International Security – Human Rights – Suicide Prevention- Global Intelligence

Chief Peter Newsham, D.C. Police Department

Forwarded to:

Note:  I could not mail this to Commander Melvin Gresham, the e-mail fusion center rejected it.  Could the proper party please address these concerns and/or direct me to the proper US Defense or US Intelligence agency that can offer me some assistance?  

I am under constant surveillance and I have had several attacks on US soil for; locating/rescuing a targeted Barclay’s banker and inventor, investigating fraud, as well as being an advocate for bringing the Global Debt Facility out of hiding and to back our national currencies with gold as to ward off global economic collapse. – CMC 

Begin forwarded message:


Date: January 29, 2019 at 12:57:02 PM EST



Subject: International Security – Human Rights – Suicide Prevention- Global Intelligence

Greetings Commander Melvin Gresham, 


It has been awhile since I have updated you.  It is my hope that both you and your department can get up to speed.  I have been working non-stop 24/7 to protect our nation and international security at large with very little help from officials.  


I also have concern about the commercial lien that has been placed on you by World Bank Whistleblower, Ms. Hudes.  It is now public knowledge:


Ms. Hudes is a colorful character with a few personality disorders as evident of her slander of me, claiming that I am high level CIA.  I am not. I am a civilian activist and intelligence operative working with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law to clean up the corruption in the capital markets and to bring the world’s wealth out of hiding to back our national currencies as to prevent global collapse and catastrophe.  


Karen may get some of the facts wrong in regards to me and ‘coneheads’ but I believe that she is knowledgeable of the law and that she does have her facts right regarding the evidence provided by her on her contact page: 


A recent letter to our team on LinkedIn: 


“The main issues of human rights abuse for me stems from the capital markets (World Bank/IMF) being out of compliance and the refusal of our nations’ leaders to bring out the hidden gold to back all national currencies.  This was signed off by several presidents and the Queen.  My intel is mostly military grade as I have been attacked by remote in my own country several times by Directed Energy Weapons and Chemtrails that cause nausea, breathing difficulties and anxiety.  I have reported it and they do nothing. They are not even intelligent  enough to understand my intel when I send it to them.  Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. Police has all of my docs since 2015.  Sir Rob Wainwright, formerly of Europol has all of my docs and he stays on and on record for us… other officials in USA/DHS have blocked me.  I am fearful in my own country because I do not know who to trust.  The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida arrested me when I was exposing the thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston SC on October 8th of 2013 , along with the Anonymous Collective on the internet.  I was arrested on November 24, 2013.  I was tased, put in hand cuffs and dragged to mental health for 20 days.  I was covertly implanted with an RFID implant and tracking device and I suspect that I am being used covertly for IoT and neurological experiments.  I am preparing to get x-rays now and I am doing all my own investigation as my US Naval Criminal Investigative Service, who I reported it to, do not respond.”

– CMC  


I am now trying to doc everything for public use and release: 




The two reports that I have into NCIS via their internet portal:  


Code #W840-8576


Code #840-W14339 




I have had one other attack on July 23 or 24th, 2018 …at 3am near the Ohio/PA state line by airplane/chemtrail, directly over the home of my guest while I was sleeping.   I was on my way to Maine to investigate a scandal involving State Street Global Advisors, Tyler Technologies and municipal property assessment and tax maps. I cancelled my trip due to the dangers and never did get a chance to investigate the lead given to me by one of our Anonymous sources in Maine.  


This post on LinkedIn regarding my correspondence to you has received a good response:


I am in regular contact now with international law enforcement in seven jurisdictions. 


I have detected great and sorrowful failures: 


On your LinkedIn page, you have listed as being part of 2.0 Task force, a committee formed to combat suicide.  They why haven’t you accepted my contact request?  Why did you ignore my pleas for help in rescuing a tortured, disabled, suicidal investment banker who would have died had I not flown to Europe?  You told me to contact the State Department. Why couldn’t you have contacted the State Department for me?  I do not get paid to do this job and I have had to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders… and I am supposed to be a dancer!  I was studying West African drumming and dance at Yale and had to stop because no one, and I mean no one, is protecting our most vulnerable from these banks.  I have had to become, HEAD OF GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE with the help of a tortured genius and polymath from Barclays.  


You have all of my e-mails.  The other e-mail account is:


I was a mobile DJ for 13 years: 


Here is my latest message to London Met via Twitter message portal: 


“Greetings London Met, 


I have gathered all the intel from the streets all the way up to the center of the Web. I have connected all the dots. Our global coalition has determined that international law enforcement, including London Met are falling short and failing to protect our most vulnerable. I have had to do the job of your department for two years now because there is a vacuum in Law Enforcement Intelligence. Civilians are having to do their own investigations and we are way ahead of you. The suffering , hardship and suicides are all directly the fault of the Central Banks and a Global Network of Corporate Control, with Barclays being at the top of that list.  The entire global community is set up to benefit, protect, and serve these banks. We are now facing permanent gold backwardation and the loss of all of YOUR pensions. If you want this game to end well, turn those guns around!


#LawEnforcement #SuicidePrevention 🕊”


We are now facing permanent Gold Backwardation due to the corruption and collusion of the Global Network of Corporate Control, namely the big banks.  Especially BARCLAYS, who took advantage of a person with mental health frailties.  


The whole global monetary system is getting ready to collapse now because Law Enforcement and Global Intelligence are protecting the banks and not the people of the nations.  Now, even you dear commanders, chiefs and officers are in danger of your families sinking into poverty and homelessness.  It this what you want!?  


Edmund told me that he was taken to a police station, by persons in street clothes, in an unmarked car for purposes of intimidation.  He also told me that he was intimidated outside of court by two lawyers from Allen & Overy into accepting a bad deal. He told me his supervisor from Barclays bullied him into suicide, you can find her name Open Source.  He told me all his IP was stolen and a whole lot more.  Investigate it!  I have witnessed that at his worst, Edmund functions at the level of a five year old.  At his best, he is a genius.  Protect him!! 


Link explaining Permanent Gold Backwardation:


I am now working with both civilians and officials all over the world towards rule of law advancements globally.  This includes; Veterans from Occupy Wall Street, The Anonymous Internet Collective, Writers, Human Rights Activists, Professors, 9/11 Truthers, The Homeless, International Law Enforcement, Investigators, Attorney’s, Foreign and Domestic Diplomates, Foreign and  Domestic Intelligence and Security (both public and corporate), Governors of Central Banks, Executive Directors of the World Bank and IMF, United Nations affiliates, Defence Forces from all nations,  Professionals of all kinds (both white and blue collar), Freemason’s, Knight’s Templars and several dozen persons of Royalty from all over the world. 


We are asking you, all of you, to kindly get yourselves together and start protecting our most vulnerable.  I have had to give up seven years of my life because you are all failing.  I have resorted to writing to the nations’ embassies in Dublin, London, Japan and to the United Nations Missions, on numerous occasions due to the inaction that I am receiving here in my own country of USA.  Why are we not bringing the Gold out of hiding, and who ordered this RFID implant of me and who is tracking me?  Who is responsible for torturing Edmund all these years?  


I have plenty of knowledge and documentation at your disposal.  Much of it is Open Source.  Our work is for all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally. 




Christine Michelle Chadwick

Counterintelligence, Global Accounts

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law 

US Passport #xxxxxxxxxx


Timothy Denison – Witness Attorney 

Update – Wednesday, January 30, 2019

“I am reporting that Chief Peter Newsham has contacted me and has told me that the D.C. Police are here to help. Commander Duncan Bedlion will be assisting me with concerns related to the Second District, Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. and has made contact via e-mail as well. I will be following up in the next few days.

Thank-you D.C. Police for your acknowledgement and assistance.” – CMC

My first correspondence to Commander Duncan Bedlion on Wednesday, January 30th – 22:57 hours

Greetings Commander Duncan Bedlion,

Thank you for your acknowledgment.  I am a Civilian Intelligence Operative of seven years, working in the public interest. I am involved in some very serious intel gathering and dangerous missions that require professional assistance and guidance at times.

The proper protocol in my case is to report to my local precinct, Louisville Metro Police and they are supposed to coordinate with the other international precincts that are involved.  However, because my intel is so serious, it often comes across as being unbelievable and my local precinct dropped the ball and became entirely defunct.  I was assigned to an officer, Sergeant Corey Robinson who never returned my phone calls or e-mails.

Tomorrow I will be having x-rays of the RFID tracking device that was covertly implanted in my back by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida.  I presume that after I recieve results, I will have to make a report to my local police department.  They may need a reference from you that I am indeed involved in serious operations involving the global monetary system and the rescuing of a Barclays investment banker who is disabled and who has survived the long string of suspicious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal.  There were approximately 90 deaths total; both homicides and suicides.

I have had several attacks by remote (Direct Energy Weapons) here in USA.  Now that both you and Chief Newsham have acknowledged me, I already feel much safer.

I have many other issues to bring to your attention but I do not want to overwhelm you or your department as I know that you have to focus on keeping the neighborhoods safe.

May I suggest that I just keep in touch for now and I will seek your guidance after I know more in regards to the RFID implant tomorrow and then you can help me connect properly with my local police department here in Louisville.

The rest can wait for a later date unless I find myself in danger, I will reach out for assistance.

Everything I do is Open Source and reported to the public. My work is open to all nations, agencies, and brotherhoods equally.  I work continuously and internationally with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law.  Our mission statement can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.

Thank you again to both you and your department for promptly responding to my needs.


Christine Michelle Chadwick
Counterintelligence, Global Accounts
Global Coalition for the Rule of Law
(502) xxx-xxxx

US Passport #xxxxxxxxxxx

Louisville, KY xxxxxxx

LinkedIn Profile:

RFID Implant/ Thwarted False Flag Nuke Attack, Charleston SC:

More info on the suspicious banker deaths:

International Security – Human Rights – Suicide Prevention – Global Intelligence:

Louisville Metro Police:

On Jan 30, 2019, at 9:57 AM, Bedlion, Duncan (MPD) <<>> wrote:

Good Morning,

Commander Melvin Gresham has retired and I am the new Second District Commander.  For matters related to the Second District, I can get you in touch with the appropriate personnel.

Thank you,

Duncan Bedlion
Commander, Second District (2D)
Patrol Services North
Metropolitan Police Department
3320 Idaho Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016
202-730-1901 (office)<><>

We are here to help.


Edmund JM Dunne taught me that:

It took me exactly nine months to rescue this poor man. I was pleading and begging; International law enforcement, governments, intelligence, and embassies for assistance. …crickets! The entire operation was done by civilians. We have over six years of documentation. They should all resign! Especially, our Director of Intelligence, Dan Coats. He is a failure and I want his salary and that of all the Chiefs of staff of the US armed forces, including the Commander in Chief. I have endured several aerial attacks by remote here on US soil, and those bumbling idiots were all MIA. All of them! Can you imagine? We spend $800 Billion tax payers’ money to fund military all around the world and they cannot even protect an Open Source activist operating in broad daylight and transparency. The whole thing is a huge stain on the history of mankind. Thousands of lives were lost needlessly during their absence; populations driven to suicide, poverty and drug overdoses because no one is protecting the vulnerable from these banks. – CMC February 2, 2019


Greetings Chief Bromeland,

I am grateful to finally have made contact with D.C. Police. I feel much safer now. I am taking a few days to recover from trauma flashbacks and then I will finish documentation and update Commander Bedlion.

Thank-you for standing with us.



Sunday, February 3, 2019

Thwarted False Flag Nuke Attack / Covert RFID Implant. – Part 1

“When I was exposing the thwarted ‘false flag nuke attack’ on Charelston, SC that occurred in October of 2013 with the Anonymous Collective, the Okaloosa County Sheriffs Department in Florida committed me to mental health on November 24th, 2013 after puncturing me and then tasing me as to put me in handcuffs. I found out just recently that I was covertly implanted with a RFID tracking device. I tested the area with a small magnet, it attaches! This cannot be legal. I reported this to the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (Code #840-W14339)via their Internet portal. I never heard back from them.

The implant is on the left wing bone. I took this picture in a mirror so it looks reversed. Is this being done to all persons who are tasered or just political activists? I have written to my Navy, I have informed Sir Rob Wainwright via his email, the London Met police, the Ireland police, and Interpol via emails. London Met has advised me to report to my local police but the last time I went to my local police (Louisville Metro Police in USA) with global intel, I was assigned an officer who never returned my phone calls. In an attempt for assistance before I declassified this, I reached out to World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes only to be snubbed by her today. So I am asking the global community for advice.” – CMC


Greetings Anonymous,

I am an activist that originated from Occupy Wall Street in 2011.  I acted as Counterintelligence Officer to a targeted Barclays banker, Edmund Dunne for a year and a half.  In this role I had to entangle myself with various persons of influence on the global stage.  I never trained for this, I was studying West African drumming and dance at Yale, hence my vulnerability.  

I do have the attention of many international law enforcement agencies but they remain quietly in the background.  A few do go on record.  Sir Robert Wainwright, formerly the Director of Europol and now currently with Deloitte, is one such person who is aware of my involvement to help rescue Edmund and of my continuous battle for advancements towards the rule of law, particularly in the capital markets. We also work towards peacekeeping through diplomacy.  We look for international cooperation and common ground.  The global monetary system affects all so this is why some of us are working openly and transparently.

The issue:

World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes reported on the Internet that there was a thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston, SC in October of 2013.  When myself and the Anonymous Internet Collective started reporting it on the Internet in November, I started to notice I was being spied on via my IPad camera.  This caused me to become frightened and alarmed.  I went into a panic and had a manic episode in trying to bring awareness to my friends and family. My family had me committed to mental health on November 24, 2013 because of this.  When two sheriffs from the Destin, FL Sheriffs dept. came to my condo to put me in handcuffs, I did not cooperate and stoo still with my fingers locked together at the same time I was holding my pet cat.  They tasered me to get my hands apart and cuffed me.  

At the start of this year, I took a job as a project lead to update our local library RFID and data systems.  When working over the tag reader, I detected that the tag reading machine was reading me!  Then when I traveled this past summer, I was getting a burning and stinging sensation in the same spot I was punctured.  I sent in a report to the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (code #840-W14339).  I never heard back from anyone.  I need to know who ordered this and who is monitoring me.  Are they doing this to everyone who is tasered, or just political activists?

One of my contacts advised me to test the area with a small magnet, I did.  It attaches!  I will put a pic at the end of this correspondence.  I am just now starting to declassify this as the authorities are not responding.  I think I need the name of a real person to contact.  I have also had other attacks that I will not go into at this time.  It is hard to gauge the level of danger I am in when I am working independently as a civilian. I have thought about ignoring this and just trying to live with it.  But it is ‘live’ as detected my the occasional sting and burn.  Especially, when I travel.  So it is kind of hard to ignore.  

I am connected to military all over the world but I have only confided in a few.  I need to ask persons with some understanding of geopolitics and governments.  My fear is that my own military has abandoned me. In this case, I need to reach out to the global community.  I tried to report to my local police but this is way over their heads, they were completely defunct.  I tried to write to my State Department through their Internet Portal and received no response.  Commander Melvin Gresham in Washington D.C. is probably the most knowledgeable of my situation as I have been corresponding with him via e-mail since 2015.  He advised me to write to my State Department.  When I didn’t receive a response, I told him so but I am still left here on my own unprotected and with some mysterious entity tracking and monitoring my every move.  

My question for you is, do you know of any such technology?  Can you refer me to anyone who does?  Do you have any other advice or suggestions for me? I operate by instinct and I felt lead to share with you today because of your industry and international experience.  Also, because you extended yourself so graciously.  

Thank you for taking the time to reach out and review.

Kind Regards,


November 5th, 2018

LinkedIn Post:

VISIT TO DR. CHARLES E. COPELAND, DC for X-RAYS. Dr. Copeland e-mails results to Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police in Washington D.C. on January 31, 2019

Link to profile of Commander Duncan Bedlion:


Dr. Charles Copeland e-mails the examination report to Commander Duncan Bedlion of D. C. Police in Washington on January 31, 2019.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office – Where an RFID implant dart was immediately shot into my back before I was tased and put into handcuffs – Offense Report on November 24, 2013 (First page only)

Dr. Copeland witnesses that a magnet attaches to the upper left scapula just under the collar bone.


