Ross S. Delston is a Washington, DC-based attorney, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), expert witness and former banking regulator (FDIC) with 40 years of experience in the financial services sector. He has specialized in Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) issues for over 17 years.

Ross Delston Website:

“When I first started assisting tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne, I was representing and affiliated with the Internet Collective known as Anonymous. The only reason that I joined LinkedIn was to assist Edmund in his rescue efforts.

Honestly, I thought I was going to be laughed off of the stage on the platform and to my great surprise, I was immediately and widely accepted by all sectors, even the financial industry found me to be an anomaly and readily accepted my invites. We had many interesting discussions as learning and cross-cultural understanding was had by all.

Ross Delston was the first person to accept me on LinkedIn and he invited me to talk in person by phone in 2017. We discovered that we did not agree on everything but we had formed a mutual respect for each other and kept up correspondence over the years.

As my missions grew more dangerous and I found myself a target of Directed Energy Weapons and a victim of a covert RFID implant. I reached out to Ross for assistance, he did not believe me and kept insisting that I do not included him in my professional correspondence even though he is privy to my history, various Ops and past missions. I needed him!

This man was too cowardly to step up to the front lines and kept asking me to omit him from the public records. I told Ross that I would be happy to do so but that he would need to block me on LinkedIn and I would add to the record that he is MIA in national security related concerns.” – CMC June 16, 2019

Ross’s first message to me via LinkedIn message portal on March 25, 2017


“Just curious

Can you tell me why you want to connect on LI? Am I not one of the bad guys in your world view — or is there something in my profile that you found reassuring; if so, what?”

Me: Hi Ross,

I wanted to connect with you here because of your experience in law and banking. I thought I could learn from your experience and you from mine. I believe networks and communication are important, and connecting different people in their various professions is a natural occurrence in what I do. I did not think you were one of the bad guys, but I found your comment charming.

I started out as an activist for Occupy Wall Street and traveled all over the US during this time. I observed the two realities; the one the news portrayed and what was really happening on the ground. Yes, we had a few dirty hippies with little education but we had many more intelligent, educated individuals who understood what was really happening to our global economy and why. Most of us understood that our current monetary system is predatory and unsustainable. I now work for the security of future generations by following and discussing our monetary system evolution.

Surprisingly, especially to myself, my work in activism morphed into open source intelligence, another reason to connect with various professions. Through this work I discovered a key player was missing from the global stage. Using my own detective skills I located polymath, DLT inventor Edmund Dunne. I found him alone, trying to survive on disability and in distress in the countryside of Ireland. This former banker and myself have since joined forces to work towards permanent peace and prosperity. We believe DLT will have a part to play in our future monetary system. We seek the like minded to share knowledge, expertise and engage in dialogue as we move forward.

Edmund is a suicide survivor and a victim of the long string of suspicious banker deaths where it has been determined that employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance of many banker employees. Edmund is also very knowledgeable of the law and we are both following how the legal profession will play out in returning to the rule of law on a globale scale as well as the evolution of the industry as Blockchain technology enters the field.

If you have children, or care about the well being of future generations, you will find my work valuable and I would be thrilled to connect. If you feel that our connection would not benefit your goals or career at this time then I would not be offended if you decided you bow out.

The time is soon approaching where we will all have to be involved in the clean up of our monetary system, politics and legal profession. It is my hope that we will have large numbers of individuals willing to take a stand on the right side of history as we evolve into a shift where morals, values and ethics are scrutinized and these principles become desirable and fashionable.


Ross: Christine, makes sense, you have a touching sense of idealism that makes me feel even older than I’ve felt since this morning when I woke up. As a nobel prize winner once said “don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters” (Bob Dylan). Happy to connect, and give me a holler if your ever in DC. I’m not in Kentucky or Ireland at least thus far. Be well.

March 31, 2017

Me: Ross, I just tried to send you an email and the fusion center blocked it. I am censored continuously.

April 21, 2017

Ross: Christine, just noticed that you mentioned my name in a posting about Edmund. If you could delete my name, I would be very grateful — not sure why it’s there. Many thanks. Ross

Me: I was updating you on recent reports. This has all gone to law enforcement. I thought you would be interested since it involves money laundering. Would you rather I update you by email or not at all? I will most certainly respect your wishes. Now I just have to figure out how to delete:) .. will do.


Ross, are you following the Blockchain advancements? They will def change the legal industry. Maybe not in time to affect your career too much but consider these technological advancements when advising your children regarding careers.

You can always delete the post and repost without my name. By all means email any updates. Thanks Christine.

Me: Yes, I figured it out. I will keep in touch by email. Have great day Ross.

Monday June 10, 2019

Ross: Christine, not sure why this keeps happening but I have asked you NOT to mention my name in any email or post. Please take me off all of your lists.

Me: Because I am not doing this alone anymore. If you do not want to assist me and stand by torture victims then BLOCK ME! I will add it to the public record that you are MIA.

“…I am not doing this alone anymore. If you do not want to assist me and stand by a torture victims then BLOCK ME! I will add it to the public record that you are MIA.” – CMC June 10, 2019


One thing that really ticks me off is when persons want me to send them all of our intelligence but they do not want to lift a finger or go on record. I do not mind keeping persons Anonymous that are actually working but to just sit back and collect a salary while my networks and myself do all the hard, dangerous work is unacceptable.

I do not get paid for the work that I do, this is strictly a spiritual calling and an obsession to protect the vulnerable as a volunteer operative.

This is my blog and my language here is unedited… to all the so called men out there, quit being pussies and stand up and fight for the security of this nation and for the rest of the world! – CMC June 16, 2019 11:11 AM

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