World Bank Whistleblower

Karen Hudes, Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007

Who is Karen Hudes?

Karen Hudes studied law at Yale Law School and economics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in the US Export-Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. She established the Non-Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association.

What did Karen Hudes blow the whistle on?

In 2007 Karen warned the US Treasury Department and US Congress that the US would lose its right to appoint the President of the World Bank if the current American President of the World Bank did not play by the rules. The 66-year-old Gentlemen’s Agreement that Europe would appoint the Managing Director of the IMF and the US would appoint the World Bank President ended in 2010

In 1999 Karen reported the corrupt take-over of the second largest bank in the Philippines. Lucio Tan, a crony of Joseph Estrada, then President of the Philippines, acquired stock owned by government employees in the Philippines National Bank (“PNB”) valued more than 10% of PNB’s outstanding capital without disclosure, as required by Philippines securities laws. Tan owned Philippines Airlines, in default on its loans from PNB. The government of the Philippines loaned $493 million to PNB after PNB’s depositors made heavy withdrawals. $200 million of a loan from the World Bank and a $200 million loan from Japan were canceled. Estrada was ultimately impeached, and in 2007 an anti-corruption court in the Philippines required Estrada to refund graft he had plundered. The Bank’s Country Director in the Philippines reassigned Karen when she asked him to sign a letter warning the Philippines’ government that the Bank could not disburse its loan without a waiver from the Board of Executive Directors since the loan conditionality was not met. The World Bank’s Internal Audit Department refused to correct the satisfactory evaluation of the Bank’s supervision performance or the flawed report of the Institutional Integrity Department to the Audit Committee of the Board of Executive Directors. When the Audit Committee requested an audit of internal controls over financial reporting, KPMG, the external auditors, circumscribed the scope of their audit in violation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.

Also see, Governance Issues at the World Bank; A Security Risk to the World Order:

Lucio Tan Filipino business magnate, and investor on Wikipedia:

Karen Reprimanded

Two days after informing the Board’s Audit Committee of the cover-up in the Philippines, Karen was reprimanded and placed on probation. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the World Bank’s Audit Committee to look into the cover-up. Instead, the Chair of the World Bank’s Audit Committee requested an inquiry into the World Bank’s Institutional Integrity Department. The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations followed up with three letters to the World Bank. The World Bank forged documents and fired Karen in contempt of Congress. The World Bank also fired the Staff Association’s lawyer.

The Staff Association stated that what had happened to Karen had damaged staff morale and prevented others from reporting misconduct. The World Bank’s Ethics’ Officer left in frustration after her request for an investigation by the World Bank’s Institutional Integrity Department was turned down.

Paul Volcker

Mr. Paul Volcker headed the 2007 inquiry into the Institutional Integrity Department. The Volcker Panel was discredited after sixteen staff employed in the Institutional Integrity Department received significant damage awards in compensation for abuses of authority to intimidate them during the Volker Panel investigation. A staff member of the EU’s anti-fraud agency, Office Lutte Anti-Fraude, on the Volcker Panel wrote to Karen:

“My Director-General and I met with a number of European Executive Directors of the World Bank a few weeks ago to discuss the Volcker Panel report. At the meeting, there was also a discussion about governance issues. My impression was that the European Executive Directors are well apprised of all relevant issues at the Bank and no further comment by OLAF is warranted even if it was within our legal competence.”

Paul Volcker American economist who served as the 12th Chair of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987 on Wikipedia:

Karen Informed Congress

Karen informed Senator Bayh, “[t]he ongoing cover-up is an indictment of the probity of US oversight at the Bank and I would encourage the Senate to request GAO to look into it.” Senators Richard Lugar, Evan Bayh, and Patrick Leahy requested GAO to investigate “internal resistance to increased transparency and accountability at the World Bank.” In 2008 Karen’s Congressman, Representative Chris Van Hollen, noted: “that [Karen’s] claims and concerns have already been provided to the GAO…. and to the relevant congressional committees.” In 2009 GAO stated that it could not commence the inquiry “because of challenges we recently faced in gaining access to World Bank officials.” Senator Lugar asked what was delaying the GAO review during hearings on the World Bank’s capital increase.

Mr. Pieter Stek, then Executive Director for the Netherlands, and Chair of the Board Committee on Development Effectiveness, said:

“In a multilateral institution which should be governed by the rule of law and high standards of probity the charge of concealment from the Board of Executive Directors of information relevant to the exercise of its duty of supervising management and the persecution of the person who brings this to light is extremely serious. If correct, which I believe, this poisonous cocktail undermines good governance and ultimately the effectiveness of the Bank in fulfilling its mandate. I shall continue to assist Ms. Hudes in her efforts to have due process brought to bear, preferably by the Bank itself, on these issues of governance.”

80 percent of whistleblowers regret having reported crimes because of the negative consequences they suffered.

David Brooks wrote:

“Then there are violations when someone intentionally breaks the rules. Errors can be very hard for outsiders to detect. It was people inside the companies who were most likely to report fraud because they have local knowledge. And yet 80 percent of these whistleblowers regret having reported the crimes because of the negative consequences they suffered. This is not the way to treat people who detect an error.”


Wolf of Malta – Family Neglect – Letter to His Father’s Church In England.

Saint George’s Roman Catholic Church Whitchurch 23 Claypit St, Whitchurch SY13 1LE, United Kingdom. Website:

Who is the “Wolf of Malta”?

Anthony Abunassar former VP Goldman Sachs sometimes goes by the name “Wolf of Malta” 🇲🇹. Anthony left Goldman Sachs in 2006, then worked at JP Morgan until 2009. He then proceeded to promote Bitcoin and Initial Coin Offerings for 14 years. In August of 2020 Anthony contacted me reporting that all of his trading accounts were being hacked, blocked or stolen forcing him to suffer from food insecurity and trauma. I have detected that Anthony has become victim of an orchestrated attack against him by unknown entities and my main mission is to secure him basic human rights; food, clothing and shelter.

I contacted all of Anthony’s family around the world including his brother John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defense Company and no one will help me.

I have contacted my local, state, and federal law enforcement as well as numerous embassies and foreign agencies and no one has acknowledged me or offered assistance. Anthony is now residing in a hostel near Warsaw, Poland and will soon run out of money forcing him homeless and without food.

Myself, and several other civilian guardians have been keeping watch and we tried to locate him to my home in USA for rehabilitation but he could not acquire a visa.

Anthony’s mother was a nurse, originally from Ireland and she is elderly now and not aware of his predicament. Anthony reported that she does not even know who he is. His father is deceased, his name was Joseph Anthony Abunassar and he was from Nazareth, Israel and worked for the British Government. No one is protecting the son of Jospeh from Nazareth. – CMC July 20, 2022

Backstory here:

Anthony Abunassar originally form Shrewsbury, England.

