Devendran (Chandra) Ramachandran form Salem, Tamil, Nadu India on LinkedIn:


I met Devendran on LinkedIn in 2019. Devendran complained to me of many various tortures including burns to his legs and mind control tortures as well as not having any privacy in his own thoughts.

I do not claim to understand all of the ways that Devendran has been targeted but I do know that the number of persons complaining to me of this phenomena is increasing every year. I post this case study as a favor to Devendran and as an example of what seems to be increasing around the globe.

In many cases, after investigation, we find that a former employer has been the guilty party in remote torture experimentation. We have found this in both the ‘oil and gas industry’ as well as the ‘textile industry’. Nothing has been proven in this case study regarding Devendran but we decided to make it public for examination and monitoring purposes. Also in hopes that others may be able to reach out to Devendran with support, advice or to share their own personal experience. – Christine Michelle Chadwick on July 15, 2022

Christine Michelle Chadwick, Mental Health Advocate, Civilian Intelligence Operative on LinkedIn:

Devendran writes to me on September 23, 2019:

“Respected Madam,

I D.Ramachandran living in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India very much affected by remote mind control tortures. I worked in a textile industry, Gugai, Salem, Tamilnadu, India. Before eight years without my knowledge my ex employer kept remote mind control technique on my body . In what way i dont know. I faced so many remote mind control tortures like permanent headache, temporary memory loss, blurred vision, somedays without hungry, somedays without sleep, heavy brain shocking two times, skin burning in multiple parts of my body, skin icy cool feel in multiple parts of my body, fear, heart beat increasing, foots burning, body pain, virtual mind drama mixing with my real life, sometimes mind voice hearing in mind, Body itching , Brain rotating feel etc., I permanently forgot my life some important events through this technique.

Total my privacy theft. My ex employers also know my previous life events also from my brain through this technology. They also know my gmail account id, password. Sometimes they also delete my important mails. They also know my Bank account ATM pin also. 

They also hacked my cell phone . They know all my contact details in cell phone and also watching calls voice conversation through this technique. What is the security for my life? 

Madam, I so many times cried in this remote mind control torture. Now also I am crying in this remote torture. 

Madam I am requesting you please advice me how to deactivate this remote mind control technique on my body. 

Madam, I am expecting your best reply. My email id is

Thanking you madam,

Yours faithfully,


Almighty god bless you to live healthy and wealthy.”

I write letter for Devendran to his former employer on February 13, 2020:

Image of e-mail sent to owner of Vikram Krishna Textiles

Text of E-mail Sent:

“Greetings V. Sivakumar,

I am an activist and humanitarian residing the United States.  Recently I have received allegations from several persons with intimate knowledge of Vikram Krishna Textiles that they have become victims of remote torture and neuro-monitoring. 

Symptoms include; memory loss, pain of the head and extremities, and hearing voices. The Intelligence networks that I collaborate with are familiar with these tortures and the science behind it. 

If you have any way to cease these tortures, we are asking you to do so before we forward to the proper international authorities, which includes all countries and global intelligence, including the United Nations and both Interpol and Europol, for further investigation. 

These reports of remote tortures have been sent to me by several persons who wish to remain anonymous and they are reporting that these attacks have been ongoing since approximately 2012. 

My networks are familiar with these covert experiments taking place around the globe in regards to research and development of remote torture and weaponry. 

Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards,

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Global Intelligence 

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

Devendran writes to me on July 15, 2020:

“In the house where I lived, the owner of the house (lady) kept giving me mind control tortures. Infuriated by this, I lashed out at her on Mindvoice. Enraged by this, the lady asked our family to vacate the house. Not even the agreement time. She told me to vacate the house within 7 months. We also vacated the house and came to another house. In every house, the house owner does mind control tortures and makes them empty the house. I am not rich. The small amount of savings on hand is also melting away. I don’t have a job now because of mind control torture.

Targeted individual is treated like a slave. I fear that this constant emptying of the house will destroy me at some point in being unemployed.

How can I get out of such problems? I have already sacrificed my brother in mind control torture. I have a family. It’s more scary now. Please advise if there is any way to get rid of it madam?

House owners continuously disturbing me through mind control tortures

(Previous house owners tortured through mind control tortures-

1.MRR bus owner, Salem
2.Balamurugan silks,Salem
3.Krishnakumar Ammapet police constable, Salem,Tamilnadu
4.Divya, Beauty parlour,Salem)

I did not do anything wrong with anyone. If i can i help others. Otherwise i dont do anything wrong to anyone. I am a straight forward person. I dont speak lies to anyone.” – Devendran


For three years now I have been a witness to the various tortures and targeting against Devendran. In his case, Devendran lost a brother who also suffered from mind tortures and Devendran struggles to keep his family together and finances afloat.

In most cases, if you report any kind of remote targeting to law enforcement, they will not believe you or take it seriously. The law enforcement system is designed to turn these targeted individuals away or to funnel them through the mental health system. These cases are never investigated, and considering their increasing numbers, I feel more awareness needs to be given to these complaints. – CMC

Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons Notice of Criminal Trespass

Notice of Theft of Intellectual Property

Notice of Impending Criminal Charges

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