As an activist and volunteer in global intelligence for over 8 years now I have shared most of my knowledge and experiences very publicly here on the Internet. I have worked very hard nonstop to help protect our most vulnerable and I have succeeded in saving a few lives. I have built lasting relationships all over the globe and I have engaged regularly in international diplomacy to help avert the danger of permanent gold backwardation and the onset of another Dark Ages.

All of this work does not come without a cost and I have endured much hardship in my personal life to achieve these ends including; surveillance, military grade weaponry attacks, arrest, torture, covert RFID implant, temporary homelessness, and loss of support of family members who have ostracized because of this work.

I do not speak of these hardships too often on my social media platforms but some of my confidants in the back channels are aware. A few of them, all from Nigeria, have been keeping watch over me and without my asking them to, they have taken on the task of being my spiritual watch dogs, prayer warriors, and encouragers.

Thank-you gentleman, the Lord has heard your prayers and has intervened. I am no longer in a vulnerable position. Amen!



February 2020

LinkedIn Post:

Human-Trafficking/ Money Laundering/ Transnational Organized Crime involving Bitcoin reported to Sussex Police. Assisted in Rescue of Austrian Citizen. – November of 2019

“My LinkedIn friend, Markus Goldguber contacted me on Thanksgiving day pleading for assistance and relayed that he was trapped after being lured to Brighton, UK under false pretenses. He believed that he was entering into a legitimate business venture but soon discovered murky business dealings that he believed was organized crime, and money laundering. He was not paid any compensation after 8 weeks and he had no way back to his country of Austria after he detected foul play and fraud.”

– Christine Michelle Chadwick, Global Intelligence

Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

LinkedIn Profile:

My Report to Brighton and Hove Police on November 28, 2019:

My friend, Markus M. Goldgruber, Austria citizen was taken to Royal-Albion hotel last night by police. He reports that 6 officers came to the apartment yesterday where he was trapped living with two criminals on Vernon Ave. Markus on LinkedIn:

Markus M. Goldgruber

Alex Neill

This is one of the men who lured Markus Goldgruber to the United Kingdom under false pretenses. It seems the business of Alex Neill is not legitimate but some type of #Bitcoin fraud. LinkedIn Profile:

Alex Glover

The other person living at the Vernon apartment and involved in deceiving Markus M. Goldgruber is Tony Glover. #BitcoinFraud

LinkedIn profile:

Tweet to Police – “My friend, Markus M. Goldgruber, Austria citizen was taken to Royal-Albion hotel last night by police. He reports that 6 officers came to the apartment yesterday where he was trapped living with two criminals on Vernon Ave. “


“I need confirmation that Markus M. Goldgruber is not abandoned at the hotel and that law enforcement will contact him shortly. I believe he has limited funds. His mother is very worried. My phone number in USA: +1 502 408 6905. E-mail:” – November 28, 2019

First Document sent to me by Markus from the files of Tony and Alex – Page 1

Loretta Lewis

I detected that there was a caseworker and or nurse by the name of Loretta Lewis who was involved in both banking and buying cars for homeless persons. Was this a money laundering scheme?

Tweet: “Here is the profile of Loretta Lewis who I believe in the Loretta who signed this document – Page 1”

LinkedIn Profile of Loretta Lewis:

Second LinkedIn Profile:

Page two on Document sent to me by Markus M. Goldgruber. This doc has also been forwarded to my global intelligence contacts. I suspect this is international crime. – Page 2 #BTC #Bitcoin #BitcoinFraud

Page 3 of document. Lo and behold @Barclays mentioned again. ..not the first time I exposed crimes involving Barclays. See: @EdmundJDunne who I had to rescue from London and Ireland because @metpoliceuk can’t seem to crack global organized crime: #BankingFraud #Bitcoin #BTC

Who is “Mr. Sam”? I found some possible matches via Open Source methods but was not able to confirm.


My LinkedIn contact Markus Goldgruber, an Austrian citizen, was recently lured to Brighton, UK on false promises in a business venture by and .

He discovered, in reality that the business was transnational crime while he was working there and became trapped in U.K. for two months until the rescued him. I tried to help and support Markus the best I could from USA via WhatsApp and then assisted the Sussex police through their online message portal.

Markus has a rare health condition since a young age and this tragedy has take a toll on his health.

Markus could use our support and prayers. He is an intelligent, honest person, who became too trusting of others.

Sometimes it is hard for honest people to fathom that others are not genuine, or that they have a different persona than how they portray themselves to be.

Link to LinkedIn Post which had over 42,000 views on LinkedIn:

Business Address of the Venture that Alex and Tony Formed on Enterprise Road.

Markus was able to travel back to Austria after the police came to the residence where he was trapped on Vernon Road in Brighton. Shortly afterwards, he posted about his experience on LinkedIn.

Unfortunately … me … myself … was captured for nearly 2 months in Brighton/UK … and had to experience horrible things there … thank police for rescuing me from these people (Tony Glover, Alex Neill, … other behind in the back unknown ?) .. who have damaged and tortoured me for a long time … GOD BLESS … I am alive and SAFE now !

Link to the LinkedIn post of Markus:

“FUTURE” only can be built if “INTENTIONS are HONEST” … unfortunately there are “TO MANY FRAUDULENT & SCRUPELOUS PEOPLE” … who are only interested in “STEALING – TAKING ADVANTAGE of “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & KNOWHOW” !” – Markus M. Goldgruber

FXAI – Forex Artificial Intelligence

Alex and Tony where using the signature of Markus on documents and letters. This is the business website that was being formed using the Intellectual Property of Markus.

Link to Website:

Tony (Anthony) Glover lists his name on the Forex business:


Persons of Interest

According to Markus, there were a few persons that he met or learned of through Tony and Alex who he believed were involved in their schemes. He also relayed that there was some type of church involved:

Wanda Maddox on Facebook:

Wanda Maddox (also goes by Jesse Love) is a person of interest regarding ‘FXAI Limited’ with many international connections.

Rob Labs once ran for Brighton City Council and was the “computer geek” of the team. This Facebook profile of Larry Moore mentions him on his account.

The first Facebook profile I found of Rob Labs has recently been deleted. This profile of Larry Moore still exists:

NGG Holdings Ltd

This document signed by Alex Neill, listed the person trading as Markus Goldgruber. Markus has been barely surviving and unemployed for several years. I can confirm that he has never owned $500M to purchase Bitcoin. So where was this money coming from and for what purpose?

Brighton Hove Police Tweet to Me: “Hi Christine, if you would like to report to us we would encourage you to use our online reporting tool as we are unable to take reports over social media. It can be found here: Thanks.

