In the meantime, Casey had begun to look upon himself as a demi-god, and knowing that the agency had to have funds for Col. North, he started to get very careless, files that we have obtained show that without consulting Helms, Casey set about establishing his own kingdom, with him as the emperor. He obtained help from the very depths of society, and put one Adler Berriman Seal in command of the drug road to obtain the funds for the North operation with the Contras. The agency had used Seal since 1981, as a contact man of the drug trade.

OBJECTIVES. Our documents show further that Casey ordered the subordination of drug enforcement to the goal of overthrowing Nicaraguas Sandinista government. Our information tells us that he allowed two Southern states to be used as major distribution points for Latin American narcotics, then he interfered with all attempts by local Police, and with our own FBI Agents to eradicate the problem.

Adler Berriman Seal was the most important organizer, facilitator, and impresario of the partnership between the CIA and organized crime. Seal earned over thirty million as his share of the drug smuggling, but what he loved more than money was the fact that he knew that we could not touch him, nor could any other agency of the United States. He loved to play the role of the back-slapping good “old boy” from Baton Rouge, and he loved flying.

Seal first encountered General Ferrera in early 1972, when he attempted to make money by helping the organizations dedicated to overthrowing Fidel Castro.

He emerged as a partner with one group with headquarters in Mexico. Seal agreed to smuggle seven tons of C-4 explosives to the Mexican base, from which General Ferrera was preparing to dispatch teams of saboteurs into Cuba. Ferrera had heard of Seal, and did not like him, so he had Seal arrested “for violating the neutrality act”, and yet, the case against Seal was thrown out by the Court. It was with the help of the operative in the exile group, who were CIA assets. They needed the flying expertise of Seal, and also, he had become a favorite of Casey. Seal was given the funds to establish his aviation consultant business in Latin America, and he ran across William R. Reeves, whom we have In our files as a notorious narcotics trafficker who specialized in smuggling huge loads of marijuana from Colombia In the U.S. The CIA had full knowledge of Seals total actions. He ran guns to the contras for Casey, and he always was found innocent of any accusations In the courts.

While all of this transpired, the CIA had to establish a connection with the king-pins of Columbian cocaine, for money was badly needed by North. Seal was ordered to make contact with the Medillin Cartel, and he was most successful in this. Pablo Escobar, Jorge Ochoa and Carlos Lehder wanted to smuggle in tons came to the fore when he inadverdantly stepped on the toes of Casey and almost destroyed the Contra movement. The General got wind that a second rate hoodlum, once a member of the CIA, was involved in the importation of all drugs into the United States. It appears that Ferrera had some “spare” time on his hands, so he asked some of his friends to do something about nEl Gordo”. Seal. He did not know, and if he did know he did not care, that Adler Berriman Seal, El Gordo, was in fact working for Director Casey, and was responsible only to Casey, and that by asking that Seal be “fixed” he was risking the toppling of the money-machine for Col. North. Never-the-less our tapes of phone conversations to the office of Director Casey show that General Ferrera informed him that he had information showing who the real leader of the drug cartel in the U.S. was, and that he wondered if he, Ferrera, would step on anyones toes if he stopped that “fat son-of-a-bitch”. Director Casey answered that no, he was not working for the Agency. Thirty seconds after the General concluded his call, Director Casey called Helms and informed him of the conversation. Helms was very upset with Casey, and ordered him to clean up his act or suffer the consequences. This order angered Casey, and he attempted to contact Seal, but he was not very successful. In the meantime, the Generals’ men were successful.

On the evening of February 19, 1986, at precisely 6:00 P.M., Adler Berriman Seal got out of his White Cadillac in the parking lot of his favorite restaurant in Miami. The General had his men hiding behind a dumpster. Seal took no precautions, and he did not see the waiting men as he backed into a parking spot. The men approached, according to witnesses, the drivers side. There were two quick bursts from the silence equipped MAC-10 and from an UZi submachine gun. 96 bullets smashed into Seals head and body. He was dead instantly. The Bureau has copies of all tapes of all conversations with Casey, as well as copies of al1 police reports.

Our documents show that as Director of the CIA, William J. Casey, without approval of Helms went into business with drug smugglers, allowing tons of narcotics to enter the country as a necessary cost of higher geo-political Nicaraguan problem. Congress was also about to cut off the money.

