Anthony Abunassar, aka the “Wolf of Malta” – Under Attack by Unknown Entities.

Anthonys introduction reads, “Anthony built his experience within the most prominent finance companies, starting in PWC then Rotschild & Co, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, before tackling the world of crypto trading and ICO investing. His pedigree in finance is unparalleled.


I first met Anthony on LinkedIn approximately summer of 2019, where we had our first chat and discussed our work, careers, and projects.

We kept up from time to time regarding news and events.

My LinkedIn Profile:

Wolf of Malta

Anthony is also known in some circles as the “Wolf of Malta”

S.O.S. – Text Message

On Friday May 29, 2020 I received a message from Anthony seeking advice from me. Anthony complained of 53 hacking attacks, persons attempting to break into his home, his bank accounts and stocks stolen, and Huobi was currently not releasing his funds. He reported that he had not eaten in four days.


As Anthony and I attempted to connect with each other on various social media, I witnessed that both Facebook and LinkedIn would deactivate his accounts shortly after he established them.

Why all the interference? Is Anthony being targeted/silenced/erased off the Net? Why?

He reports that he has consulted for over a dozen different start-ups and initiatives involving ICOs only to be locked out of the project after a short time and he has never been paid for his services. Over a decade worth of work COMPLIMENTARY so it seems according to the Wolf of Malta.

According to Anthony, the $90 billion dollar amount was an exaggeration for effect and he estimates that the true value of Bitcoin that he owned in May of 2020 was approximately $8 Billion.

He tells me that this is what has been stolen from him:

Goldman Sachs stocks, JP Morgan stocks stolen, Cargo Coin Stolen; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zapaygo, OPU Labs, Lotus Energy etc.

Tik Toc censored, Instagram censored, Facebook deleted 7 times, LinkedIn 9 times, Google and e-mail 10 times.

“12 projects billionaires ALL STEAL MY TOKENS pay everyone else. I WAS BANNED FROM SWITZERLAND!” – Anthony Abunassar.


A quick search on Twitter revealed that several companies were bragging about Anthony coming on board as an advisor but yet, he has never been compensated for any of it according to him.

In this tweet Cargo Coin lists Anthony as a new advisor:

LinkedIn Posts

My first post for Anthony on LinkedIn had over 1,400 views:

Second Post, over 1,200 views:

Anthony Detained by Police

Anthony was detained in July, 2020 by Poland Police after he reported a robbery. They drove him 400 miles from his home (which he described as torture) and tried to force a psychiatric examination against his will. Anthony was released on July 5, 2020.

LinkedIn Post:



UPDATE: Anthony Abunassar released on July 5, 2020. He tells me that Legnica Police were trying to force him into mental health after he reported a robbery.

He tells me many men (three having matching tattoos) are following him who he suspects are hired special forces to steal wallets.

He cannot speak via voice so I am trying to decipher via text. He is in temporary housing at the moment and relayed that he fears for his life. – July 6, 2030 9:22 A.M.

Link on Twitter:

Post on LinkedIn (over 1,000 views):


I started hashtag #WolfOfMalta to document Anthony’s reports and video’s.

Anthony Abunassar former Goldman Sachs banker being followed in Poland – 12 men in cars with blacked out windows and sniffing dogs. Twitter/ VIDEO:



I am providing protective services for Anthony after I detected that he has become a victim of life sabotage. In the past six months almost every area of his life has been targeted and opportunities obstructed. He has experienced censorship on social media, all of his funds are being blocked or have been stolen. He now faces homelessness and poverty.

He is experiencing many of the same symptoms that tortured Barclays investment banker, Edmund JM Dunne endured. The goal of the opposition is to drive a target to suicide.


During the years surrounding the #LIBOR scandal there were 90 suspicious banker deaths; both homicides and suicides where it was determined that employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies. Let us not lose another.

Please reach out to Anthony for employment opportunities or donations to help keep him safe and grounded.

Anthony on LinkedIn:

Blog on banker deaths:

#SuicidePrevention #Banking”

Anthony’s LinkedIn profile has just been taken offline. I detected at 12:49 a.m. on Friday morning, July 10, 2020

LinkedIn Post – over 2,000 views:


Anthony has an interest in developing monetary solutions involving Bitcoin.

However, it appears he is suffering from some classic targeting traits; career sabotage, cyber attacks, locked out of bank accounts and funds, attempted physical break-ins, and censorship.

One of my theories is that he may be targeted for his knowledge of the origins of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. His theory, according to him, is that the opposition is looking for $Billions cash in wallets.

I am providing protective services to Anthony in regards to suicide prevention which is the purpose of this documentation. I have been given permission by him to write on his behalf as his mental health advocate and counterintelligence officer. I am inviting the global community to assist in monitoring the situation for Anthony’s safety and protection. – CMC June 18, 2020

Anthony Abunassar is currently residing in Warsaw, Poland.

Anthony tells me that he is the most censored man on earth:

I cannot add anyone when on Instagram now

Google 9 accounts deleted

YouTube deleted

Please update your notes / post” – Anthony Abunassar on Monday, July 13, 2020 via WhatsApp

Banker Deaths

There were 90 suspicious banker deaths surrounding the LIBOR scandal; both homicides and suicides where it was determined that employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies called BOLI (Banker Owned Life Insurance)

Link to blog:


I have just been DDOSd

Cyber war

The 666 time please post” – Anthony Abunassar July 15, 2020

State of Delaware Abandoned Property Account

Anthony tells me that he left all of his stocks and bank account dormant in USA for 14 years. When he tried to withdraw, he detected that USA moved his funds into the State of Delaware Abandoned Property Account. When the check finally arrived 17 months later, Anthony burned the check in a rage. When I asked him about this he said, “IF you can’t eat 17days you get CrAZi – IF you are under attack 24 7 you get CrAzi after 3mins – People go nuts if a chocolate machine gets stuck”.

This I do understand. He had reached a breaking point during this time that caused him to become suicidal and later was arrested for losing his temper at his hotel room, while under duress to a psychological breaking point. He was starving!

Anthony Arrested

LinkedIn post 3,447 views, 45 reactions:–nYS

Anthony Released From Jail

Anthony contacted me on March 17, 2021 a free man. I wished him well in rebuilding his life as he now needs to find a safe place to stay and a way to support himself.

On March 19, 2021 he sent me this message on Telegram seeking assistance as he believes that his life is in danger:

“I am Anthony Abunassar Ex Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Rothschild in London

Retired 13yrs ago working on Bitcoin

For over 1year I have been attacked by an Ai computer system which:

⁃ destroys my Wifi 2-3 times per day

⁃ Reboots and reconfigures my computer multiple times a day

⁃ Deletes my Facebook LinkedIn Google e mail accounts and WhatsApp

⁃ Blocks my Bitcoin trading accounts

⁃ Blocks attempt to sell Bitcoin to survive

⁃ Deletes multiple bank accounts and blocks all transfers 7-15 days

⁃ men at 00:00 at night have been attempting to cut through my metal front door

In short my life is in danger and I urgently require anywhere safe to stay near Warsaw poland

God Bless


Update – September 23, 2021

The original records of this blog have been altered mysteriously. Anthony has been residing in the basement of a friend in Warsaw since March of 2021. He tells me that he often does not have anything to eat, he only has one change of clothes and one jacket. He is sleeping on the floor and he has no access to utilities or heat. Winter is coming and I am worried that he will freeze down there. Several of us are attempting to send him money for food but all of his accounts are blocked making it extremely difficult.

Authorization to Write on His Behalf

Former VP @GoldmanSachs Anthony Abunassar has given me authorisation to post and write on his behalf. I am in contact with him daily.

I Write to A Mission on September 13, 2021

Employment History of Anthony Abunassar

“Anthony Abunassar has been living in subpar conditions with only one set of clothing since March 17, 2021. He often does not have enough food to eat. We have several civilians internationally looking out for his well-being and trying to assist him on his road back to self-sufficiency.

Lately, Anthony has been reporting that he is deactivated repeatedly on LinkedIn and his employment history erased. I am in the process of trying to reach his family in the hopes of expanding our support group network for him.” – CMC October 3, 2021

Whale Alert

Anthony has asked me to add this image to the record.

