This is a postcard of the lovely park that I live by in the historic neighborhood of Old Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

The building on the left is Louisville Metro Police Department, Fourth Division.

I am trying to gain courage to go inside and file my latest reports. I was tasered over six times by sheriffs in 2013 when I was arrested for activist duties, so there is trauma that I need to face and work out.

I have been taking ‘baby steps’.

I spoke to Officer M. Woosley in the parking lot a few days ago. I explained to her my situation and apprehension. She was very helpful in explaining where to go and who to talk to when I am ready.

I wish I could find retired Officer Major James. I would feel most comfortable speaking to him first. I do not know any of these other officers.

No one in my neighborhood or family will go with me. I do not think that it is wise that I go by myself. I need to find a local support person and witness.

Backstory here: https://lnkd.in/ePBV5Vu

Posted on March 16, 2019

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Tagged – Jeff Jett, Deputy Inspector General at Office of Inspector General , Financial and Administration Cabinet, Lexington KY, LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/jeff-jett-725a4a62


Many already know my story that I am a Civilian Intelligence Operative of seven years, focusing on the global monetary system. I was trained at Yale University but not in the traditional sense. I was studying West African drumming and dance at Yale when Occupy Wall Street broke out in 2011. I detected that no one, not one official was seriously protecting the vulnerable from these banks and became an Open Source Operative in the public interest.

Seven years later, I am being attacked on US soil and airspace as I prepare to make connection with my local precinct and file my reports; the most recent discovery, an offense by the United States Department of Defense. Governments are not above the law. Back story here: https://lnkd.in/ePBV5Vu

Chief of Police Art Acevedo of Houston has recently let me down by ignoring my pleas for help and blocking me a few days ago here on LinkedIn. I have now requested assistance in connecting to my local precinct from Jeff Jett, Deputy Inspector General Finance and Administration, Lexington KY.

We will give the Deputy a few days to Investigative all of the facts and wait for his reply.

I would like to thank all of the officials that have recently connected for being willing to be a part of our global network in protecting the most vulnerable in our towns and cities; Jeff Young, Supervisor City of Phoenix, Jacques Duchesneau, C.M., O.O.M., C.Q., C.D. PhD, Inspector General, Rtd. Police Chief, Montreal, Dr. Steven L. Hall, Director Veterans Affairs, Houston Mayors Office, chris gibbons, Police Officer, City of Cleveland, Chris McIlvain, Assistant Chief of Police, Austin TX, J. Scott Thomson, Chief of Police, Camden NJ, Aaron Street, Law Enforcement Dallas, David Thistle, Houston TX, Jonesta Nolan, MS, CSCSA Dallas Police Department, G Nichols, Deputy Chief of Prince George County Police Department, Maryland. Blue Alert

I am still trying to locate my official liaison during Occupy Wall Street here in Louisville, KY. Retired Officer Major James Thomas is requested at Fourth Division Louisville Police Department for ‘Ground Control’. Hopefully Jeff Jett can help me locate him. https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1103828545372078083?s=21

I would also like to thank my Anonymous comrades all around the world in intelligence, finance, law and many other various professions for your support. Not everyone feels comfortable working Open Source for various reasons so I appreciate your discreet guidance, mentoring and monitoring. https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1099126723336126464?s=21

The Global Coalition for the Rule of Law, works for you; protecting pensions of law enforcement and civil servants worldwide. We keep our ‘eyes on the gold’ so that you can keep yours on the street. https://silkthreads.press/2019/01/02/the-dangers-of-permanent-gold-backwardation-professor-antal-e-fekete/

A big thanks for supporting me goes out to Karl Auerbach, Chief of Police at Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Scottsdale Arizona for the official letter of endorsement.

Chief Auerbach on Twitter giving beautiful homage to fallen young officer, Clayton Townsend:

““He had the heart of a warrior” 🕊

Chief of police Karl Auerbach- Salt River Pima Maricopa community talks about Officer Clayton Townsend- a young officer killed in the line of duty January 8th, 2019

Police Officer Clayton Joel Townsend. Thank you for your service Sir. May you never be forgotten. 🕊 https://www.odmp.org/officer/23886-police-officer-clayton-joel-townsend

Police Officer Clayton Joel Townsend Salt River Police Department, Tribal Police

End of Watch Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Officer Down, Memorial Page:


S.O.S. out to Ret. Major James Thomas of Louisville, KY; needed urgently for Ground Control. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6509565750674550784

Adding FBI Agent Gregory Boyd to the record. Thank you Sir. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6512098440871321600?commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A%28activity%3A6512098440871321600%2C6512518857171750912%29

From Facebook: Y’all are like ‘BLEEP the police’ until the gas station crack head starts gettin’ outta hand. Thanks to: Joshua Eric Allen Hawkins https://www.facebook.com/639401123/posts/10158215562411124?sfns=mo

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You are being mocked! – Chris Gibbons on LinkedIn

Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6512245453600489472

“Well let us just say that if you can’t see what is so cleverly hidden in plain view then you are the one being mocked by our psychopathic rulers and pitied and prayed for by those who have awoken to truth. Wake up and be mocked no more.” – chris gibbons


Chris Gibbons, Police Officer Cleveland on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/chris-gibbons-23b6064a





“I was hoping to be able to solve this domestically but the law enforcement that I am engaged with is MIA, culpable, and negligent. The last official to connect was Houston Chief of Police, Art Acevedo. Chief Acevedo is also the President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association. I first contacted him with national and international security concerns on March 5, 2019. He is negligent in not making a national security issue a priority.”

Source Link: https://lnkd.in/ePBV5Vu

Patricia Williams works in administration for the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association. When I alerted her of international security concerns, regarding dead bankers on LinkedIn; she disconnected with me. @houstonpolice @ArtAcevedo https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1106415628561330181?s=21

Facebook Post from June 18, 2017

Link: https://www.facebook.com/639401123/posts/10156211352046124?sfns=mo

#SuicidePrevention 🕊 #HumanRights #MentalHealth #Advocacy #Handicapped #Homeless

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6512095507555450880

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[ In the the age of the Internet there is a tendency to view cyber world as not real or not pertaining to a persons area of responsibility just because the information is coming from an unfamiliar source on a virtual platform.

In this case, Ms. Williams did not take ownership of a potentially explosive situation and invoking international secret and made all of her problems go away by deleting ‘me’, a member of society who she promises to protect.

