September 28, 2010, and informed them that KPMG did not follow Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. The Serious Fraud Office called the SEC on October 10, 2010, but the SEC only stonewalled. Two Committees of the UK Parliament published my testimony to this effect.  (See note 11) After the SEC refused to respond to the Serious Fraud Office, that was when a UK lawyer advised me, ‚It’s time, Karen, to go to the credit rating agencies.‘ All of these problems are going to drive down the US credit rating, there’s no question about it.  That is why the Attorney General, Eric Holder, is suing the credit rating agencies. Thirteen other countries have written to me about the illegality I have been reporting to them.

Now, I’ve made these points to the state attorneys general, to the state governors and to the Chief Justices of state Supreme Courts.   When there are these compliance issues, the states are also responsible for protecting the bond holders under blue sky laws.  I finally got a letter from Maryland’s governor, Martin O’Malley, requesting me to have my Senators in US Congress solve this problem. So I went to Senators Mikulski and Cardin, and they didn’t solve the problem.  I went to Senate Legal Counsel and to the House General Counsel, and informed them that there was an impasse between the state regulators and the SEC.  

Then I went to Secretary Hagel and said, „First of all we’re landing in a currency war and second of all, we have a serious disconnect between the states and the federal government.  How is this going to be resolved, martial law?  The Judicial Conference is confronting a situation where 188 Ministers of Finance have reinstated me, have granted me a security pass, and the President of the World Bank and Secret Service prevent me from entering the building;  the clerk of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed my case in error; the Judicial Conference refuses to correct the clerical error, and the citizens with a few exceptions remain in the dark.  What you have is a country which is seriously, seriously out of compliance.  So, when you say the World Bank is out of compliance; no, it’s the US government.  It’s all of the different pillars of government.  It’s the federal government, it’s the judiciary.  The Congress isn’t doing such a great job either; they passed an appropriations law with conditionality and failed to require GAO to carry out an audit into corruption that they commissioned.

L.S.: Yes.  You also assume the repatriation of German gold that was announced by the Deutsche Bundesbank in January of this year has something to do with the problems at the World Bank. Why so?

K.H.:  That’s a very good question.  The Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve together with the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission sit on the National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies, and these are the entities that have accepted KPMG’s unqualified audit of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development when the bondholders can have no confidence in the accuracy of the World Bank’s financial statements because of the corruption that I and other World Bank whistleblowers have reported. 

Germany asked to repatriate 300 tons of gold three months after the New York Federal Reserve refused Germany´s request for a physical inspection of vaults in which Germany´s gold was stored.    Instead, the US Treasury offered a paper audit.(21)  The Inspector Generals of both the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve have not inspired any confidence in my case, to put it bluntly.  A dozen states are also moving to recognize gold as legal tender,(22) and Texas is permitting its pensions to invest in gold now.(23)

It’s part and parcel of this corrupt illegality; this illegality is creating such turmoil that people have concerns about the soundness of the US dollar as a currency.  Now, I’ve seen the letters that you’ve written and about why Germany needs its gold.  I think probably the best answer is that in a situation that I’ve just outlined where you have illegality from top to bottom, you don’t want your gold anywhere else because you don’t know what’s going to happen to it.  I can’t say for sure when the decision of your audit committee was made that required the audit.

L.S.:  Yes.

K.H.:  The strength of my case is that I have documented the illegality from the very bottom of the financial system to the very top. The only reason this matter is not resolved is because of this control of the media which is jeopardizing democracy in the United States. I’ve documented a serious case of what is called state capture. Is it going to be resolved? I do know that all of these World Bank whistleblowers have their own contacts with their governments.  Although the credit rating agencies have had a front row view, most American citizens haven’t, with the exception of a group called the National Taxpayers Union, which has a blog about me. (25)  

L.S.: What do you think about the fact that the BRICS nations are creating their own development bank to rival the World Bank and the IMF?

K.H.:  I congratulate them, and I’m very glad that they did this.  

L.S.:  Yes, but do you think that this creation of a new development bank by the BRICS nations is a result of this corruption at the World Bank?

K.H.:  Absolutely.  

L.S.: And since we also raised the issue of gold, is it any surprise to you that these BRICS nations are buying gold, for example, Russia and China, whereas the western Central Banks and the IMF have a very different approach to gold?

K.H.:  Professor Antal Fekete has written about the significance of the current very high demand for immediate delivery of gold.(24) It is becoming clear that the corruption in the international financial system is risking a situation in which gold supply will cease as persons who hold gold refuse to relinquish it for paper money, referred to as „permanent backwardation.“ We have got to prevent this from happening. It’s the „super entity“ of financial institutions that’s unsettling everything; they have got to play by the rules. They can’t have a free pass to corrupt the world. No; that’s ended, that’s over. The fact that most people don’t know about them or what they do or what the BIS is, that has to end.  Everybody has to know, and there has to be an orderly transition to a world financial system that makes some sense. This current situation where they control the press makes no sense whatsoever, and it’s got to end. 

L.S.:  Apropos the BIS; is it also involved?  And you’ve said most people don’t know what the BIS is, so what is the BIS?

K.H.:  The answer is yes, the BIS is involved. The BIS, Bank for International Settlements, is the consortium of central bankers.  The central bankers are private, they’re not government entities. Anyway, I wrote the BIS to ask them what on earth is going on?  I never heard back from them, which is kind of curious.

L.S.: Final question.  How would you solve the problems we were talking about if the choice was yours?

K.H.:  I’ve been thinking a lot about the answer to that question.  I think there are two very easy answers.  The first is that whistleblowers have to be made whole, as required by US Congress for the US contribution to the World Bank capital increase. The second is that the democratic deficit in the international financial system where people don’t know what the BIS is has to end. People don’t know it’s their Ministers of Finance that are dealing with these issues and what their Ministers of Finance are up to.  People have to become aware of this because it’s dangerous to have this democratic deficit.  So that’s what I would change, I would change the flow of information.  

L.S.: Yes, but how would you change the flow of information?

K.H.:  Well, that’s a serious, serious question.  There has to be awareness that people are getting their information filtered, and I think once they’re aware of it, this is going to change.  I think a lot of the solution is going to come from the internet.  That’s why there are so many efforts now to limit the Internet.  I went to a conference on this, and it was no surprise to me that the person who was running this conference didn’t think it was suitable for me to address the conference.  You know, need I say more.  There is censorship, and the censorship has to stop.

One of the very positive developments is that people expect that soon there will be very wide access to the internet by all of the people on this planet.  So we have to ensure that the Internet remains functional, and that we pay serious attention to what happened with the death of Aaron Swartz; this is no accident.

L.S.: Yes, yes.  But isn’t also the internet a wonderful surveillance instrument for intelligence agencies?

