Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor Jones Investments

Independent researcher Alison McDowell explains on her blog that Moneyball For Government is Mining Poverty in Philadelphia.

If data is the new oil, how do you imagine this new frontier will be conquered?



“Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A’s, transformed baseball by ignoring the scouts and using data to build championship contending teams despite limited budgets.

Moneyball for Government, a project of Results for America, encourages governments at all levels to increase their use of evidence and data when investing limited taxpayer dollars. By playing Moneyball…”

Must see cheesy video series here: ⚾️

“Philadelphias’ deep poverty is venture capital’s new profit center.

Social Impact Investing is deceptively branded as “doing well by doing good.” This emerging capital market claims to seek “measurable social benefits” alongside financial returns.

In reality, the model aims to privatize public services through rigged outcomes-based government contracts.” 🚨

See Alison McDowell’s VIDEO explaining what a Social Impact Bond is in 2 minutes:

Website for Moneyball For Government:
Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Full Organ!
Michael Bloomberg is one of the Moneyball for Government All-Stars as a founding member. See full list her which includes Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department (G. W. Bush): Henry Paulson.

Moneyball For Government: Poverty Mining in Philadelphia

Independent researcher Alison McDowell pieces together the global plan to revamp capitalism through the Impact Economy or “Pay for Success Finance”, as a way to turn the global economy around. This mammoth system is currently being built by many but understood by a few.

The “Pay for Success” Finance Model Works As Follows:

Moneyball for Government is part of Results for America which is connected to Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Living Cities and City Accelorator ties into programs for data driven government solutions known as Innovative Governance.

Members include: Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and Bank of America, among others.

City Accelerator

The Citi Foundation and Living Cities launched the City Accelerator in 2014 to foster innovation and promote collaboration between urban leaders to tackle some of their cities’ most pressing issues. The City Accelerator has selected 32 U.S. cities to pilot innovative efforts that generate economic opportunities for low-income populations and help municipalities.

City Accelerator by Citi Bank website:

Living Cities website:


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are being used as a cover while governments sell us off to the highest bidder, and all of natural life becomes the new frontier for data monetization in the digital world as we creep ever closer to a one world government and centralized control.

If you do not understand Impact Investing and Human Capital Bonds, you will not understand the rules of this new game.

“Seventeen goals were adopted by the 193 member states of the United Nations in 2015. The stated intention was to eliminate poverty and protect the planet.

They’ve essentially set the rules for the global hedge fund game that will run on data extracted from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

There are two parallel programs of financialization: 1) people as human capital and 2) nature: carbon, energy, stormwater, etc.

The sensor networks will be incorporated into smart city planning…

In 2009 the UN advanced a Global Green Deal. The policy brief was prepared in the aftermath of the housing crisis with the intention of directing stimulus money into “green” economic activities managed through the The World Bank, centering technology and innovative finance.

2009 was also the year the The Global Impact Investing Network was founded.

Today, the United Nations Development Program is working in cooperation with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to set global standards for impact measurement that will drive investment, in part, into SDG projects. This effort, the Impact Management Project, has too many participants to list (2,000!) but includes Ronald Cohen’s Social Finance, Bain & Company spin-off, The Bridgespan Group and Larry Fink’s BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world.” – Alison McDowell


“It’s about financializing the productivity of bees, “ecosystem services” to profit social impact markets. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has robo-pollinators ready to go. Due to EMF and nano-particles most invertebrates will die, food grown in warehouses. That is what World Economic Forum is about.

– Alison McDowell on Twitter:

Read full report here: “Sustainability” for Financiers: What Climate Marchers Need to Know About the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Robin Hood Foundation:

New game for hedge funds…

Paul Tudor Jones who made his fortune in cotton futures founded the The Robin Hood Foundation. The Robin Hood Foundation is very active in Impact Investing which privatizes public welfare services through public / private partnerships.

Why so many hedge funds involved? It starts to make sense when you realize the endgame is to create a futures market in Human Capital Bonds so that the hedge funds can keep thier casino going.

See, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

Robin Hood is a left-leaning nonprofit associated with the financial industry that has been criticized for ineffectiveness at its stated mission of alleviating poverty in New York City despite massive fundraising successes.

Founded by in 1988 by hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, it has been described by the The New York Times as “a favorite charity on Wall Street and among hedge funds,” leveraging its connections to wealthy hedge fund and financial industry leaders to become the largest grantmaking organization of its kind in New York City.

Some of its high-profile supporters have included disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, hedge fund billionaire George Soros, former Soros associate and hedge fund billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, Children’s Defense Fund leader Marian Wright Edelman, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, The Home Depot co-founder Kenneth G. Langone, former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, ABC News host Diane Sawyer, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and the CEOs of major companies such as Lehman Brothers, GE, Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns Asset Management, and Universal Music Group.

Robin Hood has been criticized for a lack of transparency that is at odds with the reporting and metrics-driven demands it makes of grant recipients, as well as for its connection to hedge fund industry groups that advocate for favorable tax treatment that decreases revenues to governments that provide public services to low-income residents.

Robin Hood has raised more than $3 billion.


STAKEHOLDERS – Robin Hood Foundation

The emeritus Board of The Robin Hood foundation’s saints of stakeholder capitalism. 😇

Notice Jes Stanley former CEO of Barclays no longer has a title.

This is the crew promising to turn the global economy around through Impact Investing. Essentially it is data mining the poor to profit hedge funds.

Board of Directors of the Robin Hood Foundation:


The U.S. Government is planning on privatizing public services and handing over powers to mandated agencies.

Federal Reserve System & Uncle Sam hope to turn the economy around by data mining / monetisation of; children, students and the poor. A system that runs on mass surveillance, Blockchain, Tokens and Smart Contracts.