My reply:

“Greetings Police,

I have already documented internally via online message portal #CIN-40892-19-4700-000

I am documenting this organized crime involving #Bitcoin on this thread for the public as I work transparently in Global Intelligence. Email:” – December 20, 2019

I corresponded with Sussex Police via e-mail,

My initial report to Sussex Police via the online message portal on November 28, 2019:

I documented all on your Twitter feed and also sent in info to London Met message portal on Twitter. I am an activist of 8 years and I work as a volunteer in global intelligence. I am also slightly autistic so I communicate best on social media. Brighton police transported Markus M.Goldgruber to Royal Albion Hotel last night. Police did not give him a contact name nor did he record badge numbers of the 6 Brighton officers who came to the residence he was trapped in on Vernon Ave. Markus has a rare disease and only has one kidney. He has a high I.Q. (170) He was lured to U.K. on false promises by Tony Glover and Alex Neill. When Markus discovered that they are involved with nefarious activities and international organized crime,  he reached out to me for assistance. He is an Austrian citizen with very little funds. He feels trapped and trying to gather his belongings and secure bus ride home. My Twitter account: @ChristineChadwi my LinkedIn profile: This is not the first time I had to report to U.K. – In November of 2017 I had to fly to London to rescue a disabled Barclays investment banker,  Edmund JM Dunne. I am here to assist law enforcement if need be. At your service,  Miss Christine

Received confirmation of receipt on November 28, 2019 at 10:39 p.m. by:

Chris #36953


Force, Command & Control Department


“Markus is safely back in Austria and still hoping for a legitimate investor regarding his Intellectual Property in Forex forecasting.

Neither him nor I are aware of any follow-up, investigations, or arrests by the Sussex Police into what we have reported here. I have detected that both Tony Glover and Alex Neill are still active on social media.” – CMC


– Edmund JM Dunne

Christine Michelle – Twitter Archives

Dancer, Gypsy, Drummer, Dreamer. – OSINT – Counterintelligence, Global Accounts #GoldOutOfHiding @edmundjdunne BOSS! #GlobalCurrencyReset #RuleOfLaw

Louisville, KY LinkedIn Profile: Joined October 2011

Pinned Tweet:

Link to letter from Wolfgang Struck to Karen Hudes regarding the gold that has been hidden from humanity since ancient times. Letter dated July 13, 2014:

Link to Internet Memorandum:

Link to NYT Article, Disrupting the Playground; Edmund JM Dunne suspected that this NYT article may have been a cryptic bribe.

Link to post on LinkedIn:

Tweets of Covert #RFID Implant by Sheriff’s Deputy in 2013 During an Arrest for Activist Duties Before Being Tasered Several Times:









– Christine Michelle Chadwick, Counterintelligence Global Accounts for the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law


My message to USMC Colonel Scott Pierce in LinkedIn private message portal on September 16, 2019 after he contacted me out of curiosity.

Greetings Colonel Pierce,

I am not dangerous but my work is.

I am a bit tired now and camping in Wattsburgh PA. I only have access to my phone so if you do not mind, I am going to copy/paste what I just wrote to another curious contact.

I will also include my blog link so that you can better understand my story.

I do not understand why US Military is not protecting me. I know we have been infiltrated but there must be some good faction still functioning.

Currently, I am monitoring digital currency negotiations between world powers as to protect our nations and further generations…

not even our Joint Chiefs of Staff knows what I know.

Nice to meet you!

Kind Regards,

Miss Christine

Forwarded message:

Greetings Anonymous,

I was given the title Counterintelligence Officer by my former boss, Barclays investment banker Edmund JM Dunne.

After he was rescued, I kept the title as I became a public agent for the people and started vetting who was contributing to global corruption in our monetary system and who was assisting us in clean up.

It is a really murky space to be working in at this time in history as all the chairs keep shifting.

Some of our Coalition now includes former opposition. For example ex-Goldman Sachs employees have joined us recently.

Regardless, I try to be diplomatic and listen to all sides with aim of building bridges to peace.

My new role as military officer was self chosen, partly in jest, as I kept getting attacked with EMP weaponry etc here in USA but the public applauded me so I embarked on this journey.

I chose to work under the Crown because Edmund reports to the Queen and a mysterious entity in U.K. has been protecting me.

My hope is to doc the traitors here in USA and then return to assist my country in building the future but I am too embarrassed to be affiliated with USA Intelligence at this time for exception of the retired agents who look out for me.

I hope this all makes sense to you. Feel free to ask questions anytime.


When no one would help me in USA, I wrote to all the nations of the world.

Shortly after, approx 200 international conflict resolution professionals from all over the world requested to connect with me on LinkedIn.

They do not engage with me, I think they were just reassuring me that they were there so that I felt supported.

Iran was the only country to formally reply to me in writing indicating that my passport # and I.D. is being kept on file by their government.

Meanwhile my government is MIA, negligent, and culpable regarding attacks on my person on U.S. soil and airspace.


Colonel Pierce,

This is the danger that my networks are aiming to avert; another Dark Ages.

We also aim to safeguard the pensions of all all U.S. military. I work for you!

It seems that all of your superiors are traitors. We have enormous amounts of documentation collectively. I suspect my disclosures are the reason Dan Coats stepped down and the Epstein situation erupted. My sources say that he is not dead but being held under sedation by military in Germany. …we will see more of this.

This is serious stuff and I never should have been in this role as a civilian, but no one is at the helm so I just did it.

We are aware that the USMC is the most loyal division, I have very interesting history regarding USMC to forward to you if I get the chance.

Because you are an official, I have made Edmund JM Dunne aware of our interaction, he reports to the Queen.

Please see if you can get the real patriots to engage because the plan was to crash the U.S. economy. However, we know that U.S. military will not unilaterally surrender but ya’ll need some REAL intelligence and I have it.

Currently one of my comrades is negotiating world peace but all the factions are on a different page, it is like herding cats!

Please see what you can do because you will now be held accountable and your name recorded in the history books.

Kind Regards and blessings,

Miss Christine

Colonel Scott Pierce on LinkedIn:

I also sent him this message regarding my communications to the United Nations and the acknowledgment of Iran:



September 17, 2019

Dear Anonymous,

Iran was the only country to formally acknowledge me in writing through e-mail indicating that my passport # and I.D. is being kept on file by their government.

Meanwhile my government remains MIA, neglect, and culpable regarding attacks on civilians as I am victim of covert RFID implant by an agent of the U.S. Department of Defense; all traitors.

This thing is still in my body, in my back, upper left scapula area.

They are evil dogs and I am currently tracked and monitored 24/7 as well as being used for unauthorized experiments regarding the Internet of Things and neurological studies.