““Statement: 8 for infinity Bitcoin


7 th3d3v1l

These numbers are calculated precisely for a reason

And the access of the wallet at a predetermined time”

– Anthony Abunassar aka Wolf of Malta” – October 5, 2021

Lind to tweet:


This was posted to LinkedIn on December 8, 2021:

Flashes of White Light

For seven months several of us witnessed that Anthony experiences flashes of white light while on video. I must have witnessed this happening to him at least a dozen times myself. The cause remains a mystery.

“Former VP Goldman Sachs, Anthony Abunassar, aka #WolfOfMalta reports he experiences flashes of blinding white light from heaven after becoming victim of life sabotage.”

See: (VIDEO) #1

(VIDEO) #2

Update on February 15th, 2020

I keep in touch with Anthony daily via WhatsApp. He has been having trouble lately with food security. I have a handful of international civilians providing him with humanitarian donations as he continues to work on the paperwork to, once again, attempt to retrieve his funds from USA and establish some type sort of independence for himself.

In Anthony’s mind, he is bringing in the Light Age to save humanity through pumping the price of Bitcoin. I do not share in his beliefs, but him and I are able to get along regardless.

He has been stable lately and although he becomes frustrated about his situation at times, he remains in good spirits and often jovial in our interactions.

I am still baffled by the nature of his targeting and that I will leave to the international intelligence community and law enforcement to sort out. My main goal is to protect his life and to secure him basic human rights; food, clothing, shelter. – CMC ⚜️

Operation Wolf to America – Started April 20, 2020

At the height of his career Anthony was an advisor to over a dozen Initial Coin Offerings and helped to advance the popularity of Bitcoin. He tells me that over two years ago his computer gave him a “red pill” (not sure the extent of what this means) and he started to experience many forms of life sabatoge that included him being blocked from all of his crypto and bank accounts forcing him destitute in a matter of 6 months to the point where he is suffering from food insecurity.

Anthony has experienced tremendous stress from this ordeal and he struggles to keep balanced both emotionally and mentally. We have kept him stabilized for the most part of his targeting for the exception of a few eruptions where Anthony experiences duress.

We have a global humanitarian coaliton attempting to get Anthony cared for and to help him to retrieve his funds.

The Op: Prepare to fly him to USA for rehabilitation. Anthony will reside at my residence in Louisville, Kentucky for approximately 8 weeks, a sponsor for the plane ticket has been found. Elle Nelhams is Anthony’s current counterintelligence officer and she is the commander of this operation. Elle Nelhams is an author, change manager and problem solver. She also works closely with the film industry and has done a previous successful operation for the Indian Defense Forces. 🇮🇳

Elle on LinkedIn:

Call to Action:

We need to look into vaccine protocols and flights leaving Warsaw, Poland to Louisville, Kentucky USA (SDF). Approximate dates: May 1st leave Warsaw, July 5th return Warsaw. Who has traveled to USA lately from abroad? Please fill Elle in on travel knowledge. Anthony Abunassar is a British Citizen with British passport.

For humanitarian donations to Anthony Abunassar, we have been using PayPal. See Simon Ney to donate.

Link to donate to Anthony for food and lodging relief here:

LinkedIn Post (4,683 views and 47 likes):

Anthony Abunassar in Madurai Bartozyce

Update: Approximately April 13, 2022 Anthony joins Boris Platnikow in the countryside of Poland. Supposedly, Boris is a member of clergy as well as an NFT artist.

Boris Plotnikow on Facebook:

I texted with Anthony tonight who said that he is very weak, can’t sleep, very cold (4C), sleeping on a broken down sofa, food is insufficient if at all, his clothes are falling apart, his shoes have holes in them.

Approximate location:

He is approx 4 hour drive from Warsaw. He only has 40 Euros.” – CMC April 21, 2022

Burned Passport

Saturday April 23, 2022 Anthony burned his newly issued passport in a rage when he did not have enough food to eat. He sent me this picture on WhatsApp along with this message:

“My LinkedIn is PROFESSIONALLY deleted Every day, 3 times a day, For a week.


I shall smoke my last pack of cigarettes Sunday, Monday burn my computer and passport again.

Why wait”


Anthony is exhibiting irrational behaviors and his core group of humanitarians trying to help him, including myself, are discouraged by this recent action of his to burn his passport, as we all work very hard to assist Anthony on his path to independence and he continuously sabatoges our efforts with self-destructive behaviors and decisions. – CMC April 28, 2022

Anthony In Bartoszyce, Poland – Experiencing Flashes of White Light On April 29, 2022

White Light From Heaven He Calls It. See Video On Twitter Here:

Anthony Abunassar, aka „Wilk z Malty” – atakowany przez nieznane istoty.

Anthony Abunassar

We wstępie Anthony’ego czytamy: „Anthony zdobywał doświadczenie w najbardziej znanych firmach finansowych, zaczynając od PWC, następnie Rotschild & Co, Goldman Sachs i JPMorgan, zanim zmierzył się ze światem handlu kryptowalutami i inwestowania w ICO. Jego rodowód w finansach jest niezrównany.”


Po raz pierwszy spotkałem Anthony’ego na LinkedIn około lata 2019 roku, gdzie odbyliśmy pierwszy czat i omówiliśmy naszą pracę, karierę i projekty.

Od czasu do czasu nadążaliśmy za nowościami i wydarzeniami.

Mój profil na LinkedIn:


Anthony jest również znany w niektórych kręgach jako „Wilk z Malty”


W piątek 29 maja 2020 otrzymałem wiadomość od Anthony’ego z prośbą o poradę. Anthony skarżył się na 53 ataki hakerskie, próby włamań do jego domu, kradzież kont bankowych i akcji, a Huobi obecnie nie uwalnia swoich funduszy. Poinformował, że nie jadł od czterech dni.


Gdy z Anthonym próbowaliśmy połączyć się ze sobą w różnych mediach społecznościowych, byłem świadkiem, że zarówno Facebook, jak i LinkedIn dezaktywują jego konta wkrótce po ich założeniu.

Dlaczego wszystkie zakłócenia? Czy Anthony jest celem/uciszony/wymazany z sieci? Czemu?

Mówi, że konsultował się z kilkunastoma różnymi start-upami i inicjatywami z udziałem ICO, które po krótkim czasie zostały wykluczone z projektu i nigdy nie otrzymał zapłaty za swoje usługi. Ponad dekada pracy warta BEZPŁATNOŚCI, tak wydaje się według Wolf of Malta.

Według Anthony’ego, kwota 90 miliardów dolarów była przesadą dla efektu i szacuje, że prawdziwa wartość Bitcoina, którego posiadał w maju 2020 r., wynosiła około 8 miliardów dolarów.

Mówi mi, że to mu zostało skradzione:

akcje Goldman Sachs, akcje JP Morgan skradzione, Cargo Coin Stolen; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zapaygo, OPU Labs, Lotus Energy itp.

Tik Toc ocenzurowany, Instagram ocenzurowany, Facebook usunięty 7 razy, LinkedIn 9 razy, Google i e-mail 10 razy.

„12 projektów miliarderów WSZYSCY Ukradnij moje tokeny płacą wszystkim innym. ZOSTAŁEM WYKAZANY ZE SZWAJCARII!” – Anthony Abunassar.


Szybkie wyszukiwanie na Twitterze ujawniło, że kilka firm chwaliło się, że Anthony został doradcą, ale według niego nigdy nie otrzymał za to żadnej rekompensaty.

W tym tweecie Cargo Coin wymienia Anthony’ego jako nowego doradcę:


My first post for Anthony on LinkedIn had over 1,400 views:

Second Post, over 1,200 views:


Anthony został zatrzymany w lipcu 2020 roku przez polską policję po tym, jak zgłosił napad. Zawieźli go 400 mil od jego domu (który określił jako tortury) i próbowali wymusić badanie psychiatryczne wbrew jego woli. Anthony został zwolniony 5 lipca 2020 r.

LinkedIn Post:



AKTUALIZACJA: Anthony Abunassar zwolniony 5 lipca 2020 r. Mówi mi, że policja w Legnicy próbowała zmusić go do powrotu do zdrowia psychicznego po tym, jak zgłosił napad.

