I was recently sent a report from a dear friend in Kuwait.

Translated from Arabic:

‏On the date of 7/11 last
‏ 6 experts and technicians from China + 12 from Iran + 1 from Russia and this person is missing in Kazakhstan.
‏ They combined chemicals to quickly enrich uranium enrichment, which are 3 types of phosphorous, blue and black mercury, and a global chemical.
‏ And 3 types of powder gray, red and white
‏ 7 materials were combined and researchers mistakenly made them, which makes the reason for the failure of the customer. After about two months, they went to them and their brother, who are one of the Chinese who were exposed to a health discomfort. The other one also experienced shortness of breath and fainting, and after talking to their family, they told them that they were working in the Republic of Iran.
‏ After about two hours, the other one passed away. Then the news reached their remaining friends, one of them called his lab manager and told him the story. Then the director called one of the Iranians who dealt with them and told him what happened and he said yes to 7 of their colleagues who are dead and the rest are missing, which makes the high-level person in Iran burn the factory or laboratory that the research failed, and caused air pollution to the population surrounding him. Filtering them knowing the hidden secret of the composite materials and based on them is the missing Russian man. It is very difficult to find a vaccine for covid 19, because it is a compound of which mercury is rapidly spread.

‏ Source. extremely confidential


في تاريخ ٧/١١ الماضي
قام ٦ خبراء وفنيين من الصين + ١٢ من ايران + ١ من روسيا وهذا الشخص مفقود في كازخستان .
قامو بدمج مواد كيمائية لتقوية تخصيب اليورانيوم بسرعه هي ٣ انواع من الزئبق الفسفوري والازرق والاسود ومادة كيميكال عالمي
و٣ انواع من البودره رصاصي واحمر وابيض
٧ مواد تم دمجها واخطأ الباحثين في صنعها مما سبب فشل للعمليه وبعد شهرين تقريبآ ذهب البعض منهم الي عائلته واختلطو بهم احد الصينيين تعرض لوعكه صحيه وبعد الفحوصات المخبريه اخضع للعزل مؤقتا لمعرفه الالتهاب الحاد وتوفئ نفس اليوم. والآخر كذلك تعرض لضيق التنفس والاغماء وبعد التحدث مع أسرتهم اخبروهم انهم كانو يعملون في جمهوريه ايران
وبعد ساعتين تقريبآ توفئ الاخر. ثم وصل الخبر الي اصدقائهم المتبقيين اتصل احدهم الي مديره في المختبر واخبره بالقصه. ثم قام المدير بالاتصال باحد الايرانيين الذي يتعامل معهم واخبره ما حصل وقال له نعم لدينا ٧ من زملائهم في عداد الاموات والبقيه مفقودين مما قام الشخص رفيع المستوئ في ايران بحرق المعمل او المختبر الذي فشل البحث فيه ، وتسبب بتلوث الهواء للسكان المحيطين به هذا اولا ربما تم تصفيتهم مع العلم السر الخفي للمواد المركبه والقائم عليها هو الرجل الروسي المفقود . ويصعب جدآ وجود لقاح لمرض كورونا covid 19 لانه مركبات منها الزئبق سريع الانتشار والله اعلم .

المصدر. سري للغاية

Sent to me by Abosaleh Alajmi

LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/abosaleh-alajmi-820768b4

One thought on “Coronavirus Intel Report

  1. Yes, this fact, which was killing humanity on account of recklessness and reckless action of ruin and destruction, and whoever denies this is guilty.

    Adviser to the International Human Rights Commission Abu Saleh – Hassan Al-Ajmi


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