Posted on 8 Chan. FBI Documents to Senator Edward Kennedy regarding GWHB and the formation of FBI Eagle II.

To: Senator Edward Kennedy (FOR HIS EYES ONLY)

Classification: TOP SECRET

Dear Senator:

Per your oral request of 5 June, 1989, requesting a full report on the “Japanese/Singapore/New Zealand/Kentucky” connection, what follows is as complete and thorough investigation of any and all available files of the Bureau, as well as and TOP SECRET, Confidential, or personal files from the Department of Defense, The Central Intelligence Agency, The Departments of the Navy, Army, and Marine Corps, as well as “borrowed” micro-film records of the World War II Office of Strategic Services (OSS). If this TOP SECRET report to to be “leaked” in any portion, Senator, you understand that our agents, planted in the above agencies, would be exposed, and over 15 years work would be in total disarray. Due to the nature of the one common link in the total operation, which will be outlined, we have interpreted your request to include as full an in-depth investigation into the present assignment of Major General Robert L. Ferreira, as well as into his total work from 2 February, 1942, to present. That investigation is as complete as possible, given the total silence we have encountered whenever we have as much as mentioned his name.

During the tenure of Richard Helms as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, decisions were made by the director, with implied approval of the Oval Office, to draft a blue-print and put into motion a plan by which the CIA could have as much funds as, and when, needed, without knowledge of Congress. This would accomplish the dual purpose of carrying out clandestine and cover operations without the “clearance” of the Congress, as well as avoid the necessity of having to request any extra fund’s, and thus, divulging the workings of any covert operation in progress or planned. Director Helms wrote a memo to the Oval Office (we intercepted) in which he stated, in part, “…If Congress, or any other uninformed “do-goodness” ever become aware of this operation, this agency and its director will invoke the 1949 Central Intelligence Agency Act, which exempts the CIA from all laws requiring the disclosure of….”functions”, names, official titles, salaries, and numbers of personnel employed by the agency……….”. Using this as the cloak of legality, Director Helms put together a team of five top people.

The five experts picked were, General Edward Landsdale, who ran the CIA activities in Vietnam: William Colby, who was to be put in total command of the blue-print operation when enacted: George Bush, who asked and received approval to have his top aid, Richard Armitage be brought aboard, and Lt. Col. Robert Ferreira, a top CIA asset, who at the time was on an assignment in the Congo on the Patrice Lumumba situation.

Read Full Document Here:

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