X- RAY 2 – DARK SPOT NOTED IN UPPER LEFT SIDE OF SCAPULA THE SIZE OF A BB BULLET. It is noted that the patient’s sister-in-law, Mary Kay Chadwick, who is an x-ray technician, has stated that a black spot indicates a hole, whereas a white spot would indicate a metal object. No metal object was detected in the area of question, but the patient does have a small dark circle in the area where the magnet attaches; the same exact area that was punctured by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida, USA on November 24, 2013.

Mary Kay Chadwick

Patient’s brother Larry Chadwick and his wife Mary Kay Chadwick

Patient’s boyfriend Dan Ash

Christine Michelle Chadwick, Civilian Intelligence – Global Coalition for the Rule of Law – Representing the United States of America

A Sample of a RFID Tracking Device

RFID Basics: How RFID Tags Work – Link to Tweet:

Messages from CMC to Mary Kay Chadwick on February 1, 2019:

“Could it be a capsule inside the bone ? because .. I remember they shot something into me there before they tased me. And I made them take pics at the hospital and there was a round wound or burn mark there in the exact same spot when I looked in the mirror. I am going to send for my hospital records.

Well all I know is that something was shot into me at that exact spot, right before they tased me. I have a documented wound in that very same spot. Then while working at Jeffersonville Indiana Library, the same exact spot would heat up profusely when I was working over a RFID scanner machine.

It also stings and burns when I travel, when I’m near high voltage, or when I log onto the Internet in rural areas. It always stings when I am at the Fairgrounds.

It often stings at home, especially at 00:00 hours.

Yes, please consult with professionals. Something is very wrong and very abnormal.. I researched it and I have an idea what is being done to me and why – – I even have suspects; but I will not go into that now.

If you all would have believed me in 2013, this never would have happened to me. Do you know how traumatic it is to be tased, handcuffed by strangers and dragged to a hospital where you don’t know if you will ever exit the with your life!? My family did not protect me. You all seem to be ostriches with your heads in the sand not knowing that we are living in a police state. THE UNITED STATES IN A FAILED NATION AND THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAS GONE ROGUE because we have placated citizens.

The metal in the RFID implant is tiny.. that is not the issue, the issue is that this was done to me covertly, without my knowledge or consent. They monitor my every move. I suspect they are using me for neurological and IoT experiments.

But I need more proof before I go to Louisville police, which is protocol. Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police is keeping watch over me but they can’t do anything without proper proof and I’m not in his district. . I need to find out how to get a reading on the amount of radiation in me or a live frequency reading.. something.

If someone did this to Kendal, I’m sure things would move a lot faster.

Larry knows tech, I just need his help understanding what to do. There are two types; passive and battery operated.. I don’t know which type I am . How do I find out?

Does anyone have friends in high level government we can trust?

The government did this to me through the Sheriffs in FL. and now they using me as a guinee pig

I am pretty sure that the dark spot on the photo is it. That means there is a hole in me and the wire, will be in that hole.. cellulose capsule maybe.

I blew it up.. see the darker round circle on the x-ray? That is same spot that it feels like a hot needle in me right now. Pain level currently 3 right now but goes as high at 8.” – CMC


“I just had another electrical like attack here in my home again today.. I’m too tired to explain. I have to rest now. I reported it to my friend from US Intelligence in Washington who is retired now and he said he would watch my back., n the police started an investigation in D.C. – the reason this is so dangerous is because the pentagon, White House and federal reserve bank are my opposition. I don’t know who to trust cause all US Armed Forces and Intelligence failed me.


Whoever did it got a lot of money to do it I bet. No one even told me I was being arrested! I was just sitting on the couch with my cat and next thing I know two sheriffs come in the room out of no where.. they ask me a few questions then started torturing me without explaining anything. It was terrifying!! I know that tagging me was most important , because he tagged me first, then tased me. I read the police report, his lies stand out like a sore thumb.

I feel better today just tired. I am supposed to go to Louisville Police as soon as I get my reports finished. It has been a long seven years.. with everyone thinking I’m crazy. I am NOT crazy, I am smart.

They were just attacking me with remote weaponry to make me look like I was crazy so no one would believe what I said was true.

Rogue factions in our government tried to nuke SC! Two heroes in US military averted it. Russia intercepted the cables.. Russia is not our enemy. The enemy is within.

5 years I mean. It has been 7 years since I been doing intel for Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous. Now I work with civilian and professional intelligence all over the world. But most of the corruption in the world is here in USA.” – CMC

Comments on LinkedIn Post

“International Intelligence, please be advised. Reports sent to all international diplomatic agencies and global intelligence on this date, November 14, 2018 via email portals to several hundred international missions, embassies and agencies. Our work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally.”

Dear LinkedIn Community,

I need advice. World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes has done some stellar legal work on the behalf of humanity. I offered to assist her a few years ago and she misunderstood me and blocked me on social media. Karen is now telling her audience on public access television (DCTV) that I am an agent working for the banking cartel. She said this yesterday and can be viewed at minutes 22:43. This is very damaging to my reputation as I am actually working towards the ‘rule of law’ and honest money. I liaison regularly with international law enforcement. I started my work as an activist for Occupy Wall Street.

Karen ( is the foundation of our intelligence networks, she is how I learned about targeted Barclays banker, Edmund Dunne. I wondered what happened to him so I did an Open Source search and found him; isolated, tormented and extremly suicidal, openly and publicly, on his Facebook page. I guarded his life 24/7 for nine months until I could fly to Europe myself and get him stablaized. She thinks I am high level CIA and that Edmund is trying to steal the world’s gold in the collateral accounts. Edmund is a disabled investment banker fighting for his own independence.”





This photo used in correspondence was printed in the front page Metro Section of the Louisville Courier, KY USA during Occupy Wall Street in 2012.

This would be the beginning of my intelligence gathering on the streets and my initiation into peacekeeping collaborations with local law enforcement. Some of us established formal roles as liaisons between protesters and law enforcement. We notified police in advance of our direct actions and honored ‘most’ of their suggestions.

We also deescalated stressful situations with their cooperation. The only area where we did not comply was when they wanted to cage us off into a ‘metal guarded small area’ labeled, ‘freedom of speech area’. We were appalled at this and roamed at will with our signs and brochures.

There is one particular retired police officer that was very helpful to me personally by responding to all of my correspondence and by being a true leader and peacekeeper in our midst. I have been trying to locate him to tell him how much I valued his service and skill to no avail. Major James Thomas of Louisville Police Department, wherever he may be, “thank you”. – CMC\

World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes – Karen Hudes is how I first learned of the thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston, SC in October of 2013. A Dr. Jim Garrow ( was also reporting this news at the same time.


“Foxhole – A hole in the ground used by troops as a shelter against enemy fire.

I am an activist and a civilian intelligence operative fighting for honest money and freedom. I started my intelligence gathering at Occupy New Haven during Occupy Wall Street in New Haven, CT 2011. I worked on committees and direct actions with both OWS and the Internet collective known as ‘Anonymous’ but I am not a hacker.

In 2013, World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes and a Dr. Jim Garrow disclosed a thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston, SC on October 8, 2013. I was attempting to break the media barriers regarding this disclosure along with the other Anonymous members on November 20, 2013.

During this day of Internet activism, I noticed the camera light on my IPad was lit up red. Someone was spying on me. I became frightened and alarmed which set me into a panic and a manic episode that lasted for four days. The most frightening part of the whole ordeal is that my own family did not believe me. This caused me greater distress and was to be the beginning of my knowledge, through the events that unfolded, that we are living in a police state.” –


Link to post on LinkedIn:


I have identified with the foxhole ever since 2013, when I was covertly implanted with a RFID tracking device while being tased, put in handcuffs and hospitalized for 20 days for exposing the truth.

Ever since then I have been an obsessed Internet warrior advancing the causes of truth and freedom. When I am on the NET, I am working towards the rule of law globally or thwarting off the many various attacks. “From the Foxhole” is an outlet to give you updated reports on our progress and to document my own experience, thoughts and prospective.

It is my observation that we are collectively involved in many battles; cyber info warfare, psychological warfare, economic and currency warfare, energy weapon warfare. The rule of law globally has been a mockery of justice when even the World Bank and IMF are out of compliance on the capital markets.

Some of the fronts we are currently working on: Backing national currencies with real assets, Assisting victims of banking fraud in UK, Educating law enforcement and armed forces regarding global economic threats, and assisting Australia in rule of law advancements. ”

Photo Credit:

Moderate earthquake – Off East Coast Of United States on October 8, 2013



A FOIA request response from the US Army regarding the unclassified Bioeffects of selected non-lethal weapons. 20 pages. One can confidently assume that the technology has made considerable ‘improvements’ since the date of this declassification.

Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC)

Link to Source:

LinkedIn post:

I try to reason with Karen Hudes

“World Bank Whistleblower responded to my request to make peace today. How can we ever trust someone like this to represent us concerning our wealth? She claims that she represents the Board of Governors of the IMF and World Bank in a sting operation. So where do I go to complain about her unprofessional communications?

She has slandered and ridiculed over fifty percent of the activists that we collaborate with online; blocking us from her information, calling persons shills, plants and ignoramuses when she has no idea who she is speaking with or about. If she is in a professional role, she should not be slandering and insulting the general public as she has no way to confirm who she is speaking to and many of these persons have mental frailties and she is harming them with her insults.

She has slandered me on public access TV! Where is my public apology and correction? How can an activist for Occupy Wall Street since 2011 be working for the banking cartel? Instead, we are working towards remedy and peace. This involves, both compassion and diplomacy. Karen sadly fails in diplomacy.” – CMC


“I have noticed since I came to LinkedIn a year ago that I am continuously being watched by a mysterious entity in San Francisco. After doing some research, I have pinpointed a suspect of the involuntary tagging and unauthorized monitoring of my every move to a company known as Sarnoff with locations is both New Jersey and San Francisco. Parent company SRI International. I believe that they are affiliated with Saybrook University in CA, performing R&D studies in both sensor monitoring and neurological studies. This Company also connects to working for DARPA and military. I suspect this was a military order that was given to implant me by U.S. military or rogue agents. ” – CMC

As of January 1, 2011, Sarnoff Corporation was acquired by SRI International, Inc. Sarnoff Corporation provides vision, video, and semiconductor technology solutions for government agencies and commercial companies. It offers TerraScout, a mobile persistent surveillance system for commercial and/or military; test and measurement products, image sensors and cameras, biometric identification systems, lasers, video processing solutions, integrated circuits, and networking and wireless communication solutions; and hardware and software products for homeland security, military force protection, law enforcement, and OEM customers. It also offers electrostatic discharge (ESD) solution products, including design kits and single chip design solutions; video surveillance and forensic analysis toolkits, opto-atomic systems, optoelectronics, and integrated photonics; security and force protection, embedded and medical vision, data handling and object recognition, interactive and cognitive training, and aerial video surveillance solutions; VerifIR, a portable concealed object detection system; audio clips; Acadia II, a system-on-a-chip (SoC) with low power consumption for vision processing and system control; and VideoQuest, a software solution that collects and stores motion imagery. In addition, it offers research and development services; and on-chip ESD protection solutions. The company serves defense and security, electronics, communication and networking, digital video and entertainment, and health and safety markets; and security operators, public safety authorities, and military forces. Sarnoff Corporation was formerly known as Sarnoff Laboratories and changed its name to Sarnoff Corporation in 1997. The company was founded in 1942 and is based in Princeton, New Jersey with additional offices in Europe, India, and Japan; and Washington, District of Columbia.


Last page of report from Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.




“Several sentences and paragraphs were blacked out on my police report. Who ordered this covert RFID implant and tracking? Who is monitoring me? What laws were used to do this to me, or was it done illegally? I suspect that I am being used in neurological tracking and monitoring experiments without my consent. Global intel, be advised.” – CMC

After many attempts to make peace with World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes, who slandered me on public access TV (DCTV), I decided to reach out to her again today because we are working on the same issues and I could use her help.

“Somehow, she erroneously thinks that I am working for the banking cartel and that Edmund Dunne, a disabled Barclays investment banker, is trying to steal the world’s patrimony.

In this note that I send to her today, I am sharing my assassination attempt (Report filed Code #W840-8576) on June 22, 2017 after breaking through the Internet along with the Anonymous Collective regarding the story of Edmund and after writing to over a 100 embassies on the behalf of Edmund.

I also shared with her that when I was exposing the False Flag nuke attack on Charelston, SC in October of 2013 with the Anonymous Collective, the Destin, FL Sheriffs Department committed me to mental health after tasering me as to put me in handcuffs. I found out just recently that I was covertly implanted with a RFID tracking device. I tested the area with a small magnet, it attaches (pic in comments)! This cannot be legal. I reported this to the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (Code #840-W14339) via their ‘Anonymous tip’ Internet portal. I never heard back from them.” – CMC



“Tim agreed to be a witness attorney for Anonymous while we were trying to rescue Edmund JM Dunne. He is familiar with most, but not all, of our actions and updates.” – CMC February 8, 2019

I am not sure who gave me these two pieces of paper, the Sheriff’s Office or the hospital. The second page of the report was left blank even though the item checked required elaboration and explanation.


Deputy Cullen Coraine is loving his new assignment-protecting and serving our school children

Lint to Tweet:

“How much money did you get for it Cullen?

Who ordered It? What laws were used to covertly implant me with an RFID tracking device?

This device has invaded my privacy. This device may have harmful heath affects that I am not aware of.

This device often hurts me at various intervals and degrees. Pain goes from 0 -8 sporadically on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

No one even told me I was being arrested. You had no right to remove me from my couch. I was not posing a threat to anyone, I was ALERTING the public to an international security threat. I was being spied on via my IPad camera and I suspect that I was being targeted with Direct Energy Weapons the entire four days that you kept me awake! (Directed to the DARPA snakes) ” – CMC

Conversation on LinkedIn

“Yes, all in good time Charles. I first have to prepare myself for it emotionally which is why I have been discussing it here openly on social media. In the beginning, I went to all agencies quietly without getting any kind of real assistance. It has been hard for me to gauge my level of danger as it was the ‘officials’ who did this to me without my knowledge or consent. I have been advised by professional contacts to go slow and accept the long mission. I also have to research legal matters and manage my family who are very uncomfortable with my activism and the dangers it involves.” – CMC


“”Veterans Today wants to deflect its readership into blaming the branches instead of the roots of the problem. The Organized Crime Cabal, as Preston James calls it, is actually something much larger and more sinister. Three mathematicians at the Federal Institute of Technology identify the “network of global corporate control” as the real culprit which was responsible for the crimes.

At the center of this network is the Vatican’s bank, and behind this are the Society of Jesus and the bloodline families. This network also consists of secret societies, including the Knights of Malta, which see to it that traitors are placed in strategic posts at the pinnacle of the military and the rest of society. These traitors serve Rome. That is why Veterans Today has removed my questions to Martin Dempsey, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at his two town hall meetings. Dempsey is trying to crash the Federal Reserve Note and surrender US military might unilaterally. Jon T. Rymer, Inspector General of the Department of Defense, is gutting the military personnel policies and purging the heroes, Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and Major General Michael Carey, who refused to nuke citizens of Charleston South Carolina on October 7, 2013.Karen Hudes ” – K. H.

“”We are using common law. Those in the military who fired Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and Major General Michael Carey for refusing to nuke Charleston, refused to account for missing gold from the Global Debt Facility, and are now trying to block the Global Currency Reset, are soon going to be bankrupt as they fail to answer my affidavit in the commercial liens I have placed on their assets.” – Karen Hudes ” – K. H.


World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes mentions the False Flag Nuke Attack on Charleston S.C. In 2013 at minutes 18:00 VIDEO:

This info, The Mind Has No Firewall by TIMOTHY L. THOMAS on scalar technology and weaponry was recently censored by a broken link. New link here:


I have studied the work of World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes for five years.

