Jerome Powell 16th chair of the Federal Reserve

“Federal Reserve Bank of New York has posted the names of the banks that grabbed billions under the Fed’s emergency repo loans.

Repo loan operations that commenced on September 17, 2019 – months before there was a COVID-19 crisis anywhere in the world.

The emergency repo loans were made via Open Market operations at the New York Fed.

The fact that so many huge loans ended up going to foreign banks, as well as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Securities, suggests that this was a derivatives counterparty problem, potentially triggered by Deutsche Bank’s crisis at the time.

Deutsche Bank is a major derivatives counterparty to Wall Street mega banks. It was having serious problems throughout 2019. Its attempt to merge with Commerzbank fell through in April 2019. Its share price had lost 90 percent of its value over the prior dozen years and was trading close to an historic low in September 2019.

On September 27, Deutsche Bank took a $3 billion 14-day term loan and rolled over $6 billion in a 3-day loan.

The current data for the last 14 days of September 2019 shows that Goldman Sachs and Nomura Securities International (part of a Japanese financial firm) borrowed huge sums under the Fed’s 14-day term repo loans. Goldman Sachs had $29.6 billion in 14-day term repo loans outstanding by September 27, then took an additional $5 billion one-day repo loan on September 30. Nomura, by September 27, had $30 billion outstanding in 14-day term loans.

On September 27, JPMorgan Securities had a total of $20 billion in 14-day term repo loans outstanding. On September 30, JPMorgan Securities took an additional $8 billion one day repo loan.

On the first day of the emergency repo loan operations on September 17, the New York Fed provided a total of $53.15 billion in one-day repo loans. JPMorgan Securities was the largest borrower at $7.6 billion or 14 percent of the total. JPMorgan Chase, the parent organization, owns the largest depository bank in the United States. At that point in time, JPMorgan Chase held $1.6 trillion in deposits. Why would it need to borrow $7.6 billion from the New York Fed on the very first day the emergency repo loan operations opened?

It’s long past the time for the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee to get to the bottom of what the financial panic that started on September 17, 2019 was all about.”

Read full report here:

See full list of names here:

Larry Fink gives the cue, “Go Direct”!

Larry Fink CEO of BlackRock


“BlackRock is the world’s largest asset management company with over $9 trillion in assets, is one of the top two shareholders of over 1,600 American firms, was involved in the clean up of the 2008 financial meltdown, pulled off the biggest scandal in history with the Federal Reserve last year, and is changing the way banks and financial institutions monitor your money while creating a new climate scoring system as another way to control your funds. Their finger isn’t just on the pulse, it’s on the lever.

BlackRock was founded by Laurence (Larry) Fink in 1988 under the corporate umbrella of The Blackstone group, later split from Blackstone in 1994, and went public in 1999. If Larry Fink isn’t on your radar, you better start paying attention. Familiarize yourself with what BlackRock is behind, what they’ve already done to negatively impact you and our economy, and what’s coming down the pike so you can stay ahead of it. Here is a very important suggested read:

Going Direct Reset Summary

Larry Fink implemented the “Going Direct Reset” in March 2020 with the Federal Reserve, when the Fed created new reserves in the wholesale monetary circuit to effect the parallel creation of new bank money in the retail circuit, to the tune of $3.5 trillion.

The Fed appointed BlackRock to assist them in executing the $3.5 trillion plan – the plan that was devised by BlackRock in August 2019, four months before the virus was announced to have hit the U.S. When reviewing the Going Direct Reset timeline alongside the so-called pandemic, it’s a real eye-opener.”

See also:

Larry & Carstens’ Excellent Pandemic (VIDEO) by John Titus


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