If I were Ms. Williams, I would have engaged with myself as to gather all of the facts and information and either pass it on to my supervisor or recommend a particular agency to contact. In either case following up to make sure that my concerns were met satisfactorily. That is takin ownership. – CMC March 17, 2019 ]

Chief Art Acevedo President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association and Police Chief of Houston, TX has blocked me today on LinkedIn after he was negligent and MIA regarding national security concerns.

I first contacted Art regarding civilian safety issues on March 5th, he did not engage with me properly in a timely manner. He skipped out on his work duties early on March 13th and was found tweeting on Twitter at the same hour he should have been on the phone with me. Reports filed with over 200 embassies at the United Nations and Japan.

I also wrote to the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association in 2015, when Chief Thomas Manger was President regarding serious questions of loyalty. I asked him if Law Enforcement was protecting and serving the public or the banks. I never received a reply.

Link to back story: https://lnkd.in/e2G96D2

Link to communique to the United Nations Missions and Japan: https://lnkd.in/ePBV5Vu

Chief Art Acevedo on LinkedIn: https://lnkd.in/ehiT2tf

Chief Thomas Manger also MIA, negligent and culpable; failing to protect vulnerable civilians.

Tweets regarding the letter sent to Chief Thomas Manger in 2015 and the letter was ignored and never answered:

Tweet: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/793516351507795968?s=21

Tweet of Letter: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/793448247868129284?s=21

“They ignore you, egregiously.” – Laser Haas

“Yes, I had already been waiting a week for a reply, reminding him everyday through various channels (I verified he read them) and then a week later, last night he e-mails me at 6:50pm and said, “hasn’t anyone contacted you yet”?

And then he left the precinct.. didn’t even wait for a response. I replied immediately. Crickets!

I then witnessed him tweeting on Twitter an hour later! His head is elsewhere.. on fame or popularity in his own group but not on his official role of guardian of the peace or a security professional.

USA no longer has those, we have thugs of the big banks, militarizing themselves in preparation for our revolt. – CMC

“Christine Michelle Chadwick – It should not take a “revolt” to address the issues.

They need everybody to be corrupt.

We need just 1 authority – not to be!” – Laser Haas

Facts on the Criminal Justice System: Thank you Ken Abraham: http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/introduction-to-new-connections-on-linkedin-kra/

Sent to Chief Art Acevedo, President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association and Police of Houston – March 14, 2019

Hola Jefe!

You have now been completely documented and the evidence has been sent to all the missions of the world at the United Nations as well as to all the worlds embassies in Japan.

Next stop; missions in both Dublin and London if I do not get assistance from you or your department soon.

This is a national and international security related concern. The United States Government is not protecting civilians and now you are negligent in not protecting civilians.

The worst thing you could do is block me on LinkedIn or to take down your LinkedIn profile as this implicates you as being MIA and negligent.

No one from the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association has responded to my letter forwarded to you from 2015!

If you think this is going away, it is not. Here is what is going to happen next if I do not get some assistance from you:

I will file a notarized complaint with your department. I will contact every single officer in your department and forward my documentation. I will contact every single Chief of Police in your organization and relay this documentation and negligence.

Remember that my work of seven years in Civilian Intelligence and Financial Forensics is to protect you and your family. Do you even know how your monetary system works or that we are on the verge of a complete global economic and monetary collapse which my team and I are working to avert and are succeeding!?

Before I proceed further, I will still give you an opportunity to make amends. Since we are no longer on the best of terms, a phone call would no longer be advised. My recommendation for you is to reconnect on the social media platform so that I can record this and to send me a written letter of apology at my home address or by e-mail and I will post it.

Then proceed with my requests that I have asked of you. 1) Connect me to my mayors office here in Louisville, KY 2) Properly brief and connect me to my local precinct.

If you cannot do this. You will be furthering discrediting yourself and this news will spread far and wide.

Most Sincerely,

Miss Christine

Xxx West Oak Street

Louisville, KY 40203

P.S. I have copied Chief of Police Karl Auerbach of Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Scottsdale Arizona who has publicly and formally endorsed me.

I have not had any remote attacks on my person ever since Chief Auerbach has gone on record in support of me. This is how easy it is to protect civilians and you should be doing the same, not blocking me on a social media platform!

Link to documentation at the United Nations: https://silkthreads.press/2019/03/13/international-secury-communique-to-united-nations-executed-march-13-2019/

Link to Chief Art Acevedo being MIA in national security related concern:


Link to Major Cities Police Chiefs Association Meets Counterintelligence Officer, Global Accounts: https://silkthreads.press/2019/03/05/major-cities-police-chiefs-association-meets-counterintelligence-officer-global-accounts/


When the documentation piles up , they resign. It has been a busy week.

“Art Acevedo was sworn-in as Chief of the Houston Police Department (HPD) on November 30, 2016.

Chief Acevedo leads a department of 5,200 sworn law enforcement officers and 1,200 civilian support personnel with an annual general fund budget of $825 million in the fourth largest city in the United States.

Chief Acevedo believes good communication is vital for a successful community and steadily works to strengthen the bond between the community and its police department. A proponent of community policing, Chief Acevedo refers to the proven practice as “Relational Policing,” an opportunity to forge a relationship with each citizen an officer comes in contact with.

The first Hispanic to lead the HPD, Acevedo brings a unique understanding to the concerns of the diverse communities in the City of Houston. Born in Cuba, he was 4 years old when he migrated to the United States with his family in 1968. Acevedo grew up in California and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from the University of La Verne in California. Acevedo began his law enforcement career in 1986 as field patrol officer in East Los Angeles with the California Highway Patrol. He rose through the ranks and was named Chief of the California Highway Patrol in 2005. Acevedo most recently served nine years as Chief of the Austin Police Department.

Chief Acevedo holds various leadership positions with the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He is married to Tanya Born Acevedo and is the father of Melissa, Matthew and Jake.” – In comments

“Christine you got your Answer, when this guy never returned or responded to your query.Public service Pay is nothing like,the  Kick backs from Financial Institutions,where they sky Rocket to six  figures or more, to keep it all quite on the home front. ” – Michael Francis

“Christine, it’s been obvious (at least to me) for some years, that Laws, are created to protect those in power, and the kleptocracy.

If they protect ordinary people that is a side issue.

Many people on these islands, are finally waking up to that fact, as the machinations in the UK Parliament play out across the media.