LinkedIn Post:

Her legal work and disclosures are masterful but her professional etiquette is nonexistent. In 2015, I offered to help Karen with her work but she misunderstood my intentions and now she insists that I am representing the banking cartel.

In this post to her followers, she is cryptically telling her network that I am blacklisted. She has caused me to lose over half of my network as an activist by slandering me. I have tried to reason with her many times and she refuses to communicate with me for the exception of an e-mail that was sent to me today.

More to follow. …will add further posts in comment section.


#Networking #RuleOfLaw #Internet #OWS #Anonymous #GoldOutOfHiding #GlobalDebtFaciltiy

Karen’s false statement can be viewed on VIDEO at minutes 22: 41

Link to VIDEO:


“The monetary gold reserves are in the Global Debt Facility and not with the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve, which is a private bank, and which is part of the Network of Global Corporate Control, and the US Treasury Department do not have the US monetary gold reserves. World Bank senior attorney Karen Hudes filed a notarial protest with the Universal Postal Union on behalf of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, that the monetary gold reserves are in the Global Debt Facility and not with the Federal Reserve.” – K. H.

#GoldOutOfHiding #RuleOfLaw #GlobalCurrencyReset


THE NETWORK OF GLOBAL CORPORATE CONTROL was described in a 2011 Article written by 3 systems analysts at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland STEFANIA VITALI ET AL., THE NETWORK OF GLOBAL CORPORATE CONTROL, 1-36 (2011) available at:

An analysis of the financial markets reveals that the world’s finances are in the hands of just a few mutual funds, banks, and corporations. The eight largest U.S. financial companies (JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon and Morgan Stanley) are 100% controlled by ten shareholders and we have four companies always present in all decisions: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity. In addition, the Federal Reserve is comprised of 12 banks, represented by a board of seven people, which comprises representatives of the “big four,” which in turn are present in all other entities. In short, the US Federal Reserve is controlled by four large private companies: Black Rock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity.

#FederalReserve #Banking #Economy

LinkedIn Post:

Also of Interest; World Bank is out of compliance:

Alpha Omega Group:

The Trilateral Overthrow of Marcos for Gold:

Occupy Wall Street/ Blood Money:

The BIS:

The danger of Permanent Gold Backwardation:

America’s investment in being the world’s police force.

Most powerful military ranking.

“We have the largest military is the world but the US Armed Forces have all failed to protect me from Directed Energy Weapons on three separate occasions.

$600 to $800 Billion a year from the ‘sweat off of our banks’, didn’t do me a damn bit of good.” – CMC

Sources: Global Firepower, The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

“Like Putin said: Lets see who wins brains or dollars…. ” – Efran Arias

My license to write. Given to me by my boss, Edmund JM Dunne on December 18th, 2017, while providing his close protection in both London and Ireland. Edmund is a Barclays banker and suicide survivor in a long string of suspicious banker deaths, approximately 90 total; both homicides and suicides:

#SuicidePrevention #HumanRights #MentalHealth #BritishIntelligence #BusinessIntelligence #GoldOutOfHiding #CounterIntelligence #Banking #BOLI

LinkedIn link:

“I had to fly from USA to London, back in November, and escort him back to Ireland when he became too unwell to fly by himself.

I have two years experience as a mental health tech which was useful. It was heart breaking to witness Edmund regress but it was rewarding when he started to improve from our companionship. I believe he can go back to work given the proper care and I will continue to pray for that day.” – CMC



*Banks are Bankrupt*

Banks are lending money which they don’t actually have. Watch this video if you want to know everything that’s wrong with banking globally and why traditional banks are about to get disrupted by blockchain and crypto currencies.

Link to LinkedIn Post and VIDEO

USA has been under secret martial law since the Civil War.

The US federal government exists in name only, as the Banking Cartel declared the US bankrupt in 1933.

The US Congress has been bought off entirely by the Banking Cartel. The US Congress has suspended the Constitution under a state of emergency.

The Banking Cartel suspended the US Constitution, first during the Civil War in 1861 under the Lieber Code, and then under a secret Constitution in 1871.

It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192,73rd Congress in session June 5, 1933.

RFID Implant/ Part 2


E-mail to Commander Duncan Bedlion of D.C. Police in Washington. Re: Chemical/Electrical Attack on US Soil.

Greetings Commander Duncan Bedlion, 

I have put in a request to your precinct to speak with you by telephone to see how to best introduce me to my local police.  I used to work ‘side by side’ with them on the street during Occupy Wall Street in 2012.  They did not beat us like the NYPD did, they were very professional and my contact person was Major James but he is retired now.  He is the only one that I knew really well from here and that I trusted.  I am not originally from Louisville.  
I do not understand why all of our US Armed Forces are asleep at the wheel.  I guess we not the best after all.  This is very sad. 
I am attaching my old correspondence to Major James so that you can better understand my story.  
Rogue agents are attacking me here in Louisville on US soil with military grade weaponry; chemical and electrical and no one is protecting me.  
I am awaiting your reply and instructions.  I do not trust any US intelligence, security or armed forces in USA, they have all failed me.  I want to talk to my mayor and my local police.  I have put in a request for my attorney, Tim Denison to accompany me but I haven’t heard back yet.  
Xxx xxx xxxx  
Begin forwarded message:
From: Christine Chadwick <>
Date: February 8, 2019 at 11:13:29 AM EST
To: Christine Chadwick <>
Subject: Fwd: Major James,

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:
From: Christine Chadwick <>
Date: March 14, 2017 at 9:36:22 PM EDT
Subject: Major James,
Major James, 

This is Christine Chadwick, I am the activist that you corresponded with during Occupy Wall Street. I am writing to you about a very serious matter involving both national and international security. After OWS I started working with the Internet collective known as Anonymous for global peace, justice and freedom. I am not a hacker, I work in Open Source Intelligence only. 

I have been following and studying the global monetary crisis since 2011. We have been on the brink of a complete global financial collapse.  Because I follow that saga, I realized a key player was missing from the global stage. This person is Polymath/Savant Edmund JM Dunne. He worked for both Goldmann Sachs NY and Barclays in London. He is a Crown protected witness involving the LIBOR scandal and is also responsible for closing 6000 Vatican money laundering accounts. He is the last surviving banker in a long string of banker deaths (suicide and homicides) approximately 90 total. 

I am the one that discovered that he was missing from the global stage and I started my own investigation to find him. I found him abandoned, alone and fighting for his life in the countryside of Ireland via the Internet.  I gathered my comrades (Anonymous Collective) to assist him in getting his voice heard in the outside world. 

Edmund has survived two assassination attempts so far. He was beaten to near death and he now needs treatment for his PTSD. He is also recovering from being poisoned and is having heart problems.  The Crown, CIA, MI6 and MI5 (Andrew Parker and Alex Younger who are both completely briefed on this case) are failing to assist and protect him. He is now alone in the countryside in Ireland, in pain and fighting a very large multi-agency cover-up in regards to him which includes; both the Irish and British Establishments, Barclays, Allen & Overy Law Firm and Nightingale Hospital in London.  Edmund has lost his job, his home and it seems that all of his friends and family have abandoned him. This man is worth billions and is currently trying to survive on disability. 

The case is very complex, and involves all law enforcement agencies, both nationally and internationally.  Edmund designed the Fiat Currency Architecture called, Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain that will save our International monetary system from collapse. He did this single handedly and “gifted” in to mankind for the emancipation of the people and for atonement because of what happened in the financial industry. The patents were bonded and protected by the Crown.  Edmund expressed to me that some of his intellectual property was stolen. I do not know the details of that so this will have to be investigated. 

I am already corresponding with both New Ross Police in Ireland and the London Police.  What I was hoping I could do was set up a meeting with Mayor Greg Fisher. The mayor has an economic background and is he also in the business of e-commerce. He is most likely already familiar with the DLT technology more commonly known as Blockchain. I think it is very important that he be briefed in this complex situation and then he can help Chief Conrad with the economic relevance and financial tech involved in these cases. 

I am reaching out to you first because I feel comfortable with you. The Louisville police were always very professional in my opinion but I have witnessed very bad behavior elsewhere and I have already been tasered two times due to my activist duties, so there is some police trauma that I will have to deal with and I hope that your department will be sensitive to this. It would help to meet the mayor at a location different than the police station and it would also help, if and when, I have to meet officers if they were in a more casual attire, I hope you understand. 

The New Ross Police in Ireland indicated to me that if I am going to continue to report developments to other precincts that I need to establish contact with my local police first and then LMPD would act as liaison for me to other divisions. 

I am including correspondence to a recent LinkedIn contact that explains the report to London. I will also include screenshots of my statement to New Ross Police in Ireland. 

I am in continuous contact with Edmund and he is in very serious pain and no one is coming to his aid. He needs help with a drivers license, passport and a safe escort to London where he hopes to enter into treatment at a hospital there for his PTSD.  

Please discuss all this with your department and let me know how I should proceed from here.  I have been an Internet Warrior for several years but this Internet Spy Duty is getting to be too much for me and I could use a little help. 

I am very nervous about interacting with law enforcement but if you were allowed to be involved and the mayor were involved, this would help ease my apprehension.  I have already met and spoken to the mayor around the time of Muhammad Ali’s funeral. I felt very comfortable with him. I am not from Louisville and I have heard bizarre stories from the homeless here regarding the local police, which may not even be true, because the homeless are often delusional, but all this makes me very nervous. 

I am also slightly autistic which means that I do not always communicate articulately in person  or on the phone. Writing is best for me. 

I am aware that we have a serious problem with crime in Louisville, particularly in the West End. The solution to reduce crime is to eliminate poverty and increase quality education. These are two things I fight for and hopefully, we will see brighter days ahead. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to review these matters. 


Christine Chadwick

Did News Break on Sachs Letter make lawyer Quit?

Laser Haas and his team of independent journalists, including the OSINT Anonymous team and specifically @An0nKn0wlegde have exposed the ‘revolving door’ and a whole lot more:

Laser’s letter to CEO of Goldman Sachs David Solomon:

“Dear CEO David Solomon,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news; but this letter is to inform you that any notion Goldman Sachs is an institution of substantial good faith “culture”, appears to be uninformed of certain specifics, prior to your becoming Goldman Sachs CEO.

Before your elevation, Goldman Sachs had a hand in ripping off Mattel, Marc Dreier, Fingerhut, Tom Petters and eToys victims; which has resulted in the demise of Toys R Us.

This is neither conjecture or hyperbole, as I’m the former court appointed head executive of (that Goldman Sachs took public in 1999) and I own websites.

More specifically, as reported by the New York Times March 2013 article, by Joe Nocera, titled “Rigging the I.P.O. Game”, Goldman Sachs perpetrated a classic pump-n-dump stock fraud “spinning scheme” where Lawton Fitt, an executive at Goldman Sachs, emailed bets the eToys stock price would hit $80; but our eToys entity received less than $20 per share…”

Did News Break on Sachs Letter make lawyer Quit?

For 20 years, we’ve been trying to get a legitimate investigation and prosecution of Goldman Sachs partnership with Bain Capital for ripping off billions if dollars from Mattel, Inc. Fingerhutand eToys victims; but justice has been delayed/ denied by key persons such as U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Jay Clayton (who was a Sullivan & Cromwell LLP partner) – whilst Jay Clayton was also invested in Bain Capital.

Compounding those issues is the fact Jay Clayton’s wife was a Goldman Sachs partner in mergers division.

Mattel was merged in 1999 with The Learning Company by Sachs & Bain law firm Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT)

MNAT was my lawyer & eToys lawyer who confessed lies under oath; but US Attorney Colm Connolly said no lies broken.

However, Colm Connolly failed to disclose he was MNAT partner.

MNAT nominated Ponzi fraudster Paul Traub to sue Sachs on eToys behalf.

New Sachs CEO gets letter about this and No1 lawyer (Greg Palm( who also was there for Sachs 20 years crime spree – says he now QUITS!

These Racketeers killed eToys Toys”R”Us

#fraud #protection #justice #corruption #sec

Goldman’s $500 Million Lawyer Has Called It Quits:

“Sachs and Bain get their cronies in federal authority posts who make sure Sachs & Bain never get investigated or indicted. I sued Trump to block Jay Clayton and Colm Connolly; but D.C. Clerk of Court refused to docket case for 9 weeks. By then Jay Clayton had been in office for 3 weeks.” – Laser Haas


“Here’s a recent Breaking News article that may have caused Greg Palm to quit; – Laser Haas

Laser Haus on LinkedIn:

“We simply cannot allow oligarchs like Mitt Romney and companies like Bain Capital to be above the law. Unfortunately, President Trump doesn’t see it that way. (At least that’s the way it appears by his appointment of auspicious suspicious individuals connected to organized crime as this Wall St Fraud Series has shown.)

Whistleblowers are individuals who find themselves fighting crooked lawyers and crooked federal agents. Laser Haas has amassed a ton of evidences that could put many racketeers behind bars.

If there’s one case that can finally put an end to the notion of “too big to fail” or “too big to jail” the eToys related cases are that saga.”

– An0nKn0wledge on Steemit


#GoldmanSachs #WallStFraudSeries #Whistleblowers #Law #RuleOfLaw #Justice

LinkedIn Post:

Aaron Kessel Reports on Goldman Sachs Frauds

Shortly before the Holiday season, Goldman’s Chief Executive Officer David Solomon defended the firm’s culture and oversight as the bank continues facing backlash from the high-profile corruption probe siphoning money from 1MDB (1 Maylasia Development Bhd), that has so far seen two former Goldman Sachs bankers charged including – Tim Leissner and Roger Ng Chong Hwa.

…….Wall St whistleblower Laser Haas has sent the new Goldman Sachs head David M. Solomon, a letter on the true “culture” of Goldman Sachs…..


#fraud #justice #corruption #sec #toys #investigation #goldmansachs #mittromney

LinkedIn Post:


Silkthreads, LinkedIn Archives – Part 2

Christine Michelle Chadwick


Emancipation and Atonement


“The DLT is designed to give emancipation to the people as atonement for all that has happened in the financial industry.

I designed the #DLT #Blockchain to prevent catastrophe. It just fixes everything.” -EJMD

Link to Tweet:

#Blockchain #DLT #GoldOutOfHiding #Gold #Currency #WallStreet #Finance #FederalReserve #Illuminati #LittleKing #UK #GreatBritain #Banking

Edmund JM Dunne and Blockchain

Edmund told us that he invented the Blockchain when he was working as a clerk for Rothschilds. I cannot comment too much more regarding his IP because Edmund wants to speak for himself as soon as he is able. I mostly concentrated on keeping him safe while I was working for him as his Counterintelligence Officer and Mental Health Advocate. I do not represent him in his professional life.

I cannot confirm or deny that Edmund invented the Blockchain. I will leave that subject for him to discuss with the public when he decides the time is right.

It never really mattered to me if he was the original inventor or not. The thing that impressed me about Edmund was that he was paying attention. He knew this was ‘an industry on its knees’ in his own words, and while being ostracized by his own family in a rented room, he set about forming a think tank with other professionals via the Internet worldwide, to form a solution to the global currency crisis in a way that he thought would be best for mankind.

I do not know if I agree with Edmund’s solution of a ‘One World Digital Gold Backed Currency’ if it eliminates all cash. I do think that some form of this will work for global settlements, but the idea is to bring all of the ideas out into the public domain for discussion and debate. What will be the best monetary system for future generations to achieve permanent peace and prosperity? -CMC 1/23/19

Edmund JM Dunne and myself on Christmas Day 2017, at his very cold lodge in New Ross, Co. Wexford Ireland where I assisted him for 6 weeks as his protector and advocate.


“Whoever the World Bank President is, if they do not implement the Global Currency Reset, approved by the Board of Governors, that person is going to be fired and bankrupted.” – K.H.

Link to Tweet:


#GoldOutOfHiding #Gold #Silver #GlobalCurrencyReset #Currency #RuleOfLaw

BARCLAYS BANKER, EDMUND JM DUNNE COMMENTS ON THE SUSPICOUS BANKER DEATHS…where it has been determined that bankers were cashing in on their employees tax-free life insurance policies known as BOLI. … BANKSTASsssssss !

