Greetings Anonymous,

I apologize for the late reply, things have been a bit dangerous in my ‘James Bond’ world over here in lil’ ol’ Louisville. I have been experiencing electro-magnetic attacks by remote when trying to send my evidence over to the D.C. Police in Washington. Yes, the opposition does use this tech on civilians. The challenging part is trying to get any official to believe me. I was covertly implanted with an RFID implant and tracking device by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida from when I was arrested for activist duties in 2013. I am working on how to get it removed and preserve the evidence. It was an agent of the U.S. Department of Defense with secret security clearance who did this to me.

I think blockchain has huge potential and benefits in all sectors. The JPMorgan coin is interesting in that it speeds up payment transfers, it establishes DLT infrastructure and could help cut costs; all benefits to the bank. This is not however what the public wants. The public wants a currency that eliminates the banks entirely, but none of the current cryptocurrencies are high grade enough to be successful for mass adoption in this way because of the costs and complications of mining. Much more innovation will be needed. The other thing to consider is that it is still based on fiat currency that we know is unsustainable at this point. We will eventually have to evolve to asset-backed currencies.

I do not know how this is all going to play out. At some point we are going to need a consensus among nations on how to transform into an entirely new global monetary system. It is hard to determine what is going on behind closed doors because ongoing diplomatic talks and negations on this subject are never made public, we have to learn how to read between the lines. And most likely those benefiting from the old system are not going to cooperate until they have no other choice.

However, our groups try to monitor and report on this space as to bring everyone to the table for the purposes of a peaceful solution. I, myself prefer a new system that will offer emancipation to the people by ending usury. Our global monetary system in its current form is a form of theft and slavery. Our networks aim to protect future generations by insisting that any new system is fair for everyone.

I hope this helps. Please do keep in touch and reach out any time.


Miss Christine

February 2019

Dear Anonymous,

It has been rough. None of my family believes me regarding my torture and implant by the sheriffs, they of course do not believe the remote attacks. My boyfriend has evicted me and I have 30 days to leave (which I think he is insane if he enforces it as I have lived here 8 years) so this gives you some idea of how hard it has been. Not only did i have to endure what I did but now I am being ridiculed by siblings, friends and family.

I have one lawyer here who i think is standing by me but he is tied up till Monday. D.C. Police engaged and then disappeared, I wanted them to help me transfer over to my local police and they dropped the ball, they don’t understand what is happening, we are infiltrated and not protected here. I dont think it wise I go to police by myself, I need to have support and witnesses. I called my mayor’s office and expressed a national security concern (without going into too much detail) and they ignore me also. I now see how these offices are set up, they are set up to keep us out, not to serve us.

I asked my brother to help me get one of those devices you mentioned as he is good with tech and I never heard back from him. I am in my big house here all alone and never felt so alone. When they did this to me , I hadn’t slept in four or five days, I was a bit ‘child-like’ myself, how Edmund was. That sheriff saw me as a ‘piece of meat’ for his dinner table and he was enjoying the kill. that is the first thing he did was shoot me with this thing, then proceeded to taser me further. I thought it was only twice but I am now able to read the police report without triggering the trauma, and they tased me over half a dozen times! I know he got a lot of money to do this to me… I know I am not the only one. I know what they are doing and I think I know how and where too.

I needed a medic team, not this ‘war lord’ that barged into my condo. He was trained to be military and he came at me like military looking for weapons and I was just sitting quietly on my sofa holding my kitty. In the police report, they made it sound like I was trying to kill my kitty in front of them because I would not let go of her while they were torturing me. They charged me with a felony! It is still on my record but I was able to travel back home from Ireland ok. DHS, did pull me aside for questioning but then let me pass.

I am so upset at my military,, are they not supposed to protect our skies and our citizens? I think we are really in hell right now, but I have the Holy Spirit as my guide and best friend. I am sure the good Lord has a plan. I see signs.

So am I alright? No. But I am ok. I can do this.

I need to find the right lawyers, I should be worth a fortune when this thing comes out. What a story; OWS activist gets a ‘shot in the back’ and covertly RFID implanted by an agent of the DOD. ..pretty much shows their true colors.

Thank you for checking on me. If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me right now? I value your insights.


February 2019

Greetings Anonymous,

I had another remote attack yesterday.

Here is what I wrote D.C. Police:

Greetings Commander Duncan,

I experienced a DEW attack this morning. It started around 0900 hours this morning. My whole house felt electrically charged and it caused me to be agitated and not to be able to focus. I think the opposition is trying to prevent me from writing my reports.

I contacted a US intelligence contact in Washington D.C. who is retired. I would like to keep him Anonymous for now so that he is not in any danger but he had Secret Security Clearance so he understands more of what we are dealing with as opposed to a local precinct.

It would be dangerous to escalate this too far up the channel because the FEDs could just take over and then you may never see or hear from me again. My IC friend does not trust the FBI, I don’t trust the DHS. Every official in USA has failed me.