The 17.4 million ordinary citizens who voted to leave the EU, are being stitched up like kippers, as those in the Mother of all Parliaments are intent on looking after themselves…

If EVER we need another Oliver Cromwell to defend us from an elite determined to protect itself, and its financial interests…it is now.

The wider public is watching democracy destroy itself… “. Will Stirrup

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:


Tweet sent in letter: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/764238470877503488?s=21



Chief Art Acevedo on LinkedIn: https://lnkd.in/ehiT2tf


Officer Sarah Banta – LMPD

Sergeant Corey Robinson – LMPD

Commander Melvin Gresham – D.C. Police

Chief of Staff, Matthew Bromeland- D.C. Police (on LinkedIn https://lnkd.in/e2kUb5h. )

Chief Peter Newsham – D.C. Police (on LinkedIn https://lnkd.in/e-KNNC5) It is noted that Chief Newsham has read his messages in the LinkedIn private message portals.

Commander Duncan Bedlion – D.C. Police

And more… Sir Rob Wainwright, Ralph Markert

Source Link: https://lnkd.in/e2G96D2

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6511760866671677440

[It would not have taken the Chief too much time to investigate my concerns or to make a quick phone call to myself for purposes of clarification. I think Chief may have assumed that someone else would assist me. He had no idea that I have been getting ignored and pushed aside by law enforcement for years!

My advice to Chief Acevedo is to follow the same outline as mentioned above regarding Patricia Williams who also disconnected with me on LinkedIn after being made aware of international security concerns; take ownership! – CMC March 17, 2017 ]


Martin Pello Lees and I are reporting being spied on through our IPad cameras. Martin and I are trying to have a conversation about it on Facebook and the app will not let me post this comment as they are responsible and culpable. Facebook is a command center for the corporate entities to facilitate attacks on civilians. They monitor us through the app and interfere with our private lives.

Link to Facebook Post: https://lnkd.in/eH3tusk

Link to blog on arrest: https://lnkd.in/eshTZNE

Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham Art Acevedo

#Facebook #Anonymous #Censorship #RFID #LawEnforcement #USDepartmentOfDefense #USArmedForces #Activism #InternationalSecurity #RuleOfLaw

[Facebook and several other media platforms shut down or run with glitches 8 hours after we dispatched to the United Nations missions that all United States security personnel were MIA, neglect and culpable and that social media can be used as evidence in a court of law.

We were not getting the proper, urgent assistance or protections from our United States armed forces so we dispatched our documentation to over 200 countries at the United Nations and Japan for purposes of monitoring and intelligence sharing as there was ‘no one home’ and responsible in USA”. – CMC March 17, 2019]

“Martin Lees Facebook has just kicked me off of the app and will no longer let me post anything. Not one comment. I took a screen shot…will update files soon. I will alert the other operatives via my ‘little black book’ and the comrades on Twitter. Please do same and check in when you can. I will still request your files form CV when I get a chance. …cant get a moments rest. Where the ‘bleep’ is everyone!?”

LinkedIn on March 13, 2019

[ I am telling Martin to Counter, I am referring to informing all the other various pods and networks that we collaborate with in our goal to protect the vulnerable from predatory governments and corporations. ]

“We are in a fight today, my body is feeling the pain.” – Martin Lees

“Martin Lees All will be well. Remember whom we serve. Attacks are only for Him to use, as to show His great power..watch Him counter;) 🕊” – CMC

“You are 100% correct X” – Martin Lees

[Martin identifies with the Anonymous Internet Collective. He tells me that he runs a bot to hunt pedophiles. I am not a hacker so I never understand Martin when he talks to me about his tech or software. He did tell me shortly after engaging with Edmund JM Dunne that an entity in London was stealing Bitcoin and trying to place the blame on Edmund.

This would not have been possible because Edmund was very unwell at the time and barely able to function. I was guarding his life hourly for 9 months via the Internet from USA. ]

I was typing to Martin Lees when Facebook went down on March 13, 2019. Although I heard it was down around 11am also in other areas.


“Have this removed” – Terence Hedges


Terence Hedges not without proper legal counsel; it is evidence. My first attempt to seek legal advice went terribly wrong: https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/27/timothy-denison-attorney-at-law-bullies-activist-via-text-message/” – CMC

“Anonymous Operatives were DOX ing them on their own platform. They shut the whole thing down. We also reported them to the United Nations and over 200 embassies last night after Art Acevedo was MIA and negligent in protecting civilians from our government, United States Government and the attacks on us.

https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1105920501875130368?s=21” – CMC

“Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp go down!


Four of the world’s biggest social media apps have been out of action for most of Thursday, in an unprecedented outage that initially had users fearing the platforms had been hacked.

Social media users around the world reported trouble accessing Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp for most of Thursday.

Facebook, which runs all four platforms, was forced to take to rival Twitter to acknowledge the problem early on Thursday. It said it was working to resolve it but did not outline a cause.

“We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” it said.

The widespread disruptions began about 3am on Thursday (Australian time), according to outage-tracking site downdector.com.

Facebook users reported not being able to load newsfeeds, as well as logging in, and posting. Many have also complained they are unable to access Messenger.” – Anna Chehade

“Anna C. Thank you for the heads up” – Richard DiGrigoli

“That’s because Facebook is a CIA database” – Terence Hedges

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6511675737316093952

LEGAL PROTOCOLS – INTERNATIONAL SECURITY – RULE OF LAW – Organization of the Houston Police Department

I am trying to report national security concerns to United States Law Enforcement; all US Armed Forces, Intelligence, and Security Agencies are MIA.

The ball is currently in the court of Houston Chief of Police, Art Acevedo. Art is also the president of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association. He is ignoring my serious correspondence since March 5th.

Today I sent him my last message via his e-mail account. If I do not get a reply by tomorrow morning, March 13, 2019, I will report this negligence to the international missions at the United Nations and to the worlds embassies in Japan.

My last words to Art Acevedo on this day, March 12, 2019:

“Go talk to Spiegel. ….. to make sure you are following legal protocols. I don’t want to see you on the wrong side of history Chief.”

Full story here: https://lnkd.in/e2G96D2

Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham London Police Service An Garda Síochána Louisville Metro Police Department Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) US Marine Corps

March 13, 2019 – Comments

“I just received an e-mail from Art Acevedo in Houston, TX.

He said, “Has anyone reached out to you yet?”

Art Acevedo

Chief of Police

Houston Police Department

This was at 6:50 PM

My reply:

No. And thank goodness I am hearing from you. We were so close to going global. Let us try to keep this domestically contained, it is the best strategy for reputation of USA.