“It was a scam &vast amounts of money. Jamie Dimon will know about this ; @GoldmanSachs , @Barclays, @LloydsofLondon, all AG’s, @jpmorgan.” – EJMD

Link to Tweet:

#SuicidePrevention #LifeInsurance #BOLI #Banksters #LIBOR #Banking #WallStreet #LawEnforcement #Gangsters #LittleKing #MentalHealth

BOLI – Bank Owned Life Insurance

“Bank Owned Life Insurance: A Little-Known Way Banks Make Money

Bank owned life insurance, or BOLI, is a form of life insurance purchased by banks, generally on the lives of their executives and key employees. Although it may sound strange, BOLI is a tax-shelter for the bank, and can also offer it a tax-free source of funds.

What is bank owned life insurance?

The idea behind bank owned life insurance is simple. Banks purchase life insurance policies for certain employees, and pay a premium, which has a cash redemption value. The bank owns the policy, and is also the beneficiary upon the death of the employee.” – Motely Fool

Also see: Who’s Next ? Analysis of 66 Myesterious Banker Deaths Part 1: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes by Joseph Hawranek.



“We had a spat of suicides in the (banking) industry about 90 of them. About 50 to 60 of them are homicides.

And if I open my mouth, I can jail for life possibly a couple of 100/maybe 1000 people. #LIBOR”

Link to Tweet:

#SuicidePrevention #LIBOR #Barclays #Banksters #Boli #Vatican #Illuminati #Currency #Forex #London #LittleKing #Banking #Finance

LinkedIn Link:

“This scam is being called quits today. Plp have a hatred of bankers. Bankers are nice, some of them very kind, &some of them were murdered” – EJMD

“The reason all of those people died and they did die, they were murdered… was because their employers were claiming their life insurance.” -EJMD

Also see: Mysterious Author Pens Report; Barclays Banker Edmund JM Dunne – Digital Gold and World Bank Whistleblower:

GOLD Reserves COMPARISON 💸💸💸 by MetaBallStudios on YouTube

Gold reserves by country (September 2018) according to the Trading Economics.




Published on Dec 31, 2018

Link to Virtual Gold Tour: (VIDEO)

#GoldOutOfHiding #GeoPolitics #Gold #Currency #GlobalEconomy #Economy #BRICS #USA #USD


“A bit weird but interesting all the same, similar to Freemasonry really. Shame this word Illuminati strikes the fear of G-D into people, it’s actually a rather neat model of benevolence and patrimony. Personally I found it very powerful and helpful if not a bit mind bending at times. Popular culture is very skewed on this subject – very misunderstood.

The social phenomenon called Whistleblowing has probably reached critical mass now so it’s time to come clean on the lot and be done with it – maybe some kind of Global Amnesty would be the best way to decompress it.

This is happening at very high levels already (The World Bank/IMF, Templars, Order of Malta and all the usual Secret Societies). The Global Network of Corporate Control (Oligopoly) discussed in a brilliant paper in Zurich more or less puts them in their box but there are always a few hangers on reluctant to accept change which they always do in the end.

I guess we all need something to believe in.

Live and let live I say and learn to accept, forgive and forget 🙂 ” – EJMD

LinkedIn Link:

“Edmund is referring to the fact that we will all need to work together to transition to a new global monetary system. The big banks are all insolvent yet they control the current infrastructure. This will require some sort of consensus among nations. For this reason both him and I extend an olive branch to anyone who has interest in providing future generations a more fair and just system.” – CMC

Latest article and update on targeted Barclays banker, suicide survivor, Edmund JM Dunne:

PRESS RELEASE given to Anonymous by Edmund JM Dunne. He referred to us as, ‘International Press’ in early 2017:

“Edmund took a shining to the Illuminati when he thought that he was being recruited to solve the global currency problem. He detected that our current monetary system is unsustainable. He labeled himself the ‘King of the Royal Illuminati’ for this purpose. However, he has admitted on occasion, that he may have been tricked, and has more recently become disillusioned about this declaration of being affiliated with the Illuminati. Regardless, he maintained his desire to protect future generations achieve permanent peace and prosperity through the return of the Rule of Law in the capital markets through his digital designs.” – CMC

The Zurich study that Edmund refers to:

The Zurich team revealed – From Orbis 2007, a database listing 37 million companies and investors worldwide, they pulled out all 43,060 TNCs and the share ownerships linking them. Then they constructed a model of which companies controlled others through shareholding networks, coupled with each company’s operating revenues, to map the structure of economic power.

The top 50 of the 147 superconnected companies

1. Barclays plc
2. Capital Group Companies Inc
3. FMR Corporation
4. AXA
5. State Street Corporation
6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
7. Legal & General Group plc
8. Vanguard Group Inc
10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
11. Wellington Management Co LLP
12. Deutsche Bank AG
13. Franklin Resources Inc
14. Credit Suisse Group
15. Walton Enterprises LLC
16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
17. Natixis
18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
20. Legg Mason Inc
21. Morgan Stanley
22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
23. Northern Trust Corporation
24. Société Générale
25. Bank of America Corporation
26. Lloyds TSB Group plc
27. Invesco plc
28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA
30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company
31. Aviva plc
32. Schroders plc
33. Dodge & Cox
34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc*
35. Sun Life Financial Inc
36. Standard Life plc
37. CNCE
38. Nomura Holdings Inc
39. The Depository Trust Company
40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
41. ING Groep NV
42. Brandes Investment Partners LP
43. Unicredito Italiano SPA
44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
45. Vereniging Aegon
46. BNP Paribas
47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc
48. Resona Holdings Inc
49. Capital Group International Inc
50. China Petrochemical Group Company

* Lehman still existed in the 2007 dataset used

Graphic: The 1318 transnational corporations that form the core of the economy

(Data: PLoS One)         


“Today is January 11, 2019 and it marks a year ago today that I left Europe after assisting my boss and best friend, Edmund JM Dunne for eight weeks when he became very unwell. Edmund is a disabled Barclays investment banker and a suicide survivor that survived the long string of suspicious banker deaths surrounding the LIBOR scandal. Edmund suffers from severe PTSD; for this reason, I had to fly to Europe in November of 2017 and assist him when he regressed to a child-like state and needed help with his correspondence and everyday tasks. Many professionals on LinkedIn assisted us in this journey of liberating Edmund from tortuous isolation and living conditions in the countryside of Ireland.

Edmund has a reputation for being the King of the Royal Illuminati. He believed that he was being recruited to solve the failing global monetary system and he accepted. When Edmund realized that he had been abandoned by; law enforcement, intelligence, and both British and Irish establishments, he embarked on a healing journey that he labeled ‘Kingship’. In essence, he trained himself to be King and formed the Order of the Butterfly, which represents transformation and rebirth.

Edmund often signed his correspondence as:
Edmund III R I
The Royal Illuminati – World Monarch Absolute – The Order of The Butterfly 
“We are always watching out for you”
The Internet helped save Edmund’s life. He was extremely suicidal and fighting for his life almost daily, sometimes hourly until I found him and we guarded his life from USA. We have finally succeeded in relocating him. Edmund is doing better now and in healthier environment. He still has both good days and bad but he is no longer suicidal on a daily basis and he tells me that he has even been painting. He recently donated a piece to his local art gallery in Ireland. – CMC January, 25, 2019

LinkedIn Link:


Update on Edmund JM Dunne, written for LinkedIn after I returned from assisting Edmund in Europe for 8 weeks in both Ireland and London:

#SuicidePrevention 🕊


“BlookChain (sic) is a derivative of Haber/Stronetta and my patents.” – Todd Glassey

“No point in arguing it. Haber’s amazing Merkel Hash effort is the basis of DLT and my secured time stamping model is the basis of the event control practice for everything else.

The problem is this… These red patents in the image are criminal antitrust matters which make most cryptocurrences a crime.

Sorry, I did not do this to you all… DATUM did. They filed and abandoned these without my or McNeils authority.

It gets much worse though, this fraud makes it legally impossible to vote in many nations today. Again, my apologies, I didn’t do this to you all. The reference court ruling creating this assertion is 14-cv-03629/wha…

If you have any reasonable ideas about resolving this do let me know.” – Todd Glassey on LinkedIn


“This report explores answers to various security issues like, programming in a ‘Right to be Forgotten’ mechanism into a Blockchain. ( In section on Integrity )

In this paper Deloitte’s global blockchain and cyber security experts from around the globe have joined forces to assess specifically the security of blockchain technology.

More specifically, this global point of view will review and address:

• Blockchain’s current level of security from a system and data perspective for both public and private ledgers

• The CIA security triad model, composed of three areas; (1) Confidentiality, (2) Integrity and (3) Availability will be referenced to assess the current maturity level of blockchain technology

• Authentication, Authorization and Audit (AAA), and Non Repudiation, fundamental security aspects for protecting information and designing / managing new systems and networks1 will also be addressed” – From the Report Blockchain and Cyber Security.


#Blockchain #CyberSecurity #DLT #SmartContracts #CryptoCurrency #Bitcoin #FinTech #DAO


Streamed live on Jan 1, 2019

At the beginning of 2018, Helga Zepp-LaRouche said the most important goal for 2018 was ending the stranglehold of geopolitics. While we still have much to do, many historic steps have been taken in that direction around the world.

See Helga’s special 2019 New Year message for a review of what we’ve accomplished in 2018, and what’s needed in 2019.

#Geopolitics #BRICS #UK #EU #USA #China #Russia #GlobalEconomy #Trade #War #Defense #Infrastructure #Developement #Government #India #Pakistan

Helga Zepp-LaRouche on YouTube (VIDEO):


The token is being created to fuel an incentivized internal reward ecosystem for its members. Specific goals of token are to:

• to create a self-sufficient incentive-based economy within the GBA that promotes positive contributions to the community.

• prove the use-case of blockchain technology enabling organizations with large communities to benefit using a similar incentive driven-ecosystem.

• create the infrastructure to transform the GBA into a Distributed Autonomous Organization.

• prove as a testing ground for the ultimate long-range vision of using a token to fuel inter- and intra-government transactions. This may be part of a government financial eco-system that would give citizens visibility and confidence in the financial stewardship of their respective governments.


#Blockchain #DAO #DLT #FinTech #Cryptocurrency #GBA


“The Board of Executive Directors of the IBRD reinstated me on August 20, 2009. The following day my security badge was deactivated illegally, and I brought a bondholder lawsuit under the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (Pub.L. 107–204) to bring the IBRD into compliance. The court records for this lawsuit have been restored on the internet, after recent malicious hacking in a futile attempt to conceal the record. The malicious attempt at interference and restoration of this information, which is now readily available to the public…

I am Acting General Counsel of the IBRD and Legal Counsel to TVM-LSM- 666, which contains the monetary gold reserves and other assets of the United States and other members of the IBRD and IMF. I am one of the seven (7) individuals authorized by the IBRD and IMF Board of Governors to oversee assets of TVM-LSM- 666 on behalf of humanity, beneficiary of TVM-LSM-666.” – K.H.

Document Source:

Statement Source:

LinkedIn Link:


“This is Karen’s most recent video, broadcast on DCTV, public access television in Washington D.C. on January 8, 2019. If you view it, please let me know your opinion. She does not seem like the same person that she was when she first started. I have been studying her documents for five years now and they are solid but her poise and articulation seem to be in decline. She often complains of being attacked by remote military weaponry. In this video Karen discusses the firing/resignation of Jim Yong Kim, the thwarted false flag nuke attack on Charleston, SC 2013, and the commercial liens that she has filed on Barack Obama and Christine Lagarde. Jesse White, the Secretary of State in Illinois threatened to have her arrested. This would not be the first time for Ms. Hudes.; – CMC

#RuleOfLaw #WorldBank #IMF #GoldOutOfHiding

Silkthreads blog post on the commercial liens filed on Barack Obama and Christine Lagarde:

“We are now entering a global currency reset to replace fractional reserve fiat currency with gold minted from the Global Debt Facility. Here is a draft of the Monetary Agreement for the United States” – K.H. : All of the countries will be replacing their paper currencies with currencies minted from Gold in the Global Debt Facility too:

“The World Bank is not in compliance on the securities markets; its internal controls are not in place; the World Bank’s lawyers have not distinguished themselves. On the contrary, the legal profession has been responsible for much of the corruption at the Bretton Woods institutions and plaguing the rest of the world’s international financial system; at the moment the common law is replacing admiralty law. Neil Gorsuch has one week before he is in default on commercial liens. My correspondence warning him of this impending default is at; – K.H.

A good article regarding the World Bank and International Security by Lars Schall


“Look at this smile… I am so happy for him. This man would have died had we not all intervened. Praise God for the Internet. 🕊…

“We love you Edmund”

@EdmundJDunne – Head of Global Intelligence

#SuicidePrevention @CIA @USMC @RoyalMintUK @Europol”

“A Tweet for Edmund. Edmund sometimes signed his correspondence as ‘Head of Global Intelligence’. I never would have found him had he not been on top of his game and ahead of ‘all agencies’ including the ‘five eyes’. This has not been an easy mission for either one of us. But being ‘Miss Moneypenny’ to the ‘Head of Global Intelligence’ for 16 months has changed my life for the better in both radical and humbling ways. – CMC January 24, 2019

Link to Tweet:

Sir Rob Wainwright

“Sir Rob Wainwright connected with me on LinkedIn and was one of the few officials that did not block me when I disclosed my urgency in needing help assisting Edmund. Some of my very own law enforcement officials in the USA and Department of Homeland Security blocked me when I reached out to them for advice but Rob did not. He did not respond to me but I could tell that he (or his staff) was reading my messages in the private message portal of LinkedIn.

At one point I was being spied on through my IPad via advanced technology as evidenced by the zooming red light that appeared on my device after hounding Rob a little assertively on a LinkedIn thread. I promptly gave the camera the ‘middle finger’ and told Europol to ‘get to work’! …lots to do and massive corruption and collusion to tend to in the banking industry. The bodies were piling up!


Not only did we have a long string of suspicious deaths in the banking industry surrounding the LIBOR scandal years, we also had thousands of suicides related to the hardship that followed the crash of 2008; illegal foreclosures, predatory lending practices… and Greece! Just to name a few. The fallout has caused thousands to take their own lives. Many persons lost their homes, their jobs, their relationships, their health, their sanity and their dignity. Who was investigating the root of the problem? Anyone? ” – CMC January 24, 2019


LinkedIn messages to Sir Rob Wainwright when Edmund was fighting the urge to commit suicide hourly.

I had no idea what I was doing at this point. I thought that I would just make a call into the police and that they would just handle everything. I had no idea that I was about to become the police! …and sole Sergeant, General, Commander, Chief in a full blow global Search and Rescue Mission! To assist Edmund, I had to assume a role I knew nothing about. I went from an activist on the street shouting, “Whose streets, our streets”, to acting as Counterintelligence Officer to a disabled, tortured, isolated investment banker because no one else would help him!” – CMC January 24, 2019

My first messages to Sir Rob, June 14, 2017

Dear Rob,

SOS … My friend and CO, Edmund JM Dunne is fighting urge to commit suicide hourly.. he has asked me to ramp up publicity.. this could upset markets so please be advised.

Edmund is last surviving banker in long string of banker deaths from the LIBOR fallout.

I am a civilian and new to this line of work. I have been trying to communicate with 5 police precincts who are all failing. I need back up! This could cause market disruptions and national security issues.

We have years of docs and evidence…

This needs professional engagement and so far, we are getting none! GB, Ireland, USA.. all failing!

What do I have to do, contact the military!?

Please help, we could lose him any day. He is hanging on by a thread. He is in Ireland, I am in USA.

Thank you,

Miss Christine

Anonymous convinces Edmund to start doing Facebook videos. Edmund would regularly film himself explaining his crisis and ask officials for assistance.

Later in the day on June 14, 2017

Dear Rob,

I know this is probably not protocol to send reports via this channel and that you may not be able to respond here for legal reasons. I am slightly autistic and I find trying to navigate all these precincts and persons very difficult. I thought someone would have come to his aid after five months. He cries out to me for help everyday, I don’t know what to do Sir.