Mówi mi, że śledzi go wielu mężczyzn (trzech z pasującymi tatuażami), którzy, jak podejrzewa, są wynajęci siłami specjalnymi do kradzieży portfeli.

Nie może mówić głosem, więc próbuję rozszyfrować tekst. Obecnie przebywa w tymczasowym mieszkaniu i przekazał, że obawia się o swoje życie. – 6 lipca 2030 09:22

Link na Twitterze:

Post na LinkedIn (ponad 1000 wyświetleń):


Założyłem hashtag #WolfOfMalta, aby dokumentować raporty i filmy Anthony’ego.

Anthony Abunassar, były bankier Goldman Sachs, śledzony w Polsce – 12 mężczyzn w samochodach z zaciemnionymi szybami i węszącymi psami. Twitter/WIDEO:



Świadczę usługi ochronne dla Antoniego po tym, jak wykryłem, że stał się ofiarą życiowego sabotażu. W ciągu ostatnich sześciu miesięcy prawie każda dziedzina jego życia była atakowana, a możliwości blokowane. Doświadczył cenzury w mediach społecznościowych, wszystkie jego fundusze zostały zablokowane lub zostały skradzione. Teraz stoi w obliczu bezdomności i ubóstwa.

Doświadcza wielu z tych samych symptomów, które znosił torturowany bankier inwestycyjny Barclays, Edmund JM Dunne. Celem opozycji jest doprowadzenie celu do samobójstwa.


W latach wokół afery #LIBOR zginęło 90 podejrzanych bankierów; zarówno zabójstwa, jak i samobójstwa, w których ustalono, że pracodawcy zarabiają na polisach ubezpieczeniowych na życie wolnych od podatku. Nie zgubmy kolejnego.

Skontaktuj się z Anthonym w sprawie możliwości zatrudnienia lub darowizn, aby zapewnić mu bezpieczeństwo i uziemienie.

Anthony na LinkedIn:

Blog o śmierci bankierów:

#Zapobieganie samobójstwom #Bankowość”


LinkedIn Post – ponad 2000 odsłon:


Anthony jest zainteresowany opracowywaniem rozwiązań monetarnych wykorzystujących Bitcoin.

Wygląda jednak na to, że cierpi na pewne klasyczne cechy celowania; sabotaż kariery, cyberataki, zablokowanie kont bankowych i funduszy, próby fizycznych włamań i cenzura.

Jedna z moich teorii głosi, że może być celem jego wiedzy o pochodzeniu Satoshi Nakamoto, twórcy Bitcoina. Według niego jego teoria jest taka, że ​​opozycja szuka miliardów dolarów w portfelach.

Świadczę usługi ochronne na rzecz Antoniego w zakresie zapobiegania samobójstwom, co jest celem tej dokumentacji. Otrzymałem od niego pozwolenie na pisanie w jego imieniu jako jego rzecznik zdrowia psychicznego i oficer kontrwywiadu. Zapraszam globalną społeczność do pomocy w monitorowaniu sytuacji w celu zapewnienia bezpieczeństwa i ochrony Anthony’ego. – CMC 18 czerwca 2020 r.

Anthony Abunassar mieszka obecnie w Warszawie.


„Nie mogę teraz nikogo dodać na Instagramie

Konta Google 9 zostały usunięte

Usunięto YouTube

Zaktualizuj swoje notatki / post” – Anthony Abunassar w poniedziałek, 13 lipca 2020 r. przez WhatsApp

Zgony bankierów

W związku ze skandalem LIBOR doszło do 90 podejrzanych zgonów bankierów; zarówno zabójstwa, jak i samobójstwa, w których ustalono, że pracodawcy zarabiają na polisach ubezpieczeniowych na życie wolnych od podatku o nazwie BOLI (banker Owned Life Insurance)

Link do bloga:


„Właśnie zostałem DDOSd

Cyber ​​wojna

Czas 666 proszę o post” – Anthony Abunassar 15 lipca 2020 r.


Anthony mówi mi, że wszystkie swoje akcje i konto bankowe pozostawił uśpione w USA na 14 lat. Kiedy próbował się wycofać, wykrył, że USA przeniosły jego środki na konto opuszczonej nieruchomości w stanie Delaware. Kiedy czek w końcu dotarł 17 miesięcy później, Anthony z wściekłości spalił czek. Kiedy zapytałem go o to, powiedział: „JEŚLI nie możesz jeść 17 dni, dostajesz CrAZi – JEŚLI jesteś atakowany 24 7, dostajesz CrAzi po 3 minutach – Ludzie wariują, jeśli maszyna do czekolady się zablokuje”.

To rozumiem. W tym czasie osiągnął punkt krytyczny, który spowodował, że popadł w samobójstwo, a później został aresztowany za utratę panowania nad sobą w pokoju hotelowym, będąc pod przymusem do psychologicznego punktu krytycznego. Był głodny!


Wpis na LinkedIn 3447 wyświetleń, 45 reakcji:–nYS


Anthony skontaktował się ze mną 17 marca 2021 jako wolny człowiek. Życzyłem mu powodzenia w odbudowie swojego życia, ponieważ teraz musi znaleźć bezpieczne miejsce pobytu i sposób na utrzymanie się.

19 marca 2021 r. wysłał mi tę wiadomość na Telegram, prosząc o pomoc, ponieważ uważa, że ​​jego życie jest zagrożone:

„Jestem Anthony Abunassar Ex Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Rothschild w Londynie

Przeszedł na emeryturę 13 lat temu, pracując nad Bitcoinem

Od ponad roku jestem atakowany przez system komputerowy Ai, który:

⁃ niszczy moje Wifi 2-3 razy dziennie

⁃ Ponowne uruchamianie i ponowne konfigurowanie komputera wiele razy dziennie

⁃ Usuwa moje konta e-mail Facebook LinkedIn Google i WhatsApp

⁃ Blokuje moje konta handlowe Bitcoin

⁃ Bloki próbują sprzedać Bitcoin, aby przetrwać

⁃ Usuwa wiele kont bankowych i blokuje wszystkie przelewy na 7-15 dni

⁃ mężczyźni o godzinie 00:00 w nocy próbowali przeciąć moje metalowe drzwi wejściowe

Krótko mówiąc, moje życie jest w niebezpieczeństwie i pilnie potrzebuję wszędzie bezpiecznego miejsca na pobyt w pobliżu Warszawy

Boże błogosław



Oryginalne zapisy tego bloga zostały w tajemniczy sposób zmienione. Antoni od marca 2021 mieszka w piwnicy kolegi w Warszawie. Mówi mi, że często nie ma co jeść, ma tylko jedną zmianę ubrania i jedną kurtkę. Śpi na podłodze i nie ma dostępu do mediów ani ciepła. Nadchodzi zima i obawiam się, że tam zamarznie. Kilku z nas próbuje wysłać mu pieniądze na jedzenie, ale wszystkie jego konta są zablokowane, co jest niezwykle trudne.


Były wiceprezes @GoldmanSachs Anthony Abunassar udzielił mi upoważnienia do publikowania i pisania w jego imieniu. Kontaktuję się z nim codziennie.



“Anthony Abunassar has been living in subpar conditions with only one set of clothing since March 17, 2021. He often does not have enough food to eat. We have several civilians internationally looking out for his well-being and trying to assist him on his road back to self-sufficiency.

Lately, Anthony has been reporting that he is deactivated repeatedly on LinkedIn and his employment history erased. I am in the process of trying to reach his family in the hopes of expanding our support group network for him.” – CMC October 3, 2021


Anthony poprosił mnie o dodanie tego obrazu do nagrania.

„„Oświadczenie: 8 dla nieskończoności Bitcoin


7 th3d3v1l

Te liczby są obliczane dokładnie z jakiegoś powodu

I dostęp do portfela we wcześniej ustalonym czasie”

– Anthony Abunassar aka Wolf of Malta” – 5 października 2021

Lind do tweetowania:



Przez siedem miesięcy kilku z nas było świadkami, jak Anthony doświadcza błysków białego światła podczas oglądania wideo. Sam musiałem być świadkiem tego, co mu się przytrafiło co najmniej kilkanaście razy. Przyczyna pozostaje tajemnicą.

