Correspondence Sent to the President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association

Chief Art Acevedo of the Houston Police Department

March 5, 2019

Greetings Chief Acevedo,

Hola!  Thank-you for your prompt acknowledgment on LinkedIn.  I am grateful to have the Chief of Houston Police and the President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs reach out.
No worries regarding your inability to navigate the social platform.  This tells me that you are more focused on your streets.  I, on the other hand, live on the Internet. 
Let me start off by saying that I am a well-seasoned civilian intelligence operative of seven years working worldwide with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law.  We work for you!
One of our main goals is to prevent global economic collapse and to secure the pensions of law enforcement and civil servants internationally.  You probably are not even aware that in approximately 2011 we were looking over a cliff and on the verge of another Dark Ages.  Even though we are not completely ‘out of the woods’ yet, it is increasingly looking like we have averted this tragedy with over 90 percent certainty.  
I was an activist with Occupy Wall Street and I worked as a liaison between our camp and my local police department, Louisville Metropolitan Police.  My contact person was Major James.  Him and I worked side by side on the streets to help keep the peace.  He always returned my e-mails and I trusted him.  Sadly, he has since retired and I do not know how to contact him now.  

I wrote this letter forwarded to you here in August of 2015 to Chief Thomas Manger regarding my law enforcement concerns and never received a reply even though I have confirmation that it was received.  

Police Chief J. Thomas Manger, Montgomery, County, Maryland

In January of 2017, I located the only surviving banker in a long string of mysterious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal.  There were 90 suspicious banker deaths total; both homicides and suicides where it has been determined that their employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies known as BOLI.   Edmund JM Dunne survived this.
Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne; Found Extremely Suicidal on the Estate of Aristocracy – New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland:
Mysterious Banker Deaths; Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes:

I discovered that he was missing through my studies in Global Monetary Transformation and went on a quest to find him.  I located him extremely suicidal and trapped in the British Isles in January of 2017.  I supported him and guarded his life for nine months via the Internet from USA.  I orchestrated a Search and Rescue Mission for him along with my comrades and then I flew to Europe in November of 2017 to help assist and relocate him in January of 2018.  He is now in a more supportive community but still he has not been interviewed as a witness, received any kind of justice, and he struggles to survive on disability.
During this time I reached out to hundreds of officers internationally for assistance through e-mails and on LinkedIn.  Not one law enforcement official took ownership of the situation and hundreds of officers disconnected from me or blocked me after I relayed the circumstances.  Patricia Williams was one such person. 
I relayed to her that in this case of Edmund that it was also a international security concern because the disclosure of all of this could cause Barclays to be shut down causing another Lehman Brother’s type scenario taking the entire global economy down with it, causing a complete and total global monetary collapse.    
The agency to disengage the most readily was our own Department of Homeland Security.  I have zero confidence in this agency along with most of the others as no one has helped me; not one official.  
Social Media Can be Used as Evidence in A Court of Law:

I have an extensive knowledge of both the best and the worst of law enforcement worldwide.  If ever you want to know where you are failing or how to improve, I could be your gal.  I have made many assessments and I have several suggestions for improvement and reform but currently, I need to focus on my own safety.
I was arrested for my activist duties in 2013 by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida. I was exposing a thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston, SC in collaboration with the Anonymous collective on the Internet when I noticed that I was being spied on via my IPad camera when the light beamed red.  This terrified me as I did not know my level of danger.  

When I relayed this to my family, they did not believe me causing me to go into a panic which resulted in a manic episode where I was sleep deprived for five days causing me to become unwell.  My family had me committed to mental health via the Baker Act.  
When the sheriffs entered my condo, I was sitting calmly on my sofa holding my pet kitty in my lap.  They asked me a few questions and then started torturing me.  I was tasered over half a dozen times.  I was forced to the hospital for 20 days with injuries all over my body and my collar bone was out of place for six months.  
During this altercation with the Sheriff’s in Florida, I have recently discovered that I have been covertly implanted with a RFID tracking and monitoring device without my knowledge or consent by the Sheriff, Cullen Coraine who has a secret security clearance with the United States Department of Defense: 

Cullen Coraine, Deputy Sheriff – Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department, Florida
Covert RFID Implant – Part 1:

Most recently, Chief Peter Newsham acknowledged me of D.C. Police in Washington.  He referred me to Commander Duncan Bedlion who has since disappeared on me and is not answering my phone calls or e-mails.  I was requesting of him to help me transfer over to my local police here in Louisville, Kentucky as is protocol.  

