My e-mail to Louisville Metropolitan Police Department Professional Standards Unit on Saturday July 9, 2022

Copy of e-mail here:

Greetings Sergeant Lamont Washington, 

I have investigated Chief Erika Shields, our mayor Greg Fisher and our Inspector General Edward E. Harness.  All three are participating in a covert plan to enslave black and brown communities through surveillance and metrics in policing data to track citizens on Blockchain for purposes of creating innovative debt products to ultimately create a Futures Market in Human Capital Bonds for the hedge funds to gamble on to keep capital flowing in the global economy.  

This plan will fail due to countermeasures by BRICS and the  G-77.  Iran is now also working with this coalition.  Iran has gone on record for me in writing, indicating that my I.D. Is being kept on file with the Iranian Government.  The whole nation of USA is invested in this fake game that will ultimately destroy our nation and our economy, increasing crime, poverty and suffering for the populace. This whole system is designed, not to end poverty, but to profit from it! 

Please note that the NAACP has already published a resolution that they are against tracking black and brown communities on Blockchain. 


I have documented the Inspector on this blog here and I have detected that the Inspector has ties to Germany and Qatar and possibly South Korea.  He is serving transnational conglomerates and not Louisville’s most vulnerable:

I am currently being protected by the United States Army while I write letters and submit documentation.  

I have LMPD on record as being defunct in communicating with me since 2017. Instead, your department keeps directing me to mental health.  The state police and FBI are also on record as being defunct in regards to communicating with me.  I am not unintelligent, I have been diagnosed as high functioning autistic.  The things that are easy for other people are difficult for me like making phone calls, the things that are hard for other people like strategic planning in international security and diplomacy come easy to me. 

I feel that your department has been discriminatory in serving me as none of the issues I have brought to your attention over the years have been resolved.  You have no easy avenue for handicapped persons to communicate with you.  

Why is it that I can communicate easily with London Metro Police and An Garda Siochana in Ireland but I cannot communicate with my LMPD 4th Division, state or federal authorities? 

I am now releasing all of my gathered intelligence to embassies around the world for purposes of monitoring the ineptness of law enforcement here in USA. The United States Army and the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff are monitoring these developments.  Legally, the United States Army is responsible for protecting the economic strength of USA.  I have been the counterintelligence officer to the global accounts since 2017 to protect the pensions of all law enforcement, civilians and our armed forces.  I inform our Joint Chiefs of Staff of ongoing developments regularly.  


I am available to you if ever you decide to reach out to me and my recommendation is that you inform Chief Erika Shields of this communique’ and have it reviewed by your legal department.

Very Respectfully, 

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Civilian Military Liaison, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

Certificate of Ambassadorship:

XXXXXX Oak Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40203


+1 (502) 408-6905

United States passport # XXXXXXXX

Kentucky state driver’s license # XXXXXXXXXX

*British passport # of international torture victim Anthony Patrick Abunassar residing in Warsaw, Poland: XXXXXXXXX

I am authorized to write on Anthony’s behalf as his mental health advocate and counterintelligence officer. 

Not one agency is assisting me in a global rescue operation besides the military and they cannot intervene in civilian affairs. Anthony’s human rights are being violated. My job is to secure him basic human rights: food, clothing, shelter.

Defense Intelligence Agency on Wikipedia:

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