Credit to Alison McDowell who writes at Wrench in the Gears. Link to blog:


“Through predatory public-private partnerships, global financiers are in the process of digitizing not only our education system, but many other aspects of public service delivery. This 10-minute video provides an overview of “Pay For Success” and social impact bonds, detailing how their operations hinge on intrusive and oppressive collection of data from our classrooms, homes, jails, and clinics:


By defining “success” in narrow terms suited to outcomes-based contracting, powerful investors will control how public services are delivered. Securitization of debt associated with program operations will turn our lives, including those of our children, into fodder for financial speculation. YouTube originally categorized this video as a comedy; perhaps based on the whimsical nature of the collages. After watching it, however, I’m confident you’ll see it’s truly a horror show. A slide share version of the video can be viewed here and a PDF of the script is available here:

The artwork was prepared with scissors and construction paper at my kitchen table with the goal of making this critical information accessible to a wider audience. My hope is that it will pique your interest and spur you to explore the linked resources that follow.”

  • Read full report by author Alison McDowell

“The way impact investing is being instituted without knowledge or consent of the public is unconscionable.” – Deb Mayer

For larger context see, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

We Are Being Colonized By Silicon Valley!

Blockchain Healthcare Challenge 2016 – We are being colonized by Silicon Valley!

The Last American Vagabond (TLAV) is not telling us the whole truth.

Twitter thread from independent researcher Alison McDowell

“Thinking about Dept of Energy, Oak Ridge & Tennessee where TLAV Ryan Christian is based – outside Nashville.

The Last American Vagabond Link:

Do you think they’re not aware of plans for PRIVATE investment markets in health outcomes tied to medicare EHR and wearables? Hashed Health is in Nashville. YouTube video – Derrick Broze Interview – Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc. & The Future Of Bioengineered “Healthcare” Link:

Listen to the longer talk. The framing is that the threat originates OUTSIDE the US – that with some mental gymnastics the World Economic Forum isn’t also US? Hashed Health is in Cristian’s back yard. They’ve been in on blockchain EHR Medicaid for years. See John Bass. Link:

They are putting the masses on blockchain electronic health records so private investors can package and securitize health behaviors. The problem is the public private partnership – not the government alone. The state is doing BlackRock’s bidding here.


Before Bass founded Hashed Health he was the CEO of a technology-based company (InVivoLink) that used predictive analytics in connection with outcomes-based health reimbursement – “evidence based.” This will be used by the social determinants of health Social Impact Investments.


Also John Bass – health supply chain management. Seems like the private sector to me. See:

Link: GHX

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