„Były wiceprezes Goldman Sachs, Anthony Abunassar, znany również jako #WolfOfMalta, donosi, że po tym, jak stał się ofiarą życiowego sabotażu, doświadcza błysków oślepiającego białego światła z nieba”.

Zobacz: (WIDEO) #1

(WIDEO) #2

Aktualizacja 15 lutego 2020 r.

Codziennie utrzymuję kontakt z Anthonym przez WhatsApp. Ostatnio miał problemy z bezpieczeństwem żywności. Mam garstkę międzynarodowych cywilów, którzy dostarczają mu datki humanitarne, ponieważ kontynuuje pracę nad papierkową robotą, aby po raz kolejny spróbować odzyskać swoje fundusze z USA i ustanowić dla siebie jakiś rodzaj niezależności.

W umyśle Anthony’ego wprowadza Erę Światła, aby ocalić ludzkość poprzez pompowanie ceny Bitcoina. Nie podzielam jego przekonań, ale on i ja mimo wszystko jesteśmy w stanie się dogadać.

Ostatnio był stabilny i chociaż czasami jest sfrustrowany swoją sytuacją, pozostaje w dobrym nastroju i często jowialny w naszych interakcjach.

Nadal jestem zdumiony charakterem jego ataków i pozostawię rozwiązanie międzynarodowej społeczności wywiadowczej i organom ścigania. Moim głównym celem jest ochrona jego życia i zapewnienie mu podstawowych praw człowieka; jedzenie, odzież, schronienie. – CMC ⚜️


Human-Trafficking/ Money Laundering/ Transnational Organized Crime involving Bitcoin reported to Sussex Police. Assisted in Rescue of Austrian Citizen. – November of 2019

“My LinkedIn friend, Markus Goldguber contacted me on Thanksgiving day pleading for assistance and relayed that he was trapped after being lured to Brighton, UK under false pretenses. He believed that he was entering into a legitimate business venture but soon discover murky business dealings that he believed was organized crime, and money laundering. He was not paid any compensation after 8 weeks and he had no way back to his country of Austria after he detected foul play and fraud.”

– Christine Michelle Chadwick, Global Intelligence

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

LinkedIn Profile:

My Report to Brighton and Hove Police on November 28, 2019:

My friend, Markus M. Goldgruber, Austria citizen was taken to Royal-Albion hotel last night by police. He reports that 6 officers came to the apartment yesterday where he was trapped living with two criminals on Vernon Ave. Markus on LinkedIn:

Markus M. Goldgruber

Alex Neill

This is one of the men who lured Markus Goldgruber to the United Kingdom under false pretenses. It seems the business of Alex Neill is not legitimate but some type of #Bitcoin fraud. LinkedIn Profile:

Alex Glover

The other person living at the Vernon apartment and involved in deceiving Markus M. Goldgruber is Tony Glover. #BitcoinFraud

LinkedIn profile:

Tweet to Police – “My friend, Markus M. Goldgruber, Austria citizen was taken to Royal-Albion hotel last night by police. He reports that 6 officers came to the apartment yesterday where he was trapped living with two criminals on Vernon Ave. “


“I need confirmation that Markus M. Goldgruber is not abandoned at the hotel and that law enforcement will contact him shortly. I believe he has limited funds. His mother is very worried. My phone number in USA: +1 502 408 6905. E-mail:” – November 28, 2019

First Document sent to me by Markus from the files of Tony and Alex – Page 1

Loretta Lewis

I detected that there was a caseworker and or nurse by the name of Loretta Lewis who was involved in both banking and buying cars for homeless persons. Was this a money laundering scheme?

Tweet: “Here is the profile of Loretta Lewis who I believe in the Loretta who signed this document – Page 1”

LinkedIn Profile of Loretta Lewis:

Second LinkedIn Profile:

Page two on Document sent to me by Markus M. Goldgruber. This doc has also been forwarded to my global intelligence contacts. I suspect this is international crime. – Page 2 #BTC #Bitcoin #BitcoinFraud

Page 3 of document. Lo and behold @Barclays mentioned again. ..not the first time I exposed crimes involving Barclays. See: @EdmundJDunne who I had to rescue from London and Ireland because @metpoliceuk can’t seem to crack global organized crime: #BankingFraud #Bitcoin #BTC

Who is “Mr. Sam”? I found some possible matches via Open Source methods but was not able to confirm.


My LinkedIn contact Markus Goldgruber, an Austrian citizen, was recently lured to Brighton, UK on false promises in a business venture by and .

He discovered, in reality that the business was transnational crime while he was working there and became trapped in U.K. for two months until the rescued him. I tried to help and support Markus the best I could from USA via WhatsApp and then assisted the Sussex police through their online message portal.

Markus has a rare health condition since a young age and this tragedy has take a toll on his health.

Markus could use our support and prayers. He is an intelligent, honest person, who became too trusting of others.

Sometimes it is hard for honest people to fathom that others are not genuine, or that they have a different persona than how they portray themselves to be.

Link to LinkedIn Post which had over 42,000 views on LinkedIn:

Business Address of the Venture that Alex and Tony Formed on Enterprise Road.

Markus was able to travel back to Austria after the police came to the residence where he was trapped on Vernon Road in Brighton. Shortly afterwards, he posted about his experience on LinkedIn.

Unfortunately … me … myself … was captured for nearly 2 months in Brighton/UK … and had to experience horrible things there … thank police for rescuing me from these people (Tony Glover, Alex Neill, … other behind in the back unknown ?) .. who have damaged and tortoured me for a long time … GOD BLESS … I am alive and SAFE now !

Link to the LinkedIn post of Markus:

“FUTURE” only can be built if “INTENTIONS are HONEST” … unfortunately there are “TO MANY FRAUDULENT & SCRUPELOUS PEOPLE” … who are only interested in “STEALING – TAKING ADVANTAGE of “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & KNOWHOW” !” – Markus M. Goldgruber

FXAI – Forex Artificial Intelligence

Alex and Tony where using the signature of Markus on documents and letters. This is the business website that was being formed using the Intellectual Property of Markus.

Link to Website:

Tony (Anthony) Glover lists his name on the Forex business:


Persons of Interest

According to Markus, there were a few persons that he met or learned of through Tony and Alex who he believed were involved in their schemes. He also relayed that there was some type of church involved:

Wanda Maddox on Facebook:

Wanda Maddox (also goes by Jesse Love) is a person of interest regarding ‘FXAI Limited’ with many international connections.

Rob Labs once ran for Brighton City Council and was the “computer geek” of the team. This Facebook profile of Larry Moore mentions him on his account.

The first Facebook profile I found of Rob Labs has recently been deleted. This profile of Larry Moore still exists:

NGG Holdings Ltd

This document signed by Alex Neill, listed the person trading as Markus Goldgruber. Markus has been barely surviving and unemployed for several years. I can confirm that he has never owned $500M to purchase Bitcoin. So where was this money coming from and for what purpose?

Brighton Hove Police Tweet to Me: “Hi Christine, if you would like to report to us we would encourage you to use our online reporting tool as we are unable to take reports over social media. It can be found here: Thanks.

My reply:

“Greetings Police,

I have already documented internally via online message portal #CIN-40892-19-4700-000

I am documenting this organized crime involving #Bitcoin on this thread for the public as I work transparently in Global Intelligence. Email:” – December 20, 2019

I corresponded with Sussex Police via e-mail,

My initial report to Sussex Police via the online message portal on November 28, 2019:

I documented all on your Twitter feed and also sent in info to London Met message portal on Twitter. I am an activist of 8 years and I work as a volunteer in global intelligence. I am also slightly autistic so I communicate best on social media. Brighton police transported Markus M.Goldgruber to Royal Albion Hotel last night. Police did not give him a contact name nor did he record badge numbers of the 6 Brighton officers who came to the residence he was trapped in on Vernon Ave. Markus has a rare disease and only has one kidney. He has a high I.Q. (170) He was lured to U.K. on false promises by Tony Glover and Alex Neill. When Markus discovered that they are involved with nefarious activities and international organized crime,  he reached out to me for assistance. He is an Austrian citizen with very little funds. He feels trapped and trying to gather his belongings and secure bus ride home. My Twitter account: @ChristineChadwi my LinkedIn profile: This is not the first time I had to report to U.K. – In November of 2017 I had to fly to London to rescue a disabled Barclays investment banker,  Edmund JM Dunne. I am here to assist law enforcement if need be. At your service,  Miss Christine

Received confirmation of receipt on November 28, 2019 at 10:39 p.m. by:

Chris #36953


Force, Command & Control Department


“Markus is safely back in Austria and still hoping for a legitimate investor regarding his Intellectual Property in Forex forecasting.