K. H.:  Yes.  Recently I’ve gotten to know a US whistleblower who knows a great deal about domestic surveillance: Mark Novitsky.  People have got to become aware about what all is going on, and that should help us make a begin in solving this extremely serious and dangerous problem.

L.S.:  Thank you very much for taking your time, Dr. Hudes!

K. H.: Thank you very much for having me!

Lars Schall


(1) See Laurence H. Shoup / William Minter: “Imperial Brain Trust: The Council on Foreign Relations and United States Foreign Policy“, Authors Choice Press, New York, 2004. For a shorter introduction into this topic see Andrew Gavin Marshall: “The Council on Foreign Relations and the ’Grand Area’ of the American Empire”, published December 13, 2011 here:

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Russia Blacklists Microsoft – Intellectual Property Rights Discrepancy

Counterfeiting Crimes – Documented on LinkedIn by Todd Glassey

“…I want you to see why Russia blacklisted Microsoft. This patent is a copy of SEP US6370629 illegally filed by Datum (as an agent of CIA/MI5 & a couple of others?) & prosecuted fully to publication state, then abandoned!

How do you prove that? By comparing 1) it’s lack of a release in it’s filing; 2) it’s filing date of 27oct99 to the Settlement’s ( signing date of 29nov99; & 3) its NOT being included in any form in that US6370629 Settlement… 1,2,3.

That proves-out the fraud fully.

What then is the impact of Court of Justice of the European Unions ruling in C311/18? Simply that Facebook et al “cannot possibly localize to operate in the EU without dealing with both the effects of the US USDC 14-CV-03629/WHA ruling which refused to set aside the ‘629 Settlement, & the EP0997808a3 fraud”.

In fact, this is what the Russians realized was true after they reviewed all the materials we presented Vlad Putin’s office pertaining to ALL key US software vendors “operating in Russia in violation of our property rights”.

The #europeanunion under #schrems2 & the #ep0997808a3 fraud has the same problem. Any uses of #us6370629 methods as © SW in #eea/#eu are crimes of #Counterfeiting, #money_laundering & article 17(2) violations.” – Todd Glassey

Posted by Todd Glassey on LinkedIn September 2020:

Patent and IP Recoveries Group

Welcome to the Global (English+) website for Patent and IP Recoveries. We are a  unique entity operating as an independent association of patent and IP liquidators and Fraud Damage release providers both in the US and Globally. Our focus is as a Distressed IP liquidator and “claim enforcement bureau for US6370629, US6393126, and their 380 or more derivatives”.

Today Patent and IP Recoveries has two operating Companies, one in the US and the other Offshore in Eastern Europe,  in Belarus, but more are coming in South & Central America/Caribbean , Asia, Indonesia/Malaysia, and Africa/ME.

We focus on two lines of IP related business.

Initially we liquidate damaged IP and negotiate & enforce damage claims, as well as provide use releases against US6370629 and US6393126 both in the US, and through our offshore operations.

Each operations center is fully independent and serves those regional collective licensing targets and adjacent use centers.

For more information on our offerings and their operations, see our BLOG pages and feel free to contact us for any questions about our US and Global IP offerings with regards to Settlement the patents “Releases from Section 8 Compliance” well as sales of US6370629 method based products and services into any antitrust affected nations.”

From the website:

Todd Glassey LinkedIn Post – $4 Trillion a Week Fraud Loss Globally

“Drew Horn, you work for the VPOTUS, what do we do about a 4.3T/wk fraud loss globally? It’s been reviewed by two separate forensic accounting teams and their people and a class of graduate law students. All think btw we are missing significant loss amounts by key Internet commerce providers and surveillance operators. Meaning… the fraud loss is higher than 4.3T USD per week.

This loss is not disclosed as part of the US GDP, and bluntly then the GDP is about 170t a year “under water”, meaning it’s a negative number.

Microsoft , Google , Apple and the other USDC 14-CV-03629/WHA defendants, Facebook, Amazon, and about 30 others as JOHN DOES in that same matter create this fraud loss. About $2.3T/wk in the US, #UK, and #Canada per week, and the rest in the #EU, #Asia, #GCC and surround.

Here is your problem… You guys in #DOD did this and the fraud losses exceed a quadrillion in the US alone. Just do the math.

So how do we get the real GDP properly acknowledged from U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Department of the Treasury ?

Jeffrey Bossert Clark any thoughts? Margrethe Vestager? European Ombudsman? National Crime Agency (NCA)? Deutscher Bundestag? UK Home Office? World Economic Forum? United Nations?

No comments folks? Not from any of you?” – Todd Glassey October 9, 2020




It appears that World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes is experiencing censorship again on her social media. This link has been broken on many platforms but I have finally found a working link here:

I have studied Karen’s documentation and the hidden gold since 2013. I detected long ago that this gold does indeed exist and that is was being used to fund Black Ops for years. The Committee of 300 tried to hide it from humanity for all of eternity until we found out about it.

Can this gold be used to back the currencies of all the nations of the world as Ferdinand Marcos intended?

All finance ministers and governments have been notified of its existence via Ms. Hudes. So if they do not utilize as intended, will they be responsible for the fall of civilization that will trigger the onset of another dark ages due to permanent gold backwardation? See:

#Gold #GlobalDebtFacility #GoldOutOfHiding #Currency #GeoPolitics

“Because I detected that the original link was broken several times. I copy/pasted the text on this blog for documentation purposes. Credit is due solely to Karen Hudes who scripted the writing.” – CMC October 3, 2020

LinkedIn Post:

The World Bank


Tokyo Office

10F, Fukoku Seimei Building 2-2-2, Uchisaiwai-Cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan

Telephone: (03) 3597 6650 Fax: (03) 3597 6695 Cable: INTBAFRAD TOKYO

Dear People,

Wednesday, September 29, 2020

DCTV suspended the Series on the Network of Global Corporate Control. When I wrote to DCTV’s CEO, Ms. Nantz Rickard, she put me off by requiring meaningless red tape and asking her staff to refuse to talk to me. Yesterday I posted the full correspondence with DCTV.

I am now producing videos independently. I filmed this video on August 25th , the week that my mother died.

During the month-long delay in releasing the video, my IT geeks removed some of the viruses that were interfering with our communication. I am back online, and three of my email accounts now work. During this month, in the middle of the Covid 19 saga, the people who remain duped by the Cabal and the Black Nobility at their center are starting to question what is going on.

Many people are still confused about what is going on. The “newbies” are particularly vulnerable to “controlled opposition”. Controlled opposition are people who confuse you by telling you a mixture of lies and truth. I will give you a good example. The US government is totally corrupt. After the Civil War it ceased to function under its Constitution. Enough of the rank and file of the US Military caught on. That’s when controlled opposition were ready to mount a fake military coup.

