Silver Onyx Spider Ring


One of my connections recently referred to me as a “dark woman”.

I do not consider myself a “dark woman” even though I am privy to the darker side of humanity. I operate in full sunlight. Everything has dual meaning and a spider can be soft, gentle, quiet and a killer.

The title was given to me by my comrades back in my Anonymous days and I use it mostly as an OSINT branding tool. I do not take it too seriously but sometimes I do relate to Charlotte from “Charlotte’s Web”. She was trying to save Wilbur, I am attempting to do my part to save humanity. I am more like her than the black widow as I quietly write and weave the truth here on the Internet. I know that like Charlotte, I will one day return to the earth but my writing will live on forever and it is my hope that future generations will find that #1 I care and #2 I tried to do my part while here on earth to secure a safer planet for the “Children of Tomorrow” because they deserve better than this.

I am somewhat of an anomaly in the field of global intelligence. I did not choose this profession, it chose me.

People are often fearful of what they do not understand so let me explain.

9 years ago I became privy to a global crime and someone’s life was in danger. I reached out to all professionals in United States law enforcement, security and armed forces. No one would help me except for Chief of Police Karl Auerbach but since he was not in my jurisdiction there was little he could do for me except record my testimony internally which he did.

Chief of Police Karl Auerbach on LinkedIn:

I then reached out to all of the nations of the world by writing to over 400 international embassies with still no formal response except from Iran who went on record for me in writing and relayed that they keep my ID on file with their government.

When I realized that no one in a paid role was going to step up, I did the job myself and flew to Europe to rescue Edmund JM Dunne who should have been a Crown protected witness who was left alone and abandoned on the estate of aristocracy in a state of trauma.

Yes, I own this silver ring given to me as a gift. Unfortunately, on the same day that Facebook deactivated my account for posting the real reason behind the virus hype the left arm broke off of my ring while lifting boxes. Facebook may have silenced my voice but I said to myself… bring it on FB, I’ll take you on with one hand tied behind my back!

Muhammad Ali said, “put your money where your mouse is, a mouse can outrun a horse!”

Mice, spiders, they are just symbols. We define who we are by our actions.

I open my work to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally for peacekeeping and international security purposes.

Nothing I do is secret, I operate in full transparency with the goal of preserving the pensions of civilians, civil servants and our armed forces.

En Guard!


LinkedIn Post:

2 thoughts on “INTERNET SPYDER

  1. You should edit your articles properly before publishing. You used ‘duel’ instead of ‘dual’. It changes the meaning and context of the sentence completely.

    Cheers! *Vibishan V*


    1. Thank you. I wish more people would point out my errors. It is extremely difficult to get this info out while running Ops and dodging bullets. All my blogs need editing but I am a staff of one.

      I truly appreciate you informing me. ..will try to fix when I get a free moment.


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