Neither him nor I are aware of any follow-up, investigations, or arrests by the Sussex Police into what we have reported here. I have detected that both Tony Glover and Alex Neill are still active on social media.” – CMC


– Edmund JM Dunne

Eagle Landing at U.S. Department of Justice

Reporting Live On February 28, 2022 at 6:17 p.m. EST

Greetings Department of Justice,

Per your current investigation into Louisville Metropolitan Police report, I have relevant information to add to your investigation. We are a humanitarian organization and our work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally for international security purposes. This information is already disclosed all around the world. Anything I write on this portal can go public.

All documented here:

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,

Christine Michelle Chadwick
Honorary International Ambassador with Senatus Consultum “Conscriptus Electus”
Counterintelligence Officer – Global Accounts
International Security – Rule of Law

Louisville, Kentucky USA ⚜️

LinkedIn profile here:

Sent via public communications channel on the Internet. DOJ website here:

Proof of Internal Documentation

Certificate of Ambassadorship

Certificate of Ambassadorship can be viewed at:

Louisville Mayor Selling Out America

Louisville, Kentucky Mayor

Counterintelligence Officer, Christine Michelle Chadwick reports to the mayor’s office via the Internet public communications portal.

Date: February 28, 2020

Greetings Mayor’s Office,

I am an international Honorary Ambassador for a think tank in the Netherlands called Senatus Consultum “Conscriptus Electus” working in the area of international security by providing counterintelligence on global accounts to all nations. We coordinate with global military and civilian intelligence with the aim of protecting pensions. We are now in a precarious situation where pensions cannot be guaranteed during this current global landscape.

My certificate of ambassadorship here:

I am a torture victim by an agent of the U.S. DOD who works as a deputy for Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida. I am currently working on two international torture cases of persons in high finance.

Reference documents here:

How I Earned My Stripes here:

I also have evidence of a massive global crime scene which we have detected that Greg Fisher is participating in. See:

The Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

Mayor Greg Fisher is involved and invested in the tech that will advance ‘Moneyball for Government” which aims to privatize public services through Public/Private Partnerships. See:

This system runs on the data monetization of black, brown and poor communities. He has endorsed a test pilot for Universal Basic Income instead of advocating at the federal level to save our pensions, he is endorsing this fake “game” instead.

Central Banks are bankrupt! Covid is not the cause of this global economic downturn, it is the scapegoat! See:

Indian Defense Forces are now investigating my international torture cases and this plan of the ‘Impact Economy’ to fix the global economy. This is a sinister plan that runs on mass surveillance and data monetization of our most vulnerable. Especially targeting the children through the education system.

I have already reported previous crimes and negligence by the Mayor’s office and LMPD to the United Nations in 2019. The whole world is watching:

Sergeant Pamela Oberhausen is on record as dismissing me as mentally ill. Had she taken my reports seriously, we could have avoided WW3, this situation in Ukraine, and saved numerous lives, suffering and hardship. That’s on you Fisher. You had the intelligence sent to your office and never acknowledged my reports proving your office entirely defunct.

Iran was the only country to go on record for me in writing. The other countries sent approximately 200 international conflict resolution professionals to reach out to me on LinkedIn:

I have already contacted LMPD and Oldham County Police on these recent developments and I am waiting for them to get back to me with the proper e-mail address to send in reports to LMPD Chief Erika Shields. She has a background in finance, she will understand this and hopefully help us save all of your pensions.

Mayors office never replied to my former communications in 2019 regarding the military grade weaponry attacks I was experiencing in my home in Louisville, Kentucky by unknown entities.

There better not be one sensor in that new playground at Central Park. We are NOT going to involve our youth as chattel for the Internet of Things in Smart City environments.

I want acknowledgment of this e-mail!




Tortured Barclays Banker Edmund JM Dunne – Archives and Publications

Suicide Survivor Barclays Investment Banker Edmund JM Dunne

I discovered Edmund openly and publicly suicidal on his Facebook page in the middle of January 2017. He was already well-known in our Anonymous-OSINT circles due to his private e-mails that went public by World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes. During this time Edmund believed that he was being recruited by the Illuminati to solve the global currency and financial crisis.

Edmund tells us that he was bullied at Barclays by his supervisor causing him to attempt suicide late 2011. He then spent six months at Nightingale Hospital in London, where he believes, he was misdiagnosed and improperly medicated to silence him. Edmund is privy to information regarding; Vatican accounts, LIBOR rigging and the corruption in our global monetary system, which he believes, was designed to be predatory from inception.

We interacted with Edmund on the Internet for almost a year as he tried to liberate himself from tortuous living conditions in Wexford Co., New Ross Ireland. We tried to assist him by offering him support and amplifying his voice on social media. Edmund is also a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma, as well as one other assassination attempt by poison. For this reason, he suffers from C-PTSD. He would have regular anxious eruptions on his social media and continuously bounce back and forth from, wanting to be public to hiding. Edmund has been writing to the Queen, Intelligence, International Police, Governments and Embassies for several years now only to be ignored or dismissed.

It was a mystery to us exactly how Edmund was being held against his will. This was solved when I made an eight week trip to Europe at the end of 2017. A plan was presented by an acquaintance of Edmund, Attorney Todd Foreman, Labour Party candidate in Member of Parliament for North East Somerset in the 2015 General Election and Dame Sally Coleman Powell, local councilor in Great Britain for the Labour Party, to transport Edmund to London with hopes of getting him legal and medical assistance.

Shortly after arriving in London, Edmund turned against Todd in one of his suspicious moods (quite common with PTSD I discovered) and Todd removed himself from further assisting Edmund. Dame Sally graciously opened her home to both Edmund and myself. Edmund to became very unwell at this time and regressed to a child-like state where he was not able to function or fly back to his residence in Ireland. As his friend and “Miss Moneypenny”, as he often called me, I flew with him and escorted him back to his previous residence, The Upper Lodge at Berkeley Forest in New Ross, that he rented from Countess Ann Griffin-Bernsdorff, in the countryside of Ireland. It was here that I witnessed the tortuous living conditions that Edmund was expected to live in. His lodge was infested with rats, mold, with inadequate heating and he was extremely isolated as the closet store was five miles away. – Christine Michelle Chadwick, Counterintelligence Officer Edmund JM Dunne

List of Publications:

Mysterious Author Pens Report: Barclays Banker, Edmund Dunne — Digital Gold, and World Bank Whistleblower:

LinkedIn proved to be very helpful in sharing Edmund’s story and in finding persons to assist us. – CMC

Update On, Targeted Barclays Banker, Edmund J.M. Dunne 2018:

Edmund JM Dunne on Twitter

WHO’S NEXT? Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths — Part I: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes:

There were 90 suspicious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal; both homicides and suicides where it has been determined that employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies known as BOLI. Edmund survived this.

Edmund JM Dunne — Twitter Archives:


My License to write written by Edmund at the home of Dame Sally Coleman who was trying to assist him in November of 2017. Edmund was suffering from trauma flashbacks and regressed to functioning at the level of a nine year-old child.

Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne; Found Extremely Suicidal on the Estate of Aristocracy – New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland:

The Upper Lodge at Berkeley Forest, the estate of Countess Ann Griffith Bernsdorff where Edmund was found to be living trapped and extremely suicidal as a traumatized person with very little support.

