Interactive map by Alison McDowell who writes at ‘Wrench in the Gears’.

The Impact Economy is how the United Nations, The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the World Economic Forum plan on turning the global economy around. By monetizing our collective data (and eventually all of natural life) to build a futures market in human capital bonds.

Independent researcher Alison McDowell from Philadelphia has documented interlocking interests starting from Pegasus Park. This park is a 23-acre future-focused campus in Dallas, Texas that encourages collaboration, problem solving, and a healthy dose of good fun.

“State-of-the-art facilities where life science and healthcare innovators turn their discoveries into high-performing ventures.

Flexible office space and community to enable the social impact sector to collaborate and solve big problems.”

Pegasus Park website:

What are the “high performing ventures” you may ask?

This map includes connections between; U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research labs, Japan Moonshot Project, Nano Systems and Technology, Zyvex Labs, Texas Instruments, Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Goldman Sachs, MacArthur Foundation, TACC, Dallas Independent School District, Data Trust, Dell Technologies and many more.

See, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

Link to interactive map:

If you click on a circle or line a sidebar should open with a source link. Zoom out. It is a big map.

Alison McDowell on Twitter:

See also, Impact Economy – Pay for Success Finance:


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