When do I get my friggin’ paycheck as all these corporations are using me for their profit and gain?

I have evidence that money was stolen from an innocent citizen in Egypt, then funneled to fake philanthropists in San Francisco and then donated to the University of San Francisco by them to be used for R&D regarding the Internet of Things.

Gangsters! Pure gangsters.

Incidentally, Iran is one of the few countries without a central bank.. eyebrow raising.

From the LinkedIn Comment Thread:

“Nazih Beydoun Technically I should be getting assistance in removal from United States Military personnel but they are all incompetent and responsible for this happening to me. I have a plan but I cannot disclose at this time. One of my sources relayed that a Jesuit priest relayed that some kind of electricity will have to be used on the implant first as some of these implants contain poison. I cannot confirm validity of this report but this is what I was told. Makes sense, eliminate any witnesses.

Because of this implant, I am in danger of being kidnapped and/or assassinated. I suspect that an attempt was made a couple of weeks ago while I was on a Logistics and Supply Chain training mission. My escort and I were parked in a semi-truck in Upstate NY at an empty train depot. At 2am a suspicious white delivery van pulled up in front of us. It had no windows…classic. It stayed there for approximately ten minutes and then left. There was no reason for a delivery van to be there during those hours. I was lucky that we had a pit bull dog with us and access to CB radio. If it was indeed an attempted kidnapping, I think the opposition detected that it was to too risky.”

See my documentation sent to the United Nations in comment thread below.

LinkedIn Post:

Colonel Pierce was also sent these two blogs…



This blog is where I vetted and exposed Sir Rob Wainwright- he is not to be trusted:

NOTE: While trying to write this blog the RFID implant in my back is burning and stinging at a level 4.

Isn’t anyone ever going to help me with this? What the hell is the matter with the world?

When I first became involved in helping Edmund JM Dunne and was attacked on June 22, 2017 I wrote to the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Services through their online message portal, Code #W840-8576 and #840-W14339 no one ever responded.

I then thought that after I contacted Europol through Sir Rob Wainwright that the professionals would take over, they never did. So here I am, a civilian, with no training, out here on my own do the job of all security officials worldwide and the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The fact that I even have to train as an intelligence military officer is embarrassing to all United States military personnel, many of them blocked me on social media!

I just started this endeavor but watch me as I bolt out the gate, I bet I doc all the traitors as soon as I figure out what I am doing.

The quote of Muhammad Ali comes to mind, “Put your money where your mouse is! A mouse can outrun a horse!”

Muhammad Ali, the GOAT!



I am a victim of a covert RFID tracking and monitoring device. This was done to me without my knowledge or consent when I was arrested for activist duties by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Florida by a deputy with a secret security clearance from the United States Department of Defense.

RFID IMPLANT – I did some strong ‘Internet Gorilla Warfare Tactics’ today (Monday August 12, 2019) for Miss Karen. Last night on Twitter, I was censored when Twitter tried to break a link, I captured a screen shot which I will post later. Both of her posts are over 5,000 views right now. The Anonymous Internet Collective is slowly catching on & starting to assist.

However, while doing this promotional work of her arrest & educating the public my RFID implant in my upper back (left scapula area) is starting to sting and burn. I have noticed a correlation between when it stings & chemtrails. When there were no chemtrails/contrails in the sky, it never hurt me. Now that the trails are back in Woodstock, GA of Cherokee County, it is starting to sting and burn again. Tonight it is really hurting; pain level fluctuating between a 6 and 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Back story here:

I have also detected that all comments were held silent on my social media until about 10 pm tonight and then they all came in at once. International Conflict Resolution and International Security teams monitoring these developments must have put them on delay because the same thing happened on Twitter. This is most likely for purposes of ‘Health and Safety’ as these new developments regarding WORLD BANK WHISTLEBLOWER, Karen Hudes have the potential to topple several governments and crash global markets… This is why I suspect markets were down today; not trade wars.

It is the story of Karen/ Gold and us! I have also detected that LinkedIn is not allowing the links to my Blog and Intelligence Files on SILKTHREADS PRESS to have live, ‘clickable’ links so I will ‘Gorilla Tactic’ it to my ‘comment thread’ from my Twitter feed.

En Garde! ⚔️


RFID IMPLANT: If this gets to the point where it hurts so much that I have to go to the emergency room, I will need volunteers for CLOSE PROTECTION so I will start vetting and doing background checks on this now…. who wants to be vetted, cleared & considered? You need to be, preferably executive protection, and/or any branch of the military (retired or reserves would work best) residing in the Atlanta, Georgia area. You can send E-mail to and a trusted affiliate of British Intelligence (MI5) will be assisting me with the background checks and clearance authorization ⚔️

Any other active or retired law enforcement would also be considered but this would be outside of any ‘official duty’ and you would be acting on your own accord outside of your current vocation. In essence, I need some ‘brothers’ to stand by me as all United States Military, Intelligence, Defense, and Security have failed me; MIA, NEGLIGENT and DEFUNCT!

Those professionals tagged living outside of the Atlanta area – please send referrals.



Persons tagged in post:

Karl Auerbach Scott Samson Robert Evan Ellis Nino Marcantonio Greg McNeil James Welch Ph.D Lecturer and Instructor T.A.H.F. (Tomas) Olivier, MA Yousuf Kassim Jeff Young

See: HOW I EARNED MY STRIPES – How I Earned My Stripes

Exposing Morning Angel Communications


Caner Okan, Co-Founder of Morning Angel Communications has just blocked me after I sent him this message in the LinkedIn private message portal. What kind of an organization is this!? I have 8 years of documented history on the Internet as an activist working in global intelligence with the goal of international security, rule of law advancements, and protecting our nations. I have put my life in danger numerous times for the safety of all. Who is this guy!?

LinkedIn Message

“Greetings Caner,

Communication Equality, the first time I heard that phrase. I am not quite sure exactly how you achieve this but I will try to make effort to follow along.

Nice to meet you!


Miss Christine

My story here:

Pic of me assisting law enforcement in peacekeeping – Louisville, KY during an Occupy Wall Street direct action 2012.

Link to post on LinkedIn:

Image of Caner Okan

Link to Morning Angel Communications Website:

Link to Morning Angel on Twitter:


“If you want any type of new initiative to succeed, blocking humanitarian activists is a poor way to kick things off. In these modern times of the Internet almost everything is transparent and I would not recommend Caner or this organization to anyone!” – CMC August 5, 2019

The Story of Little Mary in Iraq – When the Innocent Become Paralyzed in the Wars of Men


I first met Mary’s father as an online acquaintance. I had just written to the United Nations regarding my global intelligence files and Dad (we will call him ‘Dad’ as to protect his identity) had indicated to me that he often writes to the humanitarian organizations because his daughter Mary, who is suffering from being paralyzed in her limbs due to the result of an armed conflict that took place in 2006 in Nasiriyah City, Iraq.

