Caner Okan, Co-Founder of Morning Angel Communications has just blocked me after I sent him this message in the LinkedIn private message portal. What kind of an organization is this!? I have 8 years of documented history on the Internet as an activist working in global intelligence with the goal of international security, rule of law advancements, and protecting our nations. I have put my life in danger numerous times for the safety of all. Who is this guy!?

LinkedIn Message

“Greetings Caner,

Communication Equality, the first time I heard that phrase. I am not quite sure exactly how you achieve this but I will try to make effort to follow along.

Nice to meet you!


Miss Christine

My story here:

Pic of me assisting law enforcement in peacekeeping – Louisville, KY during an Occupy Wall Street direct action 2012.

Link to post on LinkedIn:

Image of Caner Okan

Link to Morning Angel Communications Website:

Link to Morning Angel on Twitter:


“If you want any type of new initiative to succeed, blocking humanitarian activists is a poor way to kick things off. In these modern times of the Internet almost everything is transparent and I would not recommend Caner or this organization to anyone!” – CMC August 5, 2019

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