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This 2020 Deloitte white paper is meant to teach CIOs about spatial web smart contracts, Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality. This is what is being planned for our future.

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Note the background of the authors.

“Note the background of the authors. See that Bechtel is a professor at Notre Dame. Notre Dame is collaborating closely with the Vatican Bank on social impact finance. I wrote about that here.” – A. M.

Link to Blog at Wrench In The Gears on “Doctrine of Discovery Redux: The Vatican’s Plans For Impact Investing” :

Relationship map on Alison’s Blog.
The interactive version has been censored by LittleSis and is no longer available online.

Understanding the Spatial Web

“The game board. In this future your ability to interact with the built environment will be determined by your status – the tokens you have in your blockchain wallet, your digital identity. This is what will turn our world into an open-air prison. Maybe a nice prison for some…” – A.M.

The three layers of the spatial web; spatial interactive, digital information, physical layer.

New Forms of Incarceration

“Incarceration is the cost-offset for MANY social impact bonds. They’ve done all they can to boost the numbers. Now, the incarceration model is changing – new forms of digital incarceration tied to UN SDG behavioral compliance. I wrote about the shift here.” – A.M.

Prison “Reform” To Incarcerate The World: “Smart” Justice & Global Finance Link:

Big Data Sensors

“You can see the set up for big data sensors, quantum computation (the panopitcon tied to UN SDGs), and wearable / implantable tech interface. The spatial web runs on blockchain. That column on the right starts in 2020s.” – A.M.

Three tiers of IT infrastructure and building the Spatial Web. The bottom information tier will contain permanent records on Blockchain.

Innovation fueling the Spatial Web: Related patents 2009 – 2019

“You can see a chart of patents here. Hmmm… some big names out there touting their expertise tracking bio-tech patents. But is the goal to keep everyone narrowly focused on Covid while the big game rolls out? Who’s talking patents related to the spatial web? We all need to be.” – A.M.

Yearly patent publications related to the interaction layer have experienced an almost threefold rise. Computational technologies and data-related technologies have grown at an even faster rate.

The Elimination of Boundaries

“Understand intuitive interactions within the context of neuro-marketing, neuro-economics, neuro-weapons, and psychological warfare. Ask targeted individuals about highly-contextualized experiences. TPTB may be efficient in their communication, but it’s NOT AT ALL “entertaining.” – A.M.

The advancement of the Spatial Web will bring new risks to monitor.

The Hive Mind Metaverse

“Note these phases – augment humans (wearables – nanomachines); optimize them (Taylorism without regard to bodily and cognitive autonomy); unifiy everything (mash it all into a hivemind metaverse). This is pretty intense.” – A.M.

Stage three: Unification of everything.

Perpetual Pandemic

“Perpetual pandemic is the means by which employers and bureaucrats can coerce humans into wearable tech augmentation. How many of us had ever heard the phrase PPE before last March? PPE = cover for augmentation. That’s how they will normalize biosurveillance – digital “safety.” – A.M.

“Pushing us into Transhumanism which is a cover and a swindle for coveted modern digital slavery” – CMC

Humans ARE the “equipment” to be optimized on blockchain.

“What if Friedrich Winslow Taylor had had access to digital twins during his research on scientific management in the 1910s? I talk about his R&D on defense munition contracts at Midvale Steel here. Humans ARE the “equipment” to be optimized on blockchain.” – A.M.

Frederick Winslow Taylor (March 20, 1856 – March 21, 1915) was an American mechanical engineer. He was widely known for his methods to improve industrial efficiency.[1] He was one of the first management consultants.[2] Taylor was one of the intellectual leaders of the Efficiency Movement and his ideas, broadly conceived, were highly influential in the Progressive Era (1890s–1920s). Wikipedia:
Transmuting Frederich Winslow Taylor’s Scientific Management-Fern Hill Park & Midvale Steel 7/27/21 Alison McDowell on YouTube:
Link to Tweet:

Graphene-ated Flat Stanleys

Flat Stanley on Wikipedia:

“We don’t want to live as an avatar, lose our free will. For a time they’ll give us access to the physical, but mixed reality will become so constrained that we’ll live in our heads more and more – graphene-ated Flat Stanleys pumped with programmed hallucinations. Revoke consent.” – A.M.

Maps of physical spaces and digital twins will be created for everything: cities, rooms, retail spaces, public areas.

Deloitte sells a future where we”live” in a militarized metaverse.

“Deloitte sells a future where we”live” in a militarized metaverse. Our sacred beingness reduced to programmable substrates. Cogs, nodes in a massive parallel processing scheme. We’re sons and daughters of life. This horror will not pass.” – A.M.

Programmable Synthetic Hallucinations: Towards a Boundless Mixed Reality

“Programmable Synthetic Hallucinations describe the utilization of the bio-physiological mechanics of hallucination generated in the human brain to display virtual information directly in the visual field. Science fiction films, television shows, and video games have trained audiences to think of holograms as luminous volumetric images that float registered in the viewer’s 3D space and require no special glasses or optics to see or interact with them.”


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Dandelion Perfection!
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A Dandelion Manifesto: A Call For A Summer of Healing And Mending by Alison McDowell :

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