My Note to Mary’s Father

“I am so sorry to hear of your story. The UN has not responded to me directly but I do know that officials are listening, I detect them monitoring me. If you would like any part of your story to reach a larger audience, I can post it on my blog which is read by Intelligence networks worldwide. I would be happy to do so.

United Nations Declaration of Human Rights:

Mary’s dad proceeded to send me the story of his little girl and the day that her life changed forever and made her handicapped. In his own words…

The Ravages of War vs. the Indomitable Will of One Little Girl

Mary had not yet turned three years old when she accompanied her father to market that day in the year 2006. With the innocence and curiosity and liveliness you might imagine in a child of her age, she was already learning to help with the family necessities. Mary did not know about “freedom fighters” or “government loyalists” or “insurgencies” or “invading forces” or “forces for liberation.” That morning, Mary’s only concern was learning about the world around her, and learning from her loving father. She had no idea, nor could even conceive of the horror that was about to befall her.

We were returning home from the market, an armed militia insurgency group decided to make their stand against American armed forces, right in the neighborhood where Mary and her siblings and mother lived. Mary’s father tried to scurry her to the safety of a neighbor’s house to avoid the flying bullets, but in the chaos of battle, before Dad could get her to safety, one of the militia members, while trying to flee the scene of battle, struck little Mary with his vehicle. She suffered trauma to her head and legs from this vehicular onslaught. The driver fled on foot, Dad gathered up his broken child and got her inside a house where they waited for the gun battle to end.

As soon as enough calm returned to his neighborhood to risk going back outside, Dad gathered his daughter in his arms and rushed home to inform a distraught family of their beloved Mary’s fate and from there took her directly to a doctor. This doctor informed Mary’s father that his daughter was now suffering paralysis, and there was little he could do.

Dad made plans to seek help at the US military base close to his neighborhood to seek a second opinion and hopefully better treatment for Mary. Unfortunately, members of the militia heard of his plans and threatened his life, and the life of the rest of his family if he sought help from Americans. A militia member texted Dad on his cell phone, and the message read “I can kill you or your sons if you go to the USA base.” This threat had to be taken seriously, and certainly gave Dad considerable pause. He chose for the time being not to go and seek help from the Americans. Meanwhile, another message came, this time in their mailbox and received by Dad’s wife, a simple bullet in an envelope left in their mailbox. The message was chilling and clear.

Dad couldn’t live with the threats to his family, or the condition this tragedy had left his little daughter to contend with, and was compelled to sell his home to escape the militia who was threatening them. After two moves, Dad decided to risk carrying his daughter to the hospital where adequate treatment could be obtained. Help was obtained, but the results have been a mixed blessing. Dad has spent more than the equivalent of $8,000 of money he could ill afford for the treatment of his child. He has had to move his family and give up his work to escape the wrath of the insurgent militia.

Mary has been brave. She has grown, gone to school. She has contended with bullies that made fun of her injuries. She has suffered from frequent headaches and sensitivity to light due to the head trauma; has never regained full mobility of the legs, and although videos of her physical therapy show a valiant attempt to learn to be mobile without the crutches or wheelchairs she has depended upon most of her life.

Mary is determined to succeed in her life. Now, twelve years later, still dealing with pain and loss of mobility of his daughter, Dad has heard of treatments in the United States that might help her live a normal life. He only asks to be given the opportunity to try.

My Response to Mary’s Dad

“Thank you for taking the time to relay this story of your daughter Mary. However, we should also be grateful that she is still alive and her beautiful spirit still shines bright here for us in our days.

The darker side of humanity is something I am sadly all too familiar with but the Holy Spirit is greater and the Divine connects us all through LOVE. I always try to remember this. Trauma and physical/emotional pain is something else I am all too familiar with as myself and my former boss, Barclays investment banker, Edmund JM Dunne are also survivors of torture and trauma.

I think it is very important to put these words out there for the world to know.

Remember that you are blessed that you are still able to hold little Mary’s hand and look into her lovely eyes. Please tell her that an American lady understands some of her difficulties and that I am sending both of you, and your family, a big ‘bear hug’. Now knowing her through this testimony, I will carry the thoughts of her forever in my heart.

Love and blessings,

Miss Christine”

In another note to Mary’s father.

“Your poor daughter is an innocent little girl that ended up suffering, just like me, due to man’s greed and violence. I will think of her always.

I think of Mary everyday. I am tangled in very heavy work at the moment. I think the military has finally stepped in but not sure cuz I am civilian.

Please tell Mary that I do this work for her so that what happened to her never happens to anyone ever again. – CMC

The date of incident in April 2006, location of incident in Nasiriyah City, Iraq


Ever since I had this exchange with Mary’s father, I have carried this young 12 year- old girl around with me in my thoughts, especially when I am out for my evening walk, something that Mary cannot do. Does she ever question the unfairness of her circumstances? How does she come to terms with what has happened to her?

One thing is for certain, children should not be the victims in the wars of men and fathers should not be threatened when seeking healing for a child.

My Last Note to Mary’s Father:

“Please let Mary know that I continue to think of her often and this is one reason that I love the Internet…all the way across the world, a little girl made her way into my heart.”

Artwork by Jerry Lee Frost, used with permission.

Facebook link:

A Knight with No Honor – Sir Rob Wainwright


Sent to Sir Rob Wainwright on June 18, 2019


I see that you have disconnected with me on LinkedIn after I informed you that Deloitte UK blocked me on Twitter and after I sent you this message, “Rob, this is unacceptable. I will give your company 24 hours to reverse this or it goes live on LinkedIn. I’m documenting now on Twitter”

You are a partner with this company, and now your company is blocking a public advocate for the people. You cannot be for gay rights and then AGAINST freedom of speech.

And what is it with this gay pride campaign on every major corporation and government? I have many lovely gay friends but I also have many more; poor, suffering and disabled ones. What about them? Why do they not ever get any attention or public relations campaign?

You were a witness to the fact that Edmund JM Dunne was trapped and suicidal on the estate of aristocracy while you were Director of Europol and you did nothing. You could have been culpable in murder had he died.

Deloitte is responsible for endless suffering, hardship, loss, PTSD and suicides due to faulty bank audits. We have the documented evidence. Your company and the likes of you; neglecting a tortured, disabled Barclays investment banker …. all murders!

LinkedIn Link: 14 likes, 941 views including: UNODC and International Criminal Court

Screen shot of Sir Rob Wainwright disconnecting after I sent him this message.