Anthony’s Brother Abandon’s Him:

I have reached out to Anthony’s brother John Abunassar several times asking for assistance only to be met with a slammed door. John’s recent message to me via text sounded a bit threatening. I never heard from John’s attorney or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I tried calling the FBI numerous times. They never get back to me and will often quickly hang up on me quickly without even giving me an operator number.

See: Rheinmetall Defense Group – Human Rights,

John’s message to me via text on July 7, 2022:

“I have taken note of your contact and have immediately passed the data through for inclusion into your file running with the FBI case officer.

I must ask you to desist from contacting myself and other people I may have contact with.

I will be in the US this week to meet with my attorney. They will contact you directly in the near future. Please ensure all future contact is through them.”

John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defence Company in Germany is neglecting and refusing to care for his disabled and traumatized brother.

I write to church via e-mail on July 16, 2022

The Letter Sent to Saint George’s Church

“Greetings Saint George’s Roman Catholic Church Whitchurch,

My name is Christine Michelle Chadwick and I work as a civilian intelligence operative in the area of international security representing a Global Coalition for the Rule of Law.  I am providing protective services to the son of former and deceased parishioner Joseph Anthony Abunassar who attended your church from 1960-1992.  Joseph worked for the British Government.  His son, Anthony Abunassar, age 52 is a former VP of Goldman Sachs.  

Two years ago Anthony reached out to me complaining of censorship and suspicious blocking from all of his stock and trading accounts forcing him destitute in a matter of six months. Anthony has been suffering from homelessness and food insecurity. He is currently residing at a hostel at 29 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx near Warsaw, Poland.

His targeting appears to be a form of military-style neutralization where the goal is to drive a subject to commit suicide.  Anthony did try to commit suicide in August of 2020 but has been stable since then under my care.  I have alerted the United States Army via my connection to investigate and I have been acknowledged.  However, providing basic human rights to Anthony; food, clothing and shelter remains a civilian issue to resolve.  Anthony has been traumatized by these events and he can no longer care for himself due to the mental duress.  

I have a team of five civilian volunteers acting as guardians for Anthony and assisting in securing him donations which barely trickle in to cover his basic needs.  We are struggling to care for him and his situation keeps deteriorating.  I have reached out to the entire Abunassar family and no one will return a call.  Perhaps because they are all working in prominent government or corporate positions.  Their sympathy towards a traumatized relative is nonexistent.  I have reached out to his brother, John Abunassar many times only to be met with a slammed door.  John is the Head of the Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defence Company.  

See documentation here:

My legal documentation for Anthony as Amicus Curiae:

I am shocked that his entire family is neglecting him as a vulnerable person. His mother, xxxxxx Abunassar is elderly and resides in Ireland, she is not aware of his predicament. Anthony has no one besides his online guardians and I really feel like he needs family support at this time. No one is protecting the son of Joseph of Nazareth for the exception of the military, which cannot involve themselves in civilian affairs. I am an international military liaison of 5 months. We need him cared for while investigation is ongoing.

Is the church able to offer any assistance or recommendations at this time?  Recently, we did secure him a $500 donation from David Weild IV so he is covered for a couple of weeks.  See documentation here:

After this big donation came in, I told Anthony to go buy himself a steak dinner.  He told me that he was too weak to travel to a restaurant and that he was not keen about going out in public due to his clothes being dirty and having holes in them.  So sad.  

I tried to send him clothes from USA but they were mysteriously returned to me.  This poor man is suffering and needs family and care.  I tried to have him relocated to my home in USA but he was not able to secure a visa.  

It is interesting to note that most of his humble donations are coming in from Main Street, not Wall Street.  He has been supported here in USA by my Southern Baptist Community, but we need to pass the torch on to someone in closer vicinity to him.  

Is the church able to offer us any assistance or recommendation? 

This is a mother’s son!  

Kind regards, 

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Mental Health Advocate, Anthony Abunassar 

Louisville, Kentucky USA”

+1 (502) xxx-xxxx

LinkedIn profile:

Certificate of Ambassadorship:

As of today, July 20, 2022 I have not heard back from the church and Anthony remains vulnerable, hungry and barely able to survive. His funds run out soon and he will then be on the street! I have done everything possible I can think of to try to help him. 🆘


Donations to assist Anthony with a new passport can be made via PayPal: @SilverGypsy

My LinkedIn profile:

Mind Control Tortures

Devendran (Chandra) Ramachandran form Salem, Tamil, Nadu India on LinkedIn:


I met Devendran on LinkedIn in 2019. Devendran complained to me of many various tortures including burns to his legs and mind control tortures as well as not having any privacy in his own thoughts.

I do not claim to understand all of the ways that Devendran has been targeted but I do know that the number of persons complaining to me of this phenomena is increasing every year. I post this case study as a favor to Devendran and as an example of what seems to be increasing around the globe.

In many cases, after investigation, we find that a former employer has been the guilty party in remote torture experimentation. We have found this in both the ‘oil and gas industry’ as well as the ‘textile industry’. Nothing has been proven in this case study regarding Devendran but we decided to make it public for examination and monitoring purposes. Also in hopes that others may be able to reach out to Devendran with support, advice or to share their own personal experience. – Christine Michelle Chadwick on July 15, 2022

Christine Michelle Chadwick, Mental Health Advocate, Civilian Intelligence Operative on LinkedIn:

Devendran writes to me on September 23, 2019:

“Respected Madam,

I D.Ramachandran living in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India very much affected by remote mind control tortures. I worked in a textile industry, Gugai, Salem, Tamilnadu, India. Before eight years without my knowledge my ex employer kept remote mind control technique on my body . In what way i dont know. I faced so many remote mind control tortures like permanent headache, temporary memory loss, blurred vision, somedays without hungry, somedays without sleep, heavy brain shocking two times, skin burning in multiple parts of my body, skin icy cool feel in multiple parts of my body, fear, heart beat increasing, foots burning, body pain, virtual mind drama mixing with my real life, sometimes mind voice hearing in mind, Body itching , Brain rotating feel etc., I permanently forgot my life some important events through this technique.

Total my privacy theft. My ex employers also know my previous life events also from my brain through this technology. They also know my gmail account id, password. Sometimes they also delete my important mails. They also know my Bank account ATM pin also. 

They also hacked my cell phone . They know all my contact details in cell phone and also watching calls voice conversation through this technique. What is the security for my life? 

Madam, I so many times cried in this remote mind control torture. Now also I am crying in this remote torture. 

