We are witnessing the most massive global organized crime scene in history.

The governments do not care about your health. There is an agenda going on here:

  1. Exaggerate the flu
  2. Inject
  3. Track and Trace
  4. Digital I.D. on Blockchain
  5. Capture Data
  6. Gather metrics through surveillance
  7. Monetize Data = Public/Private Partnerships
  8. Bundle up new debt products in Human Capital Bonds
  9. Hedge funds bet on the winners and losers to keep their casino going.

Where is our clean-up!?

The Global Coaliton for the Rule of Law has mapped all of the money and power behind this contrived scheme and I can’t even get the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to give me a ring back.

Every single person working in security, intelligence and defense should be concerned because this is the plan for your pensions; modern digital slavery known as the Impact Economy.

“Once you get that it’s not about injections it’s about turning living beings into batteries…” – Alison McDowell on Twitter


Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

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