To prepare for that eventuality, Casey decided on secret operations to keep the anti-sandidnista forces, Contras, armed and supplied. With a need for strict secrecy in order to circumvent the law, Casey set about creating an operation that could not be traced back to the CIA. He copied the original guide-lines of the “Five”, known as Eagle II, down to the very last period. The only difference was that the people in charge where not the qualified Five. Casey even went so far as to name the operation “Eagle”, but when Helms heard rumors of an operation called “Eagle”, he asked Armitage if he was involved. The answer was negative, but we intercepted a conversation between Armitage and Casey In which Casey was informed of the suspicions of Helms. Casey changed the name to “Black-Eagle”. The operation proceeded through a Casey confidant, Micha Harare. Harare was the former head of operations in Central America for Mossad, Israelis’ CIA. Harare was a man steeped in the darker arts of modern espionage. He often stated that the “Eagle, Ferrera”, was the only man in the world that he feared, but that he was better than the Eagle because he could “pull the trigger”. Beginning in 1972, Harare was a key operative for Mossad murder squads that rampaged throughout Europe, killing key Palestinian guerrillas believed to be responsible for the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. In 1975, Harares’ hit team killed an innocent man in error, and Harare was exiled to Mexico City as Chief of Mossads Central American Operations.

Harare left the Israeli Intelligence service In 1978. In the interim, however, he had not only established close relations with the CIA, he had also forge important business contacts, among them Colonel Noriega of Panama, who had worked closely with Mossad.

While serving as Mossad asset, Harare went into the import-export business in Panama City. The link with his former agency was able to arrange twenty million worth of Israeli arms for the Panama military, plus Mossad training and Israeli made Uzi submachine guns for Noriegas Intelligence operatives.

of cocaine in single shipments, instead of hundreds of kilos by individual runners. Along came Seal with his airline, that In truth was the Casey airline. He established the perfect system for smuggling tons of cocaine…Now, Casey contacted a corrupt Colonel in the Panamanian Defense Forces, a Colonel that Casey had had on the CIA payroll- This Colonel was named Manuel Noriega, and he was the head of the Panamanian Defense Forces Intelligence Unit- Thus Noriega controlled a network of out of the way landing strips in Panama that he agreed to provide for the partners, Lehder and Seal. In return, Noriega was to receive a $500,000,000 cash bribe plus a one percent cut of the value of every shipment that came through Panama. Additionally, Panamas banking laws would be used by the CIA to launder the Medellin drug profits, In return for another, slice to Noriega. Finally, Casey had to agree to do all in his power to arm Noriega dn clandestinely see that Noriegas’ foes were eliminated so that Noriegas ambitions to become President of Panama could be reached.

This whole operation was the brain child of CIA Director Casey. As Casey saw the problem, the Soviet Union was bout to establish a Central American beachhead via the Sandintsta government of Nicaragua. The only solution was to eliminate the Sandinlsta regime. Since an out-right American military invasion was out of the question, and since the only CIA man who was a personal aquaintance of Noriega was General Ferrera, and since General Ferrera would not agree to drug smuggling in the the U.S., Casey began to formulate plans for a covert paramilitary operation to accomplish the task. However, to do this, he needed Ferrera. Thus, he first tried to break Ferrera, by giving us fake information and planting fake records in various parts of the country, with the idea to offer to “clean it up”, if Ferrera took command of the paramilitary group.

Essentially the plan was simple. Two groups of nicaraguan exiles—one based In Honduras and the other In Costa Rica-would be armed and trained for a Guerilla war inside Nicaragua that would eventually topple the regime. The difficulty was that congress was extremely nervous about the operation and questions were being asked whether an American sponsored war was the right way to solve the

with Horn is hard to understand, for we have no documentation that Horn is paying Ferrera, or that Ferrera is making any monies from his association with Horn. On the contrary, the partnership has cost Ferrera everything he could call his own. It appears that two opposites have been fated to meet for whatever reason, and each furnishes to the other what each needed. Ferrera seems to lead a charmed life, and all attempts to silence him, as ordered, have not been successful. We have orchestrated two attempts on the General within the past two years, failing in both. Now, none of our agencies can touch him, for he is under the protection of the White House. This agency feels that the Oval office knows that to cross the General would endanger the administration, but at the same time, they all agree that the General would take any blame for anything, rather than throw any shadows at the Presidency, as Colonel North was fast to do.