I think he his fearful of another assassination attempt. He claims he needs back surgery. Pain in lower back (slip disk maybe?) or remotely targeted.. not sure. Sometimes pain spreads down the leg. This causes him the most pain. He thinks he needs back surgery.. can’t walk much of the time. Pain is so bad sometimes he fights urge to kill himself. I have notified London Metro Police that I am on daily suicide watch and they do nothing. He does not have access to any medications. Some days he tells me there is nothing to eat. He is trying to survive on disability. He eats a lot of eggs and potatoes. He is limited to where he can shop, may not have access to proper nutrition and some days too unwell to walk to get food.

He also claims that he was poisoned and that he has stomach problems because of this; complains of chest pains. He has history of trauma from childhood. I suspect these frailties are being exploited. His moods go up and down in cycles. He has occasional personality changes from time to time which I have learned how to accommodate. He regularly experiences flashbacks from PTSD.

This is a banker that once lived a lavish lifestyle. He publicly apologized to OWS activists

(on camera!) for how we were treated.

My main goal is to keep his trust and to protect him at the same time, this is not an easy balance because he is so fickle; makes spontaneous, irrational decisions. He has been at this location approximately 2 years.

I welcome any advice or suggestions.

Miss Christine

P.S. I am disclosing that the only reason we are discussing his health is because persons and authorities responsible and in his vicinity are not coming to his aid. This collectively is; abuse, neglect and torture.

The lodge where Edmund was trapped in tortuous isolation and living conditions for over a year in a traumatized state while being extremely suicidal.

July 21,2017

LinkedIn is not letting me comment on your posts.

I need help Rob! No one is contacting me. Edmund is in so much pain today he can not move. We need to get him to a hospital in London. I am slightly handicapped and I am having trouble doing all this police work with zero training. I do not get paid, I am an activist. Why are all the people earning salaries not able to get anything done?

Tomorrow is his birthday, he will be 43. He will spend it fighting for his life!

Are we really going to go down in history as a society that exploits our most vulnerable and talented?


This message dictated by Edmund in the middle of a breakdown in London, November 30, 2017:


Would you be so kind as to telephone as a matter of urgency Dame Sally Powell in London at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is under both M15 and MI6 Closed Disclosure and behind acts.


Christine Michelle Chadwick

Written from London on December 1, 2017:

Tower of London at night. Photo Credit:

Greetings Rob,

The message above was dictated by Edmund JM Dunne in a desperate state. Since you did not respond, I am assuming that it is not possible in whatever role you are in at the moment. I am not sure what Edmund meant by “behind acts”, as I am never sure how much he tells me is real or fantasy. All I know he is not well at the moment and he is desperately trying get his life back.

To clarify my role, I am simply out here as unofficial rookie trying to keep the peace and advert tragedy. I know the big banks rule (ed) the world but regardless of the past, we can only advert tragedy by working together in transition, otherwise we will have WWIII. As a veteran of Occupy Wall Street. I extend my olive branch.


Miss Christine 🕊

Written to Rob from Ireland, January 1, 2018:

Edmund JM Dunne I sent Rob this pic taken on New Year’s Eve 2017 at Corcoran’s Bar in New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Greetings for the New Year Rob,

After three tries I was finally able to stabilise Edmund enough to be able to fly with him back to his lodge in Ireland. We have been here since December 5th.

He made this Facebook video last night. I am not promoting it, just sharing for your knowledge.

[Link to Facebook video no longer active as Edmund has taken his Facebook account offline.

His official landlord is Countess Bernsdorff Ann but I correspond with her daughter Alexis who admitted to me, in writing, that this lodge is not suitable for winter habit yet she is collecting rent from him. I found him on January 11th 2017. He was extremely suicidal for the whole year! Why is aristocracy taking advantage of a disabled person?

When we arrived here, it was cold, damp; full of rats and mold. I can confirm that he has to walk 5miles a day to get food and five miles back, I’ve done it! His washing machine is broke and his pipes are leaking. There is no proper heating, we have to collect wood for the fireplaces like a couple of pioneers. Some mornings we wake up, it’s freezing! This is no way for a traumatised person to live.

When Edmund gives me the ok, this will all be reported publicly. This is a courtesy to the intelligence community for the purposes of keeping ahead of us.

Both Edmund and I are concerned about international security and we try to be considerate of this in our work.

We know this a hornets nest. I trust the intelligence community to do their part.


Miss Christine

Corcoran’s Bar, New Ross, Wexford Co. Ireland

Photo Credit:

Edmund and I at his Lodge in Ireland on Christmas Day 2017

“ATTACK YOUR ENEMY WHERE HE IS UNPREPARED” – Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War

“Thus, what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge.

Now this foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits; it cannot be obtained inductively from experience, nor by any deductive calculation.

Knowledge of the enemy’s dispositions can only be obtained from other men.

Hence the use of spies, of whom there are five classes:

(1) Local spies; (2) inward spies; (3) converted spies; (4) doomed spies; (5) surviving spies.

When these five kinds of spy are all at work, none can discover the secret system. This is called “divine manipulation of the threads.” It is the sovereign’s most precious faculty.” – Understanding Sun Tzu on The Art of War by Robert L. Cantrel


Photo Credit:

#intelligence #Defense #War #Spies #Spying #silkthreads

Robert Cantrell Interview:

Silkthreads, LinkedIn Archives – Part 1

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Counterintelligence Global Accounts, Internet Spyder -International Security, Rule of Law

Experienced Intelligence Operative with a demonstrated history of working in the area of Activism involving the Financial Markets and Financial Forensics. Skilled in OSINT, Analytical Skills, Strategic Planning, International Relations, and Networking. Strong Internet Warrior working towards Honest Money and Freedom which evolved into working as a civilian in Military Grade Intelligence Operations involving the Collateral Accounts and Global Monetary Transformation.

Acted as Counterintelligence Officer to targeted Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne for 16 months until he was rescued from tortuous living conditions and isolation in the countryside of Ireland on January 11, 2018.

My intelligence gathering began as an Activist at the OWS camp on the New Haven Green, New Haven CT in 2011 during Occupy Wall Street.

I work internationally with many other individuals and groups towards advancements in the Rule of Law globally. We monitor geopolitics, capital markets, currencies, global monetary transitions, cryptocurrency, and blockchain for the purposes of International Security. Our mission is to secure Permanent Peace and Prosperity for future generations by advocating for sound money. We organize efforts in Diplomacy, Education, Broadcast, and Peacekeeping. We report regularly to International Law Enforcement in seven jurisdictions. My reports are made public and sent to the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Our work is open to all nations, agencies, and brotherhoods equally.

As an activist for Occupy Wall Street, I set out on a mission to rescue a targeted Wall Street banker from tortuous isolation and living conditions, we became friends in the process. Edmund taught me the inside mechanics of; Banking, Law, Blockchain, International Relations, and Counterintelligence. A story that can be summed up in the phrase, “Wall Street, meets Main Street.”

Out of the darkness, always comes the light.

Link to LinkedIn Profile:

Emblem of the British Special Air Forces (SAS). Dame Sally Coleman Powell courageously flew from London to Ireland to come to Edmund’s rescue. Edmund had been living in tortuous isolation and extremely suicidal for over a year. I guarded his life hourly from USA for nine months via the Internet.

Edmund JM Dunne III

There were ninety suspicious banker deaths surrounding the years of the LIBOR scandal both homicides and suicides; Edmund survived this.

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Occupy Louisville makes front page Metro Section outside KFC Yum! Center 2012


Archived Posts:


A German banker by the name of Wolfgang Struck, one of the possible signatories of the Global Debt Facility (Umbrella account code # TVM-LSM-666) goes on record regarding the world’s patrimony.

“Any questions Anybody?” – W.S.




The total amount of gold in the trust is 1.7 million metric tonnes. This is ancient gold that has been kept hidden from us since the beginning of civilization. This trust also includes the WWII loot. This gold was stolen, hidden, and hoarded. Many lives were lost in the process. The fact that we can now use this wealth to uphold society is worthy of reverence. – CMC

January 18, 2019

“I thank you for your analysis Deimantas. I can assure you that we have a few good revolutionaries here in USA. There are thousands upon thousands of us who can see through the thickness of the night. We have found each other through the inner webs and then we met each other on the street. We formed quite a good resistance here only to have social media snuff us out with censorship and the adjustment of the algorithms. For once, we know our true opposition, and we have realized that our destinies are tied together. We are quiet now, but we are still here. We have exchanged phone numbers, a highly revolutionary act in the age of the Internet. We work stealthy, behind the scenes for you. We are behind a most revolutionary banner. A banner of; knowledge, healing, peace, and forgiveness.

My former boss, Edmund JM Dunne, a disabled Wall Street investment banker made himself Head of Global Intelligence because he recognized that no one was at the helm. The first thing he did was design a currency solution that he felt would give emancipation to the people of the world. The second thing he did, was to offer it to the world as atonement. His greatest aspiration is peace. I stand with him.” -CMC

LinkedIn link:


January 21, 2019

My former boss and best friend, Edmund JM Dunne is now healing and in a new location. Edmund is a Barclays investment banker that survived the long string of suspicious banker deaths surrounding the LIBOR scandal. Edmund was found trapped in tortuous isolation and living conditions, in the countryside of Ireland, on the estate of aristocracy suffering severely from trauma. For years he had written to law enforcement, governments, officials and embassies for assistance, only to be ignored or dismissed. As an American activist, I discovered Edmund missing and found him extremely and publicly suicidal on his Facebook page (currently taken offline by himself) after World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes published his private e-mails. I rallied the Anonymous collective and the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to help me amplify Edmund’s voice on social media and to coordinate relief efforts for him. He was assisted by civilians all over the world and two attorneys from the UK, who working collectively, along with Edmund’s father, to relocate Edmund to his hometown community where he now has the support of a thriving small town.

Edmund still has some difficult days but he is not longer suicidal on a daily basis and he is painting!

Link to post on LinkedIn:


Edmund JM Dunne at his local art gallery in Ireland, 2018

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Helen Edwards, victim of Money Laundering and Death Threats in Australia leads her country in advancements towards the Rule of Law.

“CYBER CRIME” POTENTIAL GLOBAL CLASS ACTION – UNLAWFUL BEHAVIOUR – Australia to date 4,186 claims to Western Union U.S. Department of Justice in relation to the $586m Remission – NOT ACCEPTABLE THAT REFUNDS NOT PAID AS YET!



** WHAT % OF ILLEGAL FEE INCOME FROM A “PROCEED OF CRIME” has Australia Post & other agents made over decades as all this STOLEN MONEY GOING TO FAKE IDENTITIES


Western Union have a $586m remission and have been charged on 2 counts for failure to their customers?


(Wire Fraud, Aiding and Abetting) (18 U.S.C. §§ 1343 and 2)


(Willful Failure to Maintain an Effective Anti-Money Laundering Program) (31 U.S.C. §§ 5318(h), 5322)

“Western Union owes a responsibility to American consumers to guard against fraud, but instead the company looked the other way, and its system facilitated scammers and rip-offs,” said FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez.

“The agreements we are announcing today will ensure Western Union changes the way it conducts its business and provides more than a half billion dollars for

refunds to consumers who were harmed by the company’s unlawful behavior.”

FTC finding:



18,744 cases reported in California. The second link on this post includes an interactive map listing the number statistics of documented victims:

#InternationalSecurity #Defense #AML #HumanRights #LawEnforcement #SuicidePrevention

Link to post:

Do we push harder for a Global Currency Reset or do we let the clowns flounder around a bit more?



January 2019


“I saw securities fraud. I saw information that was not being disclosed to $180 billion dollars worth of bond holders. It was my job to make sure that the financial statements were correct. So I went up the corporate ladder. I first went to the audit committee. When that didn’t work, I went to the US Treasury, and when that didn’t work, I went the the US Congress. Senator Lugar wrote three letters to the World Bank telling them not to fire me. I was fired anyhow. Three senators asked for a GAO inquiry.

The money was going any which way… $900 million dollars worth of money meant to fight poverty in the Philippines went to a corrupt man, Lucio Tan who was default on his loans. The Philippine National Bank went into default…” – K. H.

Link to full video:

#WorldBank #Whistleblower #AML #Banking #Poverty #Corruption #CapitalMarkets #Finance #USCongress #USTreasury #Bonds #Philippines

Karen went on to say: “There are other World Bank whistleblowers reporting the same problems as I did. They have stories that are equally outrageous. You cannot run a bank as if it were your personal slush fund. You have got to have accountability; you have got to have internal controls. When I reported to Congress that the World Bank had deficient internal controls, I also pointed out that because of the special position of the World Bank in the world financial system, not only are you wasting tax payers‘ money, but you’re going to end up with a currency war. When the World Bank fired me and stonewalled the GAO investigation, the governance crisis at the World Bank assumed constitutional proportions”.

Is Karen Hudes for real?

“Yes, I believe that Karen Hudes is an honest person. I believe that Karen does indeed know the law. However, like so many of us, she is suffering from a form of PTSD that causes her to make poor judgements at times and to snap at people like a bull dog. Karen was just trying to do her job when she ended up being arrested for trying to do the right thing. Edmund JM Dunne was arrested for trying to the right thing. I was arrested for trying to do the right thing. Are you seeing the pattern here?” – CMC



JAMES E. BOASBERG, District Judge.

Plaintiff Karen Hudes worked as a lawyer at the World Bank for twenty years before being terminated. Instead of filing a straightforward wrongful-termination suit, she has tossed together in this pro se action a welter of claims under myriad federal statutes against the Bank, its accountants and outside counsel, and her insurance company. Because Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint fails to state any claims for which this Court can grant her relief—either because of a lack of subject matter jurisdiction or a failure to plead supporting facts—the Court will dismiss this suit.”


January 2019 – Artist David D

David Dees is a former Sesame Street illustrator turned conspiracy theorist, political cartoonist, and purveyor of utter madness. His work is essentially an anti-Semitic version of John Scudamore after six too many Photoshop filters. David Dees believes in all the conspiracies.

No, seriously. All of them. His cartoons have featured every possible conspiracy theory, and in every possible combination. You want a picture of Obama wearing a crown of thorns and smiling weirdly as he emerges from an egg labeled “Fascist World Government” perched atop a pile of gold coins, while a herd of sheep in the background hold up signs reading “O Baaa Ma!”?

Rational Wiki:



January 2019 – Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Photo Credit:


“When Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, asked about the gold in the Global Debt Facility allocated to the citizens of the world, he was run out of town. The United States remains a scofflaw and a deadbeat, failing to meet its shareholder commitment on the World Bank’s capital increase. This is because Jacob J. Lew, Secretary of the Treasury, forgot to tell US Congressional Appropriations Committees.” – K.H.

Source/ Page 16:

#GoldOutOfHiding #IMF #Gold #USTreasury #WorldBank #GlobalDebtFacility

Does USA still have the gold?

“Good Question. Where is the gold? When was the last time we had a physical audit? The gold that Dominique was referring to is the hidden ancient gold, supposedly hidden from us since the beginning of civilization and includes the WWII loot. According to Karen’s interpretation, the Bretton Woods was created by Ferdinand Marcos to bring this gold out of hiding in 2005. This gold is supposed to be in banks all over the world and most of it buried in the Philippines. A German banker by the name of Wolfgang Struck went on record saying that some of the gold is under a swimming pool in the Philippines and that some of it is buried in caves, also in the Philippines, with CCTV camera that is signaled to an office at JP Morgan. My former boss, Edmund JM Dunne who has worked for; Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs and Barlclays also went on record that this gold exists.

…bizarre stuff, but nothing surprises me anymore after seven years in this line of work. It is exactly the kind of thing our ‘masters of the universe’ would try to do; hide the worlds wealth and try to keep it for themselves.” -CMC

Global Power Transitions – January 2019


“The Banking Cartel’s plans…for a power shift to China in 2039, are not going to materialize. Why not? Because we are following the National War College’s power transition model. US leadership will continue until the end of this century, with the US minus the Federal Reserve Bank. The traitors in the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other agents of the Banking Cartel in the illegitimate US government have been exposed. The US and rest of the world’s military powers are following the power transition model. The world’s monetary gold resources in the Global Debt Facility are mobilized against the Banking Cartel, which is bankrupt and is being wound down.” – K.H.

