Can we trust Bitcoin? We do not even know for certain who is behind it.

I am very suspicious of Bitcoin. In my files I have:

Anonymous agent lured into bitcoin mining – bank accounts hacked, life sabatoge, lost his home, now incarcerated for losing his temper.

A former Goldman Sachs VP, says he owned $30 billion worth of Bitcoin in May of 2020 – lost access to all funds, experienced life sabatoge and forced destitute in 6 months. Believes Bitcoin is A.I.

An Anonyomus hacker in Dundee Scotland relays that he was running an A.I. Program to catch pedophiles and that the US Gov stole all of his Bitcoin – ends up destitute, becomes entangled in mental health system ( Caresview) where he was given regular injections of, I do not know what. Ends up dying of unknown causes shortly after. Also believes Bitcoin is A.I.

Anonymous person lost life savings during last dip.

Anonymous person mortgaged their home to buy Bitcoin, experienced loss last dip.

Half a dozen Bitcoin scam cases ( Average loss: $20,000 )

Reports of Bitcoin Exit Scams – Nevada and International

Bitcoin is not a ‘money tree’ or a savior, it is the diversion while BlackRock buys up all the real tangible assets.

My assessment: Bitcoin is a PsyOP.

The next big trap will be the Impact Economy which aims to make children “data slaves” from cradle to grave:

“Crypto Currency is the trojan horse to lure people onto the Blockchain tech. They are tokenizing EVERYTHING, don’t just think currency. Social impact bonds and pay for success deals, are designed to be data-driven. It is the “impact metrics” that enable the world’s richest to profit off misery. The general idea is that social problems are assigned a cost, which creates an offset that is used to fund “evidence-based” “solutions.” The prison industrial complex, built to brutally extract profit from the Black bodies that were excessed by the previous phase of globalization is one of the largest cost-offsets.”

Source, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

From the ‘foxhole’ on Telegram:

LinkedIn Post:

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