The Bureau has had as many as two dozen agents assigned to monitor all movements of Ferrera, but when he started to approach our agents and reprimand them for “terribly sloppy methods of trailing”, we just decided to abort.We cannot report why the Helms, duDaphne, Rothschild Cartel has not yet given the approval for Horn and his people to collect their funds. All the intelligence we can gather leads us to believe that it is all connected to the political situation In Japan, and that they are waiting for that to settle down before they allow the risk of release of the funds. That is the only manner of assuring themselves that the Japanese will play ball to the very end.

During the past year there have been 14 inquiries regarding the General, to various government agencies, and all can be traced to friends and/or associates of Marion Horn. We have taken all of our agents away from Marion Horn and all of his group and his “Trustees”, as ordered by Justice, and we have destroyed all documentation pertaining to them, so In closing, we must add that other Information to the Studebaker/Black Eagle affair must be obtained from the “non-existlng files” of the CIA. We are sure that If the General does not exist,then there are no files.

Gregg knew the right man for the overseers job, Felix Rodriguez, a fanatically anti-communist Cuban exile who had worked for Gregg and the CIA in Vietnam. Rodriquez volunteered his services to battle the Sandinistas. Gregg deputized him to oversee the distribution of illegal arms to the Contras, primarily as a staging area in El Salvador, Both Gregg and Bush have since denied knowing | anything of any illegal operations to arm the contras, until 1986, and it is unknown if Bush actually knew of Black Eagle. When Noriegas notoriety as a drug trafficker became widespread, the CIA concluded that it was time to put distance between him and the operation Black Eagle- Accordingly, a revised operation, code-name “Supermarket”, was set into motion by Casey.

Noriega would have a small and non-direct role in the “Supermarket” operation. Micha Harare, the former Mossad operative, was to take full command. His contact was U.S. LtCol. Oliver North. North himself would prove to be naive,’ saying he did not know that the bulk of the money was from narcotics.

This is as much information as this Bureau has been able to obtain for the moment, Senator, for in-as-much as from the minute that General Ferrera decided to fully support the Kentucky group, all papers have disappeared. We feel that the CIA wanted everything shredded, because Ferrera had too many personal operatives, loyal only to him, and he would eventually find out about the full operation, as he did with Seal.

When General Ferrera had Seal eliminated, he Inadvertantly toppled the source of funds for the Contras, for like a domino theory, with Seal gone everyone started to look out for their own hides, and one thing let to another, until the discovery of the so-called Iran-Contra-North affair.

As stated before, it is impossible to secure any new information on General Ferrera, other than that which we enclose copies of…it Is known, however, that as of this writing, the General Is pennyless, and still will not risk his government by allowing anyone to know of Ms dilema. The connection 1976 this did not prevent CIA Director Gush from approving Noriegas’ enrollment as a paid CIA asset… .working directly for Armitage.

In 1977, a report detailing drug dealing by Noriega and other Panamanian Military officers was sent by General Ferrera to the White House, where it disappeared.

When Adm. Turner replaced Bush as CIA Director, he dropped Noriega from the Agencys’ payroll, but the Panamanian was restored to the Agencys good graces when the Reagan administration came into office. General Ferrera and Spadafora continued to complain to the CIA about Noriega until Noriega found out about it from Casey in 1985. Noriega had Spadafora tortured to death, then dumped his body in a U.S. mail sack and mailed it to General Ferrera in Mexico City. This was Noriegas way of making a point. Ferrera, it is rumored, went under-cover, on his own, into Panama, and somehow made his way into the compound of General Noriega. There, in the Generals own bedroom, General Ferrera is said to have accosted Noriega, bound him up and personally cut off the testes of Noriega. Then he stuffed the testes into Noriegas mouth. The bureau recorded the incident in Its entirety, and the voices, with our hidden mikes, but somehow this whole documentation has disappeared from our vaults. The General injected Noriega with a full dose of Cocaine and left him bound in a drug stuppor. It is believed this is the cause of Noriegas cocaine addiction. Noriega cannot inform anyone because he would have to tell all that he is not “Macho”, and he lives in constant fear of Ferrera. He has even offered to make peace with Ferrera, but Ferrera has not paid attention to the overtures. Norlega, we have learned, revealed all about the Black Eagle operation to Castro.


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