Letter Sent to Sir Rob Wainwright, Partner with Deloitte via the LinkedIn Private Message Portal on June 12, 2019

Good Morning Rob,

Yesterday I went to meet another targeted individual in my county. She had laser surgery on her shoulder and we tested her wounded area with a small magnet; it sticks! Then both her and I tested other areas of our bodies and the magnet attaches to both of our foreheads… our foreheads! I will document all of this later. I am suspecting that whatever it is that is being sprayed on us 24/7 here in USA is putting metals in our bodies. We also tested a friend of hers that was working on a car in the driveway… the magnet sticks to his arm and he has not had any surgeries.

This is a crime…heading for International Criminal Court I would say. …only problem is local law enforcement does not believe us when we try to report these crimes ..these are military grade crimes as it is the United States Military carrying out these experiments covertly. We both have detected that the spraying ceases on Sundays and holidays. Also my attack on June 22, 2017 in my home after writing hundreds of embassies for Edmund JM Dunne lasted exactly 12 hours indicating whoever is doing this is working a shift. I reported it to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and I never heard back from them.

I am curious to know why you took a job with Deloitte. Considering all that I know about them…they give me the creeps… you are up there with some of the worlds largest criminals. If you are not aware of this…perhaps I could educate you. The only way I would ever work for them is if they have made a conscious decision at the upper management level to right the wrongs and collaborate on leaving future generations a fair and just society through technology. Are they doing this or just trying to capitalize on blockchain etc for their own benefit. The world is watching.

Also, Edmund tells me that HE was the first to discover DLT and to try to introduce it to the banking system, according to him, his IP was stolen and the attempt to keep him out of sight forever was acted upon. He tells me that Countess Alexis Bernsdorff visited him in the clinic in London (2012 perhaps?) She told him that his family sent her. When Edmund asked his family, they relayed that they did not send Alexis.

When I was in Ireland Alexis was very cold to me as was her brother, Axel. I tried to reach her other brother, Andreas via Facebook but was never able to make contact. “Something’s rotten in Denmark”.

If Edmund did first discover DLT and banking applications, this would also explain why he was being kept hidden away, besides his knowledge of the darker aspects of banking that he is privy too. It would also explain why I am being attacked so viciously with military grade weaponry by corporate elites who were hoping to capitalize on Edmund’s discoveries. This needs professional engagement.

I am also aware that Deloitte has entered into the blockchain arena and that they have invested in testing Bitcoin ATMs. Listen, in my network, we have already figured out that Bitcoin is one huge psyop. Bitcoin can never be used for mass adoption due to complications in mining and that it is being used as a pressure valve of sorts in the global economy so that the capital does not flow into metals; which would change the entire chessboard. It is also very popular with money launders.

So tell all your fancy friends and associates at the top that we are on to them. Bitcoin was sold to us as something that would assist us in bypassing criminal banks and give us some sort of monetary freedom. It doesn’t! Many people made and lost a LOT of money from this work of fiction.

I am trying to figure out who the main shareholders are of your company but I am very busy right now and do not have time for extensive research…but my guess is…if I follow the trail.. it will lead to; BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity and Vanguard. Basically all the big money and so called, ‘fancy folks’. These fancy people are not admirable, they are poor stewards of the worlds’ resources and criminals at best….thousands upon thousands of lives lost and suffering can be traced back to these individuals.

We are willing to make peace but we need to face reality first and we need to see efforts made to right the wrongs.

…we will be watching.


Photo I took in a mirror of a magnet attaching to the wounded area punctured by deputy Cullen Coraine of Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida from an arrest in 2013. This deputy holds a Secret Security Clearance with the United States Department of Defense. The Covert RFID implant is on the upper left scapula area. See: How I Earned My Stripes https://silkthreads.press/2019/05/27/how-i-earned-my-stripes/

Cullen Coraine

LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/cullencorraine

Conversation with Anonymous Regarding Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne on June 12, 2019

Anonymous: Got it. So what role does Alexis play? What became of her visit with Edmund?

Me: someone sent Alexis and it was not Edmund’s family… Edmund was trapped on her family estates for over two years I think…maybe more. She was not nice to me when I was there. Matter of fact, she told me it was not suitable for me to stay there as it was not equipped for winter habitat, yet they were renting it to Edmund knowing full well, it was not warm enough in the winter…he froze half of the time… he did not have enough money for fuel or food some days… he suffered terribly and was abandoned by his family for some time due to them not being able to cope with his childhood abuse and trauma. This man has been through hell! I had to rescue him first from London where he was extremely paranoid and fearful of assassination. He reverted back to the capability of a 5 year old in and out for several weeks, I had to help him with mail, keeping stable,…monitored his health continuously but afraid to call authorities because I do not trust London Met.

I then flew with him back to Ireland after three attempts because he was too unwell to travel. I had to deal with more trauma and regression at the lodge for 6 weeks but Edmund also started to get strong and improve with my care and his father reengaged and helped me implement his transfer process to a new, safer, more humane location. I spoke with him last week and he sounded very strong and just keeping very private right now.

Anonymous: without getting into details, when you say childhood abuse, who abused him and why wouldnt his parents help him?

Me: I know these answers but they are very personal. I would have to leave that up to Edmund to speak for himself when and if he wants to.

Edmund JM Dunne – The banker the world forgot about. He would be dead by now had I not flown to Europe. What a disgrace after I begged and pleaded for 9 months to all officials, law enforcement and authorities for assistance. … crickets! They all should be jailed!

To have knowledge of a suicidal person living in tortuous living conditions and isolation and to do nothing is to be culpable in their murder had he died.

The Bernsdorff Estate and Lodge Where Edmund Was Found – See: Tortured Barclays Banker Found Trapped and Extremely Suicidal on the Estate of Aristocracy https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/19/berkeley-forest-new-ross-co-wexford-ireland/

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