Madam I am requesting you please advice me how to deactivate this remote mind control technique on my body. 

Madam, I am expecting your best reply. My email id is

Thanking you madam,

Yours faithfully,


Almighty god bless you to live healthy and wealthy.”

I write letter for Devendran to his former employer on February 13, 2020:

Image of e-mail sent to owner of Vikram Krishna Textiles

Text of E-mail Sent:

“Greetings V. Sivakumar,

I am an activist and humanitarian residing the United States.  Recently I have received allegations from several persons with intimate knowledge of Vikram Krishna Textiles that they have become victims of remote torture and neuro-monitoring. 

Symptoms include; memory loss, pain of the head and extremities, and hearing voices. The Intelligence networks that I collaborate with are familiar with these tortures and the science behind it. 

If you have any way to cease these tortures, we are asking you to do so before we forward to the proper international authorities, which includes all countries and global intelligence, including the United Nations and both Interpol and Europol, for further investigation. 

These reports of remote tortures have been sent to me by several persons who wish to remain anonymous and they are reporting that these attacks have been ongoing since approximately 2012. 

My networks are familiar with these covert experiments taking place around the globe in regards to research and development of remote torture and weaponry. 

Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards,

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Global Intelligence 

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

Devendran writes to me on July 15, 2020:

“In the house where I lived, the owner of the house (lady) kept giving me mind control tortures. Infuriated by this, I lashed out at her on Mindvoice. Enraged by this, the lady asked our family to vacate the house. Not even the agreement time. She told me to vacate the house within 7 months. We also vacated the house and came to another house. In every house, the house owner does mind control tortures and makes them empty the house. I am not rich. The small amount of savings on hand is also melting away. I don’t have a job now because of mind control torture.

Targeted individual is treated like a slave. I fear that this constant emptying of the house will destroy me at some point in being unemployed.

How can I get out of such problems? I have already sacrificed my brother in mind control torture. I have a family. It’s more scary now. Please advise if there is any way to get rid of it madam?

House owners continuously disturbing me through mind control tortures

(Previous house owners tortured through mind control tortures-

1.MRR bus owner, Salem
2.Balamurugan silks,Salem
3.Krishnakumar Ammapet police constable, Salem,Tamilnadu
4.Divya, Beauty parlour,Salem)

I did not do anything wrong with anyone. If i can i help others. Otherwise i dont do anything wrong to anyone. I am a straight forward person. I dont speak lies to anyone.” – Devendran


For three years now I have been a witness to the various tortures and targeting against Devendran. In his case, Devendran lost a brother who also suffered from mind tortures and Devendran struggles to keep his family together and finances afloat.

In most cases, if you report any kind of remote targeting to law enforcement, they will not believe you or take it seriously. The law enforcement system is designed to turn these targeted individuals away or to funnel them through the mental health system. These cases are never investigated, and considering their increasing numbers, I feel more awareness needs to be given to these complaints. – CMC

Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons Notice of Criminal Trespass

Notice of Theft of Intellectual Property

Notice of Impending Criminal Charges

David Weild IV and Wolf – Former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar 🇲🇹

David Weild IV CEO of Weild & Co. on Wikipedia: – Weild & Co. Website:



I have been providing protective serves to former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar aka “Wolf of Malta” for two years now.

Anthony experienced a form of targeting that landed him homeless and hungry in a matter of 6 months. My job is to secure Anthony basic human rights; food, clothing, and shelter.

Anthony’s family has abandoned him. Including, his brother John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Divison for Rheinmetall Defence Company in Germany. 🇩🇪

Backstory here: Rheinmetall Defence – Human Rights:

And here: Wolf of Malta Under Attack….

I met David Weild IV CEO of Weild & Co. over a year ago through Anthony. David was very generous early on with his time, support and he donated $100 to Anthony’s relief fund on February 28, 2022.

In June of this year, the burden of Anthony’s care was weighing on me quite heavily. I pleaded with Athony’s Wall Street brothers and David to donate another $500 to buy me time to write embassies for Anthony.

David was not making my eager request a priority. By then, we were in crisis! I hounded David to the point that David blocked me on Twitter. I can do some cyber-gorilla-info-warfare tactics if you make me mad. ⚔️

Today I am happy to announce that David Weild IV has donated $500.00 to Anthony’s relief fund!

Big award for David today. 🏆

  • July 14, 2022

Weild and Co. website:

David Weild IV on Wikipedia:

Donations to Anthony’s relief fund can be made through PayPal.


SilkthreadsPress ⚜️ #WolfOfMalta 🇲🇹

My Certificate of Ambassadorship here:

LinkedIn Post:

Rheinmetall Defense Group – Human Rights

Rheinmetall Website:

Letter to Rheinmetall sent via online Internet portal on July 10, 2022

Greetings Rheinmetall,

I am providing protective services to former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar who has become victim of a form of military-style neutralization where the goal of the opposition is to drive a subject to commit suicide.

Anthony did try to commit suicide in August of 2020 and now he is homeless, mentally disabled, suffering from food insecurity and not able to provide for himself. John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall in Germany is neglecting to care for his disabled brother leaving me with the full burden of his financial and mental health care.

I do not appreciate being left in this position and I think that someone should alert Armin Papperger that I am in contact with various law enforcement agencies, human rights groups and embassies around the world.

This case of neglect does not reflect well on Rheinmetall or humanity at large.

My legal documentation for Anthony Abunassar as Amicus Curiae, “Anthony Abunassar, aka the “Wolf of Malta” – Under Attack by Unknown Entities” :

Kind regards,

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Civilian Mental Health Advocate/ Counterintelligence Officer, Anthony Abunassar

Louisville, Kentucky USA

Certificate of Ambassadorship

Certificate of Ambassadorship:

Anthony Abunassar

Anthony Patrick Abunassar Son of Joseph Anthony Abunassar of Nazareth, now deceased, parishioner of St George’s Roman Catholic Church Whitchurch from 1960-1992.

St George’s Roman Catholic Church Whitchurch, England

St George’s Roman Catholic Church Whitchurch, Website:

Anthony’s Brother, John Abunassar; Not Cooperating In Global Rescue Mission Of Vulnerable Sibling

John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defense Company – ANTHONY’S BROTHER JOHN ABUNASSAR ON LINKEDIN: HTTPS://WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/IN/JOHN-ABUNASSAR-8614079

CEO of Rheinmetall Armin Papperger

Armin Papperger Bio:

Global Intelligence Agencies Monitoring and Recording. …Here Comes The Rooster! 🚨 – (VIDEO)

2021 Year In Review, (VIDEO) :

The Rooster!