This is one of the Tweets that Deloitte UK blocked me for:

The Big Four; Criminal Cartel ?

Link to SAP:

Who, if anybody, guards the guardians and are these accounting behemoths just getting too big for their domains and becoming quasi- commercial crime families?

@George Rozvany – Head of International Tax Ethics Centre has kindly given me a PDF copy of his book ‘BIG 4 BIG MYTH’ to share so we can get the message out there.

Big 4, Big Myth is the second volume of The Pentology series and explores the many serious ethical taxation questions confronting the

Big 4 accounting firms

Ernst & Young (EY),

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

and KPMG

in a fast changing world demanding transparency and much greater accountability.

The rise in power of the Big 4 accounting firms is unprecedented in commercial history but is this power exercised responsibility in the absence of any global regulators and in this sense who, if anybody, guards the guardians and are these accounting behemoths just getting too big for their domains and becoming quasi- commercial crime families?

Tax frauds the size of major economies, the historical abuse of women’s rights, the role of whistleblowers, the fall of Prime Ministers, the tactics used to preserve the commercial myth of impregnability, the covert actions to eliminate threats to the firms and the emerging role of international journalists as quasi-regulators as the only organization effectively holding the Big 4 to account are some of the many issues explored in this first comprehensive and serious examination of the Big 4 accounting firms and their secretive activities.

George Rozvany on LinkedIn:

Links to information about George’s book:

Declassified Messages to Sir Rob Wainwright via the LinkedIn Private Message Portal

May 24, 2019

Greetings Sir Rob,

I am happy to report that I am no longer a rookie. Please let me know when we can speak directly.

I would like to remind you that myself, and our networks, are peacemakers, not trouble makers. I have endured a lot, including torture, for sake of international security.


Miss Christine 🎶

See Also:

Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne – Letters to the Queen and Officials; VIDEO transcript:

Sir Rob Wainwright – Correspondence:

I need professional assistance to get this thing out of my body Rob. – Covert RFID implant and tracking devise – Human Rights and Privacy violation:

May 25, 2019

The United States Department of Defense covertly implanted me with a RFID tracking device without my knowledge or consent via the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in Florida and not one official in USA will take ownership of this situation. This is a human rights violation and an invasion of my privacy. My name and yours are linked together on record for all of eternity. You are connected to all of these persons of influence, what can be done?

Why are civilians having to put their own lives at risk and do their own investigations when we have law enforcement? They get paid, we do not. I have done all of this hard work in a charitable fashion for almost nine years. Where is the blue? And why did no one in Ireland or Great Britain not assist Edmund? He almost died and I had to fly to Europe at my own expense to investigate and get him to a safer place with some dignity. I am not too impressed with; royalty, knights, dames, or aristocracy. They treat people like garbage!

I witnessed it.

I passed on the torch of all of my intelligence to you. What did you do with it? There is always an audit trail and God is watching.


MAY 26, 2019

Check your e-mail listed on this profile. It is important. From:

When I first started helping Edmund, I was sent intelligence and documents from all over the world. They remain classified.

I know more than about the darker side of humanity than I wish to know. I should not have been put in this role. Where are all the responsible adults in the living room of the world? Collecting salaries, pinning medals on themselves and smoking cigars.



Aka Miss Moneypenny


When I was guarding the life of tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne for 9 months, he used to refer to me as his Miss Moneypenny.

During this time, I passed the torch of all of my global intelligence on to Sir Rob Wainwright.

What did he do with it?

I have been inquiring of Rob lately and he is failing to answer his mail.

Tweeting to Sir Rob and Frank Gardner, BBC Security correspondent:

#GoldOutOfHiding 💋

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How I Earned My Stripes –

Preparing to Report to Louisville Metropolitan Police in Kentucky USA

Tweet/ Video:

“I was tortured by two sheriff’s of the Okaloosa County Sheriffs Department in Florida on November 24, 2013 when I was arrested for activist duties. In preparation to report to my local police, I had to prepare myself to report global intelligence files to my precinct as is protocol because law enforcement triggers my trauma. I spent a few days just walking around the building before I could even go in just to ease into the process.

When I finally did gain the courage to go inside, I was interviewed by an officer who did not believe anything that I told her and I was dismissed.” – CMC June 19, 2019

See: Reporting to Louisville Metropolitan Police

Dirty Work


Having been an activist for Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous since 2011, I worked my way up to Global Intelligence Operative quite unexpectedly. I am here to tell you that this work is certainly no ‘James Bond’ movie. Here is what intelligence work really looks like but only ten times more dangerous. It is the DIRTY WORK that no one else wants to do. ⚔️

How I Earned My Stripes:

Herobust – Dirty Work 🎶

#LouisvillePolice #DCPolice #DHS #USNAVY #USMC #CIA #LondonMet #SAS #M15 #MI6 #IrishPolice #Interpol #Europol #OWS #Anonymous #WorldBank #Gold #Silver #FinancialForensics #Blockchain #DLT #UN #Military #BIS #GlobalAccounts #EdmundJMDunne #GlobalCoalition #RuleOfLaw #InternationalSecurity #OSINT #InternetSpyder #SuicidePrevention

Still waiting for my medal, and a phone call.

LinkedIn Post had 23 likes, 1,342 vies including: Interpol, United Nations and An Garda Siochana in Ireland 🇮🇪

June 4, 2019

Why was my video from Twitter taken off of my WordPress blog? I never know if these things are done by the opposition to slow me down or the good guys to protect me.

Now would be the time to get me some real helpers as the entire world has left me out here in the cold to do this dangerous work all alone without a supervisor, teacher or mentor.

I don’t know if I can trust you or not cause you never respond. This is not a game, help me or block me!

I just put it back up.. now if this is dangerous for me, someone needs to let me know. I do not have training for this line of work. I’m slightly autistic as was trying to be a dancer!

I had to do all this hard work because y’all have been failures! Get on the right side of history or go hide in a bunker somewhere for your safety.

June 5, 2019


I am currently being attacked with some type of sophisticated military grade weaponry right now; both ears and head affected. Ringing in ears, headache and strange sensation surrounding me.

I was fine just a few hours ago until I started tweeting about how tortured Barclays banker Edmund JM Dunne has been writing to the Queen and officials, certified mail, for years, while being extremely suicidal and they were just going to let him die.