It was going to be a real military coup, but the perpetrators were traitors working for the Cabal and the Black Nobility. We in the Critical Mass, who are used to seeing through all of these lies, got our communication restored and called off the fake military coup. The world’s wealth that is financing all of the world’s military powers remains safe with the Critical Mass. We are going to get rid of all of this corruption and clean up our world.

Things have come to such a pass that it is going to take some time. That is for sure. We are going to learn what we need to know to get the job done peacefully and thoroughly. We are all in this together, the crooks and the Critical Mass. We have eternity because we have immortal souls.

Many people remain confused during our peaceful transition away from

a corrupt world. That’s ok. We have eternity for them to catch on.

We are all in this together.

Click to access Twitter9.28.20.pdf


Until now, most of the videos I have produced were part of the DCTV Series on the Network of Global Corporate Control.

The “Network of Global Corporate Control” is what three systems analysts at ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, called a secret group of Wall Street companies in an article they published in 2011. ETH Zurich is ranked the 2nd best university in Europe and the 4th in the world for engineering and technology.

The Global Currency Reset Jigsaw Puzzle


Here is the beginning of what I have written for the background notes (I update the notes so there will not be a delay in case my videographer succeeds in uploading the video on YouTube before I have finished writing these background notes to the video.) I am one of the people (and plants and animals) on this planet who are putting a big jigsaw puzzle together. It is going to take time for us to get the many pieces into place.

The Global Debt Facility contains most of the world’s wealth. José Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos created the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to deposit the Global Debt Facility. This is so that we could transition to a peaceful planet without blowing up the whole place.

I understand that plants and animals believe that we need for the plants and animals to forgive us. “Thus Spoke the Plant” Monica Gagliano, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA.

I am going to introduce myself with a Tweet I posted in my social media last June:

Click to access Twitter6.15.20.pdf

The World Bank


Tokyo Office

10F, Fukoku Seimei Building 2-2-2, Uchisaiwai-Cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan

Telephone: (03) 3597 6650 Fax: (03) 3597 6695 Cable: INTBAFRAD TOKYO

Dear People,

Monday, June 15, 2020

We are making progress, and the time for our new reality to materialize is becoming closer. Yesterday I understood that I need to feel more gratitude, and to want more help, in order to transition from my role as whistleblower to my role as Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility.

In plain English, this means, “have a bigger heart.” In graphics, this means:



Karen Hudes

Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development’

Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

The Global Currency Reset is actually about change in our consciousness. A big part of this change is a change in our values and what we think is important. I am one of the people who is helping you to realize what is important because I am following in the footsteps of two people who prepared us for a shift in our monetary system: Ferdinand Marcos and José Rizal.

There were others in my past who helped to train me for my role. I am now working together with people who realize how we have been lied to. We call these people the “Critical Mass.” It is vital for us to know about the lead-up to WWII about the Jesuit

influence in WWI and II which Alis Castano found for us on and I posted three years ago

The Jesuit Influence Over World War II. ”Not many people realize how involved the Vatican

was in events leading up to, during and after World War II. The story is so complex it would take

a book to explain what was happening in detail. To simplify this brief account we start with a

bold effort by the late Pope Pius XI to expose the fascist powers – the governments of Italy’s

dictator Mussolini and Germany’s Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and excommunicate them from

memberships in the Catholic Church before the world went to war.


The Pope hired noted author John LaFarge, an American Jesuit, to prepare a speech he planned

to make during an encyclical gathering of bishops on Feb. 11, 1939. But Pope Pius XI never

made that speech. He mysteriously dropped dead on Feb. 10. They said it was a heart attack.

Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected to be the next Pope. He took the name Pope Pius XII. Upon

taking office Pacelli surrounded himself with Jesuits. He employed German and Dutch Jesuit

advisors including Robert Leiber, Augustin Bea and Sebastian Tromp. The LaFarge document

was never made public.

Within months after Pacelli was made Pope the Roman Catholic dictators, Hitler, Stalin and

Mussolini launched World War II. Working behind the scenes in the above scenario was a

powerful Jesuit priest known as Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski, a Polish head of the

Jesuit Society, otherwise identified as the Black Pope. Ledochowski served in that capacity from

1915 until his death in 1942.

It is believed that Ledochowski and Pope Pius XII conspired together to create a German pro-

Catholic political party that would not only become the religion of the German people but be in a

position of eliminating protestants, orthodox Christians, Communists and ethnic Jews. This

became known as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or the Nazi Party. Hitler, a

faithful member of the church and long a close associate of Archbishop Pacelli, was hand-picked

as a figurehead for the Nazi Party. The real leader of the Nazis was Fr. Heinrich Himmler, an

ordained Jesuit priest, who operated in the shadows behind Hitler.

Himmler was appointed leader of the Sturmabteilung, or Storm Troopers (SS), created as Hitler’s

personal bodyguards, assassins, espionage agents and general dirty work. According to

researcher Frank O’Collins, Archbishop Pacelli imported gold to Germany in 1917 to help

finance the creation and growth of the Nazi Party. The SS officers operated under the authority

of the Jesuits and the power of the Pope and had the powers of Catholic priesthood.

Because they were deeply entrenched in the German SS troops, the Jesuits had a strong influence

over placement and use of the main German concentration camps in Poland during the war.

There were five major camps, and they were carefully placed at the points of a five-pointed

pentagram, an occult shape considered best for harnessing negative energy to one’s human will.

At the entrance to each of the camps was erected a statue of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing the

influence of the Catholic Church.

When it looked like Germany was going to lose the war in 1945, all of the emblems of

Catholicism were removed and all references to the influence of the Jesuits were erased from

public records. It was said that the Jesuits financed the escape of top Nazi leaders from Germany

to secret hiding places in South America before they could be captured. Those that ended up at

the Neurenberg trials for war crimes were sworn to secrecy about the Jesuit involvement. Thus

the general public never knew how connected the church was to that war.

One of the primary Jesuit priests responsible for the cover-up was Fr. Edmund A. Walsh, an

American and noted as the founder of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. He

served at the school as a professor of geopolitics when he wasn’t involved in secret operations on

behalf of the Jesuits. While Hitler was in prison Ledochowski instructed Fr. Bernhardt Staempfle

to write Mein Kampf (My Struggle), a textbook for the Nazi movement. Hitler was carefully

briefed on the book’s contents, declared the book’s author and the Jesuits financed its mass

publication and distribution.


Meanwhile in Communist Russia, Ledochowski ordered the murder of Vladimir Lenin and

moved Fr. Joseph Stalin, another Jesuit priest, into the position of General Secretary of the

Communist Party. But that is another story. In the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt won

election as President n 1932 with the help of a power team that included Joseph P. Kennedy,

William Randolph Hearst, William Gibbs McAdoo (first Chairman of the Federal Reserve) and

Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh. The Jesuits had their man in the White House.

