Chief Peter Newsham, D.C. Police Department

Forwarded to:

Note:  I could not mail this to Commander Melvin Gresham, the e-mail fusion center rejected it.  Could the proper party please address these concerns and/or direct me to the proper US Defense or US Intelligence agency that can offer me some assistance?  

I am under constant surveillance and I have had several attacks on US soil for; locating/rescuing a targeted Barclay’s banker and inventor, investigating fraud, as well as being an advocate for bringing the Global Debt Facility out of hiding and to back our national currencies with gold as to ward off global economic collapse. – CMC 

Begin forwarded message:


Date: January 29, 2019 at 12:57:02 PM EST



Subject: International Security – Human Rights – Suicide Prevention- Global Intelligence

Greetings Commander Melvin Gresham, 


It has been awhile since I have updated you.  It is my hope that both you and your department can get up to speed.  I have been working non-stop 24/7 to protect our nation and international security at large with very little help from officials.  


I also have concern about the commercial lien that has been placed on you by World Bank Whistleblower, Ms. Hudes.  It is now public knowledge:


Ms. Hudes is a colorful character with a few personality disorders as evident of her slander of me, claiming that I am high level CIA.  I am not. I am a civilian activist and intelligence operative working with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law to clean up the corruption in the capital markets and to bring the world’s wealth out of hiding to back our national currencies as to prevent global collapse and catastrophe.  


Karen may get some of the facts wrong in regards to me and ‘coneheads’ but I believe that she is knowledgeable of the law and that she does have her facts right regarding the evidence provided by her on her contact page: 


A recent letter to our team on LinkedIn: 


“The main issues of human rights abuse for me stems from the capital markets (World Bank/IMF) being out of compliance and the refusal of our nations’ leaders to bring out the hidden gold to back all national currencies.  This was signed off by several presidents and the Queen.  My intel is mostly military grade as I have been attacked by remote in my own country several times by Directed Energy Weapons and Chemtrails that cause nausea, breathing difficulties and anxiety.  I have reported it and they do nothing. They are not even intelligent  enough to understand my intel when I send it to them.  Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. Police has all of my docs since 2015.  Sir Rob Wainwright, formerly of Europol has all of my docs and he stays on and on record for us… other officials in USA/DHS have blocked me.  I am fearful in my own country because I do not know who to trust.  The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida arrested me when I was exposing the thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston SC on October 8th of 2013 , along with the Anonymous Collective on the internet.  I was arrested on November 24, 2013.  I was tased, put in hand cuffs and dragged to mental health for 20 days.  I was covertly implanted with an RFID implant and tracking device and I suspect that I am being used covertly for IoT and neurological experiments.  I am preparing to get x-rays now and I am doing all my own investigation as my US Naval Criminal Investigative Service, who I reported it to, do not respond.”

– CMC  


I am now trying to doc everything for public use and release: 




The two reports that I have into NCIS via their internet portal:  


Code #W840-8576


Code #840-W14339 




I have had one other attack on July 23 or 24th, 2018 …at 3am near the Ohio/PA state line by airplane/chemtrail, directly over the home of my guest while I was sleeping.   I was on my way to Maine to investigate a scandal involving State Street Global Advisors, Tyler Technologies and municipal property assessment and tax maps. I cancelled my trip due to the dangers and never did get a chance to investigate the lead given to me by one of our Anonymous sources in Maine.  


This post on LinkedIn regarding my correspondence to you has received a good response:


I am in regular contact now with international law enforcement in seven jurisdictions. 


I have detected great and sorrowful failures: 


On your LinkedIn page, you have listed as being part of 2.0 Task force, a committee formed to combat suicide.  They why haven’t you accepted my contact request?  Why did you ignore my pleas for help in rescuing a tortured, disabled, suicidal investment banker who would have died had I not flown to Europe?  You told me to contact the State Department. Why couldn’t you have contacted the State Department for me?  I do not get paid to do this job and I have had to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders… and I am supposed to be a dancer!  I was studying West African drumming and dance at Yale and had to stop because no one, and I mean no one, is protecting our most vulnerable from these banks.  I have had to become, HEAD OF GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE with the help of a tortured genius and polymath from Barclays.  