At this point I hardly trust anyone.

Can you call me? This way I can explain better what is happening and report that we spoke. I don’t have to relay any details publicly at this time but I need to get you on the record as engaging ASAP.

Give me about 15 minutes to charge up my phone and then reach out. If you cannot do this please let me know why and when you will be available.



That was over three hours ago! I contacted him regarding national and international security concerns on March 5th! I have confirmation he read them.

This is about to go global and this is unacceptable when international and national security related. SMH. I swear I could run this entire country with my eyes closed. If you put me in the White House, I could accomplish world peace in 4 hours due to our fragile global economy and the intel analytics that we have. Yes, it is that easy. Where the BLEEP is everybody and what are they doing!?

I’m done playing around. If he doesn’t call me by morning, I shoot the e-mails. Last time I did this regarding the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim resigned shortly after and WB got their legal amnesty taken away by US Supreme Court.” – CMC

“Chief wrote an e-mail to me on the evening of March 12, 2019

Asking me if anyone has contacted me yet. I immediately replied but was left hanging.

He should have phoned instead. This is not a minor matter especially if he understood geopolitics.

I think our upper management in government purposely leaves law enforcement ‘out in the dark’ in the Intelligence department so that ‘they’ can get away with committing more crimes.” – CMC

“I have been waiting three and a half hours for Chief to call. This is not a dating game! This is national and international security and peoples’ health and safety are in danger!

The last time I wrote his organization, The Major Cities Police Chiefs Association was in 2015. I am still waiting for a reply!” – CMC

“Maybe I want the night off too Jefe but not until I know who you passed me off to. You get a D minus in communication skills regarding international security and civil unrest prevention protocols.

– you need to work on that.” – CMC

“Is there someone in DC police who could help?

As I recall, President Trump organized DC police when he was elected.” – Andrew B. Brown

“D.C. Police abandoned me long ago.

I can’t go to Trump, this happened on his watch. He is fired!

I need to go to my local precinct as is protocol to file reports but they were defunct when I contacted them over a year ago. The answering officer, Sarah Banta told me on the phone, “maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time on the Internet”. – I was trying to file a report regarding the surviving LIBOR scandal banker who was trapped and suicidal!

I need an official to take ownership and connect me with my local precinct. So they do not think I made all of this up as this is what usually happens. No one believes me even though I have documented for 7 years now.

I also need to find my OWS liaison, Ret. Officer Major James. He is the only police officer I trust to go to the station with me.

I was tortured by sheriffs in Florida, covertly implanted with RFID tracking device before being tasered over 6 times. I was arrested for activist duties in 2013.

It was an agent of the DOD with a secret security clearance from the US DOD who did this to me.

When I tried to document, I started getting attacked with military grade weaponry over and in my home. Last major attack was last week. No major attacks since.” – CMC

“Andrew B Brown Thank you for a good analysis of the situation. Actually, I was supposed to be a dancer. I was studying West African drumming and dance at Yale during Occupy Wall Street and I had to stop because I detected that no one, and I mean no one is protecting the vulnerable from these banks. I like this work, but it would be so much easier if officials actually did their jobs. It would be nice to have a break but I can’t leave my post unguarded until the paid professionals clean up thier act or until Major Tom’s boys get briefed and show up.” – CMC

“I hope the FBI and DOJ get involved.  Perhaps the witness protection program for Edmund JM Dunne?” – Andrew B. Brown

“Greg, I have been doing this. For years! Both Edmund JM Dunne and I have thousands of e-mails into officials, law enforcement and governments for 8 years now. Including Buckingham Palace, certified mail! I have two years documents into embassies. I have been treated horribly by a local attorney. I have been ignored and dismissed repeatedly and so has Edmund. We have all of the global intelligence that the world needs right now and they prefer to pretend that we do not exist.” – CMC

“Christine Michelle success only needs one email. Be the sniper not the machinegunner.” – Greg Chalk

HOUSTON CHIEF MIA https://silkthreads.press/2019/03/10/houston-chief-of-police-and-president-of-the-major-cities-police-chiefs-association-usa-chief-art-acevedo-is-mia-in-national-security-concerns-failing-to-protect-civilians/

“Greg Chalik How long have you been following my work? I have been doing this for seven years and have documented all of my efforts up to date. It is not my responsibility to determine which laws he is breaking; discrimination most likely for one. Not taking proper ownership may not be breaking laws but it is serious where national security is concerned. It is the United States Government that is responsible for my offenses. You do not go to the government for assistance when they are culpable. I need to go to my local officials who all ignore me and have been MIA for seven years! Yes. This is all documented on record and now sent to the worlds nations for safety and monitoring purposes. – CMC

“FB is recording me right now…………..no shit bold as brass

17.33 ” – Martin Lees

The only Police Chief to listen to me as of late … is MIA, out to lunch, and on Twitter!

Link to Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6511318207427604480

16 Likes, 888 Views


I am taking over!

“Buenas Tardes Jefe,

I see that you are reading my messages. Perfecto!

This means that you are hearing me and CHOOSING not to respond to me. Since you are the leader and representative of all the Major Cities Police Chiefs of the nation and you are negligent in responding to a Civilian Counterintelligence Officer, working in the field of International Security and Global Accounts, protecting our nations monetary system; the one that funds your family and precinct. I am informing you that I am now taking over.

I am now the acting “Jefa of National Police” in USA. – Christine Michelle Chadwick, Jefa De Policia Nacional !

Sent to Chief Acevedo on this day, March 10, 2019

Link to full story here: https://lnkd.in/e2G96D2

Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham Europol INTERPOL Police Interpol Interpol Louisville Metro Police Department

#SuicidePrevention #HumanRights #MentalHealth #Justice #Compensation #RuleOfLaw #InternationalSecurity #GlobalEconomy #GeoPolitics United Nations


“Alex Huskey Listen here Huskey, you work in tech. I work in global intelligence and international security. When you have seven years experience in this field, you get back to me. Kapeesh! I have had it with being nice and polite to persons like you who are not accepting their duties as citizens to protect the vulnerable. If you have time to criticize me, then you are failing! Go out and find a vulnerable person who needs help and stay off of my Linked feed with this drivel.

No one gives more to the world in a charitable fashion than I do! I have been tortured, implanted, spied on, attacked, censored, ignored….