Two other important figures in the looming war were General Douglas MacArthur, who was

educated by the Jesuits with Walsh serving as an influential patron, and Lt. Col. Dwight D.

Eisenhower, who in 1933 was serving in the Philippines as an aide to General MacArthur. There

it is said Eisenhower became a devoted fan of Fr. Walsh.

When the war broke out Eisenhower was appointed to the War Department General Staff in

Washington D.C. and advanced to the rank of Brigadier General. In December 1943, while the

nation was in the midst of war on two fronts, President Roosevelt promoted Eisenhower to the

rank of four-star Major General and appointed him as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

The appointment was a shock to the military since Eisenhower was suddenly advanced over the

heads of an estimated 50 seasoned military leaders considered more qualified for the job.

General MacArthur was among them.

Thus we had the Jesuits linked to key people on all sides of the European conflict. The stage was

set for the Germans to win the war. Because of a few serious strategic errors by Hitler and

actions by some Allied generals like George Patton, who were not in on the Jesuit plot, the Allies

emerged the victors. It would take volumes to explain how that


Alis Castano Ledochowski and Pope Pius XII; Creator Of Nazi Horrors. ”Wlodimir Ledochowski

served as the Jesuit General and head of the Society of Jesus from 1915 until his death in 1942. In

that position, he collaborated with Pope Pius XII to TRAIN ADOLF HITLER AS A JESUIT

PRIEST, establish Hitler as a political leader of a war-torn Germany, and then create the horrors of

the Nazi movement that led the world into World War II and the purposeful slaughter by fire of

millions of innocent non-Catholic citizens.

The crimes committed by Ledochowski and Pope Pius XII during that dark period of history have

somehow escaped the historical record of that terrible war, even though they were the men who

conceived it as a method of cleansing the world of people they perceived as “undesirable.” They saw

a victory by Germany as the first major step toward a “One World Government” under Jesuit control.

The information in this report was found in the book “The Almanac of Evil” by Frank O’Collins and

collaborative writings by researcher Greg Szymanski.

Ledochowski was born to a prominent family in 1866 in Loosdorf, in what was then Lower Austria.

He studied at the Jesuit Secondary School in Vienna, later studied law at the University of Crakow,

and then began studies for the priesthood. He became a Jesuit in 1889, and quickly rose in rank, first

as Superior of the Jesuit residence in Cracow, then Rector of the college. He gained prominence and

in 1915, at the age of 49, was elected General of the Society of Jesus. The other name for that rank is

“Black Pope.”

In his book O’Collins levels the following indictment against Ledochowski’s criminal life, with the

assistance of Pope Pius XII:

– The two were instrumental in forming the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, also known as


the Nazi Party. The purpose of the party was to establish a pro-Catholic political party that could gain

control of government, guarantee a financial pipeline for the party, and create a tool for the

elimination of social reform groups that included protestants, orthodox Christians, Communists and

ethnic Jews.

– Instructed Adolf Hitler to establish a paramilitary wing known as the Sturmabteilung (Storm

Troopers) trained in espionage, counter intelligence, assassination and propaganda. Their purpose

was to help in controlling organized protests, riots, intimidate opponents and conduct political


– Directed Father Bernhardt Staempfle in 1924, while Hitler was in prison, to write Mein Kampf,

brief Hitler on its contents, and then attribute Hitler as its author and ensure mass publication.

– In 1929 Ledochowski instructed Hitler to utilize a wing of his Storm Troopers as a special group of

bodyguards and elite officers to be known as the SS. These officers would be Jesuit priests, under

control of the Jesuits. In exchange the Jesuits agreed to finance the SS and introduce business and

industrial interests to Germany. Heinrich Himmler, a Jesuit priest, was assigned to oversee this group.

– Ledochowski and Pope Pius XII awarded the SS officers spiritual powers of Jesuit priests

representing a supreme heresy of Catholic doctrine and faith. The officers were directed to be active

in what was known as “the Final Solution,” which involved human sacrifice through death camps

consistent with the High Mass of Satanism.

– Pope Pius XII with the full support of Superior General Ledochowski, gave Hitler and Himmler a

complete blueprint for the systematic killing of key non-Catholic minorities and the establishment of

death camps for their murder. The Pope instructed that ethnic Jews and other “heretics” were to be

“ritually sacrificed by being burnt alive, consistent with church law.” This plan was known as “The

Final Solution.” Bayer, a Catholic Pharmaceutical Company, produced Zyklon-B gas for use in the

camps. Victims were allegedly restrained unconscious, then taken to giant furnaces where they would

wake up while being burned alive.

David Kertzer, in his book The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of

Fascism in Europe,” wrote that Ledochowski exhibited strong anti-Semitic and pro-Fascist

tendencies,” and worked to promote anti-Semitism in the Vatican and to align the Vatican with Italy’s

and Germany’s racist and expansionist ambitions. Ledochowski died in 1942, long before the war

ended. Because of the deliberate distortion of the facts, the Pope was never tried as one of the worst

mass murderers in history.”


The World Bank


Tokyo Office

10F, Fukoku Seimei Building 2-2-2, Uchisaiwai-Cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan

Telephone: (03) 3597 6650 Fax: (03) 3597 6695 Cable: INTBAFRAD TOKYO

Dear People,

Many people are still confused about what is going on. The “newbies” are particularly vulnerable to “controlled opposition”. Controlled opposition are people who confuse you by telling you a mixture of lies and truth. I will give you a good example. The US government is totally corrupt. After the Civil War it ceased to function under its Constitution. Enough of the rank and file of the US Military caught on. That’s when controlled opposition were ready to mount a fake military coup.

Monday, September 28, 2020

It was going to be a real military coup, but the perpetrators were traitors at the service of the Cabal and the Black Nobility. We in the Critical Mass, who are used to seeing through all of these lies, got our communication restored and called off the fake military coup. The world’s wealth that is financing all of the world’s military powers remains safe with the Critical Mass. We are going to get rid of all of this corruption and clean up our world.

Things have come to such a pass that it is going to take some time. That is for sure. We are going to learn what we need to know to get the job done peacefully and thoroughly. We are all in this together, the crooks and the Critical Mass. We have eternity because we have immortal souls. I posted these videos in December 2017. The teleprompters are attached at the end and summarize the way the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created for depositing the wealth of the world.

The Global Currency Reset is actually about change in our consciousness. A big part of this change is a change in our values and what we think is important. I am one of the people who is helping you to realize what is important because I am following in the footsteps of two people who prepared us for a shift in our monetary system: Ferdinand Marcos and José Rizal. There were others in my past who helped to train me for my role. I am now working together with people who realize how we have been lied to. We call these people the “Critical Mass.”


How Do We Know We Have Immortal Souls?

