All of this took a period of years, and it was not until after the Carter administration that any phase of the operation could be moved. When William Casey replaced Adm. Turner as Director of the CIA, the operation started again, and in 1983, November, the “perfect buyer” appeared. We want to point out here, Senator, that recent information has come to light that Armitage continued the operation by changing home bases, with the knowledge of Bush, but with the hands of Bush tied because of the information secreted by Armitage. We feel that certain steps are being taken to “eliminate” by “natural causes” Armitage, and his secret partner, Sununu, of whom I have given to you the proof of his bi-sexua11ty.

The word was put out into the world financial circles that there was available, at a great discount, a certificate of deposit, In Yen, Issued by the Mitsui Bank, Ltd. This brought hundreds of inquiries and offers to the dozen or so “agents” that had knowledge of this very mysterious C.D. One of these second and third rung agents was somehow put in communication with a Mr. Marion Horn, Jr., a.k.a., J.R. Horn, from Kentucky, and thus began to unfold the Kentucky connection.

Mr. Horn was the first perfect “buyer” to be found, for the buyer wanted by Helms and duDaphne had to be one that had a past record of mixing in financial transactions in the “gray” zone. Never anything illegal, but yet, on the borderline Mr. Horn, known as “J.R.”, was perfect because he was the consumate entrepenuer, developing projects without having the financial backing. It would not do to have anyone well known within the international financial circles, for the press would delve into it fully. Mr. Horn and “Eagle II” seemed to be made for each other, and they met at the perfect time in history. The death of Eagle II and the birth of a buyer came about.

Mr. Horn proved to be exactly what all concerned needed. He managed to do the right things at the right time, including the validation of the original copy of the CD by the Consular Office at the U.S. Embassy in Japan, one Frances Lide. (She disappeared for a while, but within the last year the General located her in Canada). The audacity of Horn is brought out here by the wording by the Consular Official, Lide……’This is to confirm and certify that the above mentioned cash deposit certificate is issued by the Mitsui Bank, Limited.,

Head Office Japan.”……All of this statement was basically correct. But, what was shown as an “original copy” of the CD was just that a copy of a CD. Also present were two minor assistant managers with Mltsul….Elji Usuyama and Akira Mishima, and by Takashi Takahashi, of the hundreds of attorneys of Mitsui. All three were given the “go-ahead” by Mitsui to do what they did, and in exchange, if anything happened to any of them, their families were to be compensated with One Million U.S. dollars by the Japanese government. All three have met their deaths in an identical fashion at the exact same spot and time. Their families have received the funds.

It was during this phase of the operation that Helms realized he needed funds for the aid of the “Contra” In Nicaragua. The only solution was to continue the operation, only this time it had to be put under the control of Armitage, With the full knowledge of Bush, but not of President RR, nor of now Gen. Ferrera. Ferrera had to be kept in the dark because of his total aversion to the drug trade. He was assigned to other missions by the agency as a way to keep him in the dark. Lt. Colonel Oliver North was brought in to run the operation. History has now proven that Colonel North was no General Ferrera.

To avoid any risk, Helms had to stop the sale of the CO. Fortune smiled on Helms, for the Horn group did not follow the prescise manner of cashing the instrument, trying to do it in a rather haphazard manner. This gave the door so Iizuka could be accused, along with the Horn people, of having “stolen” the CD, and thus, have all papers confiscated and everyone (except Iizuka, who was a participant with the government) be lost In jails in the Far East forever.

No trace… records. This would have been successful, except that as yet unknown persons came to the aid of Horn and he was allowed to leave. The Mitsui Bank and the Japanese government officially declared the instrument to be a stolen “Blank” and thus a forgery, and on 21 November of 1983, all was confiscated from one John Burns and Horn. This was carried out by the Commercial Crime Division of the Singapore CID, by the Chief Inspector, Chai Yong sSong… least that is what the records that we have copied show. At this point, Senator, how much is fact and how much is fiction is hard to tell….But, we believe that the records In our possession pretty much prove that all is about as close to fact as is possible in something like this.