Jacek Kugler, Ron Tammen and Brian Efird: “The War Presidency: Options Taken and Lost”, International Studies Association Meetings, Montreal, Canada, published February 2004, available here:

Link to Source:

#GoldOutOfHiding #GeoPolitics #BRICS #FederalReserveBank #Military #GlobalEconomy #Defense #InternationalSecurity


“The Banking Cartel is a secret (up until recently) Network of Global Corporate Control that consists of mainly the big banks and large financial institutions. They own all the media. Primarily, this would be the Bank for International Settlements, The Federal Reserve Bank and the four companies that are always present in every major decision through interlocking directors are; State Street, Vanguard, Fidelity and BlackRock. The scientific study that discovered their existence can be viewed here:

At the same time Louis, at this time in history, we need to make peace on all sides of the fence as the densities of both ‘Main Street’ and ‘Wall Street’ are tied together. We will need to evolve to safety for the benefit of all of our children and grandchildren.

Louis Odle The Rothschilds are the bankers for the Royalty who both also have children and grandchildren to consider as we do. The truce is on the table. We have extended our olive branch which is why we open our work to all nations, agencies, and brotherhoods; there is only one truth. The responsibility of today’s stewardship, affecting the future, is in all of our hands, the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ alike.” – CMC


“I know the leading contender for the job – Ngozi Okonjo Iweala – well. She fired an honest Nigerian in the Ministry of Finance when I was country lawyer for Nigeria. I WILL BANKRUPT THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE WB.” – World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes

Link to Tweet:

January 2019

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala/ Wikipedia



“The Board of Governors of the IBRD and IMF settled my bondholder litigation on December 20, 2012 by reaffirming the Board of Executive Directors’ reinstatement of me as Acting General Counsel of the IBRD. Mahmoud Moehildin, Jim Kim, Christine Lagarde, Axel van Trotsenburg, Jorge Dajani Gonzales, Bernard Lauwers, Anke D’Angelo, John Gandolfo, Pascale Dubois, Yvonne Tsikata, and Osvaldo Gratacos acted outside of their official capacities by disregarding Article V, Section

2(a) of the IBRD’s Articles of Agreement, which provides: “All the powers of the Bank shall be vested in the Board of Governors,” and Article V, Section 5 which requires those officials to respect the international character of my duty, and obligates them to refrain from all attempts to influence me in the discharge of my duties.” – K.H.

Source/ Page 22:

January 2019

#GoldOutOfHiding #WorldBank #IMF #BrettonWoods #GlobalDebtFacility #RuleOfLaw #Gold #GlobalEconomy #Currency #Finance #CommonLaw

“Donald J. Trump has failed to acknowledge that the United States is not operating under the Constitution of 1789 nor has he acknowledged that the US’ monetary gold reserves are administered by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund because they are in a Trust established at the end of WWII by General Eisenhower and President Truman. Instead, Donald Trump has perpetuated the hoax on the American people, despite having had the opportunity to rectify these falsehoods

22. Donald Trump, and Mike Pence, who are neither the legitimate President nor Vice- President of the United States, due to the electoral college not having been duly convened, (since the Constitution of 1789 is not in effect), Barack Obama, acting outside his office as then-purported President of the US, Joe Biden, acting outside his office as then purported Vice-President of the US, Martin Dempsey, acting outside his office as then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, John McHugh, acting outside his office as then Secretary of the Army, Jacob Lew, acting outside his office as then-Secretary of the Treasury, together with others at the Treasury Department, interfered with the return of the US’ monetary gold reserves held by TVM-LSM-666 in the Global Currency Reset.

24. J. Thomas Manger, Cathy Lanier, Melvin Gresham and Peter Newsham acted outside their respective duties as Chief of Police of Montgomery County, President of the Major Cities Chiefs of Police Association, then Chief of Police of the District of Columbia and then Commander of the District of Columbia Second Precinct by preventing my attendance of the BoardofGovernors’AnnualandSpringMeetings,myreturnto workattheIBRD’s headquarters in Washington DC, damaging my reputation through illegal surveillance, assessments and evictions, and other interference with my civil rights, including my illegal arrest and detainment on November 23 and 24, 2016.

The Chair of the Board of Governors is also bound by the Articles of Agreement of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The Articles of Agreement were

1944 and entered into force December 27, 1945. The Chair of the Development Committee,


at the UN Monetary and Financial Conference, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, July 22,

as a member of the Board of Governors, is bound by the provisions of Article XII, Section

4(c), of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement and Article V Section 3 of the World Bank Group’s

Articles of Agreement, and may not overrule or disregard the decisions of the entire Board of

Governors. Whenever the Chair of the Development Committee disregards the decisions of

the Board of Governors, as expressed in the Minutes of Meeting of the entire Board of

Governors, he is acting outside his office and is not entitled to the privileges and immunities

accorded to such office.

Jesse White acted outside his duties as Secretary of State of the State of Illinois by disregarding the letter dated April 19, 2015, that was cleared by each member of the Board of Governors of the IBRD and IMF, informing him that he did not possess the authority to invalidate a valid UCC-1 lien of TVM-LSM-666 on the insolvent Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

T. Rymer, acting outside his office as then Inspector General of the Department of Defense, refused to carry out an investigation into unauthorized transports of gold belonging to TVM-LSM-666.

All of the above private individuals by their nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance, interfered with my fiduciary duties as Acting General Counsel of the IBRD and Legal Counsel to TVM-LSM-666 and prevented me from returning the world’s monetary gold reserves to the world’s people, pursuant to the decision of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF to carry out the Global Currency Reset as described in ” – K.H.



Not long ago, Geophysical Service Inc. (GSI) made a good living as Canada’s top owner of marine seismic data, employed 250 people and operated two ships that by creating sound waves produced images of the earth deep below the ocean floor. Its work helped oil companies discover some of Canada’s largest offshore oil fields, from Hibernia in the Grand Banks to Amauligak in the Beaufort Sea.

Today, its business has dried up, its workforce can fit in a car, its assets have been liquidated to pay off debt, and the Calgary-based company is fighting two-dozen lawsuits claiming more than $2-billion in damages against federal and provincial governments, regulatory agencies, and some of Canada’s top oil companies.

GSI’s website documents its “fight for survival” against those who allegedly took its property and features a video of chairman and COO Paul Einarsson explaining the GSI story with the warning: “It could happen to you.”

Link to article:

January 2019

What is currently happening?

Geophysical Service Incorporated is fighting the expropriation without compensation, and abuse of its intellectual property, by government, and government agencies. This fight is costing GSI tens of millions of dollars in lost revenues, not to mention the costs of legal action to protect and recover its property. The intellectual property is the seismic data GSI has collected offshore Canada, for decades.

• As a brief background in offshore areas, The National Energy Board, Canada Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board and the Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board require mandatory submission of non-exclusive or speculative seismic survey results as a condition of obtaining permits to do the work. It may be legitimate that the Boards need this data in order to have current information for approval of work programs and for proper evaluation and management of resources. The boards created a time frame to keep the data confidential for a period of ten years, although GSI questions the right to set any time frame to ever disclose this information.

• After government created periods of confidentiality run out the seismic data is available to be shown or “viewed” by those in the industry interested in exploration. The boards told industry they would only act as a library.  GSI in fact discovered that in some cases its data was being copied and in worse cases scenarios the data was reproduced for sale to third parties. 

• Further to this in 2010 then Newfoundland and Labrador Minister of Natural Resources Kathy Dunderdale made the announcement that the province was changing the way speculative or non-exclusive seismic data was being released after a 10 year confidentiality period. The plan was to move from paper files to digital ones.  This was termed modernizing to “keep up with technology” but it simply expanded the release of the very data that GSI licenses to customers. 

• The boards are now using the data to promote the offshore by giving it away for free and reaping the benefits in the form of increased royalties on oil and gas production, taxes and local employment.

Property Rights Under Threat: GSI VIDEO

GSI Website:

Helen Edwards – leading Rule of Law advancements in Australia. Ignorance and negligence of national leadership regarding Money Laundering/ Cyber Crime has now escalated to Human Rights abuse and a risk to International security.

Who is watching our monetary borders!? – Public safety at risk!!

Australia we have a serious National Security Problem, in which I have had to seek International help. We have a MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST with our recently exposed Financial Institutions at our recent Royal Commission who are funding our incompetent politicians.

I have raised now many many times with Tim Wilson MP – Chair of The Standing Committee on Economics

Christine Michelle Chadwick thank you for raising


This is often overlooked when discussing the other various roles; law enforcement, representatives, regulators etc.

Helen has gone everywhere and to everyone and now knocking on the doors of the White House in USA for assistance.

Lawyers should realize that they are playing a part in contributing to national security risks and destruction of their own country by their choices of representation.

Where are the intelligent that recognizes the risk in Australia?

Where are the public servants to investigate?

Where are the regulators when control lapses occur?

Where are the human rights defenders?

Where are the armed forces and defenders of Australia that fails to see that their own country has been infiltrated

and no one.. absolutely no one, is one duty.” – Christine Michelle Chadwick

January 2019

John F. Kennedy Speech on a Free and Open Society – …a crime for any citizen to shrink form controversy.

“Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed–and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment– the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution- -not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply “give the public what it wants”–but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.

This means greater coverage and analysis of international news–for it is no longer far away and foreign but close at hand and local. It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security–and we intend to do it.” -JFK (Audio)


Edmund experienced a deep sorrow and remorse for what his industry had done to the global economy that caused the crash of 2008, hardship and suffering for mankind, thousands of deaths, and also because of what he knew from working on the Vatican accounts, IOR and APSA. A good deal of Edmund’s time was spent thinking about reform, healing, and restitution. I believe he wanted to put a call out to all; government officials, bankers, law enforcement and global intelligence that it is time to get on the right side of history and he was willing to examine himself and be the first to step forward.

“I’m looking at the Man In the Mirror”. 🎶- Michael Jackson

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“The rights of man come not from the generosity of the State, but from the hand of G-D.” – John F. Kennedy #JFK @INTERPOL_HQ @CIA @USMC

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Edmund always referred to JFK as “Bigs”. The lodge where Edmund was trapped in Ireland was only a 30 minute drive to the homestead of JFK’s grandfather.


Yellow Vests/ GiletsJuanes are making an impact.

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“The dutch citizens have had enough of the rotshchilds-centralbanking system, thats why we showed up at the nederlandsche bank. The banner says: Stop the Rothchilds, buy silver. The fed, imf, and ecb their days are counted! The dutch-Bankrun #wwg1wga #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes “

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This is my first e-mail to Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. Police in Washington regarding the hidden gold that was put into a trust for humanity, referred to as the Global Debt Facility. Also referred to as the Collateral Accounts or the Heritage Accounts. Umbrella Account Code # TVM-LSM-666.

After World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes was reinstated by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, her security badge was deactivated the next day. At a later date when Karen tried to attend a meeting at the World Bank, she was arrested.

Karen claims that the World Bank is out of compliance and Karen proceeded to file commercial liens against both Chief Peter Newsham and Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. Police on behalf of the Global Debt Facility. We are continuing to monitor this story.

More at Silkthreads Press:

Link to Tweet provided in the e-mail to Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. Police in Washington:

#GoldOutOfHIding #RuleOfLaw #WorldBank #LawEnforcement #IMF #GlobalCurrencyReset #Intelligence #GlobalEconomy #OWS #Anonymous #Gold

Karen Hudes says, speak now or forever hold your peace:

“Your Excellencies: I represent the monetary gold reserves of the nations of the world contained in the Global Debt Facility. I am working together with the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on the upcoming global currency reset.

There is going to be no further prevarication or unauthorized interference 

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of member countries are blind copied. If you have any objections, please make that known at this time.


Karen Hudes

Acting General Counsel

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Legal Counsel, Global Debt Facility TVM-LSM-666

For an inventory list of the assets in the Global Debt Facility, please see ; this list was included in my letter dated March 19, 2015 to the Illinois Secretary of State and forwarded to 49 other states:;

“Following my testimony, Mr. Spagnoletti suggested that I should submit a formal complaint to BEGA about Commander Melvin Gresham, whose officers removed me illegally from the World Bank headquarters during the Spring meetings on April 17, 2015. This was following my repeated complaints to BEGA about Commander Gresham’s predecessor, Commander Michael Reese.

The Global Debt Facility is not subject to the jurisdiction of the courts; my complaint of corruption is certainly not going to be subject to any adjudicatory process in BEGA. Indeed, my confidence in the rest of the District of Columbia’s government has also been shaken by a sad history of corruption.” – K.H.

Edmund JM Dunne — Twitter Archives

Update January 21, 2019

Good News!

My former boss and best friend, Edmund JM Dunne is now healing and in a new location. Edmund is a Barclays investment banker that survived the long string of suspicious banker deaths surrounding the LIBOR scandal. Edmund was found trapped in tortuous isolation and living conditions, in the countryside of Ireland, on the estate of aristocracy suffering severely from trauma. For years he had written to law enforcement, governments, officials and embassies for assistance, only to be ignored or dismissed. As an American activist, I discovered Edmund missing and found him extremely and publicly suicidal on his Facebook page (currently taken offline by himself) after World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes published his private e-mails. I rallied the Anonymous collective and the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to help me amplify Edmund’s voice on social media and to coordinate relief efforts for him. He was assisted by civilians all over the world and two attorneys from the UK, who working collectively, along with Edmund’s father, to relocate Edmund to his hometown community where he now has the support of a thriving small town.

Edmund still has some difficult days but he is not longer suicidal on a daily basis and he is painting!

Link to post on LinkedIn:


I located Barclays banker, suicide survivor Edmund JM Dunne in January of 2017 after World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes published his private e-mails. I found him publicly, and openly suicidal on his Facebook page. Shortly after introducing myself Edmund asked me to help him manage his social media as he wanted to go public with his story. He was fearful to do this, but he felt it was his only hope of obtaining any kind of justice or normal life again, after he was bullied into suicide by his supervisor at Barclays, he tells us. By ‘us’ I mean the Anonymous Collective; the various activists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who tried to assist Edmund in amplifying his voice on social media in the months that followed.

Edmund has given me the permission to write and advocate on his behalf, but due to the nature of PTSD, he has a habit of firing me and reappointing me on a regular basis. Edmund continuously bounces back and forth from, wanting to be public, to hiding. I try to accommodate his requests to the best of my ability and I have learned not to erase anything permanently for when he, once again, requests to go public. Edmund has talked about erasing his online presence entirely and there may come a day when he decides to act on this notion. Until then, I believe it is a story that needs to be told.

We successfully relocated Edmund into a supportive community in Ireland in January of 2018. He tells us that he is doing better now, but he still has difficult days. Edmund is no longer suicidal on a daily basis and he tells me that he has been painting occasionally at a local art gallery. This may not have been possible had we not found him. Edmund may not be with us today, had it not been for this novel new power, that can transcend all boarders. — The Internet.

In the case of my boss and dear friend, suicide prevention worked.

Christine M. Chadwick January 6, 2019

We had a spat of suicides in the (banking) industry about 90 of them. About 50 to 60 of them are homicides.

And if I open my mouth, I can jail for life possibly a couple of 100/maybe 1000 people. #LIBOR

The reason all of those people died and they did die, they were murdered… was because their employers were claiming their life insurance.

I know them all by name & all of these people have been caught out. I explained to the police that this is a vast & very extensive scam.

“This scam is being called quits today. Plp have a hatred of bankers. Bankers are nice, some of them very kind, &some of them were murdered” – EJMD

“It was a scam &vast amounts of money. Jamie Dimon will know about this ; @GoldmanSachs , @Barclays, @LloydsofLondon, all AG’s, @jpmorgan.” – EJMD

Distributed Ledger Technology now declassified. #DLT


…going home.