The attack stopped shortly after my text conversion with him at approx. 1100 hours. Afterwards, I felt dizzy and drugged and had to sleep all day. I feel better now, just a little drained. This attack was different from the other big one I had on June 22, 2017. During the last attack I was very nauseous. This attack there was no nausea but I felt an electrical charge around me that was keeping me from functioning properly. There is a corner of my home where I get relief; Second Floor in the center of my home.

I also detected an unusual smell in my neighborhood these past few days. It smells like bleach but not as strong; some form of cleaning agent. I do not smell it now but I did faintly this morning. The smell was stronger yesterday.


February 2019

Message to Countess Alexis Bernsdorff, Rental Agent at Berkeley Forest via Facebook

A tortured Barclays banker was rescued by Anonymous civilian operatives in January of 2018

“I will never forget… you told me not to e-mail you. Then what the fuck are you in business for if not to service your guests and tenants?

You told me it was not suitable to reside with my friend. Who are you to decide if Edmund has a guest or not?

You admitted to me, in writing that the lodge was not suitable for winter habitat. Then why was he left there the entire previous winter to suffer in the cold while being traumatized and suicidal?

Why did no one ever help him get proper care and legal assistance? I witnessed your picture standing next to the President of Ireland. Did you not know that you had the only surviving banker in a long string of suspicious banker deaths residing on your property!? You could have helped him!

There were ninety suspicious deaths total surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal; both homicides and suicides. Edmund survived this.

You are lucky that I came to rescue him, that lodge almost killed him! The suicide would have been a stain on your family’s reputation for all of eternity.

As an American, I was appalled that you all treat your vulnerable this way. Lock them away in the countryside and collect rent from him while he suffers in your rat-invested, mouldy, damp torture chamber.

Everyday he cried out to me for help, for nine months while I guarded his life via the Internet from USA.

Disgusting! And you all call yourselves Aristocracy. You should all be ashamed at yourselves.

I cannot believe that a vulnerable, disabled person was expected to live in those conditions; abandoned by his entire family, law enforcement and the entire community of New Ross!

Disgusting and shameful.” – CMC

February 22, 2019

Countess Alexis Bernsdorff on Facebook:

See also:

Dear Anonymous – February 24, 2019:

The objective of this post is to archive this story for historical purposes as the media will not cover it.

It would be nice if Edmund received justice and compensation someday for all he has endured.

It would also be nice if law enforcement and investigators actually did theirs jobs so I don’t have to.

I have recently been abandoned by D.C. Police in Washington after I reported that the stories of Edmund JM Dunne, myself, and World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes all interconnect.

All three of us were arrested for trying to do the right thing. Meanwhile our oppressors remain on salary at the Pentagon, White House and the Federal Reserve.

I also reported the covert RFID implant and tracking device shot into me by an agent of the DOD when I was arrested for activist duties in 2013.

I also reported my various attacks on me over my home by rogue military factions. These are arial attacks by remote energy weapons. I have endured six so far since 2013.

The major one reported to NCIS where I experienced electrical-like shocks to my heart and head for 12 hours – Code #W840-8576

More info on my blog regarding all of the above.


Regarding LinkedIn Post:

Greetings Anonymous – February 24, 2019:

Greetings A.

I appreciate the connection. This looks like very important work that you do. Hats off to you.

I recently wrote a long winded reply to your to your post. I can try to elaborate here briefly for a more detailed explanation. In 2013 I was arrested for activist duties when working with the Anonymous collective via the Internet. We were reporting on the thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston S.C. I was kept awake for 5 days (I suspect by remote military weaponry). My family had me Baker Acted. When the Sheriff’s entered my condo, I was sitting on the sofa holding my pet kitty. They asked me a few questions and then started torturing me. The first thing the Sheriff did was shoot me with some sort of dart into my upper back and then they proceed to taser me over half a dozen times. I was punched in the ribs, my legs beaten with the bully club, I had a black eye etc etc.

I would not let go of my kitty while they were torturing me and they claimed that I was trying to kill her in front of them. They charged me with a felony. My kitty passed out from the ordeal but she is still alive and with me today.

I found out later that this Sheriff has a DOD secret security clearance and that I was covertly implanted with an RFID tracking device. I will post the link for you.

In 2017, I located a missing banker that survived the 90 suspicious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal; both homicides and suicides. I rescued him in 2018 with the help of Anonymous civilian operatives. I have endured several direct energy weapon attacks while trying to free him. The biggest one was on June 22, 2017 where I experienced electrical-like shocks to my heart and head for 12 hours. The attack stopped at 1am, 10 minutes before the cargo planes began their night shift. I reported it to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service via their Internet portal and to several law enforcement agencies. …all ignore me.

I share this with you so that you have this intel and can help ‘keep watch’ for this sort of thing. None of this is classified, so feel free to share. I think the more that know the better. I have a retired US intelligence contact who was in the biz for over 30 years. He confirmed to me that this remote tech and weaponry is indeed being used on civilians.

I think it is being investigated now at the highest levels because I see who connects with me here on LI but they do not engage … probably because I am civilian. I am making arrangements to meet with an attorney now to discuss the best way forward from here.

Welcome to my ‘James Bond’ life here in lil’ ol’ Louisville.

Keep up the good work.

Nice to meet you.


