“Deimantas (Daanish) Steponavicius is having difficulty with LinkedIn. He cannot see his own posts on his timeline nor receive notifications of activity in his feed. He can only view the activity on our feed if we share it. LinkedIn has been notified but they have not acknowledged him yet. Deimantas has a massive palate for his creative works drawing on his life experience and musings. I met him when he was documenting his personal global intelligence observations which were the most accurate on the Internet, in my opinion, and now he is exploring the deeper mysteries of our existence in his daily expressions.

In his words, “I still CANNOT POST. Please share, comment, acknowledge, my Friends ! SPREAD THIS FAR AND WIDE, comment, discuss, reshare, please, please please!” An audience is so important in bringing forth what is trapped inside us. Deimantas has become my dear friend and mentor, he is also available for research and writing assignments.

When I needed emergency assistance, Deimantas was the first to show up with his ‘boots on’. I recommend connecting with him if you haven’t done so already. I can guarantee he will enrich your life and make you look closer and deeper into everything. …speaking from experience.” – CMC May, 2019

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6532965778398994432

Original Post

“We will meet again in the cafe under the stars…

All bad and good things will pass.

The same light falls on the faces of saints and the ordinary passers-by, and when the light is gone what will be left is dark nothingness.

In the vast vortex, in which the whole world lazily wallows as if in a whirl of dry leaves, the cheap dresses made in sweatshops have as much value as whole kingdoms.

The laughter of children is swept up in the same mortal dance as sceptres that once symbolized empires.

In the atrium of Invisible, whose doors swings open only to reveal another closed door beyond, every single thing which formed us and in us the entire Universe, everything dances in thrall to the wind that stirs us all but touches nothing.

Only the sound the wind makes as it scoops up and sweeps along, there is not even silence except when the wind allows it.

One day, when all knowledge ceases, the door beyond will open and everything that we were- a mere detritus of Stars and Souls- will be swept from the house in order that whatever remains may begin again…

And then, we will meet- beyond Time and Space- under the gaze of ever watchful observers- Stars…

And we will laugh and forgive each other and joy will fill us all…

And we may decide that we want to do it all over again…”

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6532883736587976704

More Expressions by Deimantas:

My LinkedIN Friends

“My Linkedin friends, I found myself in this world, I don’t know when, where or why…If I asked society where I was, they lied to me. If I asked them what to do, they deceived, too. If I became lost and stopped, they were shocked that I didn’t just carry on to wherever road led( though no one knew where it was). I was on a stage without knowing my words. I had the message to deliver, but the paper was blank.

I am sitting at the crossroads and make paper boats of all the lies we are being told…and I let them float down the Great River of Forgetting

I never tried to be anything other than a dreamer. I belonged always to whatever was far away from me and to whatever I could never be…

Go into the shadows or into the light…Accept only what is True to you…

You do have a choice, Children of Chaos and Night, always remembering in some corner of your being that the Gods came later, and that the Gods will too pass away.

I raise my head from the keyboard I am typing on. It is Sunday. Something bothers me. I am writing this because my soul demands it. I could simply dream it in silence., without words…And feel myself flow , like enchanted river, past the slow banks of my own self, ever closer to the unconscious, under the stars, with no meaning or direction except Destiny and God.” – Deimantas May 2019

LinkedIN Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6533253178228523008

We Chose Our Lives for the Experiences

“We chose our lives for the experiences. You don’t remember it, but we all did.

It is the journey of the spirit through the material world and, since it is the spirit that travels, it is what one felt was what one experienced.

The beggar sitting in the corner of a busy city road experiences the lives of all passers- by. He sees everything- he experiences everything.

Life is for us whatever we imagine it to be. To the shop keeper with his corner shop, that shop is everything, it is an empire. To a President with his vast empire it still feels cramped, that empire becomes his overcrowded corner shop. The poor man had an empire, the great man only a corner shop. The truth is that we possess nothing but our senses. It is on them, then, that we must base the reality of our life.

And yet how mean- spirited are the glorious! Saved from death by the generosity of a pirate, Caesar afterwards searched long and hard for the same man, arrested him and ordered him to be crucified…

I have the impression that in this formless homeland called the Universe, I live beneath a political tyranny which, although it does not oppress me directly, still offends some hidden principle of my soul.

And then slowly, secretly, there grows within me the nostalgia of being in exile…

A Refugee of the Soul.” – Deimantas May 2019

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6533603091109953537

On Survival

“On Survival

I knew people who had one great dream in life which they failed to fulfil.

I also knew people who had no dreams at all and failed to fulfil even that…

We can and should change our lives- not to keep ourselves alive,which is why we eat and sleep, but to keep our souls alive.

We should change our habits, routines and mind filters as we see it necessary.

I am saying it again- your life should be arranged that it remains a mystery to other people, so that those who know you best in fact know you even less than everyone else, only from a slightly nearer vantage point. You can only be betrayed by those who know you.

