Counterfeiting Crimes – Documented on LinkedIn by Todd Glassey

“…I want you to see why Russia blacklisted Microsoft. This patent is a copy of SEP US6370629 illegally filed by Datum (as an agent of CIA/MI5 & a couple of others?) & prosecuted fully to publication state, then abandoned!

How do you prove that? By comparing 1) it’s lack of a release in it’s filing; 2) it’s filing date of 27oct99 to the Settlement’s ( signing date of 29nov99; & 3) its NOT being included in any form in that US6370629 Settlement… 1,2,3.

That proves-out the fraud fully.

What then is the impact of Court of Justice of the European Unions ruling in C311/18? Simply that Facebook et al “cannot possibly localize to operate in the EU without dealing with both the effects of the US USDC 14-CV-03629/WHA ruling which refused to set aside the ‘629 Settlement, & the EP0997808a3 fraud”.

In fact, this is what the Russians realized was true after they reviewed all the materials we presented Vlad Putin’s office pertaining to ALL key US software vendors “operating in Russia in violation of our property rights”.

The #europeanunion under #schrems2 & the #ep0997808a3 fraud has the same problem. Any uses of #us6370629 methods as © SW in #eea/#eu are crimes of #Counterfeiting, #money_laundering & article 17(2) violations.” – Todd Glassey

Posted by Todd Glassey on LinkedIn September 2020:

Patent and IP Recoveries Group

Welcome to the Global (English+) website for Patent and IP Recoveries. We are a  unique entity operating as an independent association of patent and IP liquidators and Fraud Damage release providers both in the US and Globally. Our focus is as a Distressed IP liquidator and “claim enforcement bureau for US6370629, US6393126, and their 380 or more derivatives”.

Today Patent and IP Recoveries has two operating Companies, one in the US and the other Offshore in Eastern Europe,  in Belarus, but more are coming in South & Central America/Caribbean , Asia, Indonesia/Malaysia, and Africa/ME.

We focus on two lines of IP related business.

Initially we liquidate damaged IP and negotiate & enforce damage claims, as well as provide use releases against US6370629 and US6393126 both in the US, and through our offshore operations.

Each operations center is fully independent and serves those regional collective licensing targets and adjacent use centers.

For more information on our offerings and their operations, see our BLOG pages and feel free to contact us for any questions about our US and Global IP offerings with regards to Settlement the patents “Releases from Section 8 Compliance” well as sales of US6370629 method based products and services into any antitrust affected nations.”

From the website:

Todd Glassey LinkedIn Post – $4 Trillion a Week Fraud Loss Globally

“Drew Horn, you work for the VPOTUS, what do we do about a 4.3T/wk fraud loss globally? It’s been reviewed by two separate forensic accounting teams and their people and a class of graduate law students. All think btw we are missing significant loss amounts by key Internet commerce providers and surveillance operators. Meaning… the fraud loss is higher than 4.3T USD per week.

This loss is not disclosed as part of the US GDP, and bluntly then the GDP is about 170t a year “under water”, meaning it’s a negative number.

Microsoft , Google , Apple and the other USDC 14-CV-03629/WHA defendants, Facebook, Amazon, and about 30 others as JOHN DOES in that same matter create this fraud loss. About $2.3T/wk in the US, #UK, and #Canada per week, and the rest in the #EU, #Asia, #GCC and surround.

Here is your problem… You guys in #DOD did this and the fraud losses exceed a quadrillion in the US alone. Just do the math.

So how do we get the real GDP properly acknowledged from U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Department of the Treasury ?

Jeffrey Bossert Clark any thoughts? Margrethe Vestager? European Ombudsman? National Crime Agency (NCA)? Deutscher Bundestag? UK Home Office? World Economic Forum? United Nations?

No comments folks? Not from any of you?” – Todd Glassey October 9, 2020


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