You have all of my e-mails.  The other e-mail account is:


I was a mobile DJ for 13 years: 


Here is my latest message to London Met via Twitter message portal: 


“Greetings London Met, 


I have gathered all the intel from the streets all the way up to the center of the Web. I have connected all the dots. Our global coalition has determined that international law enforcement, including London Met are falling short and failing to protect our most vulnerable. I have had to do the job of your department for two years now because there is a vacuum in Law Enforcement Intelligence. Civilians are having to do their own investigations and we are way ahead of you. The suffering , hardship and suicides are all directly the fault of the Central Banks and a Global Network of Corporate Control, with Barclays being at the top of that list.  The entire global community is set up to benefit, protect, and serve these banks. We are now facing permanent gold backwardation and the loss of all of YOUR pensions. If you want this game to end well, turn those guns around!


#LawEnforcement #SuicidePrevention 🕊”


We are now facing permanent Gold Backwardation due to the corruption and collusion of the Global Network of Corporate Control, namely the big banks.  Especially BARCLAYS, who took advantage of a person with mental health frailties.  


The whole global monetary system is getting ready to collapse now because Law Enforcement and Global Intelligence are protecting the banks and not the people of the nations.  Now, even you dear commanders, chiefs and officers are in danger of your families sinking into poverty and homelessness.  It this what you want!?  


Edmund told me that he was taken to a police station, by persons in street clothes, in an unmarked car for purposes of intimidation.  He also told me that he was intimidated outside of court by two lawyers from Allen & Overy into accepting a bad deal. He told me his supervisor from Barclays bullied him into suicide, you can find her name Open Source.  He told me all his IP was stolen and a whole lot more.  Investigate it!  I have witnessed that at his worst, Edmund functions at the level of a five year old.  At his best, he is a genius.  Protect him!! 


Link explaining Permanent Gold Backwardation:


I am now working with both civilians and officials all over the world towards rule of law advancements globally.  This includes; Veterans from Occupy Wall Street, The Anonymous Internet Collective, Writers, Human Rights Activists, Professors, 9/11 Truthers, The Homeless, International Law Enforcement, Investigators, Attorney’s, Foreign and Domestic Diplomates, Foreign and  Domestic Intelligence and Security (both public and corporate), Governors of Central Banks, Executive Directors of the World Bank and IMF, United Nations affiliates, Defence Forces from all nations,  Professionals of all kinds (both white and blue collar), Freemason’s, Knight’s Templars and several dozen persons of Royalty from all over the world. 


We are asking you, all of you, to kindly get yourselves together and start protecting our most vulnerable.  I have had to give up seven years of my life because you are all failing.  I have resorted to writing to the nations’ embassies in Dublin, London, Japan and to the United Nations Missions, on numerous occasions due to the inaction that I am receiving here in my own country of USA.  Why are we not bringing the Gold out of hiding, and who ordered this RFID implant of me and who is tracking me?  Who is responsible for torturing Edmund all these years?  


I have plenty of knowledge and documentation at your disposal.  Much of it is Open Source.  Our work is for all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally. 




Christine Michelle Chadwick

Counterintelligence, Global Accounts

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law 

US Passport #xxxxxxxxxx


Timothy Denison – Witness Attorney 

Update – Wednesday, January 30, 2019

“I am reporting that Chief Peter Newsham has contacted me and has told me that the D.C. Police are here to help. Commander Duncan Bedlion will be assisting me with concerns related to the Second District, Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. and has made contact via e-mail as well. I will be following up in the next few days.