Design your lives in such a way that even to yourself you are not entirely clear- cut or precise.

You should always seek Freedom as a possibility of isolation. You are only free if you can withdraw from society and feel no need to seek it for money, love or even curiosity, for none of these things matter in silence and solitude. If you cannot live alone, then you deserve to be a slave.

If you canot be alone, even if you have every superior quality of spirit and soul, you are still just a noble slave, intelligent serf.

Any movement can only be successful if it is a collective of truly Free individuals.

Otherwise, you are just a part of someone else’s story.” – Deimantas May 2019

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The Future of Our Soul

“The Future of our Soul.

I often think of the possibility of creating a new science of our consciousness. We will be able to reduce to an exact science our own attitude towards our consciousness of our own soul.

All this depends on a great refinement of our senses which will reveal in us a genuine space in which physical things exist but which does not itself exist as a thing.

I don’t know if this inner space will be just another dimension of another space. Perhaps everything is just a dimension of the same space. In one dimension we live as body, in the other as soul. Perhaps there are other dimensions in which we experience other equally real aspects of ourselves.

We will discover that what we call God, in another spatial and temporal reality, is just one of our ways of being, one of the ways we experience ourselves in another dimension of existance.

Dreams are another dimension in which we live. Our dreams may exist simultaneously in space, in the ideal world and in the ego.

Even each person’s “I” may be another divine dimension.

Today’s dreamers are the precursors of the ultimate science of the future- the science of human soul.

Mischievous Destiny has made us its playground.

And in this playground we will finally reach our Creators- who will turn out to be…Ourselves.” Deimantas May 2019

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Why are we here?

“Why are we here?

Everything we do or say, everything we think or feel, is a mask, a costume.

However many layers of this costume we take off, we are never caught naked, as nakedness is an attribute of the soul and has nothing to do with taking the clothes off.

So, dressed in body and soul, we live out the brief time we are given to enjoy ourselves happily or unhappily (or oblivious of it), like children earnestly playing pretend games.

Sometimes we see that everything we are is what we are not, that we deceive ourselves about what is True and what is Right.

And then this individual, who for one brief moment sees universe naked, creates a new philosophy or religion, and the philosophy spreads and the religion grows and those who believe in philosophy wear it like an invisible cloak, and those who believe in the religion put it on like a mask they then forget they are wearing.

And so, ignorant of ourselves and of everyone else, we are caught up in the strange dance to the sound of the Great Orchestra of the Stars, beneath the distant gaze of the Real Showmasters.

Only they know that we are prisoners of the illusion they created for us.

But what is the reason for all of it?

Why they chose This illusion to give to us?

Why the chose us?

That, of course, even they may not know.” – Deimantas May 2019

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Once we believe this world to be merely an illusion, we are free…

“Once we believe this world to be merely an illusion, we are free to consider everything that happens to us as a dream, something that only Pretended to exist.

And then a subtle and profound resilience towards all life’s ills and disasters is born in us.

Those who died simply turned the corner inside their own story; those who suffer pass before our eyes like a nightmare (if we feel), like an unpleasant daydream (if we think). And our own suffering will become nothing more than a scene on some far away screen.

To subordinate ourselves to nothing- be it another human being or an idea- to maintain detached independence that consists in not believing in the truth nor, were such a thing to exist, in the usefulness of knowing it, is the state you should seek.

Every ambition is a burden if it is only based on futile pride and passion.

As free from ourselves as we are from others , contemplatives without ecstasy, thinkers without conclusions, the liberated slaves, we will live our temporary stay of execution by turning our faces to the sun.

Tomorrow is always another day.The sun caresses and the breeze brings gentle coolness only Now.

When you abandon all hopes, you will find what you have been looking for-as it was always there, in front of you, all along.

You just didn’t see it.” – Deimantas May 2019

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It pains me that someone should think that they can alter anything through violence.

“It pains me that someone should think that they can alter anything through violence. I always considered it a sign of feeble-mindedness.

Revolutionaries and Reformers make the same mistake. Lacking the power to master and reform their own attitude towards life, they escape into wanting to change others and the external world.

If a person of real sensitivity feels concerned about the injustice of the world, he seeks to correct it where it manifests itself closest- in his own being.

Everything lies in our concept of the world. Changing the concept means changing the world as the world is how we perceive it.

The innate sense of justice is the only truth. All the rest is landscapes for feelings and thoughts.

And that is the case whether the landscape is full of colourful people and things or dull landscape of grey souls rising to the surface for a moment to utter cliched phrases, platitudes or sketch tired gestures, only to sink back again to the cesspit of the fundamental stupidity of all political expression.

Revolution? Change?

Nearly all Change Narratives are run and funded by the same few puppetmasters who run all the Maintaining Status Quo Narratives.

What I want now is the clouds to disperse and the sun to come out.