The Rooster to the Rescue.
The Rooster – Alice In Chains 🎶🎶🎼🎶 Tweet:

LinkedIn Post on July 10, 2022

LinkedIn Post on July 10, 2022 has 1, 663 views, 27 ‘Likes’ :


Donations to Anthony’s Relief Fund Can Be Made Through PayPal. Please specify as a humanitarian donation in note on money transfer app. Donations will be kept anonymous unless one wishes to be on public record:

Louisville Metropolitan Inspector General – Edward E. Harness – Treason!

My e-mail to Louisville Metropolitan Police Department Professional Standards Unit on Saturday July 9, 2022

Copy of e-mail here:

Greetings Sergeant Lamont Washington, 

I have investigated Chief Erika Shields, our mayor Greg Fisher and our Inspector General Edward E. Harness.  All three are participating in a covert plan to enslave black and brown communities through surveillance and metrics in policing data to track citizens on Blockchain for purposes of creating innovative debt products to ultimately create a Futures Market in Human Capital Bonds for the hedge funds to gamble on to keep capital flowing in the global economy.  

This plan will fail due to countermeasures by BRICS and the  G-77.  Iran is now also working with this coalition.  Iran has gone on record for me in writing, indicating that my I.D. Is being kept on file with the Iranian Government.  The whole nation of USA is invested in this fake game that will ultimately destroy our nation and our economy, increasing crime, poverty and suffering for the populace. This whole system is designed, not to end poverty, but to profit from it! 

Please note that the NAACP has already published a resolution that they are against tracking black and brown communities on Blockchain. 


I have documented the Inspector on this blog here and I have detected that the Inspector has ties to Germany and Qatar and possibly South Korea.  He is serving transnational conglomerates and not Louisville’s most vulnerable:

I am currently being protected by the United States Army while I write letters and submit documentation.  

I have LMPD on record as being defunct in communicating with me since 2017. Instead, your department keeps directing me to mental health.  The state police and FBI are also on record as being defunct in regards to communicating with me.  I am not unintelligent, I have been diagnosed as high functioning autistic.  The things that are easy for other people are difficult for me like making phone calls, the things that are hard for other people like strategic planning in international security and diplomacy come easy to me. 

I feel that your department has been discriminatory in serving me as none of the issues I have brought to your attention over the years have been resolved.  You have no easy avenue for handicapped persons to communicate with you.  

Why is it that I can communicate easily with London Metro Police and An Garda Siochana in Ireland but I cannot communicate with my LMPD 4th Division, state or federal authorities? 

I am now releasing all of my gathered intelligence to embassies around the world for purposes of monitoring the ineptness of law enforcement here in USA. The United States Army and the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff are monitoring these developments.  Legally, the United States Army is responsible for protecting the economic strength of USA.  I have been the counterintelligence officer to the global accounts since 2017 to protect the pensions of all law enforcement, civilians and our armed forces.  I inform our Joint Chiefs of Staff of ongoing developments regularly.  


I am available to you if ever you decide to reach out to me and my recommendation is that you inform Chief Erika Shields of this communique’ and have it reviewed by your legal department.

Very Respectfully, 

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Civilian Military Liaison, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

Certificate of Ambassadorship:

XXXXXX Oak Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40203


+1 (502) 408-6905

United States passport # XXXXXXXX

Kentucky state driver’s license # XXXXXXXXXX

*British passport # of international torture victim Anthony Patrick Abunassar residing in Warsaw, Poland: XXXXXXXXX

I am authorized to write on Anthony’s behalf as his mental health advocate and counterintelligence officer. 

Not one agency is assisting me in a global rescue operation besides the military and they cannot intervene in civilian affairs. Anthony’s human rights are being violated. My job is to secure him basic human rights: food, clothing, shelter.

Defense Intelligence Agency on Wikipedia:

Office of Inspector General – Louisville, Kentucky USA

This intelligence sent to Louisville Metro Police Department and the Office of Inspector General in Louisville in June of 2022.

Inspector General – Edward W. Harness

Edward W. Harness Bio:

Top contender for Louisville’s inspector general role has history of disputes. VIDEO:

E-Mail Sent…


Greetings Sergeant Washington of Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, 

I spoke with you today on the phone.  I requested that your department review report #P19116130

In 2019 I was trying to report to Louisville Metropolitan Police Department regarding a torture incident.  Deputy Collen Coraine in Florida used excessive force on me and covertly implanted me with a RFID tracking device right before he tasered me several times.  Who gave Okaloosa Country Sheriff’s Department authorization to covertly implant civilians with tracking devices?  I work in the RFID field, I know what was done to me. 

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department website:

The Florida report # for your reference: OCSO13OFF012965

I work transparently as a public agent:

My display of national police work here:

I have worked as an activist and a humanitarian internationally for ten years now.  I have served 2 years as an International Honorary Ambassador with the think tank, ‘Senatus Consultum Conspitus Electus’ in the Netherlands. 

Certificate of Ambassadorship here:

I am a multi-national, multi-dimensional military asset with allegiance to the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff who I report to first.  As a civilian, my work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally for peacekeeping and intentional security purposes.  My LinkedIn profile here:

In 2019 I reported all of my global intelligence to the United Nations. Afterwards, approximately 200 international conflict resolution professionals reached out to me on LinkedIn and Iran went on record for me, in writing, indicating that my I.D. Is being kept on file with their government. All of my work and records are being monitored at the United Nations level. International Human Rights attorney Francois Deloche is copied in this correspondence as well as Chief Scott Pierce, Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other international witnesses. Both Chief and Francois have access to my most sensitive reports and records.

Francois on Linkeden:

Chief Scott Pierce on LinkedIn:

I am endorsed by over 50 national police chiefs all over the nation as counterintelligence officer protecting the global accounts, working as a humanitarian to protect your pensions. 

After Sergeant Pamela Oberhausen dismissed me, I wrote her in an e-mail.  No one ever replied.  I documented this here:

Presently, I have knowledge of a suspicious situation with former Vice President Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar.  I am his witness that all of his accounts and funds have been blocked or stolen forcing him destitute in a matter of six months.  His brother is John Abunassar Head of Vehicles Division for Rheinmetall Defence Company in Germany.  But I have been left with the complete burden of Anthony’s mental health care and financial welfare as Anthony has been traumatized by this and not able to conduct himself professionally or provide for himself.  He is mentally disabled.  I think this needs formal investigation.  The FBI never returns my calls and half of the time they will not even give me their operator number.  

The protocol is, when a civilian has knowledge of suspicious activity or crimes in a foreign jurisdiction, the local police are to liaison to the other police departments for them.  But because no one has been acknowledging me, I have been doing this myself since 2017 when I flew to Europe and rescued a suicidal investment banker for Barclays who worked on the Vatican accounts.  He was also abandoned by his family as a disabled person.  

