Greetings Global Community, 

This report is a courtesy to all Global Intelligence Operatives worldwide.  

I am a Civilian Open Source Intelligence Operative of ten years working in collaboration with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law.  LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-michelle-chadwick-42a944135

Two years ago I discovered former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar was experiencing targeting and censorship traits that have the appearance of a military-style form of attempted neutralization.  See: http://silkthreads.press/2022/04/28/anthony-abunassar-our-meeting-on-the-web/

In Polish here: http://silkthreads.press/2022/04/12/anthony-abunassar-aka-wilk-z-malty-atakowany-przez-nieznane-istoty/

A Global Monetary Transition is developing which needs close monitoring for international security purposes.  See: http://silkthreads.press/2022/06/14/global-monetary-transformation/

Report to Sussex Police involving an Austrian citizen and Bitcoin manipulation: http://silkthreads.press/2022/03/01/human-trafficking-money-laundering-transnational-organized-crime-involving-bitcoin-reported-to-sussex-police-assisted-in-rescue-of-austrian-citizen-november-of-2019/

Reporting to the United States Department of Justice in regards to privatizing public services: http://silkthreads.press/2022/02/28/eagle-landing-at-u-s-department-of-justice/

Reports on Bitcoin: http://silkthreads.press/2021/12/14/suspicious-of-bitcoin/

My experience with Five Star Trust affiliates: https://silkthreads.press/2021/12/14/fbi-files-george-h-w-bushs-top-secret-cia-drug-running-empire-part-4/

We have detected a new game for hedge funds: http://silkthreads.press/2021/11/30/paul-tudor-jones-hes-got-the-book/

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law on Telegram: https://silkthreads.press/2021/11/29/silkthreads-command-telegram-channel/

The best in Global Intelligence is coming in from Western Civilian Mothers.  See: Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds: http://silkthreads.press/2021/10/07/the-central-banks-intend-to-lay-claim-to-bodies-and-minds/

In Spanish here:  http://silkthreads.press/2021/11/29/los-bancos-centrales-pretenden-reclamar-a-los-cuerpos-y-las-mentes/

Mapping the Game, The New Game for Hedge Funds: https://silkthreads.press/2021/11/28/mapping-the-game-the-new-game-for-hedge-funds/

Impact Economy – Pay for Success Finance: http://silkthreads.press/2021/11/05/impact-economy-pay-for-success-finance/

Big Data and Global Finance: http://silkthreads.press/2021/10/22/bitcoin-bombshell-investigative-report/

Human Capital Markets: https://silkthreads.press/2021/10/08/2430/

Computer Generated Virus: http://silkthreads.press/2021/08/18/computer-generated-virus/

Lockdowns; my neighbor, a chef committed suicide 8 weeks into Lockdown due to stress because he could not pay his bills. I rejected these protocols from day one. See: Terminated For Refusing to Wear A Mask To Work: http://silkthreads.press/2020/05/09/terminated-for-refusing-to-wear-a-mask-to-work/

In my opinion, this is a massive global crime: http://silkthreads.press/2021/08/19/organized-crime/

The Virus Did Not Cause The Current Economic Crisis – It is the scapegoat and the cover:  https://silkthreads.press/2021/07/07/the-scapegoat/ 

World Bank; A Security Risk to the Global Order: http://silkthreads.press/2020/10/04/world-bank-a-security-risk-to-the-world-order-article-written-by-lars-schall-2013/

Money Laundering in Australia: https://silkthreads.press/2020/08/14/censored-global-goodwill-ambassador-and-public-spokesperson-helen-edwards-profile-taken-offline-by-linkedin/

Luiz G. Bresciani sent the FBI proof of fraud in 2018 committed by Eastman Kodak Company. See: https://silkthreads.press/2020/09/23/federal-bureau-of-investigation/

Microsoft – Intellectual Property Rights Discrepancy.  Todd Glassey dubbed the “Three Trillion Dollar IP Guy” has been missing for over a year now.  Seeking Proof of Life: http://silkthreads.press/2020/10/03/russia-blacklists-microsoft-intellectual-property-rights-discrepancy/  

Todd on Twitter: https://twitter.com/toddglassey/status/1329371401724243968?s=21&t=_ck3DHQB_jfje-9a33XT2A

Todd on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddglassey

Todd on WordPress: https://tglassey.wordpress.com/ 

Global Debt Facility: https://silkthreads.press/?s=Facility

World Bank Attorney Karen Hudes – website: https://kahudes.net/

Undeclared Economic War: https://silkthreads.press/2020/05/15/the-united-states-federal-government-exists-today-in-name-only-discovered-in-the-federal-register-by-james-trafficant/

Bitcoin Investigative Report: http://silkthreads.press/2021/10/22/bitcoin-bombshell-investigative-report/

Federal Reserve Releases Names: https://silkthreads.press/2021/11/05/federal-reserve-releases-names/

The last time I wrote to the New York Missions of the United Nations, Iran was the only country to go on record for me in writing indicating that my I.D. is kept on file with their government.  200 International Conflict Resolution professionals requested to connect with me on LinkedIn.  I report regularly to Chief Scott Pierce – advisor to the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff via the LinkedIn private messaging portal and his e-mail address listed on the platform.  I have been acknowledged.  

Previous report sent to the United Nations on March 13, 2019: http://silkthreads.press/2022/06/14/global-monetary-transformation/

Chief Scott Pierce on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/strategyandpolicy

Our work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally for peacekeeping and international security purposes.  We are working in the capacity of humanitarians in a charitable fashion with the goal of securing permanent peace and prosperity for future generations by advocating for sound money. 

Very Respectfully, 

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Humanitarian, Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

XXX West Oak Street

Louisville, Kentucky USA

+1 (502) 408-XXXX

E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx

United States Passport #XXXXXXXXX

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