Col. Bradley (BlackHat Espeed) Burns
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Who is Bradley Burns?

Brad’s LinkedIn profile reads:

My grandfather Charles Burns was Allied Tank commander in WWII that worked directly with MI6 Cowgill, I am forever in debt to the US Military elder service members and I will never stop working for those that worked for me before I could work for them.

I am a Linux Programmer, and I specialize in RedHat and Slackware based enterprise platforms including DentOS. I work with thousands of packages related to the above distributions. I can tell you about companies that exist only in other countries I am very interested in working with other programmers anywhere in the world. I employ a web based team of 10-40 contracted web programmers that develop websites and professional networking for corporations around the globe. I capture projects and make them available to my development team. If you are an internet troll browsing through my profile looking for someway to find out if I’m real or not, please keep in mind that I have been programming in Linux environments since I was 14 years old. The only reason I would support a Microsoft environment is if someone paid me to do so. My platforms and products that I design will always be Linux based. I am currently looking for financing to further my knowledge in ARM based processor programming and mobile designs to further my customized tablet operating system.

I was reverse engineering software since before I could legally drive, and that was full on production environments. I have coordinated many team oriented software development projects. I can steam roll code and I have built a Linux Operating system that could very well become a foundation platform and it is based off Slackware. I work with hundreds of different sub software under all major RedHat and Slackware platforms. I’ve worked with Debian quite a lot but I do not consider it stable enough or secure enough to build any type of enterprise platform on top of it.

Specialties: Physical Product Architecture, Media Device Design, eCommerce Programming, Web Development, Linux Server Configuration, Network Installations, CCNA Level Network Voice & Data Cabling, CentOS, Susie, Slackware, RedHat, cPanel/WHM, security Loopholes and Patches, Soldering


I first met Brad many years ago online during my Anonymous days when I collaborated with the Open Source Intelligence Operatives online. I am guessing we were first connected around 2012 and have kept in touch ever since. Brad was kind enough to check on my well-being when I was having difficulty with remote military grade weaponry attacks while providing counterintelligence and protective services to targeted Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne – CMC

Brad Reports He Uncovered Unemployment Fraud In State of Kentucky

Brad on LinkedIn, “not only could I have fixed the unemployment system in Kentucky the first week they threw me in jail, but 3 years to fix it is a complete lie.. the software to do this has already been created and is being successfully managed in 37 other states including Virginia.. but apparently cloning software and deploying it takes 3 years… what morons …”

Kentucky State Police FBI Investigation

Brad’s Statement on LinkedIn

United States Vs. Kentucky State Police

Posted By Bradley Burns On LinkedIn June 2021
Brad posts to LinkedIn

Bradley Burns LinkedIn Post August 2021

“I openly challenge the University Of Kentucky quoted economics professor to compare the last 7 years of tax returns to mine as well as Andy Beshear, in this contest tax money income doesn’t count, so by default they both lose to me instantly. Unless they are paying themselves hundreds of thousands by their own taxed boot straps no tax money should be considered income, by this logic a politician would be more successful declining a salary because they ran their own financial logic instead of pushing the truck from inside the bed… it’s also wicked impossible for me to expect a salary of money that came from 170k peoples non existent income… while they starved and scrounged for food because of a defacto inadequate operation of their government, if you don’t have tax status of 10-100m before running for office I feel like just you just can’t… there is no way to have government administration autonomy if you don’t even understand how the financial system is supposed to work in your own country.. they lost to me over 5 years ago, in 2017 my personal income tax was 4x larger than Andy Beshears… and on top of that all his income came from your tax money and mine came from private sector capital at a tax angle that literally pays his salary fast forward to 2021and its over 10m… I’m literally paying for him and all his staff to “Character Assassinate” me.. it’s a dead fact that if his dad would have given me what I politely asked for back in 2013 when I was Mining Bitcoin under $1000 then Kentucky would be one of the richest states in the country but instead you lost one of your highest tax paying constituents because your defense was a straight lie… I feel like the judge yall tried to bring this case is already mad as hell at them and he has every right to be, don’t even try to act like I’m a biggot or a racist either that’s a damn lie, I respect the judge more than they do..”

Link to post:

Bradley Burns – Leaving Kentucky

“sorry guys I had to leave Kentucky, the third attempted murder of myself was enough, Andy Beshear stole everything I own, stole over $10,000 in unemployment benefits, the state is literally falling apart, yall should do something before you have to auction it to Indianna people are dying and being robbed by the Beshear family for everything they own, I had to Abandon my home because they were about to cut 60% of the power off in that state and they literally owe 200,000 people money… if you ever go back to KY you might want to travel in a SWAT APC… because you are going to need to fill that up and single handedly throw The Beshear family out first or else they will just steal everything you own claim mental illness and drug you to death, I would expect behavior like this from Adolf Hitler… so yeah go big blue! lmfao sinking like the titanic”

LinkedIn Post:

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