Report on Anthony Abunassar here:

Rheinmetall website:

This work that I do is dangerous.  I have been attacked by remote over 40 times with military grade weaponry since 2013.  Mostly Electric Magnetic Pulse attacks or EMP. The last attack was March of this year after I documented a case involving the Five Star Trust, Bradley Tyler Burns and Lexington Kentucky Police online.  I have not had any attacks since then and I detect US Army is monitoring my airspace and phone now.  I gave them written permission to do so.  I am self-trained in military intelligence.  

Five Star Trust:

Military Intelligence:

Most urgently, I need Anthony off of my plate so that I can continue my work in monitoring the global markets. USA just lost their global dominance in the global monetary system as several nations are now forming a coalition to bypass USD in global trade. This makes us vulnerable and USA could suffer greatly if there is no intervention or amicable diplomacy. It is the job of the US Army to protect the military might of the United States Defense Forces and I have alerted them. Chief Scott Pierce has acknowledged me but he cannot engage with me as a civilian, they can only monitor. The issue of ‘clean-up’ in our police departments and governments has to be done at the local level.

The way the IMF, United Nations and World Bank were going to try to save the global economy was through the ‘Impact Economy’.  This is essentially digital slavery.  The plan was to privatize social welfare services through Public Private Partnerships and to create innovative debt products by tracking persons on blockchain known as ‘Impact Investments’.  They (the bankers, billionaires and hedge funds) planned to bundle up these investments to create a futures market in Human Capital Bonds to keep the capital flowing and prop up the financial system.  We are now in a very precarious situation as a nation. 

The Scapegoat:

All of the investors are banking on this “game” as they foam from the mouth with glee.  

See, Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

Paul Tudor Jone; He’s Got The Book!


This is why we experienced a pandemic, to usher in this new system.  It’s all organized crime to profit vaccine companies and billionaires. 

See, Organized Crime:

Part of this plan involves “Money Ball” for government which our mayor Greg Fisher is participating in. He is also invested in the technology/ e-commerce.  As is our former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge through Ridge/Lane investments.  I met Tom Ridge in person in summer of 2019: 

See:  Louisville Mayor Selling Out America:

43rd Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom ridge:

RIDGE-LANE – Redesigning Government:

Blockchain Healthcare Challenge 2016 – We are being colonized by Silicon Valley!

The Central Banks Intend To Lay Claim to Bodies And Minds:

How do you think the citizens would react if they found out that this mayor, who is already hated in the black community, finds out that there is a plan in place to track black and brown communities on blockchain to profit hedge funds?  

This could cause riots in major cities across the nation.  I did a test on your Twitter account and it is getting attention. 


I report publicly on social media: 

VIDEO #1 –

VIDEO #2 –

VIDEO #3 –

I am aware that there is an open investigation at the United States Department of Justice into the processes of Louisville Metropolitan Police Department.  I also sent in my reports to the DOJ. 


Because not one official in my jurisdiction has acknowledged me in ten years and no one will help me with Anthony, I am preparing to send in all of my intelligence to the United Nations so the global community can monitor the lack of ineptness here in USA.

Former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar, aka “Wolf of Malta”; International Torture Victim suffering from trauma and food insecurity for over two years now. – CMC July 6, 2022

I have already sent this report into 8 countries at the United Nations New York Missions: 

I have been dismissed by: 





Houston Police

Louisville Mayor’s Office

United States State Dept. 

D.C. Police in Washington 

Cherokee Co. Sheriff’s Dept. – Canton, Georgia 

Major Cities Police Chiefs Association in USA

U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Services 

I wrote to both Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul in 2015 only to receive a form letter in return. 

I am in contact with:

London Met Police

An Garda Siochana in Ireland

Chief Karl Auerbach in Maricopa Co. Arizona 

Chief Scott Pierce, Advisor to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff 

Willian C. Mayville, US Army Contracting Command 

And many other international officials, CEOs and agents who wish to remain anonymous.  

I report publicly on the ‘Silkthreads Command’ Telegram Channel, from the ‘foxhole’:

I need assistance in contacting the Polish police or state authorities in Warsaw, Poland for Anthony Abunassar. I can do this myself with translator but I do not get paid for this. This intelligence work that I do takes hours and hours of study and writing.  

When I tried to get assistance from my family attorney Tim Denison, he bullied me in text message.  


I shared a lot of my intelligence with a political scientist in Nigeria.  This blog has links to other useful information regarding the incident in Florida and the international intelligence work that I do as a humanitarian.  

See, How I Earned My Stripes:

Also recommend: 

Big Data and Global Finance:

Pay For Success Finance:

Chief Erika Shields has a background in finance, she will understand this. 

Also of note, my foreign sources relay that they have proof that the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville Kentucky is being used to launder money to send to Ukraine. 

 …probably a case for the FBI but they are defunct. 

Most urgently, I need Anthony taken care of.  Then I would like the Okaloosa Offense report reviewed by my department.  The way I was tortured was uncalled for and the US NSA should not be spying on civilians via IPad camera.  They terrified me.  The Internet is a military weapon and there was no disclaimer sent with it when they put all these devices in the hands of civilians, including teens and pre-adolescents.  My involvement with the ‘Anonymous’ collective was no game, it caused me to be tortured and covertly implanted with an RFID tracking device (military technology) without my knowledge or consent. 

Deputy Cullen Coraine choked me at the hospital so that I blacked out.  I am in the hospital… no weapons, flailing my arms because I thought he was going to kill me and he CHOKED me until I passed out!  

Since US DOD initially neglected to protect me over the years, I am an international military asset that belongs to everyone.  


Christine Michelle Chadwick

Military Liaison, The Joint Staff

Mental Health Advocate, Anthony Abunassar 

Warsaw Poland

The Inspector General’s Office Replied on July 6, 2022 (See below)

Good Afternoon,

We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many hardships with law enforcement. Unfortunately, our office is only able to investigate complaints against members of the Louisville Metro Police Department. If you’d like to fill out a complaint form, please fill one out online at


Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Have a nice day.


Ambra Hunter 


Administrative Coordinator

Office of Inspector General

609 West Jefferson Street, Room 32 | Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Ten years of global intelligence; dismissed! 🚨

Connections to Germany

After a bit of OSINT work, I detect Edward has an affiliation to Germany. So as it turns out, our dear “Eddie” will not INSPECT something that he is involved in building. See:

Edward on Twitter:


Anthony Abunassar, aka the “Wolf of Malta” – Under Attack by Unknown Entities.