Chief Peter Newsham of D.C. Police in Washington

I am too afraid to go to them by myself because 1) I am afraid of police 2) Every time I report my ‘James Bond’ lifestyle to them, they do not believe me and stop returning my correspondence.  I get labeled, ‘crazy’ or simply ignored.  
I wanted him to help me make an introduction to my mayor here in Louisville as I am getting attacked over my home by military grade remote weaponry.  You need to understand that Barclays is connected to the biggest gangsters in the world.  I tried reporting this to the U.S. Military but they ignore me also, and I suspect it is a rogue faction of our U.S. defense forces who are doing this to me. 

Mayor Greg Fisher, Louisville, Kentucky
I also relayed to D.C. Police that the stories of Edmund JM Dunne, myself, and World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes all interconnect; all three of us were arrested for trying to do the right thing.  Meanwhile our oppressors are sitting warm, safe and dry collecting salaries at the White House, Pentagon, and the Federal Reserve Bank while we continue to suffer.  Karen Hudes also gets attacked regularly with remote weaponry she refers to as scalar technology:

World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes

International Security- Human Rights
Correspondence to Sir Rob Wainwright:

I relayed to D. C. Police that I am reluctant to have this reported too far up the chain of command as it is the United States Government responsible for our transgressions. Because I have been ignored and harmed domestically, I have been writing to the missions of the world at the United Nations and Japan.  

No one has responded to me officially but I can detect that I am being monitored by several agencies worldwide on LinkedIn and Iran did confirm through an e-mail that they have recorded my identification to be kept on file.  
I sense that I am being protected at the very top but still no engagement from USA.  My preferred strategy is to get this documented at the local level first and then proceed to move up the chain of command with proper support and all parties holding each other accountable along the way hence my attempt to contact my mayor regarding security concerns but his office has ignored me also.  
I need to find proper legal counsel.  My first attempt to get legal advice from an attorney friend of 8 years has gone terribly wrong: 

Attorney Tim Denison Bullies Activist via Text Message:

Last week I was attacked repeatedly by EMF remote technology.  The last attack was on March 1, 2019 where I can detect the energy field around me that feels electrically charged and causes a constant ringing and buzzing in the ears and lack of concentration accompanied by lethargy and/or agitation.  I suspect that my opposition, which is government and corporate interests, are trying to deter me from writing my reports as only 20 percent of my documentation has been declassified to my public whom I serve.  They know this. 

The last major attack that I experienced was on February 6th at 9 a.m. where the entire house was electrically charged for two hours, afterwards I felt drugged and had to sleep it off for 20 hours.  I reported this first to one of my Anonymous retired contacts in the U.S. Intelligence community (I have several national and international retired Intelligence contacts who have been mentoring me but no one officially goes on record as they all prefer to be Anonymous for their own protection and safety) and he confirmed to me that officials are indeed attacking civilians with this remote technology.  I also reported this to Commander Duncan Bedlion in D.C. 

Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police

I am trying to document everything but it has been very difficult as of late because I have not been feeling very well because of these attacks.  No attacks since last Friday, March 1st, which is why I am able to write this to you now: 
Direct Energy Weapons and Attacks: 
I am furious with all of our U.S. armed forces and intelligence agencies for not protecting me.  We spend $800 billion a year to supply defense to U.S. and other countries all around the world and I keep getting repeatedly attacked since 2013. I have been doing the job of the government, defense, and intelligence for several years now.  I work 24/7 and I do not get paid.  I am a public agent, working in the public interest in a charitable fashion to protect our global economy and future generations from all of these atrocities. 

