I am a victim of a covert RFID tracking and monitoring device. This was done to me without my knowledge or consent when I was arrested for activist duties by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Florida by a deputy with a secret security clearance from the United States Department of Defense.

RFID IMPLANT – I did some strong ‘Internet Gorilla Warfare Tactics’ today (Monday August 12, 2019) for Miss Karen. Last night on Twitter, I was censored when Twitter tried to break a link, I captured a screen shot which I will post later. Both of her posts are over 5,000 views right now. The Anonymous Internet Collective is slowly catching on & starting to assist.

However, while doing this promotional work of her arrest & educating the public my RFID implant in my upper back (left scapula area) is starting to sting and burn. I have noticed a correlation between when it stings & chemtrails. When there were no chemtrails/contrails in the sky, it never hurt me. Now that the trails are back in Woodstock, GA of Cherokee County, it is starting to sting and burn again. Tonight it is really hurting; pain level fluctuating between a 6 and 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Back story here: https://silkthreads.press/2019/05/27/how-i-earned-my-stripes/

I have also detected that all comments were held silent on my social media until about 10 pm tonight and then they all came in at once. International Conflict Resolution and International Security teams monitoring these developments must have put them on delay because the same thing happened on Twitter. This is most likely for purposes of ‘Health and Safety’ as these new developments regarding WORLD BANK WHISTLEBLOWER, Karen Hudes have the potential to topple several governments and crash global markets… This is why I suspect markets were down today; not trade wars.

It is the story of Karen/ Gold and us! I have also detected that LinkedIn is not allowing the links to my Blog and Intelligence Files on SILKTHREADS PRESS to have live, ‘clickable’ links so I will ‘Gorilla Tactic’ it to my ‘comment thread’ from my Twitter feed.

En Garde! ⚔️

See: HOW I EARNED MY STRIPES, COVERT RFID IMPLANT BY OKALOOSA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, IN FLORIDA; DONE WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT when I was arrested and tortured for activist duties in 2013. SEE: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1137901553627607040?s=21

RFID IMPLANT: If this gets to the point where it hurts so much that I have to go to the emergency room, I will need volunteers for CLOSE PROTECTION so I will start vetting and doing background checks on this now…. who wants to be vetted, cleared & considered? You need to be, preferably executive protection, and/or any branch of the military (retired or reserves would work best) residing in the Atlanta, Georgia area. You can send E-mail to @silkthreads9000@outlook.com and a trusted affiliate of British Intelligence (MI5) will be assisting me with the background checks and clearance authorization ⚔️ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MI5

Any other active or retired law enforcement would also be considered but this would be outside of any ‘official duty’ and you would be acting on your own accord outside of your current vocation. In essence, I need some ‘brothers’ to stand by me as all United States Military, Intelligence, Defense, and Security have failed me; MIA, NEGLIGENT and DEFUNCT!

Those professionals tagged living outside of the Atlanta area – please send referrals.



Persons tagged in post:

Karl Auerbach Scott Samson Robert Evan Ellis Nino Marcantonio Greg McNeil James Welch Ph.D Lecturer and Instructor T.A.H.F. (Tomas) Olivier, MA Yousuf Kassim Jeff Young

See: HOW I EARNED MY STRIPES – How I Earned My Stripes

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