Report Filed by my Colleague, Luiz G. Bresciani

Luiz G. Bresciani sent the FBI proof of fraud in 2018 committed by Eastman Kodak Company.

However, after 3 years, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) might have obstructed, or used a code of silence, or received order for cover-up of serious facts reported. Damages were caused to Luiz G. Bresciani , and the Brazilian & US Treasury. Estimated amount: $10.67 billion USD.

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Luiz G. Bresciani on LinkedIn:

In the words of Luiz:



1. In April 17th 2018 I submitted a FORM to FBI with 120 pages and was attached 793 documents;

2. The investigate was ag EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY(EKC) , affiliates in Brazil and Netherlands and shareholders, included BLACKROCK and Ag the former SECRETARY OF TREASURY PAUL O’NEILL;

3. With the FORM was attached direct and circumstantial evidences. On FACT-4 & FACT-5 appointed proofs of a fraud committed by EKC. However, after 3 years FBI might obstructed, or used a code of silence or received order for cover up serious FACTS reported. Damages were cause to me + Brazilian & US TREASURY. Estimated Amount: US$10.67 billions dollars.

4. FBI might have violated USC 28 SECTION 547, the USC 18 SECTIONS 1510, 1519, 1520 and the USC 18 Sections 3282,3292.

5. Question:

5.1. why FBI during 3 years not considered the AFFIDAVIT here attached and not get the hearsay of whom signed the AFFIDAVIT?

5.2. what difficulty FBI had for see a fraud /difference in two STAMPS attached here of BRAZILIAN CONSULATE OF NYC?

5.3.Why FBI never seized copy of the alleged written decision US$5,485,891.04 in favor of EKC?

5.4. The crime of use of false the clock of limitations it start from the last act of use and these false documents are being used until today by E.KODAK!”

Luiz Comments on LinkedIn:

“The slacking of SEC and DANY new york City is more significant because they took knowledge of this specific fraud in 2007 and the attorney ADAN KAUFMAN literally obstruct and made a code of silence for coverup with another Attorney AARON WOLFSON that mislead the investigation from 2011 until march march 2018.

And all of this serious behavior was reported to DOJ-ATG and FBI in April 2018 and they continued with the dancing of obstruction or continued with the previous code of silence probably by superior order given because I accused the former Secretary of Treasury PAUL O’NEILL”

“Was a honor for me Christine receive your way of recognized the illegals situation. Just for remind you EASTMAN KODAK and theirs affiliates KODAK BRAZIL and EASTMAN KODAK BV NETHERLANDS are using such false documents defraud in their CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT ACCOUNTING from 1990 until 2020 uninterruptedly month by month year by year.

In my view point they false theirs statements entries for 350 time’s. Therefore BLACKROCK get the control of the EASTMAN KODAK in october 2011 and already in january 2012 submitted the EKC BANKRUPTCY CASE omitting a DEBT OWED to the Brazilian Treasury of US$ 367 millions dollars. Just for inform you: EKC bring these false documents to Brazil in 1992.

Submitted to the supreme court for homologated and the Brazilian Attorney General refused and request that the judge rapporteur JOSE CELSO DE MELLO order EKC bring the original copy certified of a judgment of US$5,485,891.04 in 60 days. EKC refused to show the original documents and the case was deny and filed in 1995.

Two years later the Supreme Court of Justice confirmed a decision in favor of my company COPERWEG recognizing that were EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY and KODAK BRAZIL that breach the sole agreement for export that was signed with my company!”

“What EKC did? Entered with a new case for try homologated the same documents that had been refused valid by 11 judges of the Brazilian Supreme Court in 1994/1995 and got indicated a new judge rapporteur (MAURICIO CORREIA).

This said judge had participated of the judgment that refused valid these documents. However, in 1999 lied to the others judges affirming that the new documents had been presented by EKC confirmed the final judgment. Thus, EKC got homologated a written decision of US$5,485.891.04 millions dollars against me and my company about which in 2007 we discovered that simply not exist and the original copy signed by the judge was also not found filed on the docket of the INDEX CASE 16.382/88.

Well in December 2011, I had submitted a FORM against the Judge MAURICIO CORREIA. After he see that the ATTORNEY GENERAL not filed the case, and certainly sewing that a new documentation represented by two AFFIDAVIT confirming that was not found and therefore not existed any written decision signed by a judge, the judge MAURICIO CORREIA OF STF OF BRAZIL had a heart attack 17 days later the see that the ATTORNEY GENERAL refused filled the investigation. That’s it the real true.”

My Reply to Luiz:

“Luiz G. Bresciani I have known you for a couple of years now and I know you to be an honest person. I am happy to give you a voice so that my networks may investigate and the real intelligence be known. We have detected that there is a Network of Global Corporate Control whereby a secret conglomerate is colluding together via interlocking directors. Present in every decision is; BlackRock State Street Fidelity Investments and Vanguard See: THE NETWORK OF GLOBAL CORPORATE CONTROL- A “super-entity” of 147 companies, or 0.3% of all Transnational Corporations, holds control over fully 40% of the economic value of TNCs.”

Professional Photo of Luiz G. Bresciani

Update on LinkedIn:


1. When over the cold war, I wrongful believed that I could stablished business with companies that indeed I not knew, but were prisoners of a dangers venous serpent denominated DEEP STATE. I am talking about EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY.

2. For the fact that they openly to my companies in Brazil and USA a line of credit of US$2,100,000 dollars without any guarantee, this company would not traite me. They made millions of dollars with me. Thus, they were agree to extend my line of credit arriving in March 23rd in US$5,050,000 millions dollars and I was transformed one of the first customers of EKC in NYC. Worried with responsibility, I proposed give collateral to then and even I spontaneously did a life Insurance of US$750 thousand dollars in favor of KODAK BRAZIL. They give me the exclusivity for export the EKC and KBL products, privileges never given to no others customers. Change the Legal Department they questioned this authorization to export and started make pressure for change. Next came conspiracy caused me in 33 years losses US$150 millions dollars.

3. What was described by my colleague Christine & involving case denounced by Laser Haas is similar like occurred with EKC: TREASON, TRAPPS, USE OF FALSE, CONSPIRACY, DEFRAUD TAX&CURRENCY, CORRUPTION SCHEMES!” – Luiz Bresciani October 12, 2020



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