When Edmund was trapped at his lodge in the countryside of Ireland in tortuous isolation and living conditions he would often pine for his home which he considers to be London where he lived and worked as a banker ever since he was a young man.

A helpful analogy of life at the moment.

Distributed Ledger Technology #DLT has vast applications in voter registration; eliminates fraud.

One World Order, New World Order, One World Order Ha Ha Ha…

“The Distributed Ledger Technology ends the Rothschild Fiat Monetary system and the dreaded New World Order.” — Edmund Dunne

Edmund believes that a One World digital gold-backed currency will challenge the dreaded New World Order that President George Herbert Walker Bush Senior often referred too.


World is under 24 hour surveillance &we are highly aware of very Dark Forces. #DLT means these dark forces become ineffective. @INTERPOL_HQ

Photo Credit: Eyes of Darkness, David McKinney ( )

#DLT can put a chip in a gun; record purchases of each firearm. Tech being blocked by Arizona Lawmaker @INTERPOL_HQ

“Materials I had to view as a criminologist are very very dark &the vast majority of what I know could never be discussed with civilians.

…civilians would find it too traumatic. But the underlying current is…these dark forces seems to operate in dark spaces.

The more we shed light on these dark spaces; less likely these dark forces can continue 2 exist. Most diplomatic way to put it.’ – EJMD

“The pressure of the abuse & torture & trying to make it stop has been unbearable.” — Edmund JM Dunne on Twitter @EdmundJDunne

Eight weeks later, there were dozens of us assisting and trying to help Edmund. He was completely alone, in the middle of the countryside and suffering severely from PTSD. Edmund would have regular, fearful, panic attacks on his social media. He would continually try to reach through to the police. Sometimes, he would start copying the police in our private e-mail exchanges without me knowing it, and I would have to sort it out the next day with international law enforcement, who often made regular wellness checks on Edmund but never assisted beyond that. – CMC

BREAKING!!! IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED!! Blockchain Inventor in distress…

March 17, 2017

The Anonymous activists attempt to break thorough the media barriers.

“BREAKING!!! IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED!! Blockchain Inventor in distress…

I noticed that The designer for the Global Fiat Architecture using DLT, Edmund Dunne was missing from the global conversation. I found him abandoned by the Crown in the countryside of Ireland, trapped and in distress. He is a victim of a multi-agency cover-up involving Barclays, Nightingale Hospital in London and both British and Irish establishments. I have been working for eight weeks now to try to get him assistance and support. If you could please share his story and assist in any way it would be greatly appreciated. I am in contact with three police agencies, who are having difficulty wrapping their heads around this and we are currently writing the world’s embassies as Edmund is seeking Asylum elsewhere: 

BREAKING!!! IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED!! Blockchain Inventor in distress…

Edmund JM Dunne @Edmundjdunne, is the developer/owner of global patents to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, commonly called Blockchain) and all models for debt resets, which has rescued the collapsing global financial system. A brilliant financial and technological mind, Edmund wants to establish a global meritocractic future planning agency. Edmund himself had to shut down 6,000 Vatican accounts due to Vatican money laundering. At present, Edmund is a victim of neutralization due to the fact that he is the last surviving banker in a long string of banker deaths, 90 total, both homicides and suicides. These deaths were connected to the LIBOR scandal. This man literally saved the world from financial catastrophe as well as WWIII. Edmund’s blockchain technology has many applications in criminology. 