I will turn my face to the sun and breathe in my Bliss…” – Deimantas May 2019

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Whatever History is, it possesses on trait-it rejects and certainty.

“Whatever History is, it possesses one trait- it rejects any Certainty.

There are orderly times when everything can be wretched. There are disorderly times when everything is sublime. All Decadent times are intellectually fertile, and totalitarian regimes produce the most daring feats of Human Spirit.

Everything intermingles and intersects, and the only truth that exists is in our imagination.

There are millions of the most wonderful ideas that fallen into oblivion, there are so many sincere intentions that are burried deep in the heap of failures.

In the midst of Uncertainty and Unknown all Gods and all Humans are equal. In the obscure island of my solitude they drift past me in the succession of dreams. The animistic fetishes with bewildered eyes, the animal- gods, the figures Egyptians made into symbols, the divinities of Greeks, Mithras, Buddhas, Jesus- lord of charity and commitment, gods of New Age, all solemnly march past me in a procession without an end or a purpose, a trail of mistakes and illusions…

Behind this come the shadows of Dreams that were believed in only because they could cast shadows…

Made-up concepts- Freedom, Better Future, Social Justice- all pass me like leaves dragged beneath the cloak of the Starcatcher, found in the dustbin by a homeless man.” – Deimantas May 2019

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Can we live life to the Extreme, to the limit?

“Can we live life to the Extreme, to the limit?

Life lived to the Extreme means taking full possession of it, making Heroic Journey through every human feeling, through every manifestation of externalized energy.

At any time in the History of the world, there have been very few who can close their eyes with weariness that is the sum of all weariness, who “had it all”.

Most of us cannot live it out like that.

When our soul realizes that what it yearns is impossible, that it does not have the strength, focus and commitment to conquer Everything, there are two routes to follow.

One is that of total renunciation, formal and complete abstention, relegating to the sphere of sensibility what cannot be fully achieved. It is better to stay still than to act in vain, inadequately, like the countless inane majority of us do.

The second is the path of perfect Balance, the search for the limits of Absolute Proportion, in which the longing for the Extreme passes from the realm of emotions to realm of intelligence.

One’s whole ambition becomes not to live the live to the full but to impose order on life, to live it in Harmony with oneself and the world as you perceive it…

And yet, I’d like to live different life in distant land beneath unknown flag…

But there is always what there is…” – Deimantas May 2019

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Though I walked amongst them a stranger, no one noticed. I lived amongst them as a spy and no one knew it. Everyone took me for a relative, no one knew that I had been switched at birth. Thus I was like yet unlike the others, everyone’s brother, but never one of the kin.

I came from prodigious lands, from landscapes more beautiful than the life itself, but I never spoke of those lands, except to myself.

Although my steps echoed like theirs, I wasn’t there, the Time-Traveller in exiled body.

No one recognized me beneath the mask, nor did they guess it was a mask, because no one knew masked Wanderers existed. No one imagined that there was always another by my side, the real Me. They never doubted my identity.

Their houses sheltered me, their hands shook mine, they saw me walk down the street as if I really were there.

But the person I am was never in their homes, he has no hands to be shaken, he has no streets to walk down, nor can anyone see him there, unless the person who sees him is a Time-Traveller, too.

Don’t we all live such distant lives, disguised as members of society?

Who we Really are has nothing to do with what we appear to be.

We live in a bad translation- strangers in our own souls, exiles from our own Being, from our home where Time doesn’t exist.” – Deimantas May 2019

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Deimantas on LinkedIn

HM Government – Cairo University – United Kingdom

Top Skills: PRICE2, Agile Project Management, Scrum

Honors and Awards

Benemerenti Medal, For strengthening cooperation between Roman Catholicism church and The World of Islam. June 1996, RC Papal Curia in Vatican

Ma’arechet ha’Bitachon, For Services in Strengthening State Security January 1989 Ma’arechet haBitachon

La Medalla de Leon Amistad, For Contribution to Peace and the Progress of Humankind. August 1988. The Council of State of Cuba


“I have developed a pleasant habit of a must read of Deimantas (Daanish) Steponavicius articles. All of his pieces are superb masterpieces – leaving one pleasantly surprised at the solid depth of his intellect. I fell honored and rightly so, privileged to call I’m a friend and mentor, an analyst with a brilliant rare mind, sho I am proud to be associated, both on individual ad for Sub’Saharan Community Intelligence Analysts” – Tom Ogwe Otieno, Ports & Border Controls/ Anti-Corruption/ Counter-propaganda/ SOCMINT/ OSINT Expert. Kenya

LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/tomotieno

Deimantas LinkedIn Profile:

Link to Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/deimantas-daanish-s-b6b94ba2

Ending Notes:

This blog composed by Christine Michelle Chadwick as to assist my dear friend, Deimantas in keeping permanent record of his gifted writing and his rich experiences and observations:

Christine Michelle Chadwick on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/christine-michelle-chadwick-42a944135

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