S.O.S who can stop these attacks on my person. I am in Woodstock, GA USA

Sir Rob Wainwright Karl Auerbach Deimantas (Daanish) Steponavicius MR ALISTAIR ROTHSCHILD /G\ Peter A. Hovis Gregory Boyd Ralph Markert

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June 6, 2019


I am not going to address as Sir because we are well acquainted by now. The name of Deloitte is now being dragged into this story of aristocracy and governments being culpable in murder and collusion of tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne. He would have died had I not flown to Europe to save his life. Why didnt you save him!? You say you are for protecting children. Edmund was functioning at the level of a 5 year old! …and you knew and did nothing! I had to fly to Europe at my own expense (my life savings) to rescue him.. you were closer and had more money!

I suggest that you get together with your other business partners and come up with a remedy. Edmund needs to be compensated for all he has endured over the years. And I have proof/docs that the Big 4 are responsible for endless suicides and deaths due to faulty audits.

Clean up your act! And get this mess cleaned up…find the core persons responsible and get them behind bars!

June 9, 2019

I am getting really weary of this. Why am I left out here all alone and no officials will step up to the plate to help me?

I was tweeting about YOU on Twitter and I was attacked immediately by cowboys using DARPA toys.

Who is doing this? Who is ordering it? You!? .. or the same gangsters that killed all those bankers, who!?

I cannot rule you out as a suspect since you never engage. Yet, I know someone ordered my plane switched on my way to Europe so I didn’t get blown up. Who did that?

It would be helpful if I knew who are the good guys and who is trying to hurt me.

Whoever these clowns are, they are lucky I am civilian because if I did have training, tools and technology, they would be toast by now!

Regardless, plan on being married to me in cyberville until I get you vetted proper.

If you are a good guy.. you can call me!

Here is the latest and the original is in your inbox.

I also sent you docs from when I first landed this position.. (when you were at Europol) someone sent them to me and I was afraid to be the only one holding docs so I forwarded them to you immediately. You probably don’t understand them though and I do. I may not have training but I know things.

If I am going to do this work, someone should just bring me in so I can get paid!


Houston Chief of Police and President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association, Art Acevedo just sent a corporal to my door in Woodstock GA unannounced while no one is home.

He knows that I have been tortured by sheriffs in Florida. What the hell is wrong with you!!?

This was very traumatic for me. I will be happy to speak with any and all law enforcement at the proper day and time. You don’t show up at my door unannounced, without any warning. Have some manners!!

Sir Rob Wainwright Knight David Allan Raimer Karl Auerbach Scott Samson Helen Edwards Stacy Kaliszewski Gregory Boyd Nino Marcantonio Ralph Markert Donald Brennan, Ph.D., ScD Juan R Rivera, J.D. Peter A. Hovis Peter Newsham Matthew Bromeland Michele A Flores “INFJ-A” Deimantas (Daanish) Steponavicius Rhys Roberts FIA GAICD Robert Evan Ellis Ross Delston, CAMS Sean Stone

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June 10, 2019


I’m tired. If you are a good guy, you need to assist; call Younger or somebody!

It seems USA is entirely defunct and run by criminals. Now they are showing up at my door. I am getting hit w/ EMF weapons, I have a headache, and it looks like the trees outside my home have been burned with a chemical. I have detected that the family is coughing more than usual.

If you are not a good guy, please just BLOCK me so I can add it to the public record and move on.

Am I in the middle of WWIII or something? This mess is not hard to figure out.

I recorded the burned leaves on Twitter. These look like chemical burns:

If I had not rescued a “supposedly” Crown protected witness, I would not even entertain the idea that the world’s largest gangsters are trying to shut me up.

This is no time to sit on a fence. I need professional assistance from someone I trust. Any good Intelligence Operative should be able to figure out who that is.

I could run MI5 and MI6 deaf, dumb and blind, do I have write y’all kindergarten primers on how to do your jobs!?

I am a good person, trying to help all of humanity making enormous personal sacrifice; I need help.

Most kindly,

Miss Christine

June 11, 2019

Good Morning Rob,

Yesterday I went to meet another targeted individual in my county. She had laser surgery on her shoulder and we tested her wounded area with a small magnet; it sticks! Then both her and I tested other areas of our bodies and the magnet attaches to both of our foreheads… our foreheads! I will document all of this later. I am suspecting that whatever it is that is being sprayed on us 24/7 here in USA is putting metals in our bodies. We also tested a friend of hers that was working on a car in the driveway… the magnet sticks to his arm and he has not had any surgeries.

This is a crime…heading for International Criminal Court I would say. …only problem is local law enforcement does not believe us when we try to report these crimes ..these are military grade crimes as it is the United States Military carrying out these experiments covertly. We both have detected that the spraying ceases on Sundays and holidays. Also my attack on June 22, 2017 in my home after writing hundreds of embassies for Edmund lasted exactly 12 hours indicating whoever is doing this is working a shift. I reported it to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and I never heard back from them.

I am curious to know why you took a job with Deloitte. Considering all that I know about them…they give me the creeps… you are up there with some of the worlds largest criminals. If you are not aware of this…perhaps I could educate you. The only way I would ever work for them is if they have made a conscious decision at the upper management level to right the wrongs and collaborate on leaving future generations a fair and just society through technology. Are they doing this or just trying to capitalize on blockchain etc for their own benefit. The world is watching.

Also, Edmund tells me that HE was the first to discover DLT and to try to introduce it to the banking system, according to him, his IP was stolen and the attempt to keep him out of sight forever was acted upon. He tells me that Countess Alexis Bernsdorff visited in the clinic in London (2012 perhaps?) She told him that his family sent her. When Edmund asked his family and they relayed that they did not send Alexis.

When I was in Ireland Alexis was very cold to me as was her brother, Axel. I tried to reach her other brother, Andreas via Facebook but was never able to make contact. “Something’s rotten in Denmark”.

Location in New Ross Co. Wexford Ireland Where Tortured Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne was Found Trapped and Extremely Suicidal on the Estate of Aristocracy

Link to Blog Post regarding location where Edmund JM Dunne was rescued from:

If Edmund did first discover DLT and banking applications, this would also explain why he was being kept hidden away, besides his knowledge of the darker aspects of banking that he is privy too. It would also explain why I am being attacked so viciously with military grade weaponry by corporate elites who were hopping to capitalize on Edmund’s discoveries. This needs professional engagement.

I am also aware that Deloitte has entered into the blockchain arena and that they have invested in testing Bitcoin ATMs. Listen, in my network, we have already figured out that Bitcoin is one huge psyop. Bitcoin can never be used for mass adoption due to complications in mining and that it is being used as a pressure valve of sorts in the global economy so that the capital does not flow into metals; which would change the entire chessboard. It is also very popular with money launders.

So tell all your fancy friends and associates at the top that we are on to them. Bitcoin was sold to us as something that would assist us in bypassing criminal banks and give us some sort of monetary freedom. It doesn’t! Many people made and lost a LOT of money from this work of fiction.

