Picture from CASE STUDY:
Registering Births on the Blockchain in Illinois
Andrew Young, Michelle Winowatan, and Stefaan Verhulst
Link: https://blockchan.ge/blockchange-birth-registration.pdf


Evernym is a pioneer in developing the world’s platform for verifiable credentials. It was founded in 2013 to solve what they claim is the “digital identity crisis”. They envision a world where consumers are in complete control of their digital identity. Evernym is attempting to decentralize digital identity through Blockchain technology.

Evernym website: https://www.evernym.com/

Alison McDowell Visits Evernym in Draper, Utah

Alison McDowell is a mom and an independent researcher based in Philadelphia who has been mapping the power and money behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This is a synopsis of her 6 minute video of Evernym while doing field work in the Silicon Slopes area of Utah. Silicon Slopes is the voice, hub, and heart of Utah’s startup and tech community:

The headquarters of Evernym sits in a suburban low rise, brand new office park. Evernym was working on the pilot program in the state of Illinois that aims to record the birth certificates of babies on Blockchain.

The concern with the digital identity systems is that essentially it turns individuals into data commodities. Under the premise that you own and manage your own data and to have all of this ease and access, as well as sensible privacy, where you own and manage your own data. You become virtualized as your data and how it relates to public services.

The problem with this is, if we agree to live as digital identity beings, even if it is private, is that we will become impact commodities because MIT has developed the Enigma protocol which is a decentralized computation platform that allows querying on encrypted data. So there is nothing that would stop; telemedicine, educational technology, tele-therapy, Smart access to digital vouchers for benefits and measuring social impact for impact investors through a digital identity. They may not know you individually but in aggregate, a group of people receiving access to services would be able to be queried for impact, for these investors. But in order for that to happen, for the social impact space to really scale, it is all based on cost offsets, so they need interoperable data analytics, starting preferable prenatally or at least from birth.

What is coming is this issue of: Are we going to blockchain people? Are we going down a technology road where our real world is virtualized and we live as data and we are profiled as data and we can have privacy with our data and we can become a data brand. And then do you consent?

In the Illinois program it was birth certificates. Well, certainly a baby, a newborn cannot consent to being put on Blockchain. It just can’t.

At the end of Alison’s video she performs a cleansing ritual by burning sage and reiterating that, “we do not consent”.

“Mothers of the earth do not consent to having children put on Blockchain.”

Link to VIDEO on Twitter: https://twitter.com/philly852/status/1415853056932069379?s=21

Alison McDowell blogs at Wrench in the Gears: https://wrenchinthegears.com/

Alison McDowell on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alison.mcdowell.104


“Having squeezed every last drop of “value” from the earth, and with no more land to settle or markets to discover, capital’s approaching apotheosis finds it looking for a lifeline by creating a virtual copy of itself, where intellectual property supplants physical property and human biological and behavioral processes are recast as a grotesque form of human labor.

Efforts are now underway to “translate” the real world into a digital counterfeit that can provide financial markets with the figures and statistics it needs to execute the contracts of the incipient human capital markets – an insidious new form of capital assembled from our genetic code and other kinds of data that will form the basis of a financialized wonderland, enforced by blockchain technology and constantly monitored and updated through the burgeoning biosecurity state.

Led by the world’s most powerful hedge funds and transnational corporations, the so-called Great Reset amounts to little more than a campaign to turn humanity into datasets, which they can use to create more profits for themselves and their clients.”

  • Raul Diego, The Bits and Bytes of The Great Reset: COVID-19 and the Scaling Up of Data-Capitalism https://lnkd.in/ggBgcYD

Social Impact Investments are being branded under the banner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a way to reduce poverty. In reality, these investments run on massive surveillance and data extraction with a proposed plan to usher in the spatial web (See: https://lnkd.in/gPgapN3)

Through Public/Private Partnerships these “Pay for Success” deals have been created with the intention of forming a “future’s market” in Human Capital Bonds for the hedge funds to gamble on through bundled debt products similar to the bundled toxic mortgages that lead to the crash in 2008.

Trying to break down the “guts” of this mechanism for civilians has been my latest project. So many persons involved in this space firmly believe they are doing good, when in actuality, it is ushering in digital slavery of our most vulnerable. The knights, dames, instituions and governments running this show are specifically targeting our children by currently testing several pilot programs around the globe in education and specifically Pre-K.

LinkedIn Post 1,968 views: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/christine-michelle-chadwick-42a944135_blockchain-digitalid-spatialweb-activity-6808761575558803456-eFmU

Photo: “Sir Ronald Cohen is on the Board of Trustees of the The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) and met the Italian Prime Minister to propose the Outcomes Fund model to discuss the potential of innovative impact finance instruments in 2019. Source: https://lnkd.in/gPJAt8Q

Registering Births on the Blockchain in Illinois

View PDF here: https://blockchan.ge/blockchange-birth-registration.pdf

For further reading:

Sovrin website with VIDEO: Home – Sovrin

Enigma protocol at MIT: Search Results | MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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