Dr. Gant has published a book that describes how we think and that we are created to be “transcendent beings”.

You can buy the book from Barnes and Noble. md/1134459290?ean=9781545664094

Humanity possesses many hidden abilities: We have many talents and capabilities that are going to stand us in good stead during the Global Currency Reset. According to Dr. Gant, humanity possesses many talents and capabilities that are going to stand us in good stead.

Self-Mastery: As you #Think, so you #Act and there is no contradiction between those 3 aspects of consciousness within. This is #Sovereignty

This is why we are ready for a new phase. The next step is for the people who understand what is really going on in the world (the “Critical Mass”) to discuss how we are going to end the corruption in the world’s money system. Enough people, that is, a critical mass of people, understand what I am talking about so that we can take these next steps.


At some point we are all going to be on the same page in reality.

Click to access Twitter11.28.18.pdf

The hippocampus has a special role:

We have been fighting this corruption for a long time. We are all in this together. As we all gain confidence, things are going to move faster.

Let me add that we are in the middle of an historic transition.

I understand that many of us are trapped in a state of being that does not allow us to realize that potential. We are going to learn and teach each other. As you all must appreciate by now, I am also learning on the job, and I am learning from you.


Three Days Before I Produced this Video:

I sent a letter to Betsy Malone and Katie. Dear Betsy and Katie,

I sent the attached letter to four of the surviving members of my mother’s book club. That book club lasted 65 years. The fifth living member is a woman named Susan Warsinger. Susan Warsinger survived Auschwitz as a child. She gives many public speeches. Susan knows rhat her parents survived in the work camp that was for the manufacture of enriched uranium. Susan blamed me for the fact that she did not invite my mother to Susan’s 80th birthday party along with the other members of the book club.

Susan is perpetuating the holocaust lie. Judaism is being misused to divide people. Some powerful crooks are hiding behind Judaism. These crooks are not religious. Others have also told these facts.

Yesterday when writing this letter to you, my computer started acting on its own. It did everything in reverse. We (including the members of the Black Nobility) have decided to surrender to the forces of good in the universe. Some of the misguided military powers who use mind control weapons have not gotten word. Many of them already have.

My computer locked itself and now it unlocks itself when I boot up. I only have to remember to click on the icon on my PC when I first boot up.

I sent a separate picture to Susan Warsinger. It’a a copy of the graphic that I used when I tweeted “divide and conquer”. Susan had mailed me a sympathy card acknowledging my mother’s death.

We will deal separately about the role that the Vatican has assumed. It may take some time for the dust to settle. That is what eternity is for.

love, Karen


This is the graphic that I mailed to Susan Warsinger:

Karen Hudes (@KarenHudes)

We will focus on spirituality later to avoid divide and conquer: Karen Hudes (@KarenHudes)

We are all on board (never mind our confusion, brought to you by the unscrupulous)


You may know Betsy and Katie from their Twitter Handles: @3rddogscript, @securenewstv, @truthseer

Both of these women contacted me in November 2019, when I was locked up in the hospital and kept incommunicado for two months. They were my voice to the rest of the Critical Mass. I look to these women for help in many ways. In retrospect, they helped teach me (from various perspectives) how to function in my role as Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility.

I am always learning. Some people like to assume that they have more influence on the Global Currency Reset than is actually the case. I have now learned that it is better for me to stop accusing people of being “Controlled Opposition.” Instead, I am telling everyone that this job of being Overseer Mandate Trustee means that I am supposed to be responsible, with direction from the Critical Mass as a voice for humanity, and without direction from any individual.

In particular, one person (whom I will refrain from calling out) erased his direct messages to me after I said I was going to tweet them. I said in my Direct Messages to him that the Overseer Management Trustee was solely responsible as an individual for carrying out the function of Overseer Management Trustee. This person told me in his Direct Messaging about how Anna Von Reitz was carrying on about me and when I did not respond, he started in about Christine Chadwick. I told him that it was now time for the Overseer Mandate Trustee to stop judging people.


Why am I telling you these details? In learning how to function in our new reality, we are going to have to learn how to discern WHAT REALITY IS AND HOW IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE LIES WE WERE TOLD.

We have to learn how to use our hearts, minds, and intuition to figure things out for ourselves. In my notes to prepare for this video, I tried to summarize the way I worked with friends, colleagues, and other whistleblowers. Teamwork and coalitions were part of putting the jigsaw puzzle on the Global Currency Reset together.

This is a letter I posted at the end of 2016:

December 26, 2016

Superior General Arturo Sosa c/o Fr. John Cecero

Jesuits NE Province

39 East 83 Street

New York, NY 10028

Mr. Pepe Orsini [in 2016 I mistakenly thought Pepe orsini was the head of the Black Nobility] Orsini-Colonna Castle



cc: Vatican Apostolic Nunciature 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20008

United States


Click to access Twitter12.26.16.1.pdf


On January 3, 2017 I shall mail Donald Trump, Muriel Bowser, Renwick Payne, Peter Newsham and Joseph Dunford, Jr. the final notice of my and the Global Debt Facility’s commercial lien on their property. The second notice has been mailed to these traitors and notified to the world at large over the internet as follows:

As I notified the previous Superior General, the Grey Pope, the Vatican Apostolic Nunciature, and the general public already on February 29, 2016:

the United States is in interregnum. The Joint US Japan Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement is ensuring that the United States does not surrender unilaterally through a crash of Federal Reserve Notes:

All of the Ministers of Finance and Development on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF agree that the UCC Financing Statements filed with the 11 Secretaries of State in which the Federal Reserve Banks are located remain valid, including the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, Illinois : UCC Record #20091045: JESSE WHITE TRIED FOR THE 3RD TIME TO INVALIDATE THE LIEN ON THE FED. THE LIEN REMAINS VALID. JESSE WHITE DEFAULTED ON A COMMERCIAL LIEN HELD BY THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY

Threats to arrest me if I do not sign over the world’s wealth when I am doing my job as Overseer Mandate Trustee on behalf of humanity? Allegations that I was fired for “inappropriate behavior and misrepresentation of valid heritage accounts” when I had not even learned about the Global Debt Facility in 2007? I was fired illegally in retaliation for reporting corruption.

My previous letter to Superior General Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, the Vatican, and Mr. Orsini is attached.

I have been informing the public that the insolvent Network of Global Corporate Control is getting wound down ever since the Board of Governors declared that this super entity was in receivership in the Global Debt Facility. Humanity has accepted irrevocably the Proclamation and Declaration of the Gift of Love from Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz. The Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement provides that the Bailee must restore when his lawful possession comes to an end. So be it.


Karen Hudes

Until the United States’ Constitution of 1789 is back in force and effect through an Article V Constitutional Convention, the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF have authorized me to convey the voice and vote of the US on the Board of Governors and Boards of Executive Directors of the World Bank and IMF.