Sir Rob Wainwright- Correspondence in Regards to Barclays Investment Banker, Edmund JM Dunne; Suicide Survivor and Victim of Torture:

Sir Rob Wainwright LinkedIn Profile Picture


Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne; Letters to the Queen and Officials – Video Transcript:

How I Earned My Stripes:

Christine Michelle Chadwick, Counterintelligence Officer and Mental Health Advocate for Edmund JM Dunne LinkedIn Profile:

Sir Rob Wainwright and Bitcoin:

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia Visits Global Intelligence Officer and Public Agent on June 10, 2019:

A Knight with No Honor – Sir Rob Wainwright:

Sir Rob Wainwright is documented to have received all of my intelligence notes regarding Edmund JM Dunne trapped in tortuous isolation and living conditions and he did nothing but eventually block me on LinkedIn. – CMC

Garda Siochana – E-mail Complications – Death Threats – Former Barclays Banker – Edmund JM Dunne:

Press Release on Edmund JM Dunne by Benjamin Fulford

“The International Press – I.C.I.J. Washington – Mr. Benjamin Fulford

Edmund J M Dunne is an Anglo Irish Royalist – Irish(EU) and British Citizen. He is by profession an investment banker who is also now very highly trained in most aspects of domestic and international law and has migrated his career into military intelligence supporting Great Britain and Commonwealth, the European Union, Ireland and Diaspora, The First Federal Republic of the United States of America, and Commonwealth and the Holy See and Diaspora. Edmund is the Global Head of Counter KM – the most dangerous military intelligence mission in the world currently.

Edmund fell on the press radar in late 2014 in the New York Times (Ochs Selzberg for Rothschild) during a rapidly escalating diplomatic crisis surrounding his treatment in London by the British Establishment – Legal, Financial, Clinical, Governmental and Diplomatic – and subsequent law suits made under protected disclosure. The affair very nearly collapsed the global financial system and he was met with highly organised and extremely aggressive retribution for simply attempting to defend himself.

Edmund is the whistleblower in the LIBOR case – the largest complex financial fraud in history.

Edmund is trapped for a number of years now in the usual establishment cover up which as always escalates through all the various inter-governmental levels and now sits with the resignation of the British and Irish Heads of State and Governments at both the ICC and ICJ under the auspices of the UNOHCHR and UNCAT protected by Interpol. 

The case is very complex being spread over numerous jurisdictions and became extremely dangerous following an assassination attempted by the Jesuits linked to the Fukushima terrorist attack in Japan.

The investigative journalist in geo-politics Benjamin Fulford has been in regular contact with Edmund recently as part of a prolonged process of desensitisation – he developed really very extreme complications following the sheer pressure of the whole affair. It has taken many years of hard work in recovery and rehabilitation.

Edmund has prepared himself to go public to speak about his experiences, to call for the proper processes to be put in place to end the entire debacle and to extend the hand of both peace and reconciliation.

Anyone reading this statement who may be in a position to help is asked to contact the Joint British and Irish diplomatic palaces at Dublin and London or any of the British or Irish embassies around the world.

Edmund lives in very strict MI6 close protection while efforts are on-going to find some form of a solution, he is reasonably well but in need of a lot of complex professional help.

This is a very important case because it is centred on the global debt jubilee and currency resets as part of the much larger initiative to roll out the World Future Planning Agency.

Edmund may be contacted directly but all communications are of course monitored and recorded. Edmund can be contacted at the following e-mail address: “ Source:

Update January 2022: I spoke to Edmund a few days ago and he is doing much better. He still has good days and bad days but he is no longer suicidal on a daily basis. He spends much of his time cooking, gardening and caring for his elderly parents. He continues to study and follow global intelligence matters and reports to law enforcement, the Queen, MI5, MI6 and various embassies regularly. – CMC

Excellent Researcher Paul Collin Needs Survival Assistance

Independent Researcher Paul Collin In His Van

Paul Reaches Out To Me S.O.S. 🚨

Paul reached out to me via e-mail on January 17, 2021. I have known Paul for approximately two years now and I donated to his cause when he was stranded in Washington D.C. He is back in California now and struggling to maintain his independence which relies on his van which he has lived out of for 14 years now with challenging health issues. Paul is in need of a new van.

Here is a copy of the e-mail:

“Hi Christine,

I wish and pray that I ( alone ) could ‘do something more to help’
however, my old van ( I have been living inside for the past 16-years
now ) continues breaking down, and has been killing my nerves with
stresses causing severe bouts of high anxiety, panic attacks,
shortness of breath ( has me gasping for air ), occassional chest
pains plus, now the heel of my palm suddenly and painfully cramps-up
pulling my skin inward ( forming a dent or crease ) on its own along
with my forefinger joints locking-up; signs of minor brain stroke
episodes so, I desperately need to reduce the causes of what has been
stressing me out so dangerously.

As StarTrek’s chief engineer Scotty would quip, “I don’t think these
engines will take much more!!” And, much like myself, my extremely
high-mileage old van desperately needs to be replaced or, I’m going to
die of either a heart attack or brain stroke because of it constantly
breaking down on me, which is causing me all these occurrences of
stress spikings.

Mechanical problems upon more break-down problems has not ceased
to-date, even ‘after I just fixed all the multiple issues over the
past 2-weeks, my old van continues with incessant pop-up mechanical
problems every other day or so.

Let me explain … My van is my only life’s critical survival
sanctuary. I have nothing else for life suport to keep me from
suddenly landing ‘street homeless’ where I’ll surely die from
environmental exposures, e.g. inclement weather, roving and very
aggressive street gang hoodlums, vandals plus, other threats too.

I use my van for transportation too for doctor appointments, which
came to a screeching halt from the moment the van began breaking down,
which still continues, leaving me stranded.

I also use my van to drive to buy food stuffs, medicines ( for my lung
infection ) plus, other daily necessities.

Unable to stand or walk without my cane, and only for very short
periods, is why I need the van so much and to be operating properly at
any given time.

Without a decent replacement van or other place to live, I’m a dead man.

My life depends on my van not being towed away and impounded because
it is disabled on a street.

I’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to provide any settling
relief for me that could ease my worried concerns and stress build

I need serious help with obtaining at-least a decent used van;
something, like what I have already keeping me with a little futon bed
( to sleep on ), 32-cubic feet of clothes storage space thereunder,
space for my storage foot locker ( where I keep canned foods and water
), and space for bags and boxes of files and miscellaneous items ( old
laptop computer plus, miscellaneous
toiletries, etc. ) too.

Unlike most ‘vehicular homeless individuals’, I am not a hoarder, I
discard unused / useless items, and maintain cleanliness and
organizational order ( a place for everything, and everything in its
place ) throughout my van where I maximize space sensibly.

That’s the way I have lived for the past 16-years, which has not been
an easy life while continuing my research, reportings and publishings.

Improving our quality of life with a little more comforts, indeed
bolsters the strength of spirit to help others around us.

I pray for you and your’s to successfully make it through tough times,
which appear to be getting tougher more frequently.

God bless you and all those closest to your heart, mind and soul.

Thanks for your blessings and multiple spirit bolsterings you share with me.

You are an angel on Earth.

Many blessings from my heart to your’s.

Sincerely your’s,


Paul Collin on LinkedIn:

To Make A Donation:


PAYPAL is ‘still available’ to Donators who simply click on this link
( below ):

Thank you for your continued support, much needed for me to survive.

-OR….should anyone wish to ever make a donation to me, they may also do such securely through ‘their own bank’s online application’ or in-person at ‘their bank counter window’ by their own Bank-To-Bank Wire Transfer conveniences requiring ‘my specific bank instruction coordinates’ to accomplish this ( See Below ):






TEL: +1 (951) 681-8258 ( BRANCH OFFICE )


TEL: +1 (951) 360-4860 ( BOFA BRANCH OFFICE )





ACCOUNT NUMBER: 002632577170 ( SAVINGS )

ABA / ROUTING NUMBER ( WIRE ): 026009593

Please contact me by e-mail ( See Below ) to notify me of your donation so, I can confirm my receipt of such back to you by e-mail.

Thank you for your continued support and donations!!!

Many blessings upon you and your”s.

Sincerely with my deepest respects,

Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy )


LinkedIn Deactivation – Censorship



I, Christine Michelle Chadwick – Civilian Intelligence Operative, Global Coalition for the Rule of Law, was deactivated on LinkedIn on Christmas Eve 2021

My Certificate of Ambassadorship:

My LinkedIn Profile

Christine Michelle ChadwickReference # 211225-002292Status: ClosedView your case(s) on our Help CenterYou may reply to this case for up to 14 daysResponse (12/27/2021 10:47 CST)Hi Christine Michelle, Your account was restricted due to multiple violations of LinkedIn’s User Agreement and Professional Community Policies against sharing content that contains misleading or inaccurate information:
Shared Post 10/7/2021:


Disclaimer: I am not edorsing all of the views of The World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, I am reporting on them.