As we have stated before, mistakes have been made by the Helms people, but not as major as allowing Armitage to be In charge of the continuation of Eagle It. The name was changed for the new operation to “Golden Triangle”, because none of the contacts established by General Ferrera for the purchase of the drugs could be used because the General would become aware of the situation, and thus he could blow the lid off the government participation. Again, present history now shows us that Armitage became the consumate double dealer, and the perfect “triple-crosser”. We have documentation that we have bought showing that Helms and the CIA are in possession of all the proof needed on the actions by Armitage. This Bureau estimates that Armitage has amassed a sum in excess of one hundred billion dollars. Our agents within the Oval Office inform us that they suspect that Armitage has invested all in Gold, and that the gold is deposited in various countries of the Pacific Rim. We will try to obtain full confirmation on this for you, Senator.

Now, when all of the papers and documentation from Horn were given to Inspector Chai, by one John Burns, the Japanese government put all to one side, waiting for a future date to once again try the operation “clean-up”. It was felt that at a future time, Mr. Marion Horn could again be used as the buyer, and thus the washer of the funds. We were constantly kept informed by our paid informant in the Far East, Mr. William Sim Meng Lyang, aka BUT Sim. Since that time, all concerned have been silenced in one manner or another, even to include a fringe player, one Fajr Hamid Pacha, now in Federal custody.

All would have worked to perfection, but Mr. Marion Horn felt that he was in too deep, and he had to do something to keep the wolves off his back, so he started to move every rock in the hope that the action would enable him to keep his head above water. Mr. Horn used the bad judgement of entrusting a former agency man (on the lowest ladder of the organization), who had been let go because of his mental instability and lack of trustworthiness. to “investigate” with the State department. This individual has proven to be of the perfect type to use as an informant, and we have so used him from time to time, to obtain information on all that Horn and his group are doing. We simply have people say to him that they are CIA agents and they need his help, and he spills. His name is John Binette, and the last known address in our files on him is listed as 60 Adams Street, Biddeford, Maine. This individual was assigned by Horn to visit State. The records at State show that a John Binette did in fact visit, but he spoke only to a receptionist and to a guard, one Timothy Hamilton, no longer at State. Hamilton heard the saga, and without seeing any of the documentation to better guide Binette, stated that If Ms. Lide had attested to the validity of the CO then it must be real Again, remember the wording on the consular validation. This was also followed by the filing of a claim against the United States Department of State, seeking the return of the CD, as the rightful property of U.S. Mortgage and Trust Co., Inc. A very respected attorney here in Washington, and a personal friend of mine, Willard C. McBride, was obtained by Horn to render a legal opinion on this whole matter, and He, McBride, is fully convinced of the validity of the U.S. Mortgage claim. We are positive that McBride is unaware of the real truth of this matter, and also that all documentation no longer exists. Any “copies” in the possession of anyone can be claimed to be fakes.

Horn started to make too many waves and he enlisted the help of many Influential individuals, including a friend of the Director of the Bureau, Mr. Alan Woofly. A decision was made, and that decision was that Marion Horn, Jr., and the U.S. Morgage and Trust Co., had to be stopped, and to this end, the agency used our informant, Binette, as a tool to set up Mr. Horn, and in so doing, discredit Horn in the International financial community, by having Horn included in the “non-qrata” book of Interpol and the World Banks. Until recently, Horns’ name appeared in that book, but as of this report, we find that the name has totally been erased from new Issues and all Interpol agencies and banks have been informed that It was an error to list Mr. Horn In the first place, (Senator Kennedy, this has the hand of Mr. Helms in it, for only he has the power to have this done world-wide).

