Meet Alison McDowell

Meet Alison McDowell, a mom, activist, researcher, writer, and educator who has archived her extensive research on the Fourth Industrial Revolution Economy set-up by the World Economic Forum elite.

From her blog:

“Consider a future of criminalized poverty where the threat of family separation is forever held over people’s heads to get them to comply to draconian edicts. The mass impoverishment being created by the global response to Covid is straight up market-shaping for a Fourth Industrial Revolution economy that will run on social impact schemes. This is biocapitalism, coyly branded by the Davos crowd as stake-holder capitalism. The sources of data extraction fueling it will be education, healthcare, and housing services. Human behavior, our relationships to one another and to the earth, will be calibrated against United Nation’s Sustainability Goal metrics ensuring we’re “good” obedient citizens, the scope of our lives limited to the generation of harvestable “transparent” data that will profit sociopathic investors.”


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LinkedIn post:

Definition of Terms:

Technocracy – highly-regulated form of governance in which industrial engineering experts apply the scientific method and energy expenditure analysis to individual and social activities

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – mechanism through which the World Economic Forum intends to implement a program of global technocracy combined with predatory social impact investing

Data – Information, often stored on a computer, used to analyze and plan

Biometric Data – unique human elements that identify us individually to devices and systems

Digital ID – unique identifier that aggregates all of a person’s data as a permanent record

Data-Mining – new insights and patterns derived from analysis of large data sets

Cloud Computing – use of remote, internet-based servers to store and access information

5G – high frequency cellular network conceived of in 2008 and first implemented in South Korea in 2019. It relies on intrusive small cell infrastructure to operate the Internet of Things.

6G – planned infrastructure to advance cyber-physical fusion, digital twins, holograms, and communication between artificial intelligence agents and robots

Interoperability – structured systems that allow free flow of data

Algorithm – rules to achieve a desired outcome, fixed decision trees, if x then y

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – software that can covertly learn and predict behavior, often without consent

Machine Learning – computers figuring out how to carry out tasks they were not explicitly programmed with training data – structured, unstructured, and reinforcement techniques.

Behavioral Economics – psychology behind economic decision-making

Gamification – design strategies that make desired behaviors seem “fun”

Nudge – design features encouraging a preferred choice

Blockchain – database using decentralized nodes, un-erasable, encrypted

Crypto-Currency – digital value created and stored on blockchain

Smart Contracts – self-executing digital agreements (if x condition is met then y happens) that are activated by sensor data and then permanently authenticated and recorded on blockchain

Smart Cities – environments that collect data in order to modify behavior

Charter Cities – set zones governed by interests outside the elected government

Biometric Data – unique human elements identifying us to devices / systems

Transhumanism – humans evolving beyond physical bodies to merge with computing systems via ingestibles, injections, and implants.

Cyborg – mechanical element(s) added to an organic body to enhance function

Human Piezoelectric Energy Harvest – use of wearable and nano-technology to capture mechanical energy from life processes (blood flow, blinking, walking, swallowing, heart beat)

Internet of Things (IoT) – sensor networks that collect and transmit data

Internet of Bodies (IoB) – human life processes tracked by sensor networks

Digital Twin – virtual replicas connected by sensors to the people, environments, or systems they represent used for real time simulation modeling

Wearable Technology – materials worn on or close to the skin that transmit vital signs, receive and process ambient data, and provide biofeedback.

Haptic –relating to touch and manipulation of objects, can involve mechanical controllers

Geo-Location – Movement patterns of a person or device monitored and predicted using aggregated Internet data

Geo-Fencing – digitally established boundaries within which certain actions are automatically triggered in the presence of a mobile device or sensor

Behavioral Economics – psychology behind economic decision-making

Nudge – design features encouraging a preferred choice

Augmented Reality – digital information overlay on the real world – Pokémon-Go

Virtual Reality – Immersive digital experience that uses a head set and haptic controllers to generate two-way data capture with nudges

Social Impact Investing – a virtue-washing program that entails gambling on and managing impoverished people and degraded natural systems

Human Capital Bonds – financial instruments generating profit for investors using privatized social welfare systems to compel recipients to perform “life” on data-generating pathways of “self-improvement.” Bonds can be securitized, creating opportunities for financiers to bet for OR against compliance of the poor.

Pathway – tasks assigned to individuals / groups that generate the personally identifiable information needed to fuel human capital bond markets

Evidence-Based – social welfare interventions in which “success” is “proven” when a recipient’s data is steered towards an outcome that benefits investors

Nano-Technology – field of manipulating matter at one billionth of a meter, which can unlock unusual magnetic, chemical, and biological properties.

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