On Karen’s Twitter account recently she wrote that the Vatican is at the center of the world’s corruption.

Supposedly on January 2, 2016 Christine Lagarde attended a signing ceremony for a Galactic Agreement concluded between Pope Francis and the Banking Cartel.

As an attorney Karen has always stated that the powers of The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are in the Board of Governors and not the secretariat.

“If this agreement were signed by Christine Lagarde, not only is it null and void, but she is also fired for exceeding her authority under the Articles of Agreement of the IMF, which provide in Article XII, Section 2” - K.H.


Link to IMF Articles of Agreement:

Nothing further has been heard about the Galactic Agreement; links to that Agreement are no longer active.

Link to Tweet:

The Vatican and Inclusive Capitalism aims to harness the private sector to create a new economic system known as the “Impact Economy”.

See, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

Link to Inclusive Capitalism website:

If a Galactic Agreement was indeed signed, was it the agreement to hide the hidden gold and create this fake investment game instead?

#GoldOutOfHiding #SilkthreadsPress

Shared Post 7/10/2021:  

TRANSGENDER IDIOLOGY - Follow the Money ???? 

Who Is Funding the Transgender Movement?

Exceedingly rich, white men (and women) who invest in biomedical companies are funding myriad transgender organizations whose agenda will make them gobs of money.

“…when TIME magazine announced a transgender tipping point on its cover, I had already begun to examine the money behind the transgender project.

I found exceedingly rich, white men with enormous cultural influence are funding the transgender lobby and various transgender organizations. These include but are not limited to Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender); George Soros; Martine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist); Tim Gill (a gay man); Drummond Pike; Warren and Peter Buffett; Jon Stryker (a gay man); Mark Bonham (a gay man); and Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented).

Most of these billionaires fund the transgender lobby and organizations through their own organizations, including corporations.

These funders often go through anonymous funding organizations such as Tides Foundation, founded and operated by Pike. Large corporations, philanthropists, and organizations can send enormous sums of money to the Tides Foundation, specify the direction the funds are to go, and have the funds get to their destination anonymously. Tides Foundation creates a legal firewall and tax shelter for foundations and funds political campaigns, often using legally dubious tactics.”

- Jennifer Bilek


Consider a paid membership to The 11th Hour Blog written by Jennifer Bilek & get the financial dirt on Astraea Foundation, the lesbian front for Arcus Foundation that is actually driving the erasure of lesbians. It will break your heart & hopefully make you furious.


#FinancialForensics #Transhumanism #GenderIdentity #Philanthropy #Medical #Insurance

Comment Posted 6/25/2021:  THE SUPER RICH HAVE DECLARED WAR ON US ALL through the masterly orchestrated ‘plannedemic’. Corona crisis: an asymmetrical war of the super rich against the remaining 99 percent? “There is class war, right, but it is my class, the class of the rich that wages war, and we win.” Warren Buffett, at times the richest man in the world. This is the great hour of felt statesmen. But never mind. Anyway, that’s the end of it. From now on, the fundamental rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of mobility are taken away from us. The situation is just too serious, ladies and gentlemen! The Corona story comes as a shock to all of us. In our most bizarre dreams, we did not expect such a crazy imposition as a result of a pandemic such as the curfews and the forced closing of shops. While even the prestigious Robert Koch Institute has now reduced the mortality rate at SARS / Cov2 to 0.3%, and the number of people who carry the scandalized virus has not even reached the figure of 17,000 (at 80 million Citizens), the event is becoming increasingly suspicious. Full article translated from German (A Commentary by Hermann Ploppa) on #SilkthreadsPress: #Coronavirus
You may appeal the restriction by responding to this email with your agreement and intent to comply with our User Agreement and our Professional Community Policies. • User Agreement:• Professional Community Policies: If you have any questions regarding your appeal you can reply to this email. Thank you for being part of the LinkedIn community. 

Member Safety and Recovery Consultant
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The Truth About the Global Lockdown

Link to original source with VIDEO:

“Everyone knows that something more is going on.

The governments of the world are crushing their economies and pretending that it doesn’t matter; they are expanding their currency supply and there is no history of that turning out well.

Central banks are now printing money at will and buying up the world’s assets. Japan owns 80% of their stock market. The printed money increases asset prices but there is no actual growth within the economy. The majority of companies on the stock market are zombie companies. This simply increases class inequality.

The current government debt to GDP ratio globally is 350%.

The debt cannot be paid back, and they are struggling to pay the interest.

What is the best pressure relief valve to the credit market – it’s a weaker economy. But you have to have a vibrant real economy to service debt.

Seems they have acknowledged that the debt can’t be serviced through the real economy. Shutting down countries left and right eases the pressure on the credit markets and allowed all the banks to print money under the guise of ‘covid relief’ –they had been doing it since the September 2019 collapse before covid.”

  • Melissa Ciummei


Here Melissa is referring the the repo crisis and she has come to the same conclusion that I and many others have.

The v i r u s did not crash the global economy, it was the SCAPEGOAT and the cover. This has been documented, as well as Larry Fink of BlackRock, giving the “Go Direct” order at Jackson Hole on August 22, 2019 before the p an d e m i c was even announced. 🚨

See, The Scapegoat:

Melissa Ciummei, from the Freedom Alliance Island of Ireland, lauds the ‘success’ of lockdowns on ruining global economies and livelihoods. Urging us to understand the human, banking and financial crisis we find ourselves in, she has sage advice for investment, and indeed, survival.

This video it’s been deleted everywhere, even from Facebook.
…not sure why the reasons; the only thing I can think of is that everything she says, is the truth and They are trying to cover up all of this!

Mellisa Ciummei

“This virus is statistically as devastating to the population as a bad flu, which has led increasing numbers of people to question the government’s disproportionate response. The governments of the world are crushing their economies and pretending that it doesn’t matter; they are expanding their currency supply and there is no history of that turning out well. Could there be another reason for the lockdown (as there is no evidence that lockdowns work to stop the virus)? Perhaps it’s the collapse of our current economic system which has been on life support since 2008.

Let’s talk about money.

3% of the money supply is physical notes and coins created by the government. For thousands of years gold was the measure of money. In 1944 the dollar became the reserve currency, backed by gold – this meant all other currencies were tied to the dollar and there was a limit on currency creation as it had to be backed by gold. In 1971 after being called out by France who suspected America was abusing the system, Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. This meant that it and all other currencies became fiat currencies (a fiat currency is backed by nothing – it is completely dependent on faith).

The second form of money is debt-based money, which accounts for 97% and is created by the banking system. Debt brings money into existence. You borrow a hundred thousand and the banks create that money from the aether and loan it to you with interest.

When you deposit money in a bank, it is important to know that it no longer belongs to you. They could lend out 90% of it up until March 2020 – now they can lend out all of it. In 2008 we saw bank bailouts but from 2014, Ireland and the UK have agreed to bank bail ins, meaning they can take your money, like what happened in Cyprus.

The third, and relatively new form of money creation is quantitative easing, first used in Japan in 1989 and then by the federal reserve in 2008. The central banks create money to issue loans directly to the banking sector, large corporations and since 2020 the general public.

This puts their balance sheets out of control but is needed to prop up the economy a little bit longer. If you imagine the economy like a hot air balloon, in 2008 a hole ripped through it. The 2008 crash was due to misuse of the lending market. QE money printing/‘air’ was pumped in to keep it going a little longer. In September 2019 (a month before Bill Gates event 201) the overnight money market seized again. The fed stepped in, printing 50-100 billion every night in an attempt to keep repo market under control, but there was no saving it. They had to keep printing, but stopped publishing how much. If you can imagine, this ripped a giant irreparable hole in the balloon. The money printing is to slow down the crash landing. Since 2019 the currency supply has increased between 20-25% depending on the country and it has to continue.

Central banks are now printing money at will and buying up the world’s assets. Japan owns 80% of their stock market. The printed money increases asset prices but there is no actual growth within the economy. The majority of companies on the stock market are zombie companies. This simply increases class inequality.

Japanese Flag

The current government debt to GDP ratio globally is 350%.