[Naval Criminal Investigative Service where I have sent in two reports. One regarding the remote direct weaponry attack on June 22, 2017, Code #W840-8576 and I also reported the covert RFID implant, Code #840-W14339]

How can you help? First of all, I do not expect you to solve all of my problems.  I do expect you to stay engaged with me until I can safely connect to my local precinct and mayors department.  I do not want to go to my local police by myself because they already abandoned me once and I have lost all local support here from friends and family because no one will believe me. I have no one to accompany me to meet with them. 
I think the next best step would be to set up a meeting with my mayor, Greg Fisher.  I met him once and I liked him.  He also has an education in economics so he may be able to relate to the types of intelligence work and financial forensics that I do.  But his office will not connect me.  Perhaps, if you made a call you could be taken more seriously and suggest that he get in contact with me.  
I am open to any other thoughts or suggestions that you may have. 
Because I am a public agent, I work in complete transparency.  I reserve the right to publish any and all communications with paid public officials at my own discretion. 
If you have any other questions or need clarification on anything, feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail.  
I have been watching you, and so far, I like what I see.  Let’s see if we can solve some of these problems and issues together.  When I get to a safer place, I would like to assist law enforcement in keeping our communities safe.  I have the knowledge, Intelligence and facts to do so.  
Mucho Gusto Art!
Yo puedo hablo un poquito Espanol, pero no entiendo todo;)
Most Sincerely, 
Christine Michelle Chadwick
Civilian Intelligence Operative
Global Coalition for the Rule of Law
United States Passport # xxxxxxxxxx
P.S. I have copied all of the other parties who have been kept on record so far; Sir Rob Wainwright formerly Director of Europol and Ralph Markert of Interpol as well as several of my international friends and comrades. 

Christine Michelle Chadwick, Civilian Intelligence Operative, Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

LinkedIn Profile:



Forwarded Message Sent to Sergeant Corey Robinson of Louisville Metropolitan Police

Letter to Major Cities Police Chiefs Association – August 8, 2015

Dear Chief Thomas Manger, Darrel Stephens and Patricia Williams, 

I am following the saga of the global economic crisis on the Internet. I am concerned about this recent issue involving Karen Hudes and the World Bank. It is my understanding that she has documented control lapses at the World Bank since the year 2000 and was fired illegally. As acting general counsel she has stated that it is the Board of Governors of the World Bank who should be ruling the bank and not the Global Network of Corporate Control who has tried to hijack the institution. If Allied Barton is indeed not following the law, who is responsible for enforcing the law as this is a private security company owned by the NGCC? 

Are you familiar with the fragile global economic situation? We are now in danger of permanent gold backwardation which would interrupt global trade similar to what happened in Rome just before the dark ages.  Central Banks stopped leasing gold in 2013 because of the risk that the gold would not be returned at the end of the lease. COMEX inventories are at an all-time low. This scenario has the potential to cause much disruption and chaos including WWIII if not addressed. 

Fortunately, we have available to us the gold from the Global Debt Facility account  #TVM-LSM-666 of which the Board of Governors for the World Bank and IMF allotted 170,000MT of gold to back US Treasury Dollars.  Ms. Hudes is also counsel to this Trust. I encourage you to look into this further as to make sure in your representation of this matter, that both you and your organization are correctly following and abiding by the law and performing proper duties.  If allied Barton is acting illegally, who enforces the law that will allow Ms. Hudes entry to the building as to release the world’s wealth back to the people?  

I am saddened by the tarnished reputation that the police forces across the country seem to be plagued by lately, especially in regards to the Sandra Bland, Kelly Thomas incidents. I know we have some great officers out there doing the right thing but there seems to be an ever increasing trend of law enforcement acting as judge, jury AND executioner on the job. I hope your team is working on plans to address this. 

I do hope that our law enforcement is protecting citizens and not performing specific duties for the Network of Global Corporate Control. I read on your website where you are often invited to Capitol Hill. Normally, I would find that encouraging but since much of the corruption that caused the global economic meltdown is housed there, this is a red flag to me and not something I would brag about. 

During Occupy Wall Street, I was one of the protesters in NYC.  I watched as we were bashed, beaten and arrested by the thousands while very few bankers have been brought to justice. I also learned that JP Morgan Chase Bank donated 4 million dollars to the NYPD during that time. Are our local police forces serving and protecting the public or the banks? 