Anthony’s introduction reads, “Anthony built his experience within the most prominent finance companies, starting in PWC then Rotschild & Co, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, before tackling the world of crypto trading and ICO investing. His pedigree in finance is unparalleled.


I first met Anthony on LinkedIn approximately summer of 2019, where we had our first chat and discussed our work, careers, and projects.

We kept up from time to time regarding news and events.

My LinkedIn Profile:

Wolf of Malta

Anthony is also known in some circles as the “Wolf of Malta”

S.O.S. – Text Message

On Friday May 29, 2020 I received a message from Anthony seeking advice from me. Anthony complained of 53 hacking attacks, persons attempting to break into his home, his bank accounts and stocks stolen, and Huobi was currently not releasing his funds. He reported that he had not eaten in four days.


As Anthony and I attempted to connect with each other on various social media, I witnessed that both Facebook and LinkedIn would deactivate his accounts shortly after he established them.

Why all the interference? Is Anthony being targeted/silenced/erased off the Net? Why?

He reports that he has consulted for over a dozen different start-ups and initiatives involving ICOs only to be locked out of the project after a short time and he has never been paid for his services. Over a decade worth of work COMPLIMENTARY so it seems according to the Wolf of Malta.

According to Anthony, the $90 billion dollar amount was an exaggeration for effect and he estimates that the true value of Bitcoin that he owned in May of 2020 was approximately $8 Billion.

He tells me that this is what has been stolen from him:

Goldman Sachs stocks, JP Morgan stocks stolen, Cargo Coin Stolen; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zapaygo, OPU Labs, Lotus Energy etc.

Tik Toc censored, Instagram censored, Facebook deleted 7 times, LinkedIn 9 times, Google and e-mail 10 times.

“12 projects billionaires ALL STEAL MY TOKENS pay everyone else. I WAS BANNED FROM SWITZERLAND!” – Anthony Abunassar.


A quick search on Twitter revealed that several companies were bragging about Anthony coming on board as an advisor but yet, he has never been compensated for any of it according to him.

In this tweet Cargo Coin lists Anthony as a new advisor:

LinkedIn Posts

My first post for Anthony on LinkedIn had over 1,400 views:

Second Post, over 1,200 views:

Anthony Detained by Police

Anthony was detained in July, 2020 by Poland Police after he reported a robbery. They drove him 400 miles from his home (which he described as torture) and tried to force a psychiatric examination against his will. Anthony was released on July 5, 2020.

LinkedIn Post:



UPDATE: Anthony Abunassar released on July 5, 2020. He tells me that Legnica Police were trying to force him into mental health after he reported a robbery.

He tells me many men (three having matching tattoos) are following him who he suspects are hired special forces to steal wallets.

He cannot speak via voice so I am trying to decipher via text. He is in temporary housing at the moment and relayed that he fears for his life. – July 6, 2030 9:22 A.M.

Link on Twitter:

Post on LinkedIn (over 1,000 views):


I started hashtag #WolfOfMalta to document Anthony’s reports and video’s.

Anthony Abunassar former Goldman Sachs banker being followed in Poland – 12 men in cars with blacked out windows and sniffing dogs. Twitter/ VIDEO:



I am providing protective services for Anthony after I detected that he has become a victim of life sabotage. In the past six months almost every area of his life has been targeted and opportunities obstructed. He has experienced censorship on social media, all of his funds are being blocked or have been stolen. He now faces homelessness and poverty.

He is experiencing many of the same symptoms that tortured Barclays investment banker, Edmund JM Dunne endured. The goal of the opposition is to drive a target to suicide.


During the years surrounding the #LIBOR scandal there were 90 suspicious banker deaths; both homicides and suicides where it was determined that employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies. Let us not lose another.

Please reach out to Anthony for employment opportunities or donations to help keep him safe and grounded.

Anthony on LinkedIn:

Blog on banker deaths:

#SuicidePrevention #Banking”

Anthony’s LinkedIn profile has just been taken offline. I detected at 12:49 a.m. on Friday morning, July 10, 2020

LinkedIn Post – over 2,000 views:


Anthony has an interest in developing monetary solutions involving Bitcoin.

However, it appears he is suffering from some classic targeting traits; career sabotage, cyber attacks, locked out of bank accounts and funds, attempted physical break-ins, and censorship.

One of my theories is that he may be targeted for his knowledge of the origins of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. His theory, according to him, is that the opposition is looking for $Billions cash in wallets.

I am providing protective services to Anthony in regards to suicide prevention which is the purpose of this documentation. I have been given permission by him to write on his behalf as his mental health advocate and counterintelligence officer. I am inviting the global community to assist in monitoring the situation for Anthony’s safety and protection. – CMC June 18, 2020

Anthony Abunassar is currently residing in Warsaw, Poland.

Anthony tells me that he is the most censored man on earth:

I cannot add anyone when on Instagram now

Google 9 accounts deleted

YouTube deleted

Please update your notes / post” – Anthony Abunassar on Monday, July 13, 2020 via WhatsApp

Banker Deaths

There were 90 suspicious banker deaths surrounding the LIBOR scandal; both homicides and suicides where it was determined that employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies called BOLI (Banker Owned Life Insurance)

Link to blog:


I have just been DDOSd

Cyber war

The 666 time please post” – Anthony Abunassar July 15, 2020

State of Delaware Abandoned Property Account

Anthony tells me that he left all of his stocks and bank account dormant in USA for 14 years. When he tried to withdraw, he detected that USA moved his funds into the State of Delaware Abandoned Property Account. When the check finally arrived 17 months later, Anthony burned the check in a rage. When I asked him about this he said, “IF you can’t eat 17days you get CrAZi – IF you are under attack 24 7 you get CrAzi after 3mins – People go nuts if a chocolate machine gets stuck”.

This I do understand. He had reached a breaking point during this time that caused him to become suicidal and later was arrested for losing his temper at his hotel room, while under duress to a psychological breaking point. He was starving!

Anthony Arrested

LinkedIn post 3,447 views, 45 reactions:–nYS

Anthony Released From Jail

Anthony contacted me on March 17, 2021 a free man. I wished him well in rebuilding his life as he now needs to find a safe place to stay and a way to support himself.