The debt cannot be paid back, and they are struggling to pay the interest. Imagine if you had a credit card and your interest was more than your income you would become insolvent. If you’re just paying your interest back and the interest rate rises, that puts you in the same position. This is why the government needs to hold interest rates down. So, what can they do?

What is the best pressure relief valve to the credit market – it’s a weaker economy. But you have to have a vibrant real economy to service debt.

Seems they have acknowledged that the debt can’t be serviced through the real economy. Shutting down countries left and right eases the pressure on the credit markets and allowed all the banks to print money under the guise of ‘covid relief’ –they had been doing it since the September 2019 collapse before covid.

I believe this is part of the reason why the economy was shut down. It is difficult to open it back up is due to money velocity. Simply put, an economy thrives on velocity. I give £10 to a hairdresser who pays for lunch with it, the waitress pays for a taxi with it, etc. That’s the same £10 repeatedly changing hands. The problem is, when you combine an increase in money supply with an increase in velocity you are inviting inflation.

A staggered opening would constrain velocity or as in America single states opening to judge potential velocity. Couple this with an increased demand for debt when the real economy opens back up; this can’t happen or it will pop the debt bubble. The financial system is held together by debt. When you buy a loaf of bread there could be 5 different uses of credit to get that to your home as the currency transfers between the manufacturer, suppliers and distributors. Credit is mathematically going to break down, and this will seize the entire economy, causing low stock or store closures. Everything you touch credit has touched; when the credit market fails the entire economy fails. This is the real meaning behind banks being ‘too big to fail’: if credit isn’t functioning then products won’t be created.

Inflation follows loss of faith in government. People don’t trust the future and aren’t willing to spend; velocity is down. When people don’t trust the currency, it’s a race to get rid of it for hard assets, and this leads to hyperinflation. Look at the recent events in Zimbabwe and Venezuela, countries with runaway inflation. In Venezuela currency litters the streets – it has so little purchasing power that it’s not worth picking up. This is the consequence of unbacked or fiat currency.

So, what do they plan or want?

It seems that they are keeping interest rates low to maintain paying the interest on the debt and letting inflation rise, which is just a hidden tax on the population as this will inflate away their debt. They are moving bring in a central bank digital currency to get rid of cash. In order to move to negative interest rates, cash needs to be eliminated.

The government will continue to flood the market with money as if they stop, the market is incapable of standing on its own two feet. But this is all fake; it’s like a coat check printing more tickets – it doesn’t produce any more coats.

If you think in terms of a government socialist agenda, how would you implement it? I would collapse the economy so that there are no independent businesses, therefore making everyone dependent on the state, then provide them with a generous universal credit system, then slowly reduce it. Furlough is psychological prepping for UBI – UBI, once we’re dependent on it, will be in the form of CBDC. China has already trialled this, with Sweden, Turkey and Iran working on a CBDC, and other countries are following suit.

The concept of UBI has been doing the rounds for some years now. A report from Obama’s last day in office, backed by an MIT study, detailed that 83% of jobs that make $20/hr or less will be automated away by 2030. To implement UBI in the form of CBDC is giving up a huge amount of your privacy and could lead to a loss of your freedoms.

With digital currency the government have complete control as it’s programmable: they can control velocity of money by programming it with an expiry date or decide where it can be spent in the economy. They can limit your leisure spending, only allow spending on basic food items or rent, they can tax and fine directly – they have control. They can also control interest rates to incentivise you to save if high and coerce you to spend if negative as your money will decrease in value by the next month.

How is this funded? The Davos-IMF concept is that you will own nothing and be happy. So is the idea to confiscate or severely limit all private property and initiatives. The other option is taxes, but the rich don’t pay taxes. Loopholes are designed to only be beneficial to the wealthy due to costs and therefore inefficient to everyone else. While a universal basic income is proposed, the more effective solution would be a universal maximum income with a wealth cap for all!

Increased taxes, wealth taxes and property confiscation under the guise of being for the greater good will only benefit us in the short term, before the market corrects and then living costs rise, for example the correlation between minimum wage rise leading to rent increases. Then it will be back to square one – except for the long-term effects and quite possibly the aim of the middle and working classes being eroded and the wealth divide massively and irreparably increased.

This is the biggest heist of wealth transfer and we are all distracted with the masks and vaccines while the collapse of the economy under the weight of debt fuelled by greed is hidden. Billionaires have increased their wealth by 28% during the crisis, gained at the expense of the small businesses that closed down.

The stock market reached an all-time high in March of this year when no one was working or productive. The stock market is fake, propped up by the money printing used and doomed to fail. They borrowed cheap money that is being printed into oblivion and bought back stock, inflating the value of their company on paper but adding no real value and moving towards being a zombie company. The wall street bets gamestop play taught us that the stock market is a rigged game.

If we submit to a digital currency, we lose control and privacy – this is what you really need to wake up to. By the time furlough ends there will be no jobs to go back to. You are not being paid to stay at home, you are being paid not to revolt. They are smoking out the last who survived.

So, what can you do?

Should debt seize up and credit no longer be available, the only assets that have no liability attached to them are gold, silver and cryptocurrency. Gold and silver don’t have debt used to purchase them but rather debt is used to supress them, because a high gold price reflects a failing economy, which they are trying to hide as best they can.

So should the system collapse they will rocket. Silver is at a physical shortage so is rising in value more so than gold, but gold is God’s money.

If you know that pounds, dollars etc are going to 0 then why would you keep them? This is why there is such an increase in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Inflation is already becoming evident in commodity prices. It has been evident in property for some time and it is a matter of time before that trickles down and people realise the decrease in their purchasing power. There’s also a ridiculous increase in shipping costs. Covid impacted the supply chain, China stockpiled shipping containers and the system broke. This led to a problem with stock on shelves. When it is fully operational again the additional costs will be passed on to the consumer.

It would be wise to buy supplies to combat any shortages while systems reset short term, and gold, silver and crypto to maintain a degree of autonomy from the incoming digital system; particularly gold to preserve wealth. I’m not a financial advisor, I would however advise you to do your own research and find what works for you. I would recommend physical gold and silver over paper as there is a high manipulation in the market.

The problem is, our fiat currency is failing; thousands of others have preceded it and they have all failed due to debasement of the currency. We have to be aware of this so we can prepare and work to fight against the oncoming invasion of our freedom and privacy.”

En Guard! ⚔️

Suspicious of Bitcoin

Can we trust Bitcoin? We do not even know for certain who is behind it.

I am very suspicious of Bitcoin. In my files I have:

Anonymous agent lured into bitcoin mining – bank accounts hacked, life sabatoge, lost his home, now incarcerated for losing his temper.

A former Goldman Sachs VP, says he owned $30 billion worth of Bitcoin in May of 2020 – lost access to all funds, experienced life sabatoge and forced destitute in 6 months. Believes Bitcoin is A.I.

An Anonyomus hacker in Dundee Scotland relays that he was running an A.I. Program to catch pedophiles and that the US Gov stole all of his Bitcoin – ends up destitute, becomes entangled in mental health system ( Caresview) where he was given regular injections of, I do not know what. Ends up dying of unknown causes shortly after. Also believes Bitcoin is A.I.

Anonymous person lost life savings during last dip.

Anonymous person mortgaged their home to buy Bitcoin, experienced loss last dip.

Half a dozen Bitcoin scam cases ( Average loss: $20,000 )

Reports of Bitcoin Exit Scams – Nevada and International

Bitcoin is not a ‘money tree’ or a savior, it is the diversion while BlackRock buys up all the real tangible assets.

My assessment: Bitcoin is a PsyOP.

The next big trap will be the Impact Economy which aims to make children “data slaves” from cradle to grave:

“Crypto Currency is the trojan horse to lure people onto the Blockchain tech. They are tokenizing EVERYTHING, don’t just think currency. Social impact bonds and pay for success deals, are designed to be data-driven. It is the “impact metrics” that enable the world’s richest to profit off misery. The general idea is that social problems are assigned a cost, which creates an offset that is used to fund “evidence-based” “solutions.” The prison industrial complex, built to brutally extract profit from the Black bodies that were excessed by the previous phase of globalization is one of the largest cost-offsets.”

Source, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

From the ‘foxhole’ on Telegram:

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