Thank you for reviewing my concerns, 

Christine Chadwick

Link to Tweet regarding the gold in the Global Debt Facility:

Major Cities Police Chiefs Association Website:

Major Cities Police Chiefs Association Website on Twitter:

Letter sent to Major James Thomas of Louisville Metropolitan Police on March 14, 2017 that was never received because Major James retired and I have been trying to locate him to see if he will accompany to my local police station to file a report.

Major James, 

This is Christine Chadwick, I am the activist that you corresponded with during Occupy Wall Street. I am writing to you about a very serious matter involving both national and international security. After OWS I started working with the Internet collective known as Anonymous for global peace, justice and freedom. I am not a hacker, I work in Open Source Intelligence only. 

I have been following and studying the global monetary crisis since 2011. We have been on the brink of a complete global financial collapse.  Because I follow that saga, I realized a key player was missing from the global stage. This person is Polymath/Savant Edmund JM Dunne. He worked for both Goldmann Sachs NY and Barclays in London. He is a Crown protected witness involving the LIBOR scandal and is also responsible for closing 6000 Vatican money laundering accounts. He is the last surviving banker in a long string of banker deaths (suicide and homicides) approximately 90 total. 

I am the one that discovered that he was missing from the global stage and I started my own investigation to find him. I found him abandoned, alone and fighting for his life in the countryside of Ireland via the Internet.  I gathered my comrades (Anonymous Collective) to assist him in getting his voice heard in the outside world. 

Edmund has survived two assassination attempts so far. He was beaten to near death and he now needs treatment for his PTSD. He is also recovering from being poisoned and is having heart problems.  The Crown, CIA, MI6 and MI5 (Andrew Parker and Alex Younger who are both completely briefed on this case) are failing to assist and protect him. He is now alone in the countryside in Ireland, in pain and fighting a very large multi-agency cover-up in regards to him which includes; both the Irish and British Establishments, Barclays, Allen & Overy Law Firm and Nightingale Hospital in London.  Edmund has lost his job, his home and it seems that all of his friends and family have abandoned him. This man is worth billions and is currently trying to survive on disability. 

The case is very complex, and involves all law enforcement agencies, both nationally and internationally.  Edmund designed the Fiat Currency Architecture called, Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain that will save our International monetary system from collapse. He did this single handedly and “gifted” in to mankind for the emancipation of the people and for atonement because of what happened in the financial industry. The patents were bonded and protected by the Crown.  Edmund expressed to me that some of his intellectual property was stolen. I do not know the details of that so this will have to be investigated. 

I am already corresponding with both New Ross Police in Ireland and the London Police.  What I was hoping I could do was set up a meeting with Mayor Greg Fisher. The mayor has an economic background and is he also in the business of e-commerce. He is most likely already familiar with the DLT technology more commonly known as Blockchain. I think it is very important that he be briefed in this complex situation and then he can help Chief Conrad with the economic relevance and financial tech involved in these cases. 

I am reaching out to you first because I feel comfortable with you. The Louisville police were always very professional in my opinion but I have witnessed very bad behavior elsewhere and I have already been tasered two times due to my activist duties, so there is some police trauma that I will have to deal with and I hope that your department will be sensitive to this. It would help to meet the mayor at a location different than the police station and it would also help, if and when, I have to meet officers if they were in a more casual attire, I hope you understand. 

The New Ross Police in Ireland indicated to me that if I am going to continue to report developments to other precincts that I need to establish contact with my local police first and then LMPD would act as liaison for me to other divisions. 

I am including correspondence to a recent LinkedIn contact that explains the report to London. I will also include screenshots of my statement to New Ross Police in Ireland. 

I am in continuous contact with Edmund and he is in very serious pain and no one is coming to his aid. He needs help with a drivers license, passport and a safe escort to London where he hopes to enter into treatment at a hospital there for his PTSD.  

Please discuss all this with your department and let me know how I should proceed from here.  I have been an Internet Warrior for several years but this Internet Spy Duty is getting to be too much for me and I could use a little help. 

