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Who is the “Wolf of Malta”?

Anthony Abunassar former VP Goldman Sachs sometimes goes by the name “Wolf of Malta” 🇲🇹. Anthony left Goldman Sachs in 2006, then worked at JP Morgan until 2009. He then proceeded to promote Bitcoin and Initial Coin Offerings for 14 years. In August of 2020 Anthony contacted me reporting that all of his trading accounts were being hacked, blocked or stolen forcing him to suffer from food insecurity and trauma. I have detected that Anthony has become victim of an orchestrated attack against him by unknown entities and my main mission is to secure him basic human rights; food, clothing and shelter.

I contacted all of Anthony’s family around the world including his brother John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defense Company and no one will help me.

I have contacted my local, state, and federal law enforcement as well as numerous embassies and foreign agencies and no one has acknowledged me or offered assistance. Anthony is now residing in a hostel near Warsaw, Poland and will soon run out of money forcing him homeless and without food.

Myself, and several other civilian guardians have been keeping watch and we tried to locate him to my home in USA for rehabilitation but he could not acquire a visa.

Anthony’s mother was a nurse, originally from Ireland and she is elderly now and not aware of his predicament. Anthony reported that she does not even know who he is. His father is deceased, his name was Joseph Anthony Abunassar and he was from Nazareth, Israel and worked for the British Government. No one is protecting the son of Jospeh from Nazareth. – CMC July 20, 2022

Backstory here:

Anthony Abunassar originally form Shrewsbury, England.

Anthony’s Brother Abandon’s Him:

I have reached out to Anthony’s brother John Abunassar several times asking for assistance only to be met with a slammed door. John’s recent message to me via text sounded a bit threatening. I never heard from John’s attorney or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I tried calling the FBI numerous times. They never get back to me and will often quickly hang up on me quickly without even giving me an operator number.

See: Rheinmetall Defense Group – Human Rights,

John’s message to me via text on July 7, 2022:

“I have taken note of your contact and have immediately passed the data through for inclusion into your file running with the FBI case officer.

I must ask you to desist from contacting myself and other people I may have contact with.

I will be in the US this week to meet with my attorney. They will contact you directly in the near future. Please ensure all future contact is through them.”

John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defence Company in Germany is neglecting and refusing to care for his disabled and traumatized brother.

I write to church via e-mail on July 16, 2022

The Letter Sent to Saint George’s Church

“Greetings Saint George’s Roman Catholic Church Whitchurch,

My name is Christine Michelle Chadwick and I work as a civilian intelligence operative in the area of international security representing a Global Coalition for the Rule of Law.  I am providing protective services to the son of former and deceased parishioner Joseph Anthony Abunassar who attended your church from 1960-1992.  Joseph worked for the British Government.  His son, Anthony Abunassar, age 52 is a former VP of Goldman Sachs.  

Two years ago Anthony reached out to me complaining of censorship and suspicious blocking from all of his stock and trading accounts forcing him destitute in a matter of six months. Anthony has been suffering from homelessness and food insecurity. He is currently residing at a hostel at 29 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx near Warsaw, Poland.

His targeting appears to be a form of military-style neutralization where the goal is to drive a subject to commit suicide.  Anthony did try to commit suicide in August of 2020 but has been stable since then under my care.  I have alerted the United States Army via my connection to investigate and I have been acknowledged.  However, providing basic human rights to Anthony; food, clothing and shelter remains a civilian issue to resolve.  Anthony has been traumatized by these events and he can no longer care for himself due to the mental duress.  

I have a team of five civilian volunteers acting as guardians for Anthony and assisting in securing him donations which barely trickle in to cover his basic needs.  We are struggling to care for him and his situation keeps deteriorating.  I have reached out to the entire Abunassar family and no one will return a call.  Perhaps because they are all working in prominent government or corporate positions.  Their sympathy towards a traumatized relative is nonexistent.  I have reached out to his brother, John Abunassar many times only to be met with a slammed door.  John is the Head of the Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defence Company.  

See documentation here:

My legal documentation for Anthony as Amicus Curiae:

I am shocked that his entire family is neglecting him as a vulnerable person. His mother, xxxxxx Abunassar is elderly and resides in Ireland, she is not aware of his predicament. Anthony has no one besides his online guardians and I really feel like he needs family support at this time. No one is protecting the son of Joseph of Nazareth for the exception of the military, which cannot involve themselves in civilian affairs. I am an international military liaison of 5 months. We need him cared for while investigation is ongoing.

Is the church able to offer any assistance or recommendations at this time?  Recently, we did secure him a $500 donation from David Weild IV so he is covered for a couple of weeks.  See documentation here:

After this big donation came in, I told Anthony to go buy himself a steak dinner.  He told me that he was too weak to travel to a restaurant and that he was not keen about going out in public due to his clothes being dirty and having holes in them.  So sad.  

I tried to send him clothes from USA but they were mysteriously returned to me.  This poor man is suffering and needs family and care.  I tried to have him relocated to my home in USA but he was not able to secure a visa.  

It is interesting to note that most of his humble donations are coming in from Main Street, not Wall Street.  He has been supported here in USA by my Southern Baptist Community, but we need to pass the torch on to someone in closer vicinity to him.  

Is the church able to offer us any assistance or recommendation? 

This is a mother’s son!  

Kind regards, 

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Mental Health Advocate, Anthony Abunassar 

Louisville, Kentucky USA”

+1 (502) xxx-xxxx

LinkedIn profile:

Certificate of Ambassadorship:

As of today, July 20, 2022 I have not heard back from the church and Anthony remains vulnerable, hungry and barely able to survive. His funds run out soon and he will then be on the street! I have done everything possible I can think of to try to help him. 🆘


Donations to assist Anthony with a new passport can be made via PayPal: @SilverGypsy

My LinkedIn profile:

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