“I think I’m too busy to listen to you whine. I gave you 36 hours notice. This train runs on my time line not yours, especially when you’re not even a paying client. I have to go out of town on business and that supersedes everything else, including appointments. None of the 10 other people whom I had to reschedule from tomorrow complained, so if Monday is too traumatic or problematic for you without complaining, maybe you’d better find another lawyer who you can count on!”

My response:

“Thank you Tim,

Your services are no longer needed, requested, or required.

Who said I was not going to pay you? Not me.

You are dismissed.”

– Christine Michelle Chadwick on February 27, 2019

Louisville Cigar Society

“I have been friends with Timothy Denison for 8 years. I met him through the Louisville Cigar Society. I cleaned his house for him for several months and always kept my appointments and gave him prompt and reliable service to the best of my ability.” – CMC February 27, 2019

In Need of Legal Advice

Recently, I was in need of legal advice regarding a covert RFID implant that was shot into my back by an agent of the Department of Defense right before I was tasered over half a dozen times by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department. They where called to my condo in Florida by my family who does not understand the kind of work that I do and I was arrested for activist duties on November 24, 2013. I needed counsel on how to remove and preserve the evidence.

I first contacted Timothy via phone text regarding this issue on February 9, 2019.

“Tim, This is Christine. I need to set up an appointment to go to police here. Re: covert RFID implant. I was hoping you could go with me. I know you know the police an I’m afraid of them. Can you call me?

I am all alone in this. Are you willing to help me by accompany me to our local station? I don’t trust all US forces or security because they all failed me. I am being attacked here on US soil. I e-mailed Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. police to document it. I called one of my retired IC contacts and the attack stopped 15 min later. I felt drugged afterwards and there was a funny smell in the air. The attack lasted 2 hours. I also need to inform the Mayor.

Phone text messages on February 10, 2019 to Tim from myself:

Can you help me contact the mayor please: I am getting remotely attacked here by DARPA technology. Military grade electro-magnetic and chemical attacks on US Soil. I want to go to my local police with you and my mayor. I already let Washington know and they will help to make the transfer of my documents from D.C. to Louisville.

When something like this happens, the local tribe needs to come together for the safety of all. My Anonymous IC guy from Washington confirmed that they do this. He was in the business for 30 years.”

Internet Activist

Christine Michelle Chadwick, Civilian Intelligence Operative for the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/christine-michelle-chadwick-42a944135

When I did not did not hear back from Tim. I sent him a message in the private message portal on LinkedIn on February 11th asking him if he was avoiding me.

He replied on February 11th, “No. I am in intensive mediation training last week and this week. Will be free next Monday.”

My reply via Linked message portal on the same day:

“I just contacted the Mayors office to request his presence when I go to Louisville police to file reports. Do you want to be present also, and if so when would you be available? I would feel more comfortable if you go because you are familiar with the types of OPs that I do with other civilians and you know these officers. I have been treated badly by some of the police and tortured by Sheriff’s in Florida; some police scare me. The department in Okaloosa County Sheriffs covertly implanted me with an RFID tracking device. I am the walking proof. They tased me over a dozen times Tim. They tried to claim I was trying to kill my kitty because I would not let go of her while they tortured me. They beat me in my ribs, gave me a black eye, tased me over half a dozen times, put my collar bone out of place for six months. I made the hospital take pictures. Also the man who did this to me has Secret DOD clearance.. how convenient.”

LinkedIn Profile of the agent that covertly implanted me: http://linkedin.com/in/cullencorraine

My message to Tim on February 13, 2019 via LinkedIn regarding updates on my situation:

Greetings Tim,

I have reached out to the mayor’s office and the D.C. Police who are all currently MIA. This is a pattern with law enforcement and civil servants; they acknowledge me then they abandon me. I have it all on record.

I am at a point where I cannot go any further without consulting legal. Can you please make an appointment with me at your earliest convenience to explore my best strategy going forward? Dan is not being supportive because no one actually believes that I live this ‘James Bond’ existence even though I have proved myself many times and especially by locating and rescuing tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne with zero help from law enforcement.

I have it all doc’ed here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6501470876351938560

[See also: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6499740473274486784 ]

Both Chiropractor Dr. Charles E. Copeland and Dan have witnessed that a magnet does indeed attach to the area where I was punctured and shot with a dart by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department Department on November 24, 2013. Dr. Copeland e-mailed his report over to Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police who has disappeared on me by not answering my phone calls or e-mails. I now seek a local support system going forward.


Miss Christine

Tim replies to me via phone text message on February 17, 2019:

“I will be available from February 25 on to help you but I am swamped until then.

My reply on the same day:

Ok, thank you. No problem. I probably only need 30 minutes to an hour of your time initially to explore options. Just let me know when you are free. Have a good day Tim.

I text Tim on Monday, February 25, 2019


Will you have time for me this week as promised? I have been waiting very patiently. I do not want to proceed with anything until I discuss with you because you are familiar with my lifestyle and situation.

…and I like you and trust you.

He replies the same day:

Yes. Thursday from 3-3:30; My office.


Confirmed. Thank you Tim. See you then.

I sent preliminary documents to your e-mail address: timothydenison@aol.com



Tim cancels on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

“I have to be out of town Thursday. I’m going to have to shift this to Monday the 4th at 3pm. Is this workable for you?” – T.D.


If you know anything about autistic persons, we don’t do well with last minute changes. You have put me in tears.. I have been waiting and waiting.. yes, I can do the 4th but I do not think you realize how serious this is. I have been tortured, implanted, ridiculed and abandoned by all my family and friends. I was counting on you.

Tim replies on the same day:

I thought this was in poor taste as a professional to speak to a potential client and friend in this manner. Tim knows that I have been tortured and that as a slightly autistic person that I have a few minor frailties.

What a bully! I would not recommend Tim as a lawyer to anyone considering his insensitive, rude, and arrogant behavior.


Shortly after this exchange, Tim blocked me on both LinkedIn and Facebook abruptly ending an eight year friendship.

Timothy Denison on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/timothy-denison-5166085

March 16, 2019 I discover…

Attorney Tim Denison and my boyfriend Dan Ash discussing locking me up because no one believes that I have been covertly implanted by an agent of the Department of Defense during an arrest in 2013.

I discovered the covert implant in the Spring of 2018. I have been trying to get assistance from law enforcement for advice. I am just now getting their attention after many failures on their part to communicate properly with me.

I kept getting ignored, dismissed or abandoned. No one would ever take ownership of the many various concerns I have brought to the attention of law enforcement over the years. Starting in 2012. – CMC March 16, 2019

Latest Update on Law Enforcement Here:


See also:

This information was posted on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6506702603081048064

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RFID Implant Part 1


RFID Implant Part 2


Remote Attacks


Photo Credit, Louisville Cigar Society: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=506060692755090&set=a.155122474515582&type=3&sfns=mo

Photo of Tim Denison – Fair Use – Section 107 of the Copyright Act

For purposes of comment, criticism, and education.

[T]he fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

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