Torture – Covert RFID Implant. E-mail sent to Political Scientist in Nigeria on May 27, 2019 (Copied Sir Rob Wainwright and Chief of Police Karl Auerbach)

Sir Rob Wainwright on LinkedIn:

Chief of Police Karl Auerbach on LinkedIn:


Greetings Sir, 

My dear new friend and Political Scientist from Nigeria.  I thank you most kindly for your interest in my experience as an American activist and civilian intelligence operative. 

In 2011 I was studying West African drumming and dance at Yale University when Occupy Wall Street broke out.  I was very active at the local camp that formed on the New Haven Green.  This is where I first became acquainted with Anonymous and some of us who were not hackers formed our own study/intelligence networks. 

We were still cohesive back in 2013 when we became introduced via the Internet to World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes .  

Karen disclosed that there was a thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston SC on October 8, 2013 where two heroes from our military did not follow the orders.  She claims that we were warned by Russian who intercepted the cables.

I was collaborating with our networks during this time to make this public on the Internet when I noticed that I was being spied on through my IPad camera as a light was beaming red.  This alarmed me and sent me into a panic. My family did not believe me.  This sent me into a 5 day manic episode where I did not sleep for 5 days.  My family became concerned and called the Sheriff’s Department to have me involuntarily committed to mental health.  

My boyfriend was especially concerned because I made a figure of speech while chopping vegetables on a cutting board.  He falsely thought that I would harm him and hid all of our cutting knives. 

I thought he was over reacting and I prepared to try to fall asleep and was calmly sitting on the sofa holding my pet kitty when two sheriff’s barged into our condo unannounced.  They asked me a few questions and then started torturing me.  Because I would not let go of my pet kitty while they were hurting me, I was charged with a felony; animal cruelty and resisting arrest.  

I spent 20 days in the mental health ward.  

I remember that the first thing that deputy Coraine did was shoot something into my back before tasering me several times.  When I went to the hospital, I noticed a hole-like wound in the same area where he punctured me. I made the hospital take pictures. 

In the Spring of 2018, I took a job as project lead for my local library updating their data and RFID systems.  It was here, while working over the tag reader that I noticed the wounded area would heat up profusely but not burn or hurt me.  I suspected what was done to me and visited my chiropractor who witnessed that a magnet attaches to my back in the same exact spot where the wound is.  

In trying to document all of this in preparation to report to law enforcement I started getting attacked by sophisticated military grade weaponry; chemical, electromagnetic I suspect.  They somehow drugged me remotely by oscillating the air around me.  I think they (my opposition) dropped something in the air because I detected a funny smell.  I suspect this was done to me to make me appear ‘crazy’ when I reported to D.C. Police in Washington who has all of my e-mails from this account and  I used to correspond with Commander Melvin Gresham.

This was not the first time I was attacked.  The first time I was attacked was on June 22, 2017 after I broke through the Internet barrier on Twitter while representing tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne who tells us he invented, or first discovered, Distributed Ledger Technology.  I experienced electrical-like shocks to my heart and head for 12 hours. I reported it to the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service via their Internet portal Code #W840-8576 and #840-W14339 

No one ever replied.  I tried to inform my local police on several occasions but they did not take me seriously and I was abandoned by them.  

My attacks ceased on March 9, 2019 when Chief of Police Karl Auerbach in Scottsdale Arizona publicly endorsed me on LinkedIn and several dozen other police chiefs connected nationwide at the same time.  

Once Chief Auerbach endorsed me I went back to my local police precinct at his suggestion only to have them dismiss me again.


“I’m afraid of police” – CMC

I tried to seek assistance from the National Police Chiefs Association but Art Acevedo, Houston Chief of Police was found tweeting when he should have been on the phone with me.

This prompted me to write to all the nations of the world via the United Nations and embassies in Japan.  According to Attorney Karen Hudes, there is a military committee in Japan through the US Status of Forces Agreement  consisting of US and Japan military forces who are keeping the peace during this global monetary transition. All of the big banks are insolvent.

This implant still stings and burns sometimes when I travel and when I am near high voltage areas, or when I log onto the internet in rural areas.  It has not burned since I reached out to Sir Rob Wainwright on LinkedIn recently. Rob was one of the first persons I requested assistance from when I first discovered Edmund trapped in isolation and extremely suicidal.

There is still an active warrant for my arrest in the state of Florida but I was able to acquire a US Passport and even though I was detained and questioned by Department of Homeland Security on my return trip from Ireland, I was not arrested.

The first attorney that I tried to contact was an arrogant bully and my boyfriend of eight years would not go to police with me so I insulted him and he evicted me.

I have been working as an activist and intelligence operative, to protect the vulnerable and also to protect our nations from economic collapse  for over seven years now, and no one is protecting me.  I think that this is shameful considering that we spend $800 Billion on defense in this country and abroad.  

The United States is on the verge of losing its global reserve currency status due to counter measures by BRICS and other nations.  The American people are unaware of this development or how it may affect them.  

So this is my story and you are welcome to share this with whoever you like.  All of this is declassified and our work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally.  Our networks work to avert WWIII and to secure permanent peace and prosperity for future generations.  

I am also well known for reporting on The Global Debt Facility as disclosed by Karen Hudes which is 1.7 million metric tonnes of gold kept hidden from humanity since beginning of civilization.  This gold was supposedly put in a trust for mankind through the Bretton Woods Institutions and was supposed to come out of hiding in 2005. Ferdinand Marcos was the lawyer in securing this wealth for us, We, The People. According to her, a Global Network of Corporate Control (with Barclays being at the top of the list)  has been delaying releasing this wealth back to the people. 

VIDEO of Ferdinand Marcos and President Ronald Reagan joining as friends in collaboration to prevent another Dark Ages. 

Reagan knew…

I have sources who say this gold was being used covertly to fund BlackOps.  

I have my posts documented on social media regarding this gold under the hashtag #GoldOutOfHiding and I have detected that the hashtag is heavily censored as only 10 percent is visible to the public out of all that I have recorded over the years.  

I hope this helps.  Feel free to ask any questions if you need clarification on anything.  You will find the PDF of the police report below. The first time I read it, I had to stay in bed for two weeks recovering from trauma and flashbacks.  I did not even know that I was arrested. I just thought I was forced to the hospital.  It was not until my return trip from Europe when I was detained by DHS that I started to question everything.  

When the agent asked me if I had ever been arrested, I said, “no” as I did not even know that I was arrested.  So I inquired of the sheriff’s office and discovered that I have a felony hanging over my head, when I am anything but a criminal and would never hurt my kitty.  They were hurting me! 


Christine Michelle Chadwick

Civilian Intelligence Operative 

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

US Passport #xxxxxxxxx

516 West Oak Street 

Louisville, KY 40203 USA

+1 502 xxxxxxxxx

LinkedIn Profile:

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Cyber Info Warfare

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Tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne, Letters to the Queen an Officials/ Video Transcript:

Correspondence to Sir Rob Wainwright:

[Police Report: Attachment PDF]

Note: The wounded area has just started hurting again while writing this e-mail.  Pain level fluctuating between a 3 and a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10.  



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