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This is what the EU is really about; destroying the nation-state; dissolving its sovereignty and then denying the people’s of those nations, their rights to democracy. This is the EU’s aim in a bid to implement a continental-wide superstate.

Guy Verhofstadt loses his temper; blows the lid off why he is so angry with Britain. “Just missing his nazi tash! and ss uniform!”

The EU wants to take away the Nation states sovereign powers. You can find out more about this by researching “Five Presidents Reports”.

1) Five Presidents Reports – Whatever it takes

“The Five Presidents’ Report, published in June 2015, seeks to sustain the momentum of economic reforms put in place in response to the financial and euro sovereign debt crisis. It also proposes longer term solutions to achieve sustainable economic, financial and fiscal union by 2025, while bolstering democratic accountability. It raises the question of whether eurozone countries will move towards integration primarily by sharing risks or whether they will put the emphasis on better adherence to discipline. The evolution of integration will depend on the balance reached between risk reduction and risk- sharing measures. In either case, greater integration will require democratic accountability. All these measures will be problematic and time consuming. Nevertheless, we believe that significant political will exists to enable the euro to survive for the foreseeable future.”

Link to report:


2) The Five President’s Report: Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union –

“The Euro Summit of October 2014 underlined the fact that ‘closer coordination of economic policies is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the Economic and Monetary Union’ (EMU).

It called for work to continue to ‘develop concrete mechanisms for stronger economic policy coordination, convergence and solidarity’ and ‘to prepare next steps on better economic governance in the euro area’.

This report has been prepared by the President of the European Commission, in close cooperation with the President of the Euro Summit, the President of the Eurogroup, the President of the European Central Bank, and the President of the European Parliament.”

Link to report:


3) The 5 Presidents Report: a milestone for enhancing the Euro governance –

“The European Council today discussed the “Five Presidents Report” on completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union. This milestone towards more integrated Eurozone governance builds on the work initiated in 2012 and outlines the roadmap towards a financial, fiscal, economic and political union in two stages. The ultimate goal is to have a genuine EMU in place by 2025.”


Also see original document from 1971 – Official Government no# FCO 30/1048, Hansard:


“Sovereignty is a complicated subject which can be debated at length. Such a debate would be out of place in this Factsheet. It is thought to be more helpful for for the Factsheet to single out some of the practical questions which arises in this contest and to answer them as simply as possible.”

Link to Document from 1971:

See also: Representative democracy not bureaucratic dictatorship:

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