On March 19, 2021 he sent me this message on Telegram seeking assistance as he believes that his life is in danger:

“I am Anthony Abunassar Ex Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Rothschild in London

Retired 13yrs ago working on Bitcoin

For over 1year I have been attacked by an Ai computer system which:

⁃ destroys my Wifi 2-3 times per day

⁃ Reboots and reconfigures my computer multiple times a day

⁃ Deletes my Facebook LinkedIn Google e mail accounts and WhatsApp

⁃ Blocks my Bitcoin trading accounts

⁃ Blocks attempt to sell Bitcoin to survive

⁃ Deletes multiple bank accounts and blocks all transfers 7-15 days

⁃ men at 00:00 at night have been attempting to cut through my metal front door

In short my life is in danger and I urgently require anywhere safe to stay near Warsaw poland

God Bless


Update – September 23, 2021

Anthony has been residing in the basement of a friend in Warsaw since March of 2021. He tells me that he often does not have anything to eat, he only has one change of clothes and one jacket. He is sleeping on the floor and he has no access to utilities or heat. Winter is coming and I am worried that he will freeze down there. Several of us are attempting to send him money for food but all of his accounts are blocked making it extremely difficult.

Authorization to Write on His Behalf

Former VP @GoldmanSachs Anthony Abunassar has given me authorisation to post and write on his behalf. I am in contact with him daily.

I Write to A Mission on September 13, 2021

Employment History of Anthony Abunassar

“Anthony Abunassar has been living in subpar conditions with only one set of clothing since March 17, 2021. He often does not have enough food to eat. We have several civilians internationally looking out for his well-being and trying to assist him on his road back to self-sufficiency.

Lately, Anthony has been reporting that he is deactivated repeatedly on LinkedIn and his employment history erased. I am in the process of trying to reach his family in the hopes of expanding our support group network for him.” – CMC October 3, 2021

Whale Alert

Anthony has asked me to add this image to the record.

““Statement: 8 for infinity Bitcoin


7 th3d3v1l

These numbers are calculated precisely for a reason

And the access of the wallet at a predetermined time”

– Anthony Abunassar aka Wolf of Malta” – October 5, 2021

Lind to tweet:


This was posted to LinkedIn on December 8, 2021

Christine Abunassar (cousin) on LinkedIn:

Anthony Abunassar (cousin) on LinkedIn. I have attempted to connect with Anthony on LinkedIn and my request is not being accepted:

John Abunassar (brother) is head of Vehicle Division for Rheinmetall. John has blocked me on LinkedIn and will not acknowledge my e-mail or text messages. Rheinmetall website:

Anthony’s father is deceased and his name was named Joseph, he was from Nazareth. His mother is elderly and not aware of his predicament.

Anthony’s brother John Abunassar on LinkedIn:

My e-mail to John Abunassar sent June 5, 2022 – No reply

Links in e-mail:

My LinkedIn profile:

Permission to write on Anthony’s behalf:

I have reported his situation to my local police and FBI on several occasions only to be ignored. See:  Now that his situation is becoming more crucial, I am preparing to write to the United Nations as this is becoming a Human Rights violation.  Our goal as his guardians is to secure him basic human rights; food, clothing, shelter.  

Flashes of White Light

For seven months several of us witnessed that Anthony experiences flashes of white light while on video. I must have witnessed this happening to him at least a dozen times myself. The cause remains a mystery.

“Former VP Goldman Sachs, Anthony Abunassar, aka #WolfOfMalta reports he experiences flashes of blinding white light from heaven after becoming victim of life sabotage.”

See: (VIDEO) #1

(VIDEO) #2

Update on February 15th, 2020

I keep in touch with Anthony daily via WhatsApp. He has been having trouble lately with food security. I have a handful of international civilians providing him with humanitarian donations as he continues to work on the paperwork to, once again, attempt to retrieve his funds from USA and establish some type sort of independence for himself.

In Anthony’s mind, he is bringing in the Light Age to save humanity through pumping the price of Bitcoin. I do not share in his beliefs, but him and I are able to get along regardless.

He has been stable lately and although he becomes frustrated about his situation at times, he remains in good spirits and often jovial in our interactions.

I am still baffled by the nature of his targeting and that I will leave to the international intelligence community and law enforcement to sort out. My main goal is to protect his life and to secure him basic human rights; food, clothing, shelter. – CMC ⚜️

Operation Wolf to America – Started April 20, 2020

At the height of his career Anthony was an advisor to over a dozen Initial Coin Offerings and helped to advance the popularity of Bitcoin. He tells me that over two years ago his computer gave him a “red pill” (not sure the extent of what this means) and he started to experience many forms of life sabatoge that included him being blocked from all of his crypto and bank accounts forcing him destitute in a matter of 6 months to the point where he is suffering from food insecurity.

Anthony has experienced tremendous stress from this ordeal and he struggles to keep balanced both emotionally and mentally. We have kept him stabilized for the most part of his targeting for the exception of a few eruptions where Anthony experiences duress.

We have a global humanitarian coaliton attempting to get Anthony cared for and to help him to retrieve his funds.

We attempted to fly him to USA for rehabilitation but he was not able to acquire a visa and ended up burning his newly issued passport under duress when he did not have enough food to eat.

Anthony Abunassar in Madurai Bartozyce

Update: Approximately April 13, 2022 Anthony joins Boris Platnikow in the countryside of Poland. Supposedly, Boris is a member of clergy as well as an NFT artist.

Boris Plotnikow on Facebook:

I texted with Anthony tonight who said that he is very weak, can’t sleep, very cold (4C), sleeping on a broken down sofa, food is insufficient if at all, his clothes are falling apart, his shoes have holes in them.

Approximate location:

He is approx 4 hour drive from Warsaw. He only has 40 Euros.” – CMC April 21, 2022

Burned Passport

Saturday April 23, 2022 Anthony burned his newly issued passport in a rage when he did not have enough food to eat. He sent me this picture on WhatsApp along with this message:

“My LinkedIn is PROFESSIONALLY deleted Every day, 3 times a day, For a week.


I shall smoke my last pack of cigarettes Sunday, Monday burn my computer and passport again.

Why wait”


Anthony is exhibiting irrational behaviors and his core group of humanitarians trying to help him, including myself, are discouraged by this recent action of his to burn his passport, as we all work very hard to assist Anthony on his path to independence and he continuously sabatoges our efforts with self-destructive behaviors and decisions. – CMC April 28, 2022

Anthony In Bartoszyce, Poland – Experiencing Flashes of White Light On April 29, 2022

White Light From Heaven He Calls It. See Video On Twitter Here:

Update June 11, 2022 –

Anthony is officially homeless now and bouncing from hostel to hostel. As of today, he is able to use his LinkedIn account. We continue to support him with small public donations and he continues to look for employment. Food insecurity is still an issue so feel free to reach out to Anthony on LinkedIn:

– Christine Michelle Chadwick, Mental Health Advocate, Anthony Abunassar

United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

I am currently in communications with the United States Army and an advisor to the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff. – CMC June 21, 2022


Donations to Anthony’s Relief Fund can be made through PayPal:




Greetings Global Community, 

This report is a courtesy to all Global Intelligence Operatives worldwide.  