I am trying to figure out who the main shareholders are of your company but I am very busy right now and do not have time for extensive research…but my guess is…if I follow the trail.. it will lead to; BlackRock, Statestreet, Fidelity and Vanguard. Basically all the big money and so called, ‘fancy folks’. These fancy people are not admirable, they are poor stewards of the worlds’ resources and criminals at best….thousands upon thousands of lives lost and suffering can be traced back to these individuals.

We are willing to make peace but we need to face reality first and we need to see efforts made to right the wrongs.

…we will be watching.



June 12, 2019

Greetings Rob,

This is my alias, “SPY CHANNEL” e-mail that I use when the fusion center used to lock me out of my own accounts. They do not do that anymore, my e-mails are going through normally and have been for quite some time.

I am not sure if I ever sent you any e-mails from this account but I did sent some to Commander Melvin Gresham of D.C. police and Jacek Kugler when I was under attack on June 22, 2017. …a few others too but I don’t remember who they were. I found a corner of my home (upstairs, center ) where I was not affected by the shocks and I sat there trying to execute e-mails. I also remember tweeting about my attacks but I may have deleted them…not sure. I was not really afraid because the Lord told me long ago that He would go with me. But I was annoyed. I tried to make light fun of the situation but in reality, I was waiting for my US military protection to show up that never came.

…I am still waiting.

I think the ‘Powers that Be’ are more threatened regarding the exposed truth of Edmund JM Dunne than they are of my covert RFID implant becoming public knowledge as indicated by the timing of my attacks and what I was doing or saying at the time they occurred. George Soros is suspect because his sons were invested in BitGold that merged with GoldMoney and SchiffGold. These clowns were probably trying to steal Edmund’s IP and hoping he would just disappear. Edmund gave all of his instructions to the Crown, certified mail. So why has Buckingham Palace ignored his pleas for help all these years? …very suspicious. …very suspicious that Younger and Parker didn’t help him either.

I am just adding it here for the record.

“Social media can be used as evidence in a court of law.” – Edmund JM Dunne

I hope you are a good guy and that you have just been a bit ‘behind and oblivious’ to the real truth. I did see your family online and you have a lovely wife and children. Please know that all this hard, dangerous work that I do is for them too and YOUR grandchildren as well. We all deserve a better than this corrupt monetary system which is theft and “blood money”. A better, kinder, safer world IS possible.

Enjoy your evening.


Miss Christine

DJ Christine on Twitter 🎼

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia Visits Global Intelligence Officer and Public Agent on June 10, 2019

Corporal Gibbs knocked on my door at approximately 12:15 pm on June 10, 2019.

This was very scary for me. No one was home and I did not know who sent him. I was tortured by sheriffs in 2013 when arrested for activist duties. I was brave to even open the door and I relayed to Corporal Gibbs that I work in Global Intelligence and that I was home alone and that I was previously tortured by sheriffs in Florida.

Corporal Gibbs was very calm and professional. I asked him who sent him and he replied, “Houston”. I knew right away that it was Art Acevedo and this made me mad as Art has ignored all my pleas for help and he should not have sent someone to my home unannounced. Especially since Chief Acevedo has blocked me on LinkedIn because he is not used to having his community relations made so public.

I am a public agent Chief! If you cannot work transparently for the persons that sign your paycheck, perhaps you should consider another job.

Link to full blog post and commentary in the comment section.

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June 16, 2019

Greetings Rob,

Since you have not blocked me, I am assuming that I can keep documenting via this message portal. I have discussed this with Edmund and he believes it is an opportunity to share knowledge and a method of diplomacy.

I do my work very public. Edmund, on the other hand does his work very quietly in the back channels and he knows the law! Even if he never receives justice, we have already accomplished the goal of writing history. The world WILL know what happened to Edmund and to the vulnerable of our nations at large. …a huge stain on the history of mankind.

Since I have written to you about the chemtrails in the air in USA and the metals in our bodies, we have not had one chemtrail sighting since. Amazing! I will document here if they return and keep trying to get our US law enforcement and military to actually do their jobs. This is a disgrace I have to do ALL of their jobs; I want all of their salaries!

My latest blog post below and a good evening to you and yours,

Miss Christine


I sent Rob this LinkedIn link: 17 likes, 826 views

MONDAY June 10, 2019:

Ross: Christine, not sure why this keeps happening but I have asked you NOT to mention my name in any email or post. Please take me off all of your lists.

Me: Because I am not doing this alone anymore. If you do not want to assist me and stand by torture victims then BLOCK ME! I will add it to the public record that you are MIA.


One thing that really ticks me off is when persons want me to send them all of our intelligence but they do not want to lift a finger or go on record. I do not mind keeping persons Anonymous that are actually working but to just sit back and collect a salary while my networks and myself do all the hard, dangerous work is unacceptable.

I do not get paid for the work that I do, this is strictly a spiritual calling and an obsession to protect the vulnerable as a volunteer operative.

This is my blog and my language here is unedited… to all the so called men out there, quit being ‘BLEEP’ and stand up and fight for the security of this nation and for the rest of the world! – CMC June 16, 2019 11:11 AM

Link to full blog post in comment section.

Another One Bites the Dust documented on Twitter 🎼

Keep up the fight. 💪🏻

Comment by Kent DuFault on LinkedIn

Kent’s profile link:

The Last Message Before Sir Rob Wainwright Disconnected on LinkedIn:

“Sir Rob has read all of my messages to him in the LinkedIn message portal since the summer of 2017. This last message caused him to disconnect with me:

Rob, this is unacceptable. I will give your company 24 hours to reverse this or it goes live on LinkedIn. I’m documenting now on Twitter.” – CMC June 19, 2019


“Here is a man who was Knighted by the Queen for his ‘admirable’ service in law enforcement when he was Director of Europol.

However, you can see from my documentation that he was made aware of a disabled, extremely suicidal Barclays investment banker, Edmund JM Dunne trapped and suffering in Ireland and many more crimes against myself and he did nothing.

Edmund survived the long string of suspicious banker deaths surrounding the LIBOR scandal, ninety of them! Both homicides and suicides where it has been determined that their employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance policies known as BOLI. See:

I handed Rob all of my intelligence so that he could relay to the proper authorities and now I am suspecting that this, so called, Knight did nothing but accepted his Knighthood for his own personal ego.

The reason that I did this was for purposes of keeping the intelligence community ahead of us for purposes of ‘Health and Safety’. Both Edmund and myself are highly intelligent and we both knew that our disclosures have the potential to bring down several governments and crash global markets.