Until you have been tasered over half a dozen times by law enforcement for serving your country, do not tell me how to do my job.

https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/19/berkeley-forest-new-ross-co-wexford-ireland/” – CMC

“Alex Huskey I am working on it but not one official has helped me rescue Edmund JM Dunne and now that I need assistance, only one officer has stepped forward, Karl Auerbach,

Chief of Police Karl Auerbach- Salt River Pima Maricopa.

The first attempt to get legal counsel went terrible wrong when I contacted attorney Timothy Denison who blocked me on here after I complained that he cancelled on me at the last minute after waiting for three weeks for an appointment with this thing in my back. It is evidence and I cannot just go have someone remove it without knowing the proper was to preserve the evidence.


“Chief has time to tweet but no time for national safety concern: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1103775870605541378?s=21” – CMC

March 11, 2019; I start jesting in frustration:

“Buenas Tardes Jefe,

I see that you are reading my messages. Perfecto!

This means that you are hearing me and CHOOSING not to respond to me. Since you are the leader and representative of all the Major Cities Police Chiefs of the nation and you are negligent in responding to a Civilian Counterintelligence Officer, working in the field of International Security and Global Accounts, protecting our nations monetary system; the one that funds your family and precinct. I am informing you that I am now taking over.

I am now the acting “Jefa of National Police” in USA.

Now, for your first order of instruction. When a civilian Intelligence Officer with a large international audience, speaking on behalf of USA and the international community at large reaches out to you with intelligence disclosures and a request for assistance, the proper reply would be:

Good Afternoon Miss Chadwick,

I was unaware of all that you have disclosed here. I can assure you that the Major Cities Police Chief’s Association does work to protect our most vulnerable and is committed to safety in our communities and to the security of our nation. Let me look into all that you have mentioned here and I will get back to you shortly with how I can best assist you and the public that you represent. I will contact you within two days with a reply.

We value your commitment and your responsible character as to bring national safety concerns to our attention.

We are here to help.


Chief Acevedo, President of Major Cities Police Chiefs Association” – CMC

GIVING OUT REPORT CARDS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT TODAY: https://silkthreads.press/2019/03/10/houston-chief-of-police-and-president-of-the-major-cities-police-chiefs-association-usa-chief-art-acevedo-is-mia-in-national-security-concerns-failing-to-protect-civilians/

Christine Michelle Chadwick – Civilian Intelligence Operative- Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6510625156405227520


And shortly after writing to over 100 embassies on behalf of Barclays investment banker, Edmund JM Dunne found trapped in tortuous isolation in the countryside of Ireland on the estate of aristocracy. I experienced electrical-like shocks to my heart and head for 12 hours on June 22, 2017. Report filed with Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) #W840-8576

I have declassified my correspondence to Sir Rob Wainwright in regards to Barclays investment banker, Edmund JM Dunne; suicide survivor, victim of torture. Edmund is both a savant and disabled due to childhood trauma. He was left to live in tortuous isolation and living conditions as a disabled person for several years while being extremely suicidal. I guarded his life 24/7 for nine months via the Internet. I witnessed that at his worst, Edmund functions at the level of a child, at his best, he is a genius: https://lnkd.in/exKud2n

“Thank you Michael. I am not afraid of these Nazi’s. The fact they have to attack me with airplanes and DARPA weaponry only shows you how weak they are.

Their command center is Facebook. What I really need is for law enforcement to quit ignoring me so that I can file reports. If you know of any trustworthy police or security personnel in Louisville, KY an introduction would be greatly appreciated.

https://silkthreads.press/2019/03/05/major-cities-police-chiefs-association-meets-counterintelligence-officer-global-accounts/” – CMC

“@InvestAltcoins account has been suspended as of March 2019. Edmund has been rescued but still has not been acknowledged by authorities. silkthreads.press/2018/12/15/mys… #OpStingLikeABee 🐝 https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1104257794071515136?s=21” – CMC

“BARCLAYS BANK MAY FLASH CRASH ANY SECOND! Tweet: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1104255661238571009?s=21” – CMC

“Andrew Noble I have been attacked with various tactics and levels since 2013. The first time was to keep me sleep deprived as to make me appear ‘crazy’ as I was exposing a thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston SC with the Anonymous collective. It worked as my family had me arrested using the Banker Act. I was tortured and covertly implanted by a sheriff with DOD secret security clearance and hospitalized 20 days: https://silkthreads.press/2019/01/26/thwarted-false-flag-nuke-attack-covert-rfid-implant/” – CMC

“Andrew Noble I think the attack I refer to in this post was to try to give me a heart attack or a stroke by remote. It made me dizzy and nauseous for the full 12 hours. I found a corner of my home unaffected and sat there for several hours trying to execute e-mails but both me e-mail accounts were blocked. I used an alias e-mail account that the opposition was not aware of and send reports into Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. police only to have him ignore me as had their whole department as of late. Matthew Bromeland, D.C. Chief of Staff MIA, Peter Newsham Chief of D.C. Police MIA, Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police MIA, Art Acevedo President of Major Cities Police Chiefs Association MIA and many others ‘out to lunch’ !

I was attacked on the road this past summer at 3am at the home of my guest by chemtrail. We were abruptly awoken with nausea and respiratory problems. I immediately went outside and detected that short chemtrail directly over the home were I was staying as a guest. I was on my way to Maine to investigate a scandal involving State Street Global advisors, Tyler Technologies, municipal and county tax maps and assessments and ETF’s. The aerial tax maps do not match the maps on record. https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/25/direct-energy-weapons-remote-attacks-on-civilians/” – CMC




Alias e-mail: Dayne.williams01@icloud.com (sent to Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. Police re: military grade attacks on civilians)

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6510028642565836800

16 likes, 1465 Views

Today is International Women’s Day and this picture, found at my local coffee shop, portrays how I feel; tortured, abused, trapped, neglected and abandoned.

Artist Andrew Thomas Wright Ricardi

“I work 24/7 to protect the world’s nations and no one is protecting me.

Women working in International Security. https://lnkd.in/enrSXs4 .” – CMC

If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins: https://youtu.be/l50L4GYhpLc

“Reminds me of the Bond Girl from Gold Finger,who’s painted in Gold,from head to toes and dies

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f1/41/6d/f1416d3c400335cb5d423bd332cfaded.jpg” – Matthew Edwards

“Rise Christine Michelle Chadwick. Insurect with Truth, for Righteous acts shield the eternal Heart from Darkness in this life & the next.” – Rob Nikolic

“Andrew B Brown Yes, you can call or write to Chief Art Acevedo of Houston Police and ask him why he did not respond to my e-mail which was International Security related. Every single law enforcement officer on this planet has failed me and left me to do their dirty work while they collect salary art.acevedo@houstonpolice.org” – CMC

“What would you like Art Acevedo to do in Houston?  

