This intelligence sent to Louisville Metro Police Department and the Office of Inspector General in Louisville in June of 2022.

Inspector General – Edward W. Harness

Edward W. Harness Bio:

Top contender for Louisville’s inspector general role has history of disputes. VIDEO:

E-Mail Sent…


Greetings Sergeant Washington of Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, 

I spoke with you today on the phone.  I requested that your department review report #P19116130

In 2019 I was trying to report to Louisville Metropolitan Police Department regarding a torture incident.  Deputy Collen Coraine in Florida used excessive force on me and covertly implanted me with a RFID tracking device right before he tasered me several times.  Who gave Okaloosa Country Sheriff’s Department authorization to covertly implant civilians with tracking devices?  I work in the RFID field, I know what was done to me. 

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department website:

The Florida report # for your reference: OCSO13OFF012965

I work transparently as a public agent:

My display of national police work here:

I have worked as an activist and a humanitarian internationally for ten years now.  I have served 2 years as an International Honorary Ambassador with the think tank, ‘Senatus Consultum Conspitus Electus’ in the Netherlands. 

Certificate of Ambassadorship here:

I am a multi-national, multi-dimensional military asset with allegiance to the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff who I report to first.  As a civilian, my work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally for peacekeeping and intentional security purposes.  My LinkedIn profile here:

In 2019 I reported all of my global intelligence to the United Nations. Afterwards, approximately 200 international conflict resolution professionals reached out to me on LinkedIn and Iran went on record for me, in writing, indicating that my I.D. Is being kept on file with their government. All of my work and records are being monitored at the United Nations level. International Human Rights attorney Francois Deloche is copied in this correspondence as well as Chief Scott Pierce, Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other international witnesses. Both Chief and Francois have access to my most sensitive reports and records.

Francois on Linkeden:

Chief Scott Pierce on LinkedIn:

I am endorsed by over 50 national police chiefs all over the nation as counterintelligence officer protecting the global accounts, working as a humanitarian to protect your pensions. 

After Sergeant Pamela Oberhausen dismissed me, I wrote her in an e-mail.  No one ever replied.  I documented this here:

Presently, I have knowledge of a suspicious situation with former Vice President Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar.  I am his witness that all of his accounts and funds have been blocked or stolen forcing him destitute in a matter of six months.  His brother is John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defence Company in Germany.  But I have been left with the complete burden of Anthony’s mental health care and financial welfare as Anthony has been traumatized by this and not able to conduct himself professionally or provide for himself.  He is mentally disabled.  I think this needs formal investigation.  The FBI never returns my calls and half of the time they will not even give me their operator number.  

The protocol is, when a civilian has knowledge of suspicious activity or crimes in a foreign jurisdiction, the local police are to liaison to the other police departments for them.  But because no one has been acknowledging me, I have been doing this myself since 2017 when I flew to Europe and rescued a suicidal investment banker for Barclays who worked on the Vatican accounts.  He was also abandoned by his family as a disabled person.  

Report on Anthony Abunassar here:

Rheinmetall website:

This work that I do is dangerous.  I have been attacked by remote over 40 times with military grade weaponry since 2013.  Mostly Electric Magnetic Pulse attacks or EMP. The last attack was March of this year after I documented a case involving the Five Star Trust, Bradley Tyler Burns and Lexington Kentucky Police online.  I have not had any attacks since then and I detect US Army is monitoring my airspace and phone now.  I gave them written permission to do so.  I am self-trained in military intelligence.  

Five Star Trust:

Military Intelligence:

Most urgently, I need Anthony off of my plate so that I can continue my work in monitoring the global markets. USA just lost their global dominance in the global monetary system as several nations are now forming a coalition to bypass USD in global trade. This makes us vulnerable and USA could suffer greatly if there is no intervention or amicable diplomacy. It is the job of the US Army to protect the military might of the United States Defense Forces and I have alerted them. Chief Scott Pierce has acknowledged me but he cannot engage with me as a civilian, they can only monitor. The issue of ‘clean-up’ in our police departments and governments has to be done at the local level.

The way the IMF, United Nations and World Bank were going to try to save the global economy was through the ‘Impact Economy’.  This is essentially digital slavery.  The plan was to privatize social welfare services through Public Private Partnerships and to create innovative debt products by tracking persons on blockchain known as ‘Impact Investments’.  They (the bankers, billionaires and hedge funds) planned to bundle up these investments to create a futures market in Human Capital Bonds to keep the capital flowing and prop up the financial system.  We are now in a very precarious situation as a nation. 

The Scapegoat:

All of the investors are banking on this “game” as they foam from the mouth with glee.  

See, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

Paul Tudor Jone; He’s Got The Book!


