Chief Art Acevedo on LinkedIn:

I first reached out to Chief Acevedo on LinkedIn, Monday March 4, 2019 after I was abandoned by my local precinct, Louisville Metropolitan Police in Louisville, KY and after being ignored by D.C. Police in Washington which includes:

Officer Sarah Banta – LMPD

Sergeant Corey Robinson – LMPD

Commander Melvin Gresham – D.C. Police

Chief of Staff, Matthew Bromeland- D.C. Police (on LinkedIn )

Chief Peter Newsham – D.C. Police (on LinkedIn It is noted that Chief Newsham has read his messages in the LinkedIn private message portals.

Commander Duncan Bedlion – D.C. Police

Reported by Christine Michelle Chadwick, Civilian Intelligence Operative

LinkedIn Profile:

International Parties MIA

Sir Rob Wainwright – Former Director of Europol (LinkedIn Profile )

Ralph Markert, Assistant of Director and Chief of Staff in France- Interpol (LinkedIn Profile )

Correspondence to Sir Ralph Wainwright documented here:

Ralph Markert, Chief of Staff, Assistant Director at Interpol

I sent Chief Acevedo this e-mail on March 5, 2019

The full letter and documentation is recorded on this blog:


Messages to Chief Acevedo via the LinkedIn Private Message Portal

The first message to Chief Acevedo was sent on March 4, 2019 – receipt confirmed.

Buenas Tardes Jefe,

I see that you are reading my messages. Perfecto!

This means that you are hearing me and CHOOSING not to respond to me. Since you are the leader and representative of all the Major Cities Police Chiefs of the nation and you are negligent in responding to a Civilian Counterintelligence Officer, working in the field of International Security and Global Accounts, protecting our nations monetary system; the one that funds your family and precinct. I am informing you that I am now taking over.

I am now the acting “Jefa of National Police” in USA.

Now, for your first order of instruction. When a civilian Intelligence Officer with a large international audience, speaking on behalf of USA and the international community at large reaches out to you with intelligence disclosures and a request for assistance, the proper reply would be:

Good Afternoon Miss Chadwick,

I was unaware of all that you have disclosed here. I can assure you that the Major Cities Police Chief’s Association does work to protect our most vulnerable and is committed to safety in our communities and to the security of our nation. Let me look into all that you have mentioned here and I will get back to you shortly with how I can best assist you and the public that you represent. I will contact you within two days with a reply.

We value your commitment and your responsible character as to bring national safety concerns to our attention.

We are here to help.


Chief Acevedo, President of Major Cities Police Chiefs Association

This message was sent this day of March 10, 2019 – CMC

LinkedIn Post:

Calling Major James Thomas, Retired Officer of Louisville Metropolitan Police

The only officer I trust right now is retired Major James Thomas of Louisville Metropolitan Police. I need help in locating him to see if he will accompany me in filing reports to my local precinct.

My S.O.S. Post Calling Major James Thomas on Linked on March 8, 2019:


I put in an S.O.S. call to Major James Thomas of Louisville Metro Police Department since now retired.

Him and I worked together on the streets to help keep the peace together during Occupy Wall Street. He was my official liaison. I am on the left of the “Congress is not for sale sign” and he is on the right.

I am hoping he will go with me to file a police report as no one else will accompany me and I am afraid to go to police by myself because I have been tortured by Sheriffs in Okaloosa County, FL when tasered over half a dozen times when arrested for activist duties in 2013.

He is the only police officer in the world I would trust right now.

Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham Art Acevedo #RFIDimplant #DirectEnergyWeaponry #USA”

8 Likes, 757 views

LinkedIn Post:



Ground Control to Major Tom – David Bowie

Letter Sent to Chief Art Acevedo on March 12, 2019 via e-mail and LinkedIn

Greetings Chief Acevedo, 
[This message and my endorsement from Chief Karl Auerbach, Chief of police at Salt River Pima – Maricopa Indian Community was sent to you via the Linked private message portal on this day: ] 
I am very well known internationally for being the Counterintelligence Officer of the Collateral accounts, the ones that fund our global economy.  There are ongoing, international negotiations currently to revamp the whole thing.  I represent US interests as to protect your pension.  I am in contact with many of the stakeholders and I work to keep the peace and to avert tragedy regarding these accounts and other geopolitical threats and dangers.  I work for you! 
Chief Auerbach is a visionary that has witnessed and endorsed my work and efforts.  
You are now aware of me and my concerns and you are ignoring me and not addressing the issues that I have brought to your attention; law enforcement protecting banks and not civilians.  Law enforcement committing and responsible for atrocities.  Thomas Manger ignored me also.  You owe us a statement. 
I want to know why you have avoided me.  If it is because of my past arrest, mental health frailties, or my slight autism, these can all be categorized as discrimination and I have now documented you and all of these events, which means that I can take legal action if I so desire.  
But as I mentioned before, I do not play hardball.  I will leave the door open to you and I still welcome your assistance in connecting me to my local precinct and mayor.  You can chime in at any time.  
If you decide to continue to ignore me, I will escalate this to the international community via the United Nations as I have mentioned before. 
When more US officers understand what I do and that I represent them and their livelihoods and their families and that you have failed to assist me, this may not be so good for you and your reputation.  There is always an audit trail. 
My invitation is still open.  I think you may have either received some wrong information about me or you are baffled regarding this being not a common issue you come across in your daily work. 
It you reach out to me by phone, we can come to a better understanding of the issues, which is what I recommend.  
I do not wish to see you go down in history as the man that failed his officers by snubbing their representative, which is where you are at the moment. 
Everything I do is documented and reported  to my public whom I serve.  You serve them too and you are not lookin’ good Sir.  Let’s fix this and get you back in God’s good graces. 
Some of my contacts are kept anonymous, which includes officials from all over the world because I am civilian and they are in past or present Intelligence or finance.  You do not need to be Anonymous because you are in a group of Chiefs of Police from all over the nation.  This protects you. These gangsters are not that powerful anymore.  They are weak, they only get away with attacking me because of this type of behavior you are currently displaying. 
I am capable of having a conversation off the record for purposes of diplomacy which is what I am hoping that you and I can accomplish together. 
Miss Christine 


I am trying to report national security concerns to United States Law Enforcement; all US Armed Forces, Intelligence, and Security Agencies are MIA.

The ball is currently in the court of Houston Chief of Police, Art Acevedo. Art is also the president of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association. He ignoring my serious correspondence since March 5th.

Today I sent him my last message via his e-mail account. If I do not get a reply by tomorrow morning, March 13, 2019, I will report this negligence to the international missions at the United Nations and to the worlds embassies in Japan.

My last words to Art Acevedo on this day, March 12, 2019:

“Go talk to Spiegel. ….. to make sure you are following legal protocols. I don’t want to see you on the wrong side of history Chief.”

Full story here:

Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham London Police Service An Garda Síochána Louisville Metro Police Department Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) US Marine Corps

LinkedIn Post:

Chief Art Acevedo Blocks Civilian Intelligence Operative on LinkedIn on March 13, 2019 after I wrote to over 200 embassies at the United Nations and Japan.


Chief was tweeting when he should have been on the telephone with civilian agent requesting assistance in international security concern. Chief was MIA with no proper communication for one whole week.

The Tweet he was found tweeting when he should have been ‘protecting and serving’ :

Posted on LinkedIn:


Hola Jefe!

You have now been completely documented and the evidence has been sent to all the missions of the world at the United Nations as well as to all the worlds embassies in Japan.  
Next stop; missions in both Dublin and London if I do not get assistance from you or your department soon. 
This is a national and international security related concern.  The United States Government is not protecting civilians and now you are negligent in not protecting civilians.  
The worst thing you could do is block me on LinkedIn or to take down your LinkedIn profile as this implicates you as being MIA and negligent.  
No one from the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association has responded to my letter forwarded to you from 2015! 
If you think this is going away, it is not.  Here is what is going to happen next if I do not get some assistance from you: 
 I will file a notarized complaint with your department.  I will contact every single officer in your department and forward my documentation.  I will contact every single Chief of Police in your organization and relay this documentation and negligence. 
Remember that my work of seven years in Civilian Intelligence and Financial Forensics is to protect you and your family.  Do you even know how your monetary system works or that we are on the verge of a complete global economic and monetary collapse which my team and I are working to avert and are succeeding!? 
Before I proceed further, I will still give you an opportunity to make amends.  Since we are no longer on the best of terms, a phone call would no longer be advised.  My recommendation for you is to reconnect on the social media platform so that I can record this and to send me a written letter of apology at my home address or by e-mail and I will post it. 
Then proceed with my requests that I have asked of you. 1) Connect me to my mayors office here in Louisville, KY   2) Properly brief and connect me to my local precinct.  
If you cannot do this.  You will be furthering discrediting yourself and this news will spread far and wide. 
Most Sincerely, 
Miss Christine 
516 West Oak Street
Louisville, KY 40203
P.S. I have copied Chief of Police Karl Auerbach of Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Scottsdale Arizona who has publicly and formally endorsed me. 
I have not had any remote attacks on my person ever since Chief Auerbach has gone on record in support of me.  This is how easy it is to protect civilians and you should be doing the same, not blocking me on a social media platform! 
Link to documentation at the United Nations:
Link to Chief Art Acevedo being MIA in national security related concern:
Link to Major Cities Police Chiefs Association Meets Counterintelligence Officer, Global Accounts:



Disabled Barclays Investment Banker, Edmund JM Dunne Ignored and Neglected by Governments and All International Law Enforcement for 8 years. He was found trapped, isolated and living in tortuous living in conditions on the estate of aristocracy while being extremely suicidal for years. Suffering so severely for C-PTSD that he could only function at the level of a 5 year old and I am his witness that was his advocate and close protection in Europe for 8 weeks during the Christmas holidays of 2017.

Anonymous Civilian Operatives arranged a global rescue mission for him and he was relocated to a more supportive community in January of 2018 and is no longer suicidal on a daily basis and is able to take care of himself properly without assistance. -MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Edmund has still not received any kind of justice or compensation.

See: Update on Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne

Tortured Barclays Banker Found Living on the Estate of Aristocracy in New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland:

Mysterious Author Pens Report; Edmund Dunne, Digital Gold and World Bank Whistleblower

Edmund JM Dunne, Twitter Archives


Chief of police Karl Auerbach- Salt River Pima Maricopa

Chief Auerbach on LinkedIn:

Chief Auerbach has endorsed me for; Investments, Gold, Counterintelligence, Financial Reporting, and Financial Analysis. He has given me a formal letter of endorsement – March 9, 2019

My Letter to Chief Auerbach on March 10, 2013:

Chief Karl Auerbach,

Medal of Honor for you today Sir. I am humbled and grateful.

Currently, I am holding all United States Chief of Police to account as to protect our most vulnerable. Working in civilian Intelligence for seven years; on the street, on the Internet, and in Europe. I am privy to the best and the worst of the blue.

I have worked along side some of the most highly skilled, honorable, trustworthy, and personable officers in our nation, and I am also privy to the worst offenses and atrocities. My goal in to bridge a gap I see between the public and our servants. Increasingly the national public is distrusting of our civil guardians.

I see two things; we can improve on our appreciation and understanding of your profession, and you can improve on preventing crime, not just ‘putting out’ fires. I have made assessments, and I have solutions that I can share once I reach a confirmed point of safety for myself.

I will keep you updated with the latest links and information here on LinkedIn and I will reach out to you if I do not get the proper assistance from our Major Cities Police Chiefs Association or my local police station, Louisville Metropolitan Police. I am trying to make arrangements to schedule my ‘filing of reports’ with them now.

I will be sure to send out an S.O.S. If I get stuck or feel that I am in any kind of danger.

Very Respectfully,

Miss Christine

On Twitter:

Tweet and VIDEO of Chief Karl Auerbach honoring fallen servant, Officer Clayton Townsend- a young officer killed in the line of duty in January of 2019:

Sample of Letter to Sir Rob Wainwright, former Director of Europol in January of 2018

Sample Letter to Ralph Markert, Interpol

In conclusion:

I have documented all my efforts to protect the vulnerable, disabled, and mentally ill to be reported to my local precinct as soon I can schedule all parties and make connection. – CMC March 10, 2019

#SuicidePrevention 🕊

Edmund JM Dunne and Christine Michelle Chadwick first make appearance on Twitter:

Ambassadors X – Renegades

#SuicidePrevention #WorldPeace #GoldOutOfHiding




Past Posts and Current Missions: 

Occupy Wall Street, Activist 2011- Present

Anonymous Collective, Open Source Intelligence Operative 2011 – Present

Counterintelligence Officer, Edmund JM Dunne, Collateral Accounts January 2017 – May 2018

Global Rescue Mission Coordinator – Search and Rescue Operation of Edmund JM Dunne; International Embassies Liaison (London, Ireland, Japan, United Nations) – Mission Accomplished January of 2018

Counterintelligence Officer – Public Agent, Collateral Accounts January 2017 – Present

Project Lead updating RFID scanning and data system for Jeffersonville, Indiana Library for 3 months in the Spring of 2018 representing Decisiona One and Bibliotheca. 

Trained Legal Observer – National Lawyers Guild, Yale University Campus 2011 Website:

#OpSaveSweetLiberty – POL verified in May 2017 one year after start of investigation. 

#EndTheFed – 2011 and ongoing.

#GoldOutOfHiding – 2013 and ongoing. (This OP heavily censored)

Coming soon… Disclosures involving both British and Irish Establishments and


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