Saule Omarova is the Biden administration nominee to become
Comptroller of the currency at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

In this podcast she is speaking at the Jain Family Institute. The original VIDEO is entitled, Social Wealth Seminar with Saule Omarova on a National Investment Authority:

The Jain Family Institute is a nonprofit applied research organization founded in 2014 by Bob Jain. Bob was at Credit Suisse for 20 years and now advocates for Universal Basic Income.

Jain Family Institute website:

What is a National Investment Authority?

The National Investment Authority (NIA) is a proposed new federal entity, modeled after the New Deal-era Reconstruction Finance Corporation. See:

Saule Omarova, President Joe Biden’s nominee for the comptroller of the currency, is scheduled to testify in front of the Senate Banking Committee this Thursday, November 18, 2021


The proposed NIA would be made up of two components: a “National Infrastructure Bank (NIB), as well as and a National Management Corporation (which she nicknames “Nicki Mac”), which would serve to invest in green technologies. A 2020 article published in The New York Times reported that the proposed NIA would function in a manner similar to the Federal Reserve, and compared the NIA framework to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation created in 1932.


Saule Omarova is the Biden administration nominee to become
Comptroller of the currency at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Saule is actually saying the quiet parts out loud. She eludes to the fact that now the public will not feel cheated out of their pensions becasue there is this new game being set up at the Fed. Basically, it is about keeping capital moving and here is proposed a never ending circle as in her words, “ Finance is like a shark, it never stops”.

(Ahem) It can’t stop or the whole system falls apart. Here is the global financiers savior strategy; stakeholder capitalism through public / private partnerships.

(Psst) It is a fake game.

(A Thread) on Podcast by Adam Curry at “Noodle Mensch”.

“Focus first on 34:00 if you don’t have time to listen to full Ep. Understand the signal.” – Texas Slim on Twitter



“Our Global Coaliton for the Rule of Law is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally. We believe that in order to solve our most complex problems, first we must face the truth.

The truth that we are focused on as of late is the Impact Economy, the new game being built for hedge funds. The Impact Economy is how the central banks, United Nations, The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the World Economic Forum plan on turning the global economy around…

By tracking and data mining our most vulnerable for profit.”

See, Impact Economy / Pay for Success Finance: – Christine Michelle Chadwick, Counterintelligence, Global Accounts USA November 30, 2021

Christine Michelle Chadwick on LinkedIn:

The Impact Econmy is a plan by the global financiers to privatize public services in education, health, housing etc for purposes of data monetization to profit hedge funds in a Human Capital Bond futures market. This game is being built right now in a “hush hush” manner ( as no media is exposing this ) and a key figure is Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor Investments who is also the founder and CEO of the The Robin Hood Foundation. Every year he hosts a benefit gala for the foundation. Everyone who is anyone wants to attend this famous gala because…

Paul has “the book”. The book of formulas that holds the metrics to the Social Impact Investments that the game runs on. The Robin Hood Foundation is a poverty tracker and a testing ground for several Social Impact pilot projects.

Robin Hood Foundation website here: Website here:

This new game is being sold to us a benevolent but the truth of the matter is that Paul Tudor Jones made his fortune in cotton futures and we have detected that this latest “game” is an outward sign of the degradation of late stage capitalism as it is, in essence, DIGITAL SLAVERY by data mining the poor for profit.

…just an extension of exploitation under the guise of “doing good”. This is Stakholder Capitalism, and what they are claiming, is the life force of bodies and minds.

Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

This year in 2021 the benefit gala held at the Jacob Javits Center brought in $77.5 million.


Full Intelligence briefing here with VIDEO at, Moneyball For Government: Poverty Mining in Philadelphia:

See also, Biden’s nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency:

Slide share here:

Promise Zones – Poverty Mining

Slide share from ‘Moneyball For Government; Poverty Mining in Philadelphia by Alison McDowell:

Designing the game. Public / Private Partnership are innovative debt products facilitated by the privatization of public welfare services in health, housing and education, to name a few.

Paul Tudor Jones of The Robin Hood Foundation and Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros’s former fund manager have been teaming up and for the past 20 years. These two men have been using The Robin Hood Foundation to fund a 167 page book.

This book of equations calculates the economic return on various Social Impact Investments; if you give a poor kid glasses, if you give their aunt housing, if you solve their parents addiction…

Geoffrey Canada who was in charge of Harlem Children’s Zone now has his own consulting firm and he goes around to all the “Promise Zones” around the country to pitch all inclusive wrap around services which allows data monitoring over the entire span of a child’s school years. This raises the concerns about long term surveillance, not only is it creepy, it normalizes it.

Harlem Children’s Zone website:

💰 The consulting firm that billionaires turn to when they give away money – Bridgespan

Spun out of the consulting firm Bain & Company as a nonprofit, The Bridgespan Group is one of a host of groups that arose in the early 2000s as a new wave of giving led by tech billionaires was beginning to crest:

The Federal government designated 22 place based collective community development Promise Zonesover three years beginning in 2014. Fourteen are urban, four are rural, and four are tribal. See the list of cities here:

Opportunity Zones from the National Coalition of Promise Zones.

Link to Moneyball For Governmet; Poverty Mining in Philadelphia by Alison McDowell (VIDEO):

Nothing new under the sun; mine the poor to fatten the rich. Predatory philanthropy is in need of major scrutiny.

– Christine Michelle Chadwick, Counterintelligence, Global Accounts, Global Coalition for the Rule of Law. November 30, 2021

LinkedIn profile:

Certificate of Ambassadorship:

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