Greetings Anonymous,

I am writing in regards to the continuation of our WhatsApp conversation. I became an activist during Occupy Wall Street while studying West African drumming and dance at Yale when I detected that not one agency was protecting the vulnerable from these big banks and institutions. This study was the foundation of the global intelligence networks I joined in 2011: The Network of Global Corporate Control:

I then started collaborating with Anonymous even though I am not a hacker but an Open Source Intelligence Operative. During this time (2013) I became privy to real military operations quite naively and I was eventually arrested and tortured for reporting on them. I will spare you the long history but this is how I became a multi-national, multi-dimensional military asset. I belong to everyone, but as a courtesy I report my findings to my contact at the Pentagon, Chief Scott Pierce advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Pentagon – U.S. Department of Defense

Around this same time I became privy to the hidden gold of the world and I also became aware that the World Bank and IMF are out of compliance according to the original articles of agreement that state that the bank is to be run by the executive directors and not the secretariat.  This is currently not being adhered to and a sort of “quiet clique” has formed within these institutions to bring them back into compliance.  This is my area of study and I work completely voluntarily in a charitable fashion to attempt to secure permanent peace and prosperity to future generations by advocating for sound money.  The time that I devote to these studies is a spiritual calling for me, not a vocation. 

This may sound unbelievable to you but basically, all of the big banks are insolvent.  They are now scrambling to try to prevent permanent gold backwardation.  This is when gold becomes hoarded to the point that no one will sell it for paper dollars.  See:

The best in Global Intelligence is coming in from Western Civilian Mothers. “ We are reaching a point where it is no longer sustainable in our present trajectory, in terms of consumption of material goods. This “Great Reset” that is being framed as stakeholder capitalism, like the newer kinder version of capitalism, will essentially mean conditioning people to “live” within smaller physical footprints & virtualized spaces in digital environments. We are being pushed into the virtual world. That is where the new economic model of capitalist growth is happening.” See: Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds

Alison McDowell, researcher and activist sho blogs at ‘Wrench In The Gears”

In 2013 I came across the work of political scientist Jacek Kugler who predicted the formation of the BRICS coalition.  His model also predicts that the G-77, Japan and Germany join this coalition along with the USA (minus the Federal Reserve) but of course that has not all happened yet. But this is how I knew to monitor this space.  Now these plans are slowly coming out into the open.  I can point you to this article which had great reception even in the West.   

Russia’s Sergey Glazyev introduces the new global financial system:

So a new monetary system is forming that challenges the Petro-dollar system and the ability to extend excessive money printing or QE. The new system being proposed runs on; energy, gold, and a basket of currencies. This system is now in the embryo stages but it is forming and it appears the charge is being lead by Sergey. My source, Peter Koenig is expecting a formal announcement by year end. His 2015 report on Iran:

So far, many countries organizations are collaborating on this new system;  The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU or EEU) includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) now includes China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, four Observer States interested in acceding to full membership (Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, and Mongolia) and six “Dialogue Partners” (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka) and India and Pakistan officially joined SCO as full members

I do not want to overwhelm you with too much information at once so maybe just stew on this for awhile.  I mainly observe things from a global perspective and I could use someone with your knowledge to assist in monitoring these developments and how they may affect USA so we can all prepare in advance for any major global shifts.  

The United States Government is currently banking on the Impact Economy and Public Private Partnerships to create a new monetary system that runs on mass surveillance tracked on Blockchain and data monetization. How will this compete with a new system that runs on a wealthy resource based economy?

The participants of the multi-polar world continue to grow and will not be stopped.  Win-win agreements will continue to replace the previous… They want their sovereignty back. 

I report on these subjects regularly on LinkedIn which sometimes gets up to 50,000 views: 



The next game changer?


I am not an expert on these subjects but I do put in the time. I will keep you posted of anything new of major significance that comes across my radar.

I have a passion for “keeping watch” for the purposes of protecting families, including yours.  

Kind regards, 

Miss Christine 

Humanitarian, Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

Louisville, Kentucky USA


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