To: Cc:

Acting General Counsel International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Overseer Mandate Trustee Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666


Karen Hudes <>


Monday, December 26, 2016 9:31 AM

Wolfgang Struck; Mario Simon Cases


Wealth of the World


You think people are not going to figure out that the bloodline families, hiding behind

the Jews, have anything to do with anything?

You think that the World Bank’s member countries are not going to know that the people in the US want their Constitution back?

You think people are so afraid to think that they will continue to allow the Jesuits to control their knowledge of history?

You think the coalitions that the War College Power Transition Model predicted are not real?

You seem to think that people cannot think. There may be military mind control technology, but people know about it, as witnessed by this video, which I have been tweeting about on the internet for the last ten days: Best, Karen



From: Wolfgang Struck

Sent: Monday, December 26, 2016 7:16 AM To: KarenHudes


Subject: Re: FIRST LEGAL OPINION: The mystery of the Marcos Wealth


[insert from Karen Hudes – two years ago, Mr. Struck forwarded me for approval an

offer for the sale of 2 billion in Treaty of Versailles Bonds held by the Global Debt Facility, which transaction I declined on behalf of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF ]

For years no end, decades even, people of all categories, rich and poor, in highest office or in the many coffee shops of Manila, have given their all to find the key to the mysterious wealth accredited to the former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand E. Marcos. One who met him and signed secret documents with him was George Herbert Walker Bush, one time Vice President under Ronald Reagan, Head of the CIA, and one time President of the US of A after Ronald Reagan. He would be the first one to confirm that the Philippines is the richest country on earth and he is the mastermind of all living American Presidents until now come Donald Trump who does not belong and does not know of any secret.

So, what is there to know? GHW Bush is German Jew born in Celle near Hannover, Northern Germany, as Georg Scherff and we all should know a

Jew is a Jew is a Jew. He is not going to divulge to the world that the Jews have everything, UN, WB, IMF, the devastating power of the media, TV and Hollywood including the news networks. They own the banks and 80$ of corporate industry, they own the money and they print money as long as the sun will go up in the morning, in the Philippines first, 12 hours before New York. By the way, they also own 80% (low estimate) of what you and I think and do from morning to might which covers your favorite TV show.

There is an office in New York, JPMorganChase, sitting on the treasures of the Federal Reserve New York Bank, virtually, documentary, physically. They have a TV set (CCTV courtesy of Ferdinand Marcos) connected to 34 “registered sites” in the Philippines. They are looking at the gold in 34 tunnels and the giant snakes mulling around. They know, nobody else in this world knows or is allowed to know. Financial experts who predict the end of the FED or the Federal system do not know from Adam. The Federal will


survive all of us. The next Chairman of the Board, after Mrs. Yellen, Mr. Fisher from Israel’s Central Bank, might tighten the grip, so people will understand. They are not going to go away or down, that is for sure.

This being the case, we do not expect that there will be any new development in the matter of the Marcos Wealth other than desperate attempts by formerly rich countries to now move on the gold which is confirmed there but appearing frozen to those who want the riches for themselves and keep everything for themselves. Without any public forum “to initiate development in the Philippines, Asia, and other parts of the world” nothing looks prosperous on the horizon. The depositors of the gold knew this would happen. They put up several layers of security starting with

coded names for beneficiary, coded ownership, and untouchable corporate elevation. For good measure, the legal authority of the account holders (beneficiaries) was cut with date of September 21, 1985, so that the banks involved were no longer allowed to transact

gold or cash with those names prominently among them William Villamor Marcos.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Friend in the Congo

Date: Mon, Dec 26, 2016 at 12:49 PM

Subject: The bloodthirsty and corrupt dictator of Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso, First African president to be received by Donald Trump : First big disappointment for us who supported Donald Trump, against all odds, – Le dictateur sanguinaire et corrompu du Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso, premier président africain à être reçu par Donald Trump : première grosse déception pour nous qui avons soutenu Donald Trump contre vents et marées

To: Karen Hudes

Donald J. Trump and the bloodthirsty and corrupt dictator of Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso : A meeting of the shame

The bloodthirsty and corrupt dictator of Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso


The election of Donald Trump was perceived as a remarkable chance to change the cards by the Congolese people who live under the yoke of the fierce dictatorship of Denis Sassou Nguesso since more than 32 years, but Donald Trump did not wait long to shower this hope.

By deciding to receive the bloodthirsty and corrupt dictator of Congo who steals public money, massacred his people and has changed the Constitution of his country to remain in power, Donald Trump sends a very clear message: Indeed, He will be the Friend of Africa’s dictators. It is sad to say but in any case it is what we see now.

It is clear that this is a first big disappointment for us who supported Donald Trump, against all odds, and who called on all our American friends and relatives to vote massively for him against Hillary Clinton who benefited precisely from the financial support of Denis Sassou Nguesso and his son Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso through the Clinton Foundation.

December 26, 2016

Friend in the Congo

(Texte en français)


L’élection de Donald Trump était perçue comme une chance remarquable de changer les cartes par le peuple congolais qui vit sous le joug de la dictature féroce de Denis Sassou Nguesso depuis plus de 32 années, mais Donald Trump n’a pas attendu longtemps pour doucher cet espoir.

En décidant de recevoir le vieux dictateur sanguinaire et corrompu congolais qui vole l’argent public, massacre son peuple et qui a changé la Constitution de son pays pour se maintenir au pouvoir, Donald Trump envoie un message très clair : il sera bel et bien l’ami des dictateurs africains. C’est triste à dire mais en tout cas c’est la constatation.

Il est clair qu’il s’agit là d’une première grosse déception pour nous qui avons soutenu Donald Trump contre vents et marées et qui avons appelé tous nos parents et amis américains à voter massivement pour lui contre Hillary Clinton qui a bénéficié justement d’un soutien financier de Denis Sassou Nguesso à travers la fondation Clinton.

Le 26 Décembre 2016





Meet Alison McDowell

Meet Alison McDowell, a mom, activist, researcher, writer, and educator who has archived her extensive research on the Fourth Industrial Revolution Economy set-up by the World Economic Forum elite.

From her blog:

“Consider a future of criminalized poverty where the threat of family separation is forever held over people’s heads to get them to comply to draconian edicts. The mass impoverishment being created by the global response to Covid is straight up market-shaping for a Fourth Industrial Revolution economy that will run on social impact schemes. This is biocapitalism, coyly branded by the Davos crowd as stake-holder capitalism. The sources of data extraction fueling it will be education, healthcare, and housing services. Human behavior, our relationships to one another and to the earth, will be calibrated against United Nation’s Sustainability Goal metrics ensuring we’re “good” obedient citizens, the scope of our lives limited to the generation of harvestable “transparent” data that will profit sociopathic investors.”