Miss Christine

Berkeley Forest – Locations of tortured Barclays Banker:

RFID Implant:

Dear Anonymous – February 24, 2019:

You forgot to post the link to the tweet. Read the thread, it pretty much spells it out. I have worked along side law enforcement for several years. I have witnessed the best of the blue and I have also been tortured by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s in Florida from when I was arrested for activist duties in 2013. I have worked on peacekeeping missions with some of Louisville’s finest here in my own town. I also have major dirt and documentation on international law enforcement that will make your skin crawl. I think the thing to remember is that law enforcement is a group of individuals and in any group you are going to have both the best and the crooks.

This has been my experience anyhow. The work that our networks do is to protect the pension of law enforcement and civil servants so I am hoping to get their cooperation someday. Currently, most are failing me. I have ideas for reform and I will try to get those documented as soon as I stop getting attacked and have more free time. I am currently being attacked by rogue military factions for uncovering the ‘dirty secrets’ of the corporate sector.

Sorry… didn’t mean to be so long winded. Here is the tweet:

Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy; The Many Faces of Anonymous

By: Gabriella Coleman

Link to book:

Gabriella on Wikipedia:

Janet on Facebook: Janet Whitely Sylvia Martin, Internet Warrior for Anonymous on Facebook, RIP:

Dear Anonymous Re: Law Enforcement

Dear Anonymous,

Did you see this? I am so outraged. I have connected all the dots and I can see very clearly how law enforcement is not protecting the vulnerable or protecting the citizenry of crimes, they are profiting from it! It is a form of cannibalism! If things do not change soon, I will be entering this arena in a more “pit bull’ fashion. I have been very polite, patient and lady-like up until now. I may have to turn up the volume. Take a look at this:


African street pastor ARRESTED in London for preaching the gospel.

Police ripped his Bible out of his hands as they accused the African man of being “racist”

People are now getting arrested in the UK for preaching about Jesus.


I cannot seem to get London Met to cooperate with me in order to protect the vulnerable and save lives but they are doing a great job of cleaning the streets of God fearing Christian evangelists exercising their rights of freedom of speech. ..disgraceful!

I also sent this to London Met the other day:

You should really do a search in your e-mail data base to see how many e-mails were sent to your department from myself and tortured Barclay’s banker Edmund JM Dunne. I do believe that a formal investigation into his circumstances should be started if not done already. Social media can also be used as evidence in a court of law and Edmund has quite a collection, especially Facebook videos.

He took his Facebook off-line but I am sure they could be retrieved with his permission and and a request by law enforcement. Ireland police should have hundreds of e-mails as well and I have all my e-mails into Sir Rob Wainwright formerly of Europol and Ralph Market of Interpol. As well as to Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. Police and Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police in Washington. I dont know why you all cannot coordinate yourselves. There were ninety suspicious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal. Edmund survived this and no one has questioned him yet as a witness. Has any of this been investigated ?


I witnessed Edmunds torture for over a year. At his worst, he was a very vulnerable, disabled person with the abilities of a five year old trapped in a freezing cold lodge, full of rats, mould and memories of forensic evidence that would challenge the most seasoned soldier. He was all alone. He would sometimes go for days without anything to eat but tea and potatoes and sometimes he didn’t even have that! He was abandoned by his community, family, governments, embassies and law enforcement. I witnessed it!

He is no longer suicidal but he is still struggling on disability allowance. Him and I are quarreling right now because he is blaming me for the dysfunction of how Dame Sally and attorney Todd Foreman handled things (and they were irresponsible) but I know it is just a matter of ‘hurting the ones you love’ he has no one else to share is rage with.

I recently sent him and e-mail list of all the worlds missions at the UN and Japan. The last time I wrote to this list regarding corruption at the World Bank and my covert RFID implant, Jim Yong Kim resigned shortly thereafter;)

I told him to write to all these countries and these missions to see if he could break through. Edmund is very good at writing and he knows the law. Edmund can speak four languages fluently, he is a savant and should not be locked away like this were his talents are being wasted.

Just for your knowledge and education.



March 1, 2019


E-mail list sent to tortured Barclays banker Edmund JM Dunne:
To:,,, mission@algeria-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Benin Republique <>,,,,,,,, Bulgarian Mission to the UN NY <>,,,,,, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC <>, Chad Mission <>,,, Alejandro Mejia <>,,,, Mission of Costa Rica to the UN <>,,,,,,,,,,, Dominica Mission <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, india <>, indiaun <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Malawi UN Mission <>,,,,, malta-,,,,, PM OF MEXICO TO THE UN <>,,,,,,,,,,,, Nepal Mission <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Syrian Mission <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ashraf Khodjaev <>,,,,,,,,,,, Japón EMBAJADA <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Burkina Faso Embassy <>,,,, info@china-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FinEmbTokyo <>,,,,, Honduras Tokyo Embajada <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lebanon Embassy <>,, Lithuanian Embassy In Japan <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,, met@twics.con,,,,,,,,,, EMBAPAR Tokio <>,,,,,,,,,, contact@r-o-,,,,,,,,,, 河原美奈子 <>,,,,,,, Embajada del Uruguay en Japón <>,,,,,


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