My Letter to Edmund JM Dunne, January 26, 2019:

Greetings Edmund, 

Yes, I found the pic Open Source and I posted an update for your supporters on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter which received a very good response.  I get inquires about your well-being all the time and some of your supporters expressed wish to contact you to give you their sentiments.  I did not know if you wish for this so I am telling everyone that you are requesting some time alone and some privacy as to heal properly and that you will speak for yourself when you feel that the time is right.  
I promise not to post anything else that is not from the archives.  I just felt that it was good to end the record with your beautiful smile after all those distressing photos went out into the world.  
You have to remember that your story is my story too.  I put my whole heart and soul into getting you safe. To see you in a new environment, surrounded by supportive, caring people was a huge relief and blessing for me and to many.  You would have died at that lodge (either from suicide or old age).  We wanted to celebrate! 
Most recently:
Rajeev Shagun from India.  He even invited you to come stay at his village in India for purposes of healing.  He, and many other Anonymous members and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have stood by you ever since the beginning. There are a couple hundred and  I know them all by name.  

I want you to know that Sir Rob Wainwright has stayed on the record for you ever since the beginning.  After I contacted him about you, shortly after, he resigned from Europol and took a position with Deloitte.  I am getting a sense, even though I cannot confirm and this time, that certain factions in British military and intelligence are keeping watch in regards to both you and I.  

I long to keep you updated as I never really stoped seeking justice for you but it seems that connecting to the outside world/Internet  and even to me causes you great distress so this is why I did not ask permission.  You always preferred not to know.  

I can refrain from posting anything else further for the exception of compiling everything that has already gone public.  I am collating it in case you ever decide to go public again or to write a book.  I will save everything for you.   

I would love to show you all the letters that I wrote to Rob but I fear they could be triggering so this is why I don’t forward them to you.  But if ever want access to all the letters and archives, you can request them at anytime.  

I posted that comment on the Art Bank Facebook page so that you and your new community knows that you are loved by many and because I am genuinely thrilled that you live so close to wonderful, creative cooperative: 

Edmund! I am so happy to see you painting.  The Art Bank looks like a wonderful place of creativity and camaraderie. Be well Edmund.  So many out here on the Internet thinking of you,  supporting you and missing you.  👑” 
I miss you so much but it hard on me too to be in regular contact at times.  It always hurts me deeply when you push me away or get upset with me.  
I do not want to take everything down permanently until you decide to proceed with formal “right to be forgotten” procedures because I detect that intelligence all over the world is using the documents for Rule of Law advancements.  I still have hopes of getting you justice someday but we need to weed out this massive global corruption first. It may take awhile but we are making progress.  Jim Yong Kim resigned…this is a good sign. 
Just know that anything I do is out of love and safety for you and I miss you terribly. 
Very Respectfully, 
Miss Christine 

End Quote. – CMC

Thank You … love dove.

Some of Edmund’s Twitter Followers:

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