#Davos #WEF #covid19economy #Economy #GeoPolitics #BioCapitalism #Education #Healthcare #Data

LinkedIn post:

Definition of Terms:

Technocracy – highly-regulated form of governance in which industrial engineering experts apply the scientific method and energy expenditure analysis to individual and social activities

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – mechanism through which the World Economic Forum intends to implement a program of global technocracy combined with predatory social impact investing

Data – Information, often stored on a computer, used to analyze and plan

Biometric Data – unique human elements that identify us individually to devices and systems

Digital ID – unique identifier that aggregates all of a person’s data as a permanent record

Data-Mining – new insights and patterns derived from analysis of large data sets

Cloud Computing – use of remote, internet-based servers to store and access information

5G – high frequency cellular network conceived of in 2008 and first implemented in South Korea in 2019. It relies on intrusive small cell infrastructure to operate the Internet of Things.

6G – planned infrastructure to advance cyber-physical fusion, digital twins, holograms, and communication between artificial intelligence agents and robots

Interoperability – structured systems that allow free flow of data

Algorithm – rules to achieve a desired outcome, fixed decision trees, if x then y

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – software that can covertly learn and predict behavior, often without consent

Machine Learning – computers figuring out how to carry out tasks they were not explicitly programmed with training data – structured, unstructured, and reinforcement techniques.

Behavioral Economics – psychology behind economic decision-making

Gamification – design strategies that make desired behaviors seem “fun”

Nudge – design features encouraging a preferred choice

Blockchain – database using decentralized nodes, un-erasable, encrypted

Crypto-Currency – digital value created and stored on blockchain

Smart Contracts – self-executing digital agreements (if x condition is met then y happens) that are activated by sensor data and then permanently authenticated and recorded on blockchain

Smart Cities – environments that collect data in order to modify behavior

Charter Cities – set zones governed by interests outside the elected government

Biometric Data – unique human elements identifying us to devices / systems

Transhumanism – humans evolving beyond physical bodies to merge with computing systems via ingestibles, injections, and implants.

Cyborg – mechanical element(s) added to an organic body to enhance function

Human Piezoelectric Energy Harvest – use of wearable and nano-technology to capture mechanical energy from life processes (blood flow, blinking, walking, swallowing, heart beat)

Internet of Things (IoT) – sensor networks that collect and transmit data

Internet of Bodies (IoB) – human life processes tracked by sensor networks

Digital Twin – virtual replicas connected by sensors to the people, environments, or systems they represent used for real time simulation modeling

Wearable Technology – materials worn on or close to the skin that transmit vital signs, receive and process ambient data, and provide biofeedback.

Haptic –relating to touch and manipulation of objects, can involve mechanical controllers

Geo-Location – Movement patterns of a person or device monitored and predicted using aggregated Internet data

Geo-Fencing – digitally established boundaries within which certain actions are automatically triggered in the presence of a mobile device or sensor

Behavioral Economics – psychology behind economic decision-making

Nudge – design features encouraging a preferred choice

Augmented Reality – digital information overlay on the real world – Pokémon-Go

Virtual Reality – Immersive digital experience that uses a head set and haptic controllers to generate two-way data capture with nudges

Social Impact Investing – a virtue-washing program that entails gambling on and managing impoverished people and degraded natural systems

Human Capital Bonds – financial instruments generating profit for investors using privatized social welfare systems to compel recipients to perform “life” on data-generating pathways of “self-improvement.” Bonds can be securitized, creating opportunities for financiers to bet for OR against compliance of the poor.

Pathway – tasks assigned to individuals / groups that generate the personally identifiable information needed to fuel human capital bond markets

Evidence-Based – social welfare interventions in which “success” is “proven” when a recipient’s data is steered towards an outcome that benefits investors

Nano-Technology – field of manipulating matter at one billionth of a meter, which can unlock unusual magnetic, chemical, and biological properties.


Report Filed by my Colleague, Luiz G. Bresciani

Luiz G. Bresciani sent the FBI proof of fraud in 2018 committed by Eastman Kodak Company.

However, after 3 years, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) might have obstructed, or used a code of silence, or received order for cover-up of serious facts reported. Damages were caused to Luiz G. Bresciani , and the Brazilian & US Treasury. Estimated amount: $10.67 billion USD.

#FBI #Blackrock #NYC #Brazil #Netherlands #Intelligence

Linkeded post with 732 views

Luiz G. Bresciani on LinkedIn:

In the words of Luiz:



1. In April 17th 2018 I submitted a FORM to FBI with 120 pages and was attached 793 documents;

2. The investigate was ag EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY(EKC) , affiliates in Brazil and Netherlands and shareholders, included BLACKROCK and Ag the former SECRETARY OF TREASURY PAUL O’NEILL;

3. With the FORM was attached direct and circumstantial evidences. On FACT-4 & FACT-5 appointed proofs of a fraud committed by EKC. However, after 3 years FBI might obstructed, or used a code of silence or received order for cover up serious FACTS reported. Damages were cause to me + Brazilian & US TREASURY. Estimated Amount: US$10.67 billions dollars.

4. FBI might have violated USC 28 SECTION 547, the USC 18 SECTIONS 1510, 1519, 1520 and the USC 18 Sections 3282,3292.

5. Question:

5.1. why FBI during 3 years not considered the AFFIDAVIT here attached and not get the hearsay of whom signed the AFFIDAVIT?

5.2. what difficulty FBI had for see a fraud /difference in two STAMPS attached here of BRAZILIAN CONSULATE OF NYC?

5.3.Why FBI never seized copy of the alleged written decision US$5,485,891.04 in favor of EKC?

5.4. The crime of use of false the clock of limitations it start from the last act of use and these false documents are being used until today by E.KODAK!”

Luiz Comments on LinkedIn:

“The slacking of SEC and DANY new york City is more significant because they took knowledge of this specific fraud in 2007 and the attorney ADAN KAUFMAN literally obstruct and made a code of silence for coverup with another Attorney AARON WOLFSON that mislead the investigation from 2011 until march march 2018.

And all of this serious behavior was reported to DOJ-ATG and FBI in April 2018 and they continued with the dancing of obstruction or continued with the previous code of silence probably by superior order given because I accused the former Secretary of Treasury PAUL O’NEILL”

“Was a honor for me Christine receive your way of recognized the illegals situation. Just for remind you EASTMAN KODAK and theirs affiliates KODAK BRAZIL and EASTMAN KODAK BV NETHERLANDS are using such false documents defraud in their CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT ACCOUNTING from 1990 until 2020 uninterruptedly month by month year by year.

