“It took me exactly nine months to rescue this poor man. I was pleading and begging; International law enforcement, governments, intelligence, and embassies for assistance. …crickets! The entire operation was done by civilians. We have over six years of documentation. They should all resign! Especially, our Director of Intelligence, Dan Coats. He is a failure and I want his salary and that of all the Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, including the Commander in Chief. I have endured several aerial attacks by remote here on US soil, and those bumbling idiots were all MIA. All of them! Can you imagine? We spend $800 Billion tax payers’ money to fund military all around the world and they cannot even protect an Open Source activist operating in broad daylight and transparency. The whole thing is a huge stain on the history of mankind. Thousands of lives were lost needlessly during their absence; populations driven to suicide, poverty and drug overdoses because no one is protecting the vulnerable from these banks.” – CMC February 2, 2019

#SuicidePrevention 🕊 #HumanRights #OrderOfTheButterfly #Royalty #Blockchain #DLT #GlobalCurrencyReset #GoldOutOfHiding #Gold #Silver

#BritishArmy ⚔️

Source on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6497544827104743424

Edmund JM Dunne has relayed this message to his new supporters:

London, September 1st, 2017 Dear Friends and Colleagues, A number of people have expressed concern for my well being in recent months. I wish to respond to this with a brief explanation of who I am, what has happened and where things are now at. I am an investment banker with 20 years experience over all asset classes from the front to back end. I am also very heavily involved in quite specific and still highly sensitive and some classified research and development work surrounding the wholesale technological rebuild of the the International Financial Services Industry. I have a very profound understanding of the industry and more importantly the legacy left behind. My work is very intensive and requires many years of pure concentration. I have a special interest in Sovereign Debt and Sovereign Wealth and a very particular interest in the BIS, IMF and WB.

Some controversy has arisen in recent years surrounding me. In late 2011 as a consequence of many factors in both my private and professional life I became very unwell and had a prolonged and severe mental breakdown. At that time I relied very heavily upon the professional support of many people – sadly those involved failed very badly in their briefs and have since abandoned those positions of responsibility. That abandonment came in tandem with the sudden disappearance of all of my friends and family leaving me extremely vulnerable and open to repeated relapses and many episodes of acute ill health which all went both unsupervised and untreated. Whatever could go wrong went wrong – it was a living nightmare to be honest.

As a consequence of the gross professional malfeasance at many private and public levels my life has degraded significantly and currently I struggle from one day to the next. I am learning how to better remain calm and composed but the events of the last eight years have been traumatic and they have taken their toll on me. I was exposed to very high levels of severe and criminal action in what I now understand was an aggressive attempt to cover up both what was happening to me and the identity of those responsible. That cover up did extend to an attempt on my life which resulted in me leaving my home in London. I now live in small cottage in the countryside in Ireland, the country where I was born.

Despite quite considerable efforts with all of the usual and normal state agencies nothing has ever been done to address what has happened – nothing whatsoever.

As it stands today life is very much on hold while I try to find the necessary supports I will need for the year ahead. I need quite significant amounts of help and professional support but this is an uphill battle with so many obstructing me and some even sabotaging my efforts to simply take my own life back as my own.

May I thank those who have been so kind to enquire after me and may I extend the hand of friendship and welcome also. Not the nicest way to meet new friends and colleagues but I am a doer and I just crack on with it.

Were I a captain of a ship in distress I would send out “Man down”, “SOS” and “All Hands on Deck”.



Written on February 11, 2019


Press Release on Edmund JM Dunne

The International Press – I.C.I.J. Washington – Mr. Benjamin Fulford

Edmund J M Dunne is an Anglo Irish Royalist – Irish(EU) and British Citizen. He is by profession an investment banker who is also now very highly trained in most aspects of domestic and international law and has migrated his career into military intelligence supporting Great Britain and Commonwealth, the European Union, Ireland and Diaspora, The First Federal Republic of the United States of America, and Commonwealth and the Holy See and Diaspora. Edmund is the Global Head of Counter KM – the most dangerous military intelligence mission in the world currently.

Edmund fell on the press radar in late 2014 in the New York Times (Ochs Selzberg for Rothschild) during a rapidly escalating diplomatic crisis surrounding his treatment in London by the British Establishment – Legal, Financial, Clinical, Governmental and Diplomatic – and subsequent law suits made under protected disclosure. The affair very nearly collapsed the global financial system and he was met with highly organised and extremely aggressive retribution for simply attempting to defend himself.

Edmund is the whistleblower in the LIBOR case – the largest complex financial fraud in history.

Edmund is trapped for a number of years now in the usual establishment cover up which as always escalates through all the various inter-governmental levels and now sits with the resignation of the British and Irish Heads of State and Governments at both the ICC and ICJ under the auspices of the UNOHCHR and UNCAT protected by Interpol.

The case is very complex being spread over numerous jurisdictions and became extremely dangerous following an assassination attempted by the Jesuits linked to the Fukushima terrorist attack in Japan.

The investigative journalist in geo-politics Benjamin Fulford has been in regular contact with Edmund recently as part of a prolonged process of desensitisation – he developed really very extreme complications following the sheer pressure of the whole affair. It has taken many years of hard work in recovery and rehabilitation.

Edmund has prepared himself to go public to speak about his experiences, to call for the proper processes to be put in place to end the entire debacle and to extend the hand of both peace and reconciliation.

Anyone reading this statement who may be in a position to help is asked to contact the Joint British and Irish diplomatic palaces at Dublin and London or any of the British or Irish embassies around the world.

Edmund lives in very strict MI6 close protection while efforts are on-going to find some form of a solution, he is reasonably well but in need of a lot of complex professional help.

This is a very important case because it is centred on the global debt jubilee and currency resets as part of the much larger initiative to roll out the World Future Planning Agency.

Edmund may be contacted directly but all communications are of course monitored and recorded.


Edmund can be contacted at the following e-mail address: edmundjdunne@icloud.com


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