I am very nervous about interacting with law enforcement but if you were allowed to be involved and the mayor were involved, this would help ease my apprehension.  I have already met and spoken to the mayor around the time of Muhammad Ali’s funeral. I felt very comfortable with him. I am not from Louisville and I have heard bizarre stories from the homeless here regarding the local police, which may not even be true, because the homeless are often delusional, but all this makes me very nervous. 

I am also slightly autistic which means that I do not always communicate articulately in person  or on the phone. Writing is best for me. 

I am aware that we have a serious problem with crime in Louisville, particularly in the West End. The solution to reduce crime is to eliminate poverty and increase quality education. These are two things I fight for and hopefully, we will see brighter days ahead. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to review these matters. 


Christine Michelle Chadwick

Occupy Wall Street Activist, Christine Michelle Chadwick Makes Front Page Courier-Journal. Louisville, KY 2012



Deputy Sheriff Cullen Coraine on LinkedIn:



This also posted to LinkedIn:

12 Likes and 755 views including; Barclays, Interpol and FINRA

Posted to Facebook:

Covert RFID Implant Shot Into My Back by an Agent of the United States Department of Defense:

“Dr. Charles E. Copeland, DC witnesses that a magnet attacks to the same area that was punctured by Sheriff Cullen Coraine of Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida.

Date of offense: November 24, 2013

Date of examination: January 31, 2018

I first noticed the implant in April of 2018 while working over an RFID tag reading machine at the Jeffersonville Township Library in Indiana as project lead, updating their RFID and data record systems.

I was working for Decision One at the time. I would experience an intense radiating heat in the entire area of the puncture wound but no where else on my body. It was then that I suspected what had been done to me and I sought advise from one of my Anonymous military contacts. This person suggested that I test the area with a small magnet. It attaches!

This same area now often stings or burns throughout the day and especially when I travel or log onto the Internet from rural areas.” – CMC


International Women’s Day on Friday March 8, 2019

“Today is International Women’s Day and this picture, found at my local coffee shop, portrays how I feel; tortured,abused, trapped, neglected and abandoned.

I work 24/7 to protect the world’s nations and no one is protecting me.

Women working in International Security:

232 views, 7 likes

Comment written on: March 9, 2019: “Thank-you Andrew Noble. I just watched the trailer. …reminds me of : Your suggestion helped.

Posted on LinkedIn:


[Everyone celebrating women but they cannot see what is really happening to us.

I am walking proof, with a dart in my back…no one sees, no one hears.

The eviction notice was the kicker. My boyfriend of eight years, Dan Ash refused to go to the police with me to report my RFID implant because the whole incident makes him feel uncomfortable. I insulted him and the next day he drew up an eviction notice. – CMC]


Christine Michelle Chadwick, Civilian Intelligence Operative – The Global Coalition for the Rule of Law, Specializing in Global Accounts and Global Monetary Transformation since 2011 – LinkedIn Profile:

Past Posts and Current Missions: 

Occupy Wall Street Activist 2011- Present

Anonymous Collective Open Source Intelligence Operative: 2011 – Present

Counterintelligence Officer, Edmund JM Dunne, Collateral Accounts: January 2017 – May 2018

Counterintelligence Officer – Public Agent, Collateral Accounts: January 2017 – Present

Global Rescue Mission Coordinator – Search and Rescue Operation of Edmund JM Dunne, Mission Accomplished January of 2018

Project Lead updating RFID scanning system for Jeffersonville, Indian Library for 3 months in the Spring of 2018 representing Decisiona One and Bibliotheca. 

Trained Legal Observer – National Lawyers Guild, Yale University Campus

#OpSaveSweetLiberty – POL verified in May 2017 one year after start of investigation. 

#EndTheFed – 2011 and ongoing.

#GoldOutOfHiding – 2013 and ongoing.