Edmund has already survived two assassination attempts and is currently in need of medical care due to damage from poison. He also suffers from PTSD and needs psychological support. He is supposed to be a Crown protected witness but everyone that is supposed to be protecting him has abandoned him. He is in isolation and stranded. He needs desperately to find clinical assistance – he is very unwell, in severe pain, psychologically fragile and fearful for his life. Edmund is currently seeking asylum in another country. This is the Barclays / LIBOR fallout of the international Suicided Bankers case. Bankers were mostly murdered for Tax Free Life Insurance. Edmund is the only one who survived this and is being aggressively silenced by many people in Great Britain, Ireland, Barclays and many other public bodies including Police and Courts as well as covert agents. All these crimes need to be followed through by police and Interpol.

~~~ Edmund’s battle is our battle; a battle for the return of the Rule of Law on an international level. 

1) CONTACT EDMUND THROUGH FACEBOOK or Twitter (@EdmundJDunne) and make arrangements to reach him privately.
2) DONATE to him to help him fund travel to a destination where he can get clinical help to stabilize his health.
3) IDEALLY, IF YOU CAN TRAVEL TO HIM: Security is needed for travel to somewhere safe for treatment (outside of Ireland and Great Britain). Because there is a risk of another assassination, he needs to be very careful at the moment.
4) CALL RELENTLESSLY ——>> John McFarlane is the Chairman at Barclays – he knows all about this. BCS » Topics » BARCLAYS PLC, 1 CHURCHILL PLACE, LONDON, E14 5HP, UNITED KINGDOM. TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 20 7116 1000. COMPANY NO. 48839. Tell McFarlane to apologize to Edmund Dunne, in full view, for the suicide Barclays caused and the torture and cover up that followed. 


Edmund on Facebook VIDEO:


We started teaching Edmund how to use Twitter by Tweeting songs to each other, or if he was feeling completely overwhelmed. He would text us song titles and we would Tweet them for him.

I am a veteran of Occupy Wall Street, Edmund is a Wall Street banker. I felt that we were bridging a cultural chasm by our friendship and I dedicated this song to Edmund. I felt it fitting since we both had the same goal of permanent peace and prosperity for future generations. Edmund used to work for Goldman Sachs as well and I purposely Tweeted “Goldman Sachs” as opposed to “Barclays”, because this is where his trauma occurred. On the other hand, Edmund felt that his training at Goldman Sachs was on an exceptional level.

Song: Ambassadors – Renegades

Edmund scolds the banking establishment regarding the critical need of a complete global monetary transformation:

USA National Debt

Edmund Tweets regarding the Federal Reserve Bank and the LIBOR Scandal. According to Edmund, rates were being manipulated through the use of Bloomberg Chats with the full knowledge of managers and owners.

Link to thread:

Ireland Attorney General Maire Whelan is blocking my emails regarding multi-agency cover-up. No Rule of Law. – Edmund JM Dunne on Twitter

March 15, 2017

Attorney General Marie Whelan

Anonymous convinces Edmund to come out on video.

Edmund was very shy to come out on video the first few times. He would only speak for a minute or two and very timidly. After awhile, Edmund became more comfortable on video and would proceed to make about two dozen personal videos total; currently taken offline by himself. Here Edmund is referring to the interference we would encounter in trying to share his videos and the fear he carried that someone would try to harm him. Edmund believes he survived an attempted poisoning in London. He tells me that he received medical care and that records should be on file. Edmund was continually fearful for his life and he never felt safe because of this.

This video was made in late February 2017, we had been assisting Edmund for about four weeks at this time.


“The DLT is designed to give emancipation to the people as atonement for all that has happened in the financial industry.

I designed the #DLT #Blockchain to prevent catastrophe. It just fixes everything.” -EJMD

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From LinkedIn:


“The rights of man come not from the generosity of the State, but from the hand of G-D.” – John F. Kennedy #JFK @INTERPOL_HQ @CIA @USMC

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Edmund always referred to JFK as “Bigs”. The lodge where Edmund was trapped in Ireland was only a 30 minute drive to the homestead of JFK’s grandfather.


Edmund experienced a deep sorrow and remorse for what his industry had done to the global economy that caused the crash of 2008, hardship and suffering for mankind, thousands of deaths, and also because of what he knew from working on the Vatican accounts, IOR and APSA. A good deal of Edmund’s time was spent thinking about reform, healing, and restitution. I believe he wanted to put a call out to all; government officials, bankers, law enforcement and global intelligence that it is time to get on the right side of history and he was willing to examine himself and be the first to step forward.

“I’m looking at the Man In the Mirror”. 🎶- Michael Jackson

#CollapseTrx @UKParliament @CIA @Interpol @ABANews ⚖️

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#LittleKing #Vatican #IOR #APSA #Parliament #CIA #Interpol #RuleOfLaw #ABA #SuicidePrevention #Barclays #Banking #GlobalEconomy #GoldOutOfHiding

Some of Edmund’s Twitter Followers:

WHO’S NEXT? Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths — Part I: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes

By Joseph Hawranek

“Modern banks represent an armada of privateer pirate ships that raid upon the ten trillion dollar / day digital flow of money about the world. When exposed and “fired upon at close quarters with Man of War” known as legislative investigatory committees, they panic and run for cover. They do this in various ways; one way could be to eliminate any of their officers that have knowledge of their previous law breaking – – – After all, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. This analysis sizes the “booty” on an annual rate and analyzes the 66 banker deaths. There are currently 5 investigative committees or “Man of War” investigating the banks. The Regulatory agencies are toothless since the FED directly or indirectly controls them. They stay in the safe harbor, called “Do Nothing”. Many of the 66 people dead are traders, former traders, risk assessment officers or data processing experts. JP Morgan (19), ABN AMRO (2), Citibank (2) and Deutsche Bank (3) were all represented with “suicided” executives. Both Alan Greenspan and Henry Morgan were privateers whose owners sponsored their pirating. Both successfully brought booty home to their sponsors, both were rewarded with Knighthoods. Greenspan’s FED Armada takes about $14.5 trillion per year in booty from the citizens of the world. The solution is in legislation and the removal of the FED and the removal of the FED being in charge of all regulatory agencies.”

Link to Preview:

About the Author

Joe was raised in Virginia and Pennsylvania and put himself through college on scholarships and multiple jobs. He attended VMI, UVA, and the UPA. In the air force, he worked as a launch officer on the Minuteman program and participated in over fifty launches at Cape Kennedy. After the USAF, he joined IBM and worked on the Saturn V Moon Rocket launch, writing checkout software before returning to school at the UPA Wharton School, where he earned a PhD in economics. During his career, he launched many new products, including point of sale, handheld computers, network communications software, and encryption devices. He ran his own high-tech consulting business for ten years. He retired to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he cofounded a tea party, Las Cruces Sons of Liberty and created three blogs: an educational site, a personal blog, and a Vertical Rising blog. He has published over thirty-five articles on geopolitical topics on these three sites.

Also of Interest:


Suspicious Banker Deaths Are Now Classified As Trade Secrets by Pam Martens and Russ Martens: April 28, 2014:

It doesn’t get any more Orwellian than this: Wall Street mega banks crash the U.S. financial system in 2008. Hundreds of thousands of financial industry workers lose their jobs. Then, beginning late last year, a rash of suspicious deaths start to occur among current and former bank employees.  Next we learn that four of the Wall Street mega banks likely hold over $680 billion face amount of life insurance on their workers, payable to the banks, not the families. We ask their Federal regulator for the details of this life insurance under a Freedom of Information Act request and we’re told the information constitutes “trade secrets.”

Link to article:

The Dangers of Permanent Gold Backwardation – Professor Antal E. Fekete


Antal E. Fekete


New Austrian School of Economics

I have declined to answer the challenge of an opponent of mine to debate the semantics of the word “arbitrage”. He keeps referring to me by name and to my work through innuendoes. He puts words into my mouth which I have never uttered, and so completely misrepresents my views that I cannot escape the conclusion that he never read or properly digested my theory of permanent gold backwardation.

The threat of permanent gold backwardation is one that, in my view, casts a dark shadow on the future of our civilization much the same way as the disappearance of gold from commerce cast one in 476 A.D., the year when the Western half of the Roman Empire collapsed, world trade succumbed to barter, law and order broke down, and centuries of Dark Age descended upon Western Europe. For this reason the subject should be treated responsibly and with the humility it deserves. This I cannot discover even in traces in the self-indulgent tirades of my opponent. I fail to see how his broadsides could be treated with respect. However, I do see the need for restating my theory clearly for the benefit of those who have an open mind and are desirous of learning.

There are three broad explanations justifying the existence of futures markets:

(1) Insurance offered to producers and consumers to cover the risk of extreme price swings.

(2) Outlet for human gambling instincts whereby gamblers can place their bets on the course of future price movements in the hope of large leveraged gains.

(3) Market for warehousing services.

The first (1) is the pat explanation offered by Keynes and the Keynesians. Keynes himself coined the expression “normal backwardation”, suggesting that the normal condition of the futures markets is backwardation, i.e., when the basis (spread between the price for delivery in the nearby future and the price for delivery on the spot) is negative. Contango, when the basis is positive, is an aberration. Keynes unambiguously stated that the negative basis is the “insurance premium” collected by the insurers for their service from the producers and consumers. They unloaded their price risk to the insurers against the payment of this insurance premium. In more detail, the producer can sell forward if he is concerned that the price will fall; the consumer can buy forward if he is concerned that the price will rise. According to Keynes’ argument it stands to reason that the producer will get paid less for his goods to be delivered in the future, because the insurer has taken his cut in the form of a negative basis. Likewise, according to the rest of his argument, the consumer will have to pay more for delivery on the spot, because the spot price incorporates the insurance premium in the form of a negative basis.

I shall not enter the debate whether or not there is a grain of truth in this explanation. It is clear that Keynes did not understand, nay, he completely misrepresented the essence of speculation in commodity futures trading. He has blithely wiped out the distinction between the action of a gambler shooting helter- skelter from the hip and the business of a professional insurer who scientifically studies his markets, charges a variable insurance premium in a way that diminishes his risks while guarantees reliable profits and the survival of their trade even in the greatest adversity − provided only that the monetary system is sound (which ours is not based, as it is, on irredeemable promises). Thus Keynes’ theory of the futures markets may appear as a joke to practitioners of the trade. This is confirmed by the necessity to change the signature of the basis. If backwardation were really “normal”, it should have a positive basis, rather than a negative one! (Perhaps this bothersome change of signature was the reason why Keynes never mentions the basis in his 1930 work Treatise on Money.)


The second explanation (2) appears a notch more serious. It would be hard to deny the fact that the commodity futures markets, no less than the equity markets attract speculators like a honey-pot attracts the bees.

It may also be that speculation is the necessary catalyst to provide liquidity without which these markets could not function. Having said that, we must admit that there is a clear difference between organized commodity exchanges on the one hand and the casino − or futures markets dealing in financial futures − on the other.

The difference is this: the risks involved in the former are created by nature. By contrast, risks involved in the latter are artificial in that they are created by man, as in the case of the casino that rigs the chances to win at the roulette wheel or at the blackjack table; or by the government that discards the gold anchor in the monetary system and the gold leash in the fiscal system to create artificial risks where none existed before, in the foreign exchange market and the bond market. Risks are rigged in favor of the casino or the government, and to the prejudice of every other participant. Of course the government keeps pretending, mendaciously, that such risks as exist are inherent in the foreign exchange and bond market; they are natural, and bad government cannot be blamed for the economic damage and human suffering they routinely cause. The fact remains, however, that futures markets for foreign exchange or for bonds were conspicuous only by their absence under the gold standard. Not that they were outlawed. You could start one any time of your choice. But variations in foreign exchange rates and in bond prices were so minuscule under the gold standard that speculation simply would not pay.

Of course, mainstream economists fail to make a distinction between risks created by nature and risks created by man. They have a hidden agenda: to exempt the government from responsibility for rising prices, for unstable foreign exchange and interest rates. All untoward economic phenomena must be blamed on Mother Nature even when they are direct consequences of government interference.

The apostle of the false creed that the price of gold has been artificially fixed under the gold standard was Milton Friedman. This Mephistopheles gave the evil advice to the Emperor that issuing irredeemable paper dollars would solve the perennial problem of a bare treasury for once and all. After a hiatus of forty years we can now see the chickens, hatched by Friedman, coming home to roost. Friedman maliciously misrepresented the essence of a gold standard. Far from being a scheme of fixing the value of gold in terms of paper, the gold standard is a scheme of fixing the value of paper in gold. That’s what needs to be fixed, not the other way round! The essence of the gold standard is that it denies the power of regulating the money supply to the government and the banking system. It is motivated by the desire that whenever people think that there are not enough gold coins in circulation, they should be able to do something about it. They will take new gold from the mines, or old gold (jewelry) from the refinery to the Mint and exchange it, ounce for ounce, for spanking new coins of the realm containing exactly the same amount of gold.

The Constitution did not set up a Central Bank for the United States, as Friedman well knew. It established the United States Mint instead. The purpose of the Mint was not the striking of base metal coins, that is, fake money imitating coins earlier struck in silver, to fool the people. The constitutionally mandated Mint was the very means of putting the power to regulate the amount of money in circulation firmly into the hands of the people where it belonged. This power had thus been explicitly denied to the government and to the banks by the Constitution. They could not create money, except on exactly on the same terms as the humblest of subjects could: by taking panned gold to the Mint, or gold that was obtained abroad as payment for exports.

Whether Friedman was too dumb to understand this or he was just a devious intellectual with a hidden agenda to overthrow the Constitution stealthily without even trying to amend it, is a question left to historiography to decide. Had he been an upright man and an honest economist true to his discipline, he would have recommended a Constitutional Amendment to the effect that the irredeemable paper dollar be henceforth recognized as Constitutional money. He would not have stooped to the chicanery of putting through a pocket-amendment in order to fool the public. After all, the Founding Fathers have made provision for amending the Constitution.

Whatever Friedman did, we have to suffer the consequences, which are fearsome.


Thus we are left with explanation (3). Mainstream economics has badly neglected the study of commodity futures markets and can offer no guidance in this regard. The reason for the neglect is abundantly clear. Such a study cannot be based on the assumption that the regime of irredeemable currency is legitimate. In the absence of a gold standard people are forced to hoard commodities for the purpose of saving. Only simpletons would on their own free will choose to save in the form of hoarding irredeemable promises, whether the promise has been issued by a bank or directly by the Treasury. The financial annals fail to mention a single instance of dishonored promises to pay going to a premium. They have always gone to a discount. They are utterly unsuitable for saving because they are destined to lose all their value, down to the last farthing.

In other words, under our present monetary arrangements the commodity market is called upon to satisfy an exogenous demand, namely, demand for commodities needed as a substitute for irredeemable promises pushed down the throat of the saving public. As a consequence, the commodity market cannot help but ultimately turn itself into a gambling casino. Commodity futures trading as it was originally conceived for the purpose of price-discovery and hedging, is badly distorted.

I have taken the task upon myself to find a definitive answer to the question how to explain and justify the existence and legitimacy of futures markets. Here is my answer. Legitimate futures markets include all those trading agricultural commodities where supply is unpredictable for reasons of their dependence upon nature, sometimes giving us bumper crops, at other times crop failures. Futures markets trading non-agricultural commodities are also legitimate.

By contrast, all future markets trading so-called financial futures are illegitimate. The reason is that risks involved in holding financial futures are made artificially by the government and are rigged to the prejudice of the subjects. For example, the foreign exchange market used to be stable and risk-free under the gold standard. Now it belongs to the category of gambling casinos, even if outwardly it resembles commodity exchange markets. The resemblance is a deliberate deception. The government, academia, and the financial press try to lump the foreign exchange markets, bond markets and other derivative markets together with the commodity market to create the impression that the risks they tackle have also been created by nature. This effort is subordinated to the task of perpetuating the regime of irredeemable currency and to prop up the market for government bonds. The latter is in constant danger of collapsing. It has a captive clientele: banks, insurance companies, pension funds, government agencies such as deposit insurance, unemployment insurance, old age security administration funds, and the like. They are under duress to hold government bonds as reserves in their portfolio. In consequence these funds are perfectly useless for the purpose they allegedly serve, namely, to make funds available for payout. In case of real need for selling government bonds, bids are withdrawn and the bonds can only be sold at a deep discount, if at all. The only purpose the government bond market serves is to make the bond appear sound and negotiable, which it is not (save a handful of countries with negligible government debt such as Norway and Singapore, for example).

The commodity markets trading agricultural goods show a regular cyclical pattern for the basis (defined above as the difference between the nearby futures price and the spot price). From backwardation (negative basis) just before harvest the market goes to contango (positive basis) just after harvest. This reflects the fact that warehouses (grain elevators in the case of grains) are nearly empty just before the harvest but they are full when the harvest is brought in. For the rest of the crop year the contango holds sway that slowly fades into backwardation as the basis goes from positive to zero, from zero to negative just before the next harvest, when the cycle is repeated. Vanishing contango reflects the drawdown of supplies. The cyclical pattern of the basis follows the seasons of the year. It justifies the existence of futures markets making hedging and price-discovery possible. There can be no doubt that the futures market for agricultural commodities is in effect a market for warehousing services. Producers can choose basically between two ways to carry inventory. The first one is less efficient: producers provide their own warehousing and carry the goods themselves. The second is far more efficient. Producers sell their crop en bloc after harvesting at the prevailing price and replace it with futures contracts which they plan to sell piecemeal during the rest of the year as contango returns and the spot price improves. They may be handsomely rewarded for their strategy just before the next harvest when it turns out that the warehouses underestimated annual demand (as it frequently happens). Clearly, this is arbitrage between the cash market and the futures market. It is manifested by the buying and selling of warehousing services. Sales and marketing need not be simultaneous. It is possible to do sales first and marketing afterwards.

Note that the producer’s buying (as opposed to selling) futures contracts is no speculation. There is a joke about a Texas rancher who is madly bullish on the price of cattle. So much so that he routinely sells live cattle from his ranch and puts the proceeds into buying cattle futures. He lovingly refers to these long futures contracts as “me straddles”. When it is pointed out to him that they are not, properly speaking, straddles, the rancher retorts “mine are Texas straddles”. That joke is just that, a joke. The rancher, in spite of appearances, is not speculating. Quite properly, he is doing arbitrage between the spot market and the futures market, as many grain farmers do. He is buying and selling warehousing services.

Most of the grain grown in North America is marketed through the grain futures markets. In this way the most modern and most efficient, professionally managed warehousing facilities are made available to small growers who otherwise would be unable to avail themselves to the state-of-art technology. It is a marvelous system that works for the benefit of all.

Another use of the commodity futures markets is hedging, namely, selling the crop forward while it is still at the growing stage. A favorable price may be available presently when the crop is still in the ground, but which may well disappear by the time the harvest is brought in. For example, there could be a crop failure somewhere half-way around the world. No problem. The farmer sells futures contracts against his growing crop at the favorable futures price now, and will cover his short position later, after he has brought in and sold his harvest at the then prevailing price. Everybody benefits: the growers at home get the better price; the hungry people half-way around the world, victims of the crop failure get cheaper imported grain than they would in the absence of futures trading.

Nor is this all. Further benefits are available. If there is a crop failure and an unexpected shortage, it will immediately show up in the form of backwardation in the futures market. The basis goes negative. There is a premium on the price of the cash commodity over that of the futures. This is a threat to the consumer who may be forced to spend more than the usual outlay for his regular supply. The marginal consumer may even have to do without. However, arbitrage comes to the rescue. Arbitrageurs will sell the cash commodity and buy the futures. As a result those who can afford it will postpone consumption. The shortage is eased, and the marginal consumer spared.

Or suppose that there is a bumper crop and an unexpected glut. The basis immediately goes to its maximum called the carrying charge. This time it is the producer who is threatened as he may not be able to recover the cost of his production. The marginal producer may even be forced out of business. Again, arbitrage comes to the rescue. Arbitrageurs will buy the cash and sell the futures. As a result the economic pain accompanying the glut is eased and the marginal producer is spared.

We have seen that the futures market for soft commodities (those produced by the agricultural sector) is cyclical. For hard commodities (those produced by the resources sector) the cyclical feature may be partially or entirely missing. The energy sector, for example, is characterized by a futures market swinging back and forth between longer periods of backwardation and shorter periods of contango. This is explained by the costly and danger-wrought warehousing, having to do with inflammable nature of energy-carriers and the fact that demand changes dramatically with the arrival of the winter heating season. For other hard commodities such as base metals warehousing and marketing reveals a different pattern again that I shall not discuss here for reasons of space limitation.

It should be clear from the foregoing that “normal backwardation” is a misnomer. Keynes was as wrong as an economist with a messianic message can be. Keynes needed a justification for his absurd theories of overproduction and under- consumption. Backwardation is not normal. The “normal” state of futures markets is contango. Commodity trading assumes warehouses. No one will construct one in order to keep it empty. If anything, one could talk about “normal contango”.

We can also observe that commodity futures markets try to shake off backwardation whenever it occurs. This is clear from the fact that the basis has no lower limit. Since it can have any negative value, however large in absolute value, we can be sure that backwardation will “cure itself”. At one point the falling basis will start moving commodities into the warehouses. The ancient wisdom holds: “Natura vacuum abhorret”.

In the same order of ideas I note that the behavior of the basis is highly asymmetric. While it has no lower limit, it does have a strict upper limit. The upper limit of the basis is the carrying charge mentioned above. As the name suggests, it is the total cost of warehousing. In order to establish the fact that the basis can never exceed the carrying charge we argue by contradiction. Suppose that for some commodity X the futures market is in contango and the basis exceeds the carrying charge. Then the warehouseman starts selling X forward and buys the physical, pocketing the excess of the basis over carrying charge as profit. In other words, he is doing risk-free arbitrage from the cash market to the futures market for X. The excess disappears, and disappear it will almost instantaneously. Risk-free arbitrage has the habit of devouring its parent right after parturition.


Gold futures trading has only a brief history of about forty years. It was totally unknown under the gold standard. It started in the early 1970’s at the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange in Canada, when the ban on Americans to own and trade monetary gold was still in force. In 1975 the ban was lifted and trading gold futures shifted to COMEX in New York.

A mystery in the gold futures markets soon presented itself. The gold basis, initially as robust as it can be (bumping against the carrying charge) started weakening gradually over the decades. Nobody could explain the phenomenon; it cost the chief economist of COMEX his job. By now the gold basis has become so rickety that the gold futures market indecisively vacillates between contango and backwardation. Some people conjecture that the gold basis will ultimately settle down for a cyclical pattern like the basis for soft commodities, even though these so-called observers never fail to add that “you can’t eat gold”. No deeper analysis was offered or sought.

For the past twelve years I have in my talks and articles spread the word that, far from being cyclical, the gold basis exhibits a clear vanishing pattern. Moreover, it will necessarily culminate in permanent gold backwardation in the fullness of time. In suggesting this I am fully alive to the fact that permanent backwardation is not possible for any other commodity futures market because the persistently falling basis is going to bring out fresh supplies sooner or later.

The solution to the mystery is found in the fact that gold is no ordinary commodity. It is a monetary metal. It fails to obey the Law of Supply and Demand. Rising prices may fail to bring out fresh supplies. Quite to the contrary: it may make the existing supply disappear altogether. There is impeccable logic behind this prognostication. In any futures market basis dropping to zero and showing a tendency to dip into negative territory is an incontrovertible sign of an increasing shortage of deliverable material. That has been the case for gold, too, for the past couple of years. The signs are all around us. Central banks first limited, then suspended their gold-dumping campaign. The brave ones among them even started buying gold in open defiance of the wrath of the U.S. Treasury. Right now there is a run to exchange paper gold for physicals. China leads the pack with her unlimited appetite for ever more gold. The only exception is the Western “democracies”, where the worshipping of the paper Moloch has been the strongest.

There is no obvious source where the monetary gold will come from to feed the backwardation monster. Gold in Fort Knox is heavily hypothecated through multiple leasing arrangements. When the last registered gold bar leaves the warehouse, COMEX will become insolvent and a massive default on its gold futures contracts will follow. It matters little that they will call it by some other fancy name, such as “liquidation only policy”, “standstill agreement”, “cash settlement preference”, or any other that comes to mind. Default is default, by whatever name it goes.

As I have repeatedly said, the threat of permanent gold backwardation is a most serious one. It threatens all of us, regardless whether we participate in gold futures trading or we don’t. It is incumbent on the government to fend it off at all hazards, just as it should take preventive measures in case the Grand Coulee Dam was about to give way. Nevertheless, my warnings have fallen upon deaf ears. Ben Bernanke has on occasion even boasted that he does not understand gold. It sounds to this observer that the captain of the boat is boasting that he does not know the first thing about navigation.

But why must one see the disappearance of gold as a sign of public danger? Well, the COMEX default will be no ordinary default. It will be cataclysmic. It will, for the first time, reveal that the U.S. Treasury paper is not only irredeemable, but it is outright worthless. Right now, you could still get some gold for it, however little. To the extent you could, the dollar is still a monetary instrument, in fact, one of the most potent. After the onset of permanent gold backwardation it will cease to be that. The dollar will fetch no more gold. Not one grain. From one day to the next. That will be the day when Ben Bernanke or his successor on the way to Damascus will come to see the light. They will come to understand gold. That will be the day when all banks in the Western World will become insolvent. Bank reserves held in the form of U.S. Treasury paper will go up in a puff of smoke.

F. D. Roosevelt took the insane advice of Judas Iscariot Keynes to make the dollar irredeemable domestically 1933. R. M. Nixon took the evil advice of Milton Mephistopheles to make the dollar irredeemable internationally, i.e., declare it “the ultimate extinguisher of debt” in 1971. Neither measure, however forceful, was sufficient to administer the coup de grâce to the dollar. All respectable monetary scientists were most incredulous at the time. They had all been predicting that the dollar, once made irredeemable, was ready to succumb to the sudden death syndrome. Well, it didn’t. Their failure to appreciate the fact that you could still buy gold with dollars cost these upright scientists their credibility. Everybody became convinced that the dollar was invincible. The rear-guard of the gold standard was ridiculed as a bunch of superstitious old foggy-bottoms. Today I find myself in a minority of one in suggesting that the dollar will not collapse as long as it can still buy some gold. Everybody believes the day will never dawn when the dollar can no longer buy even one grain of gold − just like everybody believes that the day will never dawn when the Sun fails to rise. Why, it is a contradiction in terms. Yet such a day that the dollar won’t fetch one grain of golf is going to dawn. And you won’t have to wait for it till doomsday. It is around the corner.

I leave the challenge to debate the semantics of the word “arbitrage” unanswered. I will continue my crusade trying to fend off permanent gold backwardation. The American government could do it overnight by opening the U.S. Mint to gold. It is not too late to do it. I continue to sound the alarm that the present insane gold policy of our political and economic leadership shall land us in the black-hole of permanent gold backwardation, with a ticket to the next Dark Age of Western civilization.

December 21, 2013.

World Bank Whistleblower on Permanent Gold Backwardation

“By the early 1960s, the U.S. dollar’s fixed value against gold was considered to be overvalued. Increased domestic spending on Great Society programs and military spending on the Vietnam War gradually worsened the overvaluation of the dollar. In 1971 the United States informed the International Monetary Fund that it would no longer buy and sell gold to settle international transactions. This resulted in the 1973 decision of the European Community countries and the United States to introduce a joint float of European currencies against the U.S. dollar. Nevertheless, the U.S. dollar maintained its role as “international money.” The role of the International Monetary Fund became less well-defined but in principle turned into one of surveillance and support for currencies in maintaining a stable link with major currencies.

The banking system is under enormous stress as witnessed by the risk of permanent gold backwardation: when all offers to sell gold for dollars are withdrawn regardless how high the bid price may go. On July 7, 2013, gold leasing ended when “GOFO” (the difference between the rate offered for future leases and the rate that applies to leases already in force) became negative. The gold basis (the difference between the nearby futures price and the spot price of gold) also became negative. This indicates a shortage of deliverable gold and gold hoarding.

Just like in 1971, negative GOFO indicates the risk of permanent backwardation. Without restored confidence in international currencies, a chain-reaction leading to a barter economy commences, bringing serial bankruptcies, unprecedented unemployment, and shortages of food, fuel, and medicine.

This would result in famine, pestilence, and a break-down of law and order. When the value of US Treasury paper erodes, no amount of bond buying by the US Federal Reserve will be able to stop the collapse of the fiat dollar. The monetary reserves of the world’s currencies will be extinguished, representing the largest destruction of fiduciary values in all history. Much depends on how the banking system will hold up while the new gold strategy is being implemented.” – Karen Hudes

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