Edmund Dunne is in Ireland.  

It’s a global white collar crime ring spanning all industries and government agencies.  It’s lawyers, bankers, spies, police, business people, computer people, etc.

Christine Michelle Chadwick, you’ve done an excellent job sorting out what happened, helping society maintain its sanity.  You kept communications open, educating local people while connecting global events.

How do local police officers make arrests on matters they are not educated upon?  Especially, when out of jurisdiction?” – ABB

“My focus has been solutions.  You might forward Edmund Dunne some solutions:  

1.  We need a safe place to settle agreements (see image below).

2.  Restructure USD with Federal Credit Receipts:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mhxqB84hFgUtRG0zeUbT4beHhfn9n_roVIKAAV39IMA/edit

3.  IT needs to be regulated, Texas Technology Commission:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bUbZN8ByaxKbIwKeYuvs7ISDjOwtuGoNnYuXQhsQHLM/edit  I have two suggestions on how to store data securely.” – ABB

“Andrew B Brown My local police abandoned me long ago. It is protocol for me to report to my local police. I have more to report than just Edmund. I was covertly implanted with an RFID tracking device from when I was arrested for activist duties 2013 and was tasered over half a dozen times. Before the sheriff (with a secret DOD security clearance) tasered me he shot a dart into my back. I found out later it was a tracking device when I was working for my local library updating their RFID systems. I suspected it even before that.

And now that I am trying to write reports, I am getting slammed with military grade direct energy weapons and chemical attacks over my home. I need someone to come forward and assist me. My local police are not going to understand this. No one believes that I actually live this ‘James Bond’ lifestyle. I needed Chief Art Acevedo to help me connect with my mayor (who ignores me also) and my local police department. All he needs to do is make two phone calls. Now he has abandoned me too. He should at least reply to my letter!”

“Christine Michelle Chadwick

That’s the spirit…Between, You, Lyudmila Filatova, Helen Edwards and Karen Hudes, plus some blokes as well… (Me included – :–))

We will wake up the sleeping giant, and bring to their attention, the gross malfeasance being perpetrated on humanity..

The American Revolution, I heard recently was brought about, by a vocal minority…

Just 3% were agitators…

We just need a few more then…

;–))” – Will Stirrup

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6509803940144562176


I put in an S.O.S. call to Major James Thomas of Louisville Metro Police Department since now retired.

Him and I worked together on the streets to help keep the peace together during Occupy Wall Street. He was my official liaison. I am on the left of the “Congress is not for sale sign” and he is on the right.

I am hoping he will go with me to file a police report as no one else will accompany me and I am afraid to go to police by myself because I have been tortured by Sheriffs in Okaloosa County, FL when tasered over half a dozen times when arrested for activist duties in 2013.

He is the only police officer in the world I would trust right now.

“Michael Schwartz I want to document starting local and slowly move up the chain of the command. This is ultimately a national security issue but all of the officials and armed forces are ignoring me and not protecting me. I want to start at the bottom and have everyone hold each other accountable as we move up the chain of command to the proper agencies to address. Ultimately the negligence resides in our national security agencies who are all MIA.

Michael Schwartz That would be ideal. It is really not that complicated but no one believes me because it was an agent of the DOD who covertly implanted me with an RFID tracking device and it is the US Government negligent in protecting their airspace responsible for the rest.

I also have the rescue of Edmund JM Dunne which should be reported ; no one has even questioned him yet as a witness. Edmund has written to the entire British establishment via certified mail for years and they pretend he does not exist.

His story should be investigated, it has so many layers to it and injustices. He was left abandoned by his community for several years and found alone and suffering in very poor conditions as a disabled person. Sometimes only able to function at the level of a five year old. He was extremely suicidal for many years until I found him and took ownership as Sir Rob Wainwright bailed on me and let me do his job while he took a position at Deloitte and became Knighted.

I left the ball on Rob’s court and now he is MIA too along with every other official.

I also need to find an attorney re: these matters. The offenses were by the Sheriffs, The US Department of Defense and US Government. That’s just in my case; not Edmunds.

Michael Schwartz Thank you Michael. I do indeed know the state of the world. .. no longer a rookie. Take your time. I am getting support from a few comrades.

I will never give up believing that the adults can reclaim the world.” – CMC

Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham Art Acevedo #RFIDimplant #DirectEnergyWeaponry #USA

Tweet: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1103824487148081152?s=21

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6509565750674550784

Mood of the day.

I work 24/7 in the field of International Security and the Rule of Law. Where is everybody? Crickets!

See: https://lnkd.in/e-SF-aG

#USGovernment #LawEnforcement #USDepartmentOfDefense #Attorneys #USDepartmentOfState #FBI #CIA #Army #Navy #AirForce #Marines #USA #USDepartmentOFJustice #HumanRights #GlobalEconomy #DirectEnergyWeapons #CovertRFIDImplant #ChemicalAttacks #USCongress #USSenate #DHS

Art Acevedo Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham Curtis Prince, Jr. General Martin E. Dempsey Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert

“Chief of Staff Matthew Bromeland, Peter Newsham, Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police all MIA when alerted to USA International Security Concerns; attacks on civilians and covert RFID implant by agent of the U.S. Department of Defense: Covert RFID Implant and Tracking Device – Part 2 https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/08/covert-rfid-implant-and-tracking-device-part-2/” – CMC

LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6509488222945501184

Greetings LinkedIn,

Currently I am a little backed up in returning my messages in the LinkedIn private message portals. This happens on occasion when I am deeply engaged in the battle for our freedoms and safety. Please know that I WILL respond to each and every one of you, the very first chance I get.

I am currently working on disclosures that could ‘rock the bottom of the ocean floor’ and that’s no joke. Please know that I work for you, all of you.

In my daily battles against oppression, I often think of the Champ. I live just a few miles from the homestead of Muhammad Ali in Louisville, Kentucky.

It is his spirit that keeps me fighting on the darkest days. I hear his voice, “I’m gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”!

