Message Sent in Linkedin Private Message Portal


I just reached out to Danny Rothstein for assistance ten minutes ago and he promptly blocked me here on LinkedIn.

My message to him in comment section below.

This confirms United States Intelligence is not protecting civilians.

Karl Auerbach Scott Samson

“Greetings Sir,

I was getting attacked here in USA via sophisticated military grade weaponry and I cannot get anyone to assist me. I was also covertly implanted with a RFID tracking devise and I cannot get any professionals to take ownership of this situation either. This lack of cooperation has prompted me to write to the missions of the United Nations and other embassies of the world. The only country to respond is Iran who has confirmed by e-mail that my identification is being kept on file by their government. Where is the assistance of my law enforcement, government and armed forces?

Can you please look into this? Sir Rob Wainwright, former director of Europol also has extensive knowledge of this situation but he does not respond.

Recently my phone was disconnected and I do not know why; another attack?

Why is Dan not aware of what is happening to US Citizens on his watch?

I would be grateful if the IC can look into this for me.


Miss Christine

Civilian Intelligence Operative

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

US Passport #xxxxxxxxxx”

LinkedIn Post:

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