It is a sad state of affairs when two civilians are the biggest ‘eyes’ in the IC and also the most responsible in regards to international security and our paid professionals are; MIA, negligent and culpable. ” – CMC June 19, 2019

Edmund JM Dunne, Legal Observer of MI5 and MI6:

MAJOR FAIL of all of you; Sir Rob Wainwright and both British and Irish Establishments. See:

Also See: Sir Rob Wainwright and Bitcoin:

A special thanks to Caroline Olsen for the information from SAP.

Caroline on LinkedIn:

NOTE: While writing this blog my wounded area where the RFID implant is located has started to burn and sting. Pain level currently 4 on a scale of 1 – 10. – CMC June 19, 2019

This blog also posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn link:

“Sir Rob Wainwright What exactly did you do to earn Knighthood? From my recollection, I was the one wearing shining armor.” – Christine Michelle Chadwick

Another One Bites the Dust – Attorney Ross Delston Disengages from Global Coalition for the Rule of Law

Ross S. Delston is a Washington, DC-based attorney, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), expert witness and former banking regulator (FDIC) with 40 years of experience in the financial services sector. He has specialized in Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) issues for over 17 years.

Ross Delston Website:

“When I first started assisting tortured Barclays banker, Edmund JM Dunne, I was representing and affiliated with the Internet Collective known as Anonymous. The only reason that I joined LinkedIn was to assist Edmund in his rescue efforts.

Honestly, I thought I was going to be laughed off of the stage on the platform and to my great surprise, I was immediately and widely accepted by all sectors, even the financial industry found me to be an anomaly and readily accepted my invites. We had many interesting discussions as learning and cross-cultural understanding was had by all.

Ross Delston was the first person to accept me on LinkedIn and he invited me to talk in person by phone in 2017. We discovered that we did not agree on everything but we had formed a mutual respect for each other and kept up correspondence over the years.

As my missions grew more dangerous and I found myself a target of Directed Energy Weapons and a victim of a covert RFID implant. I reached out to Ross for assistance, he did not believe me and kept insisting that I do not included him in my professional correspondence even though he is privy to my history, various Ops and past missions. I needed him!

This man was too cowardly to step up to the front lines and kept asking me to omit him from the public records. I told Ross that I would be happy to do so but that he would need to block me on LinkedIn and I would add to the record that he is MIA in national security related concerns.” – CMC June 16, 2019

Ross’s first message to me via LinkedIn message portal on March 25, 2017


“Just curious

Can you tell me why you want to connect on LI? Am I not one of the bad guys in your world view — or is there something in my profile that you found reassuring; if so, what?”

Me: Hi Ross,

I wanted to connect with you here because of your experience in law and banking. I thought I could learn from your experience and you from mine. I believe networks and communication are important, and connecting different people in their various professions is a natural occurrence in what I do. I did not think you were one of the bad guys, but I found your comment charming.

I started out as an activist for Occupy Wall Street and traveled all over the US during this time. I observed the two realities; the one the news portrayed and what was really happening on the ground. Yes, we had a few dirty hippies with little education but we had many more intelligent, educated individuals who understood what was really happening to our global economy and why. Most of us understood that our current monetary system is predatory and unsustainable. I now work for the security of future generations by following and discussing our monetary system evolution.

Surprisingly, especially to myself, my work in activism morphed into open source intelligence, another reason to connect with various professions. Through this work I discovered a key player was missing from the global stage. Using my own detective skills I located polymath, DLT inventor Edmund Dunne. I found him alone, trying to survive on disability and in distress in the countryside of Ireland. This former banker and myself have since joined forces to work towards permanent peace and prosperity. We believe DLT will have a part to play in our future monetary system. We seek the like minded to share knowledge, expertise and engage in dialogue as we move forward.

Edmund is a suicide survivor and a victim of the long string of suspicious banker deaths where it has been determined that employers were cashing in on tax free life insurance of many banker employees. Edmund is also very knowledgeable of the law and we are both following how the legal profession will play out in returning to the rule of law on a globale scale as well as the evolution of the industry as Blockchain technology enters the field.

If you have children, or care about the well being of future generations, you will find my work valuable and I would be thrilled to connect. If you feel that our connection would not benefit your goals or career at this time then I would not be offended if you decided you bow out.

The time is soon approaching where we will all have to be involved in the clean up of our monetary system, politics and legal profession. It is my hope that we will have large numbers of individuals willing to take a stand on the right side of history as we evolve into a shift where morals, values and ethics are scrutinized and these principles become desirable and fashionable.


Ross: Christine, makes sense, you have a touching sense of idealism that makes me feel even older than I’ve felt since this morning when I woke up. As a nobel prize winner once said “don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters” (Bob Dylan). Happy to connect, and give me a holler if your ever in DC. I’m not in Kentucky or Ireland at least thus far. Be well.

March 31, 2017

Me: Ross, I just tried to send you an email and the fusion center blocked it. I am censored continuously.

April 21, 2017

Ross: Christine, just noticed that you mentioned my name in a posting about Edmund. If you could delete my name, I would be very grateful — not sure why it’s there. Many thanks. Ross

Me: I was updating you on recent reports. This has all gone to law enforcement. I thought you would be interested since it involves money laundering. Would you rather I update you by email or not at all? I will most certainly respect your wishes. Now I just have to figure out how to delete:) .. will do.


Ross, are you following the Blockchain advancements? They will def change the legal industry. Maybe not in time to affect your career too much but consider these technological advancements when advising your children regarding careers.

You can always delete the post and repost without my name. By all means email any updates. Thanks Christine.

Me: Yes, I figured it out. I will keep in touch by email. Have great day Ross.

Monday June 10, 2019

Ross: Christine, not sure why this keeps happening but I have asked you NOT to mention my name in any email or post. Please take me off all of your lists.

Me: Because I am not doing this alone anymore. If you do not want to assist me and stand by torture victims then BLOCK ME! I will add it to the public record that you are MIA.

“…I am not doing this alone anymore. If you do not want to assist me and stand by a torture victims then BLOCK ME! I will add it to the public record that you are MIA.” – CMC June 10, 2019


One thing that really ticks me off is when persons want me to send them all of our intelligence but they do not want to lift a finger or go on record. I do not mind keeping persons Anonymous that are actually working but to just sit back and collect a salary while my networks and myself do all the hard, dangerous work is unacceptable.

I do not get paid for the work that I do, this is strictly a spiritual calling and an obsession to protect the vulnerable as a volunteer operative.

This is my blog and my language here is unedited… to all the so called men out there, quit being pussies and stand up and fight for the security of this nation and for the rest of the world! – CMC June 16, 2019 11:11 AM