The real champ is the #GlobalDebtFacility

Acct. #TVM-LSM-666 #GOAT 1.7 Million MT $GLD

Ali Rap youtu.be/0xJ2cYa7JYQ 🎶


Coming soon…the “Mother Ops” of all Ops; #OpStingLikeABee 🐝

Link to tweet: https://lnkd.in/e56mfrH

“Message sent to Chief Art Acevedo of Houston Police in Linkedin message portal on this day of March 7, 2019:

Chief Acevedo,

The e-mail that I sent you on March 5th from silkthreads9000@outlook.com is international security related. Did you get a chance to review it?

The U.S. Government is failing to protect me here in Louisville, KY from remote and arial attacks on me over my home. My mayors office is not engaging. My local police dropped the ball long ago.

The State Department does not acknowledge my correspondence.

If I do not get some assistance soon from U.S. officials I will report this to the missions of the United Nations.

Your name is now on record so I would appreciate a reply by phone or e-mail.

Thank-you.” – CMC

“Greetings Chief Acevedo,

Hola! Thank-you for your prompt acknowledgment on LinkedIn. I am grateful to have the Chief of Houston Police and the President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs reach out.

No worries regarding your inability to navigate the social platform. This tells me that you are more focused on your streets. I, on the other hand, live on the Internet.

Let me start off by saying that I am a well-seasoned civilian intelligence operative of seven years working worldwide with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law. We work for you!

One of our main goals is to prevent global economic collapse and to secure the pensions of law enforcement and civil servants internationally. You probably are not even aware that in approximately 2011 we were looking over a cliff and on the verge of another Dark Ages. Even though we are not completely ‘out of the woods’ yet, it is increasingly looking like we have averted this tragedy with over 90 percent certainty.

I was an activist with Occupy Wall Street and I worked as a liaison between our camp and my local police department, Louisville Metropolitan Police. My contact person was Major James. Him and I worked side by side on the streets to help keep the peace. He always returned my e-mails and I trusted him. Sadly, he has since retired and I do not know how to contact him now.

I wrote this letter forwarded to you here in August of 2015 to Chief Thomas Manger regarding my law enforcement concerns and never received a reply even though I have confirmation that it was received.

In January of 2017, I located the only surviving banker in a long string of mysterious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal. There were 90 suspicious banker deaths total; both homicides and suicides where it has been determined that their employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies known as BOLI. Edmund JM Dunne survived this.

Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne; Found Extremely Suicidal on the Estate of Aristocracy – New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland: https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/19/berkeley-forest-new-ross-co-wexford-ireland/

Mysterious Banker Deaths; Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes: https://silkthreads.press/2019/01/04/whos-next-analysis-of-66-mysterious-banker-deaths-part-i-federal-reserve-banks-white-collar-crimes/

I discovered that he was missing through my studies in Global Monetary Transformation and went on a quest to find him. I located him extremely suicidal and trapped in the British Isles in January of 2017. I supported home and guarded his life for nine months via the Internet from USA. I orchestrated a Search and Rescue Mission for him along with my comrades and then I flew to Europe in November of 2017 to help assist and relocate him in January of 2018. He is now in a more supportive community but still he has not been interviewed as a witness, received any kind of justice, and he struggles to survive on disability.

During this time I reached out to hundreds of officers internationally for assistance through e-mails and on LinkedIn. Not one law enforcement official took ownership of the situation and hundreds of officers disconnected from me or blocked me after I relayed the circumstances. Patricia Williams was one such person.

I relayed to her that in this case of Edmund that it was also a international security concern because the disclosure of all of this could cause Barclays to be shut down causing another Lehman Brother’s type scenario taking the entire global economy down with it, causing a complete and total global monetary collapse.

The agency to disengage the most readily was our own Department of Homeland Security. I have zero confidence in this agency along with most of the others as no one has helped me; not one official.


Social Media Can be Used as Evidence in A Court of Law: https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/05/social-media-can-be-used-as-evidence-in-a-court-of-law-edmund-jm-dunne-taught-me-this/

I have an extensive knowledge of both the best and the worst of law enforcement worldwide. If ever you want to know where you are failing or how to improve, I could be your gal. I have made many assessments and I have several suggestions for improvement and reform but currently, I need to focus on my own safety.

I was arrested for my activist duties in 2013 by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida. I was exposing a thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston, SC in collaboration with the Anonymous collective on the Internet when I noticed that I was being spied on via my IPad camera when the light beamed red. This terrified me as I did not know my level of danger.

When I relayed this to my family, they did not believe me causing me to go into a panic which resulted in a manic episode where I was sleep deprived for five days causing me to become unwell. My family had me committed to mental health via the Baker Act.

When the sheriffs entered my condo, I was sitting calmly on my sofa holding my pet kitty in my lap. They asked me a few questions and then started torturing me. I was tasered over half a dozen times. I was forced to the hospital for 20 days with injuries all over my body and my collar bone was out of place for six months.

During this altercation with the Sheriff’s in Florida, I have recently discovered that I have been covertly implanted with a RFID tracking and monitoring device without my knowledge or consent by the Sheriff, Cullen Coraine who has a secret security clearance with the United States Department of Defense:

Covert RFID Implant – Part 1: https://silkthreads.press/2019/01/26/thwarted-false-flag-nuke-attack-covert-rfid-implant/

Most recently, Chief Peter Newsham acknowledged me of D.C. Police in Washington. He referred me to Commander Duncan Bedlion who has since disappeared on me and is not answering my phone calls or e-mails. I was requesting of him to help me transfer over to my local police here in Louisville, Kentucky as is protocol.

I am too afraid to go to them by myself because 1) I am afraid of police 2) Every time I report my ‘James Bond’ lifestyle to them, they do not believe me and stop returning my correspondence. I get labeled, ‘crazy’ or simply ignored.

I wanted him to help me make an introduction to my mayor here in Louisville as I am getting attacked over my home by military grade remote weaponry. You need to understand that Barclays is connected to the biggest gangsters in the world. I tried reporting this to the U.S. Military but they ignore me also, and I suspect it is a rogue faction of our U.S. defense forces who are doing this to me.

I also relayed to D.C. Police that the stories of Edmund JM Dunne, myself, and World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes all interconnect; all three of us were arrested for trying to do the right thing. Meanwhile our oppressors are sitting warm, safe and dry collecting salaries at the White House, Pentagon, and the Federal Reserve Bank while we continue to suffer. Karen Hudes also gets attacked regularly with remote weaponry she refers to as scalar technology:

International Security- Human Rights https://silkthreads.press/2019/01/29/international-security-human-rights-suicide-prevention-global-intelligence/

Correspondence to Sir Rob Wainwright: https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/21/sir-rob-wainwright-correspondence/

I relayed to D. C. Police that I am reluctant to have this reported too far up the chain of command as it is the United States Government responsible for our transgressions. Because I have been ignored and harmed domestically, I have been writing to the missions of the world at the United Nations and Japan.