Song: Somewhere Out There – From American Tail:


Memo posted on March 17, 2017 written jointly by the Anonymous Internet Collective:

BREAKING!!! IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED!! Blockchain Inventor in distress…

I noticed that The designer for the Global Fiat Architecture using DLT, Edmund Dunne was missing from the global conversation. I found him abandoned by the Crown in the countryside of Ireland, trapped and in distress. He is a victim of a multi-agency cover-up involving Barclays, Nightingale Hospital in London and both British and Irish establishments. I have been working for eight weeks now to try to get him assistance and support. If you could please share his story and assist in any way it would be greatly appreciated. I am in contact with three police agencies, who are having difficulty wrapping their heads around this and we are currently writing the world’s embassies as Edmund is seeking Asylum elsewhere: 

BREAKING!!! IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED!! Blockchain Inventor in distress…

Edmund JM Dunne @Edmundjdunne, is the developer/owner of global patents to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, commonly called Blockchain) and all models for debt resets, which has rescued the collapsing global financial system. A brilliant financial and technological mind, Edmund wants to establish a global meritocractic future planning agency. Edmund himself had to shut down 6,000 Vatican accounts due to Vatican money laundering. At present, Edmund is a victim of neutralization due to the fact that he is the last surviving banker in a long string of banker deaths, 90 total, both homicides and suicides. These deaths were connected to the LIBOR scandal. This man literally saved the world from financial catastrophe as well as WWIII. Edmund’s blockchain technology has many applications in criminology. 

Edmund has already survived two assassination attempts and is currently in need of medical care due to damage from poison. He also suffers from PTSD and needs psychological support. He is supposed to be a Crown protected witness but everyone that is supposed to be protecting him has abandoned him. He is in isolation and stranded. He needs desperately to find clinical assistance – he is very unwell, in severe pain, psychologically fragile and fearful for his life. Edmund is currently seeking asylum in another country. This is the Barclays / LIBOR fallout of the international Suicided Bankers case. Bankers were mostly murdered for Tax Free Life Insurance. Edmund is the only one who survived this and is being aggressively silenced by many people in Great Britain, Ireland, Barclays and many other public bodies including Police and Courts as well as covert agents. All these crimes need to be followed through by police and Interpol.

~~~ Edmund’s battle is our battle; a battle for the return of the Rule of Law on an international level. 

1) CONTACT EDMUND THROUGH FACEBOOK or Twitter (@EdmundJDunne) and make arrangements to reach him privately.
2) DONATE to him to help him fund travel to a destination where he can get clinical help to stabilize his health.
3) IDEALLY, IF YOU CAN TRAVEL TO HIM: Security is needed for travel to somewhere safe for treatment (outside of Ireland and Great Britain). Because there is a risk of another assassination, he needs to be very careful at the moment.
4) CALL RELENTLESSLY ——>> John McFarlane is the Chairman at Barclays – he knows all about this. BCS » Topics » BARCLAYS PLC, 1 CHURCHILL PLACE, LONDON, E14 5HP, UNITED KINGDOM. TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 20 7116 1000. COMPANY NO. 48839. Tell McFarlane to apologize to Edmund Dunne, in full view, for the suicide Barclays caused and the torture and cover up that followed. 


Edmund on Facebook VIDEO:

#OpStingLikeABee – Coming Soon 🐝

The Dangers of Permanent Gold Backwardation:



Sir Rob Wainwright on Twitter:

Sir Rob Wainwright – Correspondence in Regards to Barclays Investment Banker, Edmund JM Dunne; Suicide Survivor and Victim of Torture:


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I work 24/7 in the field of International Security and the Rule of Law. Where is everybody? Crickets!


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Art Acevedo Matthew Bromeland Peter Newsham Curtis Prince, Jr. General Martin E. Dempsey Sir Rob Wainwright Ralph Markert

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JFK Speech:


I Like These Odds – Jay Kill and the Hustle Standard


Blood on My Name – The Brothers Bright

“When the hounds of hell are after you…”

“Sergeant, General, Commander, Chief, that’s me!” – CMC

Percy Moorman, @Percy_Blooms on Twitter

“Thank You Sister he needs all the blessed and conscious to do his work family–Amen” – Percy Moorman

March 8, 2019


Occupy Louisville 2012



Soldiers in the freedom movement are too numerous to name”. – Brother Ali



House of Love – Christine


HOUSE OF LOVE – Christine @YouTubeより

Walking Through Fire Tweet:

Janet Whitley Sylvia Martin – RN/Reporter at Anonymous


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“Revolution Starts Now”. In memory of~~~

Janet Whitley of Anonymous




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