Copy of Letter to Chief of Police Karl Auerbach in Scottsdale, Arizona

Greetings Chief, 

I have had another military grade weaponry attack on June 5, 2019 after tweeting in regards to; tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne; the Queen and Sir Rob Wainwright (former director of Europol, currently a partner with Deloitte) ignoring his pleas for help and leaving him to die until I flew to Europe to rescue him myself in November of 2017. 
The attack started immediately after I wrote in regards to this subject on Twitter and I documented it live on both Twitter and LinkedIn.  Social media can be used as evidence in a court of law. See:
Some of my comrades have reported that these attacks are being orchestrated out of Denver in USA. 
I have had approximately a dozen of these EMF attacks of various types and intensity since 2013.  They are known to have adverse health affects. At this point, I may not live long as they are known to cause cancer. 
I am preparing to write to another 400 embassies regarding this attack but I am becoming weary.  I am civilian, and I do not get paid for this type of work.  Where are the persons who are supposed to protect me? 
I am moving to a new jurisdiction in Woodstock, GA.  I am here temporarily until I go back to Louisville to fetch my things on June 21 and then I will reside here in Woodstock, Georgia for at least one year. 
I am afraid to go to this precinct in Woodstock for fear of being dismissed again.  I am slightly autistic and I am finding having to do all of this police work and security duties very difficult as I do not have any formal training in this field.  Where is my US military protection? 
Is it possible to put in a call to the Chief of police here in GA, Chief Calvin W. Moss?  Maybe they can make a house call as police precincts scare me due to being tortured by sheriffs in FL in 2013 
Do you have any other suggestions for me?  All agencies should have detected this by now and come to my rescue but they are all MIA, negligent and culpable.  
I will list the latest links below for your knowledge and convenience. If there is anything you can do to assist, I would be most grateful.  This should not be happening in our great country of USA where we spend $800 Billion total on military defense both domestically and abroad. 
Christine Michelle Chadwick
Civilian Intelligence Operative 
Global Coalition for the Rule of Law
NOTE: The Implanted area has not hurt severely in several weeks.  However, while writing this e-mail the pain level has increased to 8 on a scale of 1-10. 
LinkedIn Profile:
S.O.S. Civilians Under Attack in USA:
How I Earned My Stripes:
Blocked on LinkedIn by Danny Rothstein Office of National Intelligence on May 25, 2019
Tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne; Letters to the Queen and Officials- Video Transcript:
International Communique to the United Nations: 
Directed Energy Attacks on Civilians:
Sir Rob Wainwright- Correspondence in regards to Edmund JM Dunne
Cyber Info Warfare:
Tortured Barclays Banker Found Extremely Suicidal on the Estate of Aristocracy

Reporting to Louisville Metropolitan Police Department:
Snubbed and Ignored by Deputy Inspector General Jeffery Jett, Deputy Inspector General, Finance and Administration
Houston Chief of Police and President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association USA, Chief Art Acevedo MIA in National Security Concern; Failing to Protect Civilians:
Major Cities Police Chiefs Association Meets Counterintelligence Officer – Global Accounts:
Attorney Timothy Denison Bullies Activist via Text Message, Conspires to ‘lock me up’:
Letters to Anonymous/ Observation of Law Enforcement:
Social Media Can Be Used As Evidence in Court of Law:
International Security – Human Rights – Suicide Prevention – Global Intelligence
Edmund JM Dunne, Barclays Investment Banker; Twitter Archives:
Mysterious Banker Deaths:
The Dangers of Permanent Gold Backwardation:
Did the System Collapse:
Mysterious Author Pens Report; Barclays Banker – Digital Gold – World Bank Whistleblower:
Update on Tortured Barclays Investment Banker, Edmund JM Dunne:
Thwarted False Flag Nuke Attack, Covert RFID Implant Part 1:
Covert Implant Part 2

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