I am a Civilian Open Source Intelligence Operative of ten years working in collaboration with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law.  LinkedIn Profile:

Two years ago I discovered former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar was experiencing targeting and censorship traits that have the appearance of a military-style form of attempted neutralization.  See:

In Polish here:

A Global Monetary Transition is developing which needs close monitoring for international security purposes.  See:

Report to Sussex Police involving an Austrian citizen and Bitcoin manipulation:

Reporting to the United States Department of Justice in regards to privatizing public services:

Reports on Bitcoin:

My experience with Five Star Trust affiliates:

We have detected a new game for hedge funds:

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law on Telegram:

The best in Global Intelligence is coming in from Western Civilian Mothers.  See: Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds:

In Spanish here:

Mapping the Game, The New Game for Hedge Funds:

Impact Economy – Pay for Success Finance:

Big Data and Global Finance:

Human Capital Markets:

Computer Generated Virus:

Lockdowns; my neighbor, a chef committed suicide 8 weeks into Lockdown due to stress because he could not pay his bills. I rejected these protocols from day one. See: Terminated For Refusing to Wear A Mask To Work:

In my opinion, this is a massive global crime:

The Virus Did Not Cause The Current Economic Crisis – It is the scapegoat and the cover: 

World Bank; A Security Risk to the Global Order:

Money Laundering in Australia:

Luiz G. Bresciani sent the FBI proof of fraud in 2018 committed by Eastman Kodak Company. See:

Microsoft – Intellectual Property Rights Discrepancy.  Todd Glassey dubbed the “Three Trillion Dollar IP Guy” has been missing for over a year now.  Seeking Proof of Life:  

Todd on Twitter:

Todd on LinkedIn:

Todd on WordPress: 

Global Debt Facility:

World Bank Attorney Karen Hudes – website:

Undeclared Economic War:

Bitcoin Investigative Report:

Federal Reserve Releases Names:

The last time I wrote to the New York Missions of the United Nations, Iran was the only country to go on record for me in writing indicating that my I.D. is kept on file with their government.  200 International Conflict Resolution professionals requested to connect with me on LinkedIn.  I report regularly to Chief Scott Pierce – advisor to the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff via the LinkedIn private messaging portal and his e-mail address listed on the platform.  I have been acknowledged.  

Previous report sent to the United Nations on March 13, 2019:

Chief Scott Pierce on LinkedIn:

Our work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally for peacekeeping and international security purposes.  We are working in the capacity of humanitarians in a charitable fashion with the goal of securing permanent peace and prosperity for future generations by advocating for sound money. 

Very Respectfully, 

Christine Michelle Chadwick

Humanitarian, Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

XXX West Oak Street

Louisville, Kentucky USA

+1 (502) 408-XXXX

E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx

United States Passport #XXXXXXXXX

Impact Economy – Pay For Success Finance

Lifelong Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Pay for Success Finance Preys Upon The Poor

Pay for Success is one of the biggest things we’re up against, and something few people are talking about, is social impact investing and pay for success finance. Within the hollowed out shell of the welfare state, which admittedly was always inadequate and used for purposes of racialized social control, global finance has built a new machine that will use predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and wearable and screen-based technologies to monitor the global poor and profit from their misery.

This effort is being carried out in partnership with the non-profit sector, higher education, think tanks, and global foundations with the intention of stabilizing late-stage capitalism with technocratic “evidence-based” solutions.

Outcomes-based contracts are this machine’s operating system. Contracts employ pay-for-performance agreements that reimburse service providers IF they produce specified success metrics. These metrics are narrowly defined and chosen for their ability to be gamed. Contrived solutions offer up fake “success” to enrich investors at the expense of vulnerable populations. Think standardized test scores as success metrics for education or fit-bit step counts for preventative health.

This machine requires a steady supply of people labeled deficient by those in power. Like batteries in the Matrix, the poor are meant to be the fuel. The machine does not care for their actual wellbeing; its sole purpose is to maximize profit. In that it is similar to the capitalist Western medical model where Big Pharma opts for chronic disease management over research leading to cures. Pay for success will not empower the poor, but instead manage them and harvest their data, indefinitely.

The infrastructure for this system was put in place in the years leading up to the financial crisis of 2008. After toxic mortgages imploded, financiers needed another way to keep global capital circulating. It had to be even bigger than real estate debt, since global wealth continues to become more and more concentrated. The next BIG target would be financialized public benefit systems. Through financialization, resources are siphoned from the real economy into the financial sector where demands for short-term profit lead to instability, overwhelming debt, income inequality, and wage stagnation.

Source: Alison McDowell at Wrench in the Gears

See also: Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds

The “Pay for Success” Finance Model Works As Follows:

World Bank / Public Health Finance

“The “pay for success” finance model works as follows:

  1. Identify a social problem. In this case the possibility of a pandemic.
  2. Get an academic institution or think tank to cost out the problem as a negative externality. Remember, the more expensive the problem, the bigger the potential profit from preemptively “fixing” it.
  3. Establish an equation that fixes a rate of return for “evidence-based” “solutions.”
  4. Select the type of data, the parameters, that determine “success” for the deal.
  5. Set up infrastructure to track the data and provide “evidence” of success.
  6. Identify partners – service provider, investors, and project oversight.
  7. Deliver the services and collect the data.
  8. After a third party determines if success metrics were met, performance payments are issued to investors (or not).”


Data-driven “pay for success” deals are structured around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). “Health” is goal number three. The World Bank has played a role in creating new investment products aligned to the UN SDGs. You can read more about the UN SDG financial apparatus here.

“Pay for success” finance is a performance-based contracting system that has been applied to a wide range of social issues ranging from pre-k, mental health and elder-care services to workforce training and supportive housing. It is clear to me that “pandemic preparedness” is being fitted out for pay for success profit-taking, too.

See Alison McDowell’s VIDEO explaining what a Social Impact Bond is in 2 minutes:

Once you peek under the hood, you realize what a grotesque business social impact investing actually is. These tools are built on 400 years of racial capitalism. It is the Doctrine of Discovery with Blockchain replacing double-entry bookkeeping and smart phones and digital identity systems replacing shackles. It is a system that arose in tandem with cloud-based computing, broadband, 5G and the Internet of Things. These advancements are inextricably inked to the interests of the US military and intelligence community, which is why we must recognize that as much as we have come to rely on our devices, true liberation will never come through digital channels. It can’t; our opponents run the cloud.” – Alison McDowell at Wrench in the Gears