No one has responded to me officially but I can detect that I am being monitored by several agencies worldwide on LinkedIn and Iran did confirm through an e-mail that they have recorded my identification to be kept on file.

I sense that I am being protected at the very top but still no engagement from USA. My preferred strategy is to get this documented at the local level first and then proceed to move up the chain of command with proper support and all parties holding each other accountable along the way hence my attempt to contact my mayor regarding security concerns but his office has ignored me also.

I need to find proper legal counsel. My first attempt to get legal advice from an attorney friend of 8 years has gone terribly wrong:

Attorney Tim Denison Bullies Activist via Text Message: https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/27/timothy-denison-attorney-at-law-bullies-activist-via-text-message/

Last week I was attacked repeatedly by EMF remote technology. The last attack was on March 1, 2019 where I can detect the energy field around me that feels electrically charged and causes a constant ringing and buzzing in the ears and lack of concentration accompanied by lethargy and/or agitation. I suspect that my opposition, which is government and corporate interests, are trying to deter me from writing my reports as only 20 percent of my documentation has been declassified to my public whom I serve. They know this.

The last major attack that I experienced was on February 6th at 9 a.m. where the entire house was electrically charged for two hours, afterwards I felt drugged and had to sleep it off for 20 hours. I reported this first to one of my Anonymous retired contacts in the U.S. Intelligence community (I have several national and international retired Intelligence contacts who have been mentoring me but no one officially goes on record as they all prefer to be Anonymous for their own protection and safety) and he confirmed to me that officials are indeed attacking civilians with this remote technology. I also reported this to Commander Duncan Bedlion in D.C.

I am trying to document everything but it has been very difficult as of late because I have not been feeling very well because of these attacks. No attacks since last Friday, March 1st, which is why I am able to write this to you now:

Direct Energy Weapons and Attacks: https://silkthreads.press/2019/02/25/direct-energy-weapons-remote-attacks-on-civilians/

I am furious with all of our U.S. armed forces and intelligence agencies for not protecting me. We spend $800 billion a year to supply defense to U.S. and other countries all around the world and I keep getting repeatedly attacked since 2013.

I have been doing the job of the government, defense, and intelligence for several years now. I work 24/7 and I do not get paid. I am a public agent, working in the public interest in a charitable fashion to protect our global economy and future generations from all of these atrocities.

How can you help? First of all, I do not expect you to solve all of my problems. I do expect you to stay engaged with me until I can safely connect to my local precinct and mayors department. I do not want to go to my local police by myself because they already abandoned me once and I have lost all local support here from friends and family because no one will believe me. I have no one to accompany me to meet with them.

I think the next best step would be to set up a meeting with my mayor, Greg Fisher. I met him once and I liked him. He also has an education in economics so he may be able to relate to the types of intelligence work and financial forensics that I do. But his office will not connect me. Perhaps, if you made a call you could be taken more seriously and suggest that he get in contact with me.

I am open to any other thoughts or suggestions that you may have.

Because I am a public agent, I work in complete transparency. I reserve the right to publish any and all communications with paid public officials at my own discretion.

If you have any other questions or need clarification on anything, feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail.

I have been watching you, and so far, I like what I see. Let’s see if we can solve some of these problems and issues together. When I get to a safer place, I would like to assist law enforcement in keeping our communities safe. I have the knowledge, Intelligence and facts to do so.

Mucho Gusto Art!

Yo puedo hablo un poquito Espanol, pero no entiendo todo;)

Most Sincerely,

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Civilian Intelligence Operative

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law”

“Sent to Art Acevedo today on March 7, 2019 via his work email:

Greetings Chief Acevedo,

Today I updated the record on LinkedIn that I have not as of yet received a response from you regarding this correspondence on March 5th that is International Security related.

If I do not receive acknowledgement and assistance by U.S. law enforcement and officials soon. I will be reporting all of this to the worlds missions at the United Nations and Japan.

Your name will be on record so I do hope that you will take some ownership of this situation and that I will receive some acknowledgment of this matter.

I have detected that you do have time to post to Twitter, so you should be able to fit me in: https://twitter.com/artacevedo/status/1103428978554089473?s=21


Miss Christine”

Corresponding with Chief Art Acevedo of Houston Police; President of Major Cities Police Chiefs Association regarding the Rule of Law.

“Correspondence forwarded to him from 2015 when I was representing Occupy Wall Street addressed to the predecessor of MCPCS, Chief Thomas Manger and never received a response.

I have written so many letters to law enforcement over the years and I have only ever received a few measly sentences back in return before they disappear on me completely, never to be seen again.

Let us see if Art is different this time. I disclosed that our intelligence networks work for them in guarding their pensions. Why can they not work for us? ” – CMC


“A mouse can outrun a horse. Put your money where your mouse is!”

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6508803678655303680

Amen to that! Thank you dear Joan for this inspirational message.

Always keep God first.

LinkedIn Post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6507804864083488768


Dear Officials,

You are failing! I reached out to the Major Cities Chiefs Association years ago regarding my various law enforcement concerns. Not only was my correspondence ignored, but I was blocked by several national chiefs here on LinkedIn when I reached out to them for advice on rescuing tortured Barclays investment banker, Edmund JM Dunne 2 years ago. All national and international law enforcement bodies ignored me repeatedly so I became the; Sergeant, General, Commander, Chief in a full blown Search and Rescue mission starting in January of 2017.

My comrades and I rescued Edmund in January of 2018. He is a survivor of the 90 suspicious banker deaths that occurred surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal where is has been determined that their employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies known as BOLI.

Recently, my inbox is backed up with civilians requesting my guidance, assistance & investigative talents in their own personal incidents of fraud and corruption because they are being ignored by law enforcement.

I do not get paid for the work that I do. I work in a charitable fashion in the public interest. Your salaries should all be forwarded to me!

LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:65073398300059443

Tweet: https://twitter.com/christinechadwi/status/1104219585472024576?s=21

“Is your job not to ‘serve’ the people Chief? Not just yourself or elites. We are all equal ans we the people excepct you to serve!!!!” Tweet: https://twitter.com/sacredwatercamp/status/1104437664655306753?s=21

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