This is why we experienced a pandemic, to usher in this new system.  It’s all organized crime to profit vaccine companies and billionaires. 

See, Organized Crime:

Part of this plan involves “Money Ball” for government which our mayor Greg Fisher is participating in. He is also invested in the technology/ e-commerce.  As is our former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge through Ridge/Lane investments.  I met Tom Ridge in person in summer of 2019: 

See:  Louisville Mayor Selling Out America:

43rd Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom ridge:

RIDGE-LANE – Redesigning Government:

Blockchain Healthcare Challenge 2016 – We are being colonized by Silicon Valley!

The Central Banks Intend To Lay Claim to Bodies And Minds:

How do you think the citizens would react if they found out that this mayor, who is already hated in the black community, finds out that there is a plan in place to track black and brown communities on blockchain to profit hedge funds?  

This could cause riots in major cities across the nation.  I did a test on your Twitter account and it is getting attention. 


I report publicly on social media: 

VIDEO #1 –

VIDEO #2 –

VIDEO #3 –

I am aware that there is an open investigation at the United States Department of Justice into the processes of Louisville Metropolitan Police Department.  I also sent in my reports to the DOJ. 


Because not one official in my jurisdiction has acknowledged me in ten years and no one will help me with Anthony, I am preparing to send in all of my intelligence to the United Nations so the global community can monitor the lack of ineptness here in USA.

Former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar, aka “Wolf of Malta”; International Torture Victim suffering from trauma and food insecurity for over two years now. – CMC July 6, 2022

I have already sent this report into 8 countries at the United Nations New York Missions: 

I have been dismissed by: 





Houston Police

Louisville Mayor’s Office

United States State Dept. 

D.C. Police in Washington 

Cherokee Co. Sheriff’s Dept. – Canton, Georgia 

Major Cities Police Chiefs Association in USA

U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Services 

I wrote to both Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul in 2015 only to receive a form letter in return. 

I am in contact with:

London Met Police

An Garda Siochana in Ireland

Chief Karl Auerbach in Maricopa Co. Arizona 

Chief Scott Pierce, Advisor to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff 

Willian C. Mayville, US Army Contracting Command 

And many other international officials, CEOs and agents who wish to remain anonymous.  

I report publicly on the ‘Silkthreads Command’ Telegram Channel, from the ‘foxhole’:

I need assistance in contacting the Polish police or state authorities in Warsaw, Poland for Anthony Abunassar. I can do this myself with translator but I do not get paid for this. This intelligence work that I do takes hours and hours of study and writing.  

When I tried to get assistance from my family attorney Tim Denison, he bullied me in text message.  


I shared a lot of my intelligence with a political scientist in Nigeria.  This blog has links to other useful information regarding the incident in Florida and the international intelligence work that I do as a humanitarian.  

See, How I Earned My Stripes:

Also recommend: 

Big Data and Global Finance:

Pay For Success Finance:

Chief Erika Shields has a background in finance, she will understand this. 

Also of note, my foreign sources relay that they have proof that the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville Kentucky is being used to launder money to send to Ukraine. 

 …probably a case for the FBI but they are defunct. 

Most urgently, I need Anthony taken care of.  Then I would like the Okaloosa Offense report reviewed by my department.  The way I was tortured was uncalled for and the US NSA should not be spying on civilians via IPad camera.  They terrified me.  The Internet is a military weapon and there was no disclaimer sent with it when they put all these devices in the hands of civilians, including teens and pre-adolescents.  My involvement with the ‘Anonymous’ collective was no game, it caused me to be tortured and covertly implanted with an RFID tracking device (military technology) without my knowledge or consent. 

Deputy Cullen Coraine choked me at the hospital so that I blacked out.  I am in the hospital… no weapons, flailing my arms because I thought he was going to kill me and he CHOKED me until I passed out!  

Since US DOD initially neglected to protect me over the years, I am an international military asset that belongs to everyone.  


Christine Michelle Chadwick

Military Liaison, The Joint Staff

Mental Health Advocate, Anthony Abunassar 

Warsaw Poland

The Inspector General’s Office Replied on July 6, 2022 (See below)

Good Afternoon,

We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many hardships with law enforcement. Unfortunately, our office is only able to investigate complaints against members of the Louisville Metro Police Department. If you’d like to fill out a complaint form, please fill one out online at


Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Have a nice day.


Ambra Hunter 


Administrative Coordinator

Office of Inspector General

609 West Jefferson Street, Room 32 | Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Ten years of global intelligence; dismissed! 🚨

Connections to Germany

After a bit of OSINT work, I detect Edward has an affiliation to Germany. So as it turns out, our dear “Eddie” will not INSPECT something that he is involved in building. See:

Edward on Twitter:


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