Thank-you D.C. Police for your acknowledgement and assistance.” – CMC

My first correspondence to Commander Duncan Bedlion on Wednesday, January 30th – 22:57 hours

Greetings Commander Duncan Bedlion,

Thank you for your acknowledgment.  I am a Civilian Intelligence Operative of seven years, working in the public interest. I am involved in some very serious intel gathering and dangerous missions that require professional assistance and guidance at times.

The proper protocol in my case is to report to my local precinct, Louisville Metro Police and they are supposed to coordinate with the other international precincts that are involved.  However, because my intel is so serious, it often comes across as being unbelievable and my local precinct dropped the ball and became entirely defunct.  I was assigned to an officer, Sergeant Corey Robinson who never returned my phone calls or e-mails.

Tomorrow I will be having x-rays of the RFID tracking device that was covertly implanted in my back by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida.  I presume that after I recieve results, I will have to make a report to my local police department.  They may need a reference from you that I am indeed involved in serious operations involving the global monetary system and the rescuing of a Barclays investment banker who is disabled and who has survived the long string of suspicious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal.  There were approximately 90 deaths total; both homicides and suicides.

I have had several attacks by remote (Direct Energy Weapons) here in USA.  Now that both you and Chief Newsham have acknowledged me, I already feel much safer.

I have many other issues to bring to your attention but I do not want to overwhelm you or your department as I know that you have to focus on keeping the neighborhoods safe.

May I suggest that I just keep in touch for now and I will seek your guidance after I know more in regards to the RFID implant tomorrow and then you can help me connect properly with my local police department here in Louisville.

The rest can wait for a later date unless I find myself in danger, I will reach out for assistance.

Everything I do is Open Source and reported to the public. My work is open to all nations, agencies, and brotherhoods equally.  I work continuously and internationally with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law.  Our mission statement can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.

Thank you again to both you and your department for promptly responding to my needs.


Christine Michelle Chadwick
Counterintelligence, Global Accounts
Global Coalition for the Rule of Law
(502) xxx-xxxx

US Passport #xxxxxxxxxxx

Louisville, KY xxxxxxx

LinkedIn Profile:

RFID Implant/ Thwarted False Flag Nuke Attack, Charleston SC:

More info on the suspicious banker deaths:

International Security – Human Rights – Suicide Prevention – Global Intelligence:

Louisville Metro Police:

On Jan 30, 2019, at 9:57 AM, Bedlion, Duncan (MPD) <<>> wrote:

Good Morning,

Commander Melvin Gresham has retired and I am the new Second District Commander.  For matters related to the Second District, I can get you in touch with the appropriate personnel.

Thank you,

Duncan Bedlion
Commander, Second District (2D)
Patrol Services North
Metropolitan Police Department
3320 Idaho Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016
202-730-1901 (office)<><>

We are here to help.


Edmund JM Dunne taught me that:

It took me exactly nine months to rescue this poor man. I was pleading and begging; International law enforcement, governments, intelligence, and embassies for assistance. …crickets! The entire operation was done by civilians. We have over six years of documentation. They should all resign! Especially, our Director of Intelligence, Dan Coats. He is a failure and I want his salary and that of all the Chiefs of staff of the US armed forces, including the Commander in Chief. I have endured several aerial attacks by remote here on US soil, and those bumbling idiots were all MIA. All of them! Can you imagine? We spend $800 Billion tax payers’ money to fund military all around the world and they cannot even protect an Open Source activist operating in broad daylight and transparency. The whole thing is a huge stain on the history of mankind. Thousands of lives were lost needlessly during their absence; populations driven to suicide, poverty and drug overdoses because no one is protecting the vulnerable from these banks. – CMC February 2, 2019


Greetings Chief Bromeland,

I am grateful to finally have made contact with D.C. Police. I feel much safer now. I am taking a few days to recover from trauma flashbacks and then I will finish documentation and update Commander Bedlion.

Thank-you for standing with us.



Sunday, February 3, 2019

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