As stated before, It was decided that Mr. Horn must be silenced, but without personal harm, for Helms felt that Horn actually believed he was within his rights. However, he had to be silenced, and the best manner of so doing was to fully discredit him. It was decided to bring In the General and tell him that this “J.R. HORN” was trying to cheat the government of the funds that were obtained by the Eagle II project, and the Mr. Horn was an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. General Ferrera had to be used because he was the only link that was trusted by the powers In Singapore, under the leadership of Ed Ong, and by the powers in Japan. Ferrera agreed to personally get all of the Information needed to “put Horn away”, and for this it was arranged to have Horn and Ferrera meet. How this was finally accomplished, this Bureau has not been able to as yet confirm.

Ferrera started his investigation, using his world-wide contacts and private organization of intelligence, and during his findings he also started to discover the names of our agents within the CIA, as well as our agents in the U.S. Embassies abroad. He started to feed that Information, along with the documentation, to a very good friend of his, William Casey, who had taken over the Agency from Adm. Turner in 1981. Per the orders of the former director, we set out to destroy any credibility that General Ferrera might have In this regard. We used paid informants and “runners” plus a plant, to attempt this. We forged the name of my friend, McBride, as well as other signatures and documents, in an attempt to show that the General was trying to sell the CD for his own personal gain, and that the General was not the “li1y-white” patriot all thought him to be. We used three people in this respect, all of them former felons that had been aided back on their feet by Ferrera, thus, he trusted them. We paid for the transport to Kentucky to show the “evidence” to Horn. We have never been sure as to why this mission of ours failed, but it did, and the General doubled his efforts to “destroy” Horn, for now he was sure that Horn was using all means to get Ferrera off the case for the Bureau.

Now all took a turn In favor of Helms, duDaphne, Rothschild, and strange as it may seem, Marion Horn. This came about because Ferrera kept digging and digging, and the more he dug, the more he became convince that Horn was an innocent victim who had been used by the agency (which was true), and that Horn was as big a “Red, White and Blue” patriot as could be found. Ferrera was by now convinced that Horn was simply a super entrepreneur who had managed to out-hustle the hustlers. We have no idea, nor have we found any documentation that will show us why a hard-boiled General like Ferrera would suddenly look upon someone like Horn as a Son that had to be protected from the “mean guys”, but that appears to be what has happened. We have copies of expenditures by Ferrera as well as his bank statements, that show us that he has used over half-million of his personal funds to buy gifts worth tens and tens of thousands of dollars and given them to people like Ed Ong, Baron deMonchey, 3 Prime Ministers of Japan, and others, such as the speaker of the House of Commons in England, telling them all that the gifts were sent to them by Marion Horn, thanking them for their efforts in seeking out the truth and reaching a solution to the “Studebaker” matter. Ferrera in fact, did find the perfect solution that allowed all to save “FACE”, wash the funds and pay Horn.

This matter has now been resolved, we are informed by Binette, and Horn is within weeks, if not days, of obtaining all of the funds…repeat….all of the funds from the CD, and Binette further informs us that all IRS taxes have been forgiven to a phony front trust, called “Five Star Trust”, that has been set up as a cover for Horn. The Bureau has tried to Investigate this, as well as investigate Horns’ present workings, but as in the case of Ferrera, we have met with stone walls, and the orders have now come down directly from Justice and State that Horn and Ferrera are to be considered “untouchables”, and all inquiries regarding them are to be stopped immediately, as well as all of the documentation In our files being shredded. This has been done, but we have not done so. until this report was. completed for you, Senator. There was a third name added to the “protected” list, that of the accountant for Mr. Horn, one William Clancy. In closing this part of the Studebaker report, we must sadly state that our main source of information, Binette, is so fearful now of the General that he has informed us that he will no longer cooperate with us, and that he will side with the General. It seems that the General ordered that a “fright” be put into Binette, in the form of a slight heart attack solution, and Binette feels that if he does not cooperate with Horn and the General, the attack will become fatal. He Is probably correct. The man is truly a coward.


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