In my view point they false theirs statements entries for 350 time’s. Therefore BLACKROCK get the control of the EASTMAN KODAK in october 2011 and already in january 2012 submitted the EKC BANKRUPTCY CASE omitting a DEBT OWED to the Brazilian Treasury of US$ 367 millions dollars. Just for inform you: EKC bring these false documents to Brazil in 1992.

Submitted to the supreme court for homologated and the Brazilian Attorney General refused and request that the judge rapporteur JOSE CELSO DE MELLO order EKC bring the original copy certified of a judgment of US$5,485,891.04 in 60 days. EKC refused to show the original documents and the case was deny and filed in 1995.

Two years later the Supreme Court of Justice confirmed a decision in favor of my company COPERWEG recognizing that were EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY and KODAK BRAZIL that breach the sole agreement for export that was signed with my company!”

“What EKC did? Entered with a new case for try homologated the same documents that had been refused valid by 11 judges of the Brazilian Supreme Court in 1994/1995 and got indicated a new judge rapporteur (MAURICIO CORREIA).

This said judge had participated of the judgment that refused valid these documents. However, in 1999 lied to the others judges affirming that the new documents had been presented by EKC confirmed the final judgment. Thus, EKC got homologated a written decision of US$5,485.891.04 millions dollars against me and my company about which in 2007 we discovered that simply not exist and the original copy signed by the judge was also not found filed on the docket of the INDEX CASE 16.382/88.

Well in December 2011, I had submitted a FORM against the Judge MAURICIO CORREIA. After he see that the ATTORNEY GENERAL not filed the case, and certainly sewing that a new documentation represented by two AFFIDAVIT confirming that was not found and therefore not existed any written decision signed by a judge, the judge MAURICIO CORREIA OF STF OF BRAZIL had a heart attack 17 days later the see that the ATTORNEY GENERAL refused filled the investigation. That’s it the real true.”

My Reply to Luiz:

“Luiz G. Bresciani I have known you for a couple of years now and I know you to be an honest person. I am happy to give you a voice so that my networks may investigate and the real intelligence be known. We have detected that there is a Network of Global Corporate Control whereby a secret conglomerate is colluding together via interlocking directors. Present in every decision is; BlackRock State Street Fidelity Investments and Vanguard See: THE NETWORK OF GLOBAL CORPORATE CONTROL- A “super-entity” of 147 companies, or 0.3% of all Transnational Corporations, holds control over fully 40% of the economic value of TNCs.;

Professional Photo of Luiz G. Bresciani

Update on LinkedIn:


1. When over the cold war, I wrongful believed that I could stablished business with companies that indeed I not knew, but were prisoners of a dangers venous serpent denominated DEEP STATE. I am talking about EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY.

2. For the fact that they openly to my companies in Brazil and USA a line of credit of US$2,100,000 dollars without any guarantee, this company would not traite me. They made millions of dollars with me. Thus, they were agree to extend my line of credit arriving in March 23rd in US$5,050,000 millions dollars and I was transformed one of the first customers of EKC in NYC. Worried with responsibility, I proposed give collateral to then and even I spontaneously did a life Insurance of US$750 thousand dollars in favor of KODAK BRAZIL. They give me the exclusivity for export the EKC and KBL products, privileges never given to no others customers. Change the Legal Department they questioned this authorization to export and started make pressure for change. Next came conspiracy caused me in 33 years losses US$150 millions dollars.

3. What was described by my colleague Christine & involving case denounced by Laser Haas is similar like occurred with EKC: TREASON, TRAPPS, USE OF FALSE, CONSPIRACY, DEFRAUD TAX&CURRENCY, CORRUPTION SCHEMES!” – Luiz Bresciani October 12, 2020


Censored! Global Goodwill Ambassador and Public Spokesperson Helen Edwards – Profile Taken Offline by LinkedIn

“Just a quick message if you followed Helen Edwards, LinkedIn has blocked her 😞” – Message I received in LinkedIn private message portal from Anonymous regarding Helen Edwards on July 28, 2020. – Christine Michelle Chadwick

Christine Michelle Chadwick on LinkedIn:

Who is Helen Edwards?


Helen has been influential in bringing about systems, process and cultural change within some of Australia and Asia Pacific most iconic, publicly listed companies. Helen’s extensive investigation into cybercrime has led to uncovering global corruption in which is her primary focus is now to work with relevant global regulatory agencies to remedy.


Helen became a victim of money laundering and extortion in Australia after she initiated a wheel chair project for those in need. She has been recognized as a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Link to Global Goodwill Ambassadors:

From Wheelchairs to Investigator

“In July 2009 when I saw a little boy in a not so nice wheelchair in Brisbane Australia – I thought I had found my #Purpose.

The following #HART Project below put on hold due to becoming a target of organised criminals late 2010.

Which I endured blackmail, extortion and death threats over several years.

Lived a double life – nearly died.

It involved – money laundering, potential terrorist financing, fraud, counterfeit cheque’s etc via 6 countries.

Originating in the USA 🇺🇸 and involved Australia 🇦🇺 UK 🇬🇧 South Africa 🇿🇦 Nigeria 🇳🇬 & Brazil 🇧🇷.

I reported to the Australian law enforcement and thousands now from QEII down – thousands acknowledged – yet no one stepped up.

Making them now complicit and culpable for aiding and abetting international crime due to NON ACTION.

** Ultimately identifying we have NO AVENUE TO REMEDY & NO RULE OF LAW in Australia.

Hence I went to the USA 🇺🇸 Regulators in 2015 – many times since and again late 2019.

In 2019 I went to the International Criminal Court (ICC) – The Hague.

Due to NO ONE stepping up to date.

Put on hold:

Humanitarians Achieving Results Together (#HART) Project – A Personal Project to help those in need more efficiently.” – Helen Edwards


Interview with Helen Edwards: Australia is a money laundering washing machine. July 30, 2019 – VIDEO

Helen Edwards proves that Scott Morrison’s war on cash is a fraud because the Australian Government aids and abets real money laundering.
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, Research Director Robert Barwick interviews Helen Edwards, International Money Laundering whistleblower and campaigner.

Robert Barwick on LinkedIn:

Link to Video on YouTube:

Helen Edwards on Twitter:

First United States Secretary of Homeland Security – 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania – Tom Ridge


On Sunday June 28, 2020 I met former Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge in Ripley, New York USA. Tom served as the 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania.

Tom is recovering from a recent heart attack and definitely on the mend. He looked good and we had a long conversation regarding global monetary transformation and U.S. security concerns regarding such.

Tom agreed that our current monetary system is unsustainable and we discussed possible solutions.

Tom now works to in cyber security and founded Ridge Global LLC.

Tom Ridge on Wikipedia:

#CyberSecurity #DHS #Currency #Security #Intelligence #GlobalIntelligence #